Tweeted Trips News

Tweeted Trips is popular with touring cyclists

11th July 2014, 14:50 | Comments

We first created Tweeted Trips whilst on a global cycle tour when we needed a way to keep friends and family up to date with our adventures. Since then I've been quite surprised at how Tweeted Tr...

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Reply, Retweet and Favourite Tweets in Maps

17th April 2014, 15:05 | Comments

You can now Retweet, Favourite and Reply to any tweets which appear on a Tweeted Trips map. Just click the Share icon next to the date to open the Twitter sharing menu. Don't forget you can ...

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Manually add latitude and longitude to tweets

15th February 2014, 13:35 | Comments

Did you know that you can pinpoint your tweets precisely by setting their latitude and longitude positions manually? How accurate is my Tweet position? If you have turned on location tweets in yo...

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Sending tweets via SMS

2nd January 2014, 11:00 | Comments

Did you know that you can send tweets via SMS text message? This is especially useful if you are in a remote location with no data connection, or you are roaming overseas and don't want to rack up ro...

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Using maps without using roaming data

2nd January 2014, 10:30 | Comments

Did you know that you can use Google Maps on your phone while overseas without racking up huge roaming charges? This is a really useful trick when travelling overseas and it allows you to navigate wi...

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Chevrolet Italy has an Xmas Adventure

11th December 2013, 09:14 | Comments

On 10th December Chevrolet Italy sent two of their best bloggers on a challenge around the streets of Turin. They used Tweeted Trips to chronicle their adventures, and embedded both blogger's maps si...

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How "Live" is Tweeted Trips?

20th October 2013, 15:24 | Comments

You may notice that you're tweets sometimes don't appear on your maps immediately after you post them. That's because Twitter limit the number of requests we can make to their service every day, so we...

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Peugeot Italy use Tweeted Trips

24th August 2013, 16:32 | Comments

Here's a great use of Tweeted Trips on the Peugeot Italy site. It looks like they are using Tweeted Trips to track a cross country cycle tour. Check out Peugeot Italy They have embedded their tweet ma...

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Why do some tweets have place names in square brackets?

22nd August 2013, 17:09 | Comments

You might have noticed that some of the tweets people post on their Tweeted Trips maps have a place name in square brackets. For example "Just crossed the Golden Gate Bridge [San Francisco, CA]" This ...

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New Photo Bar feature

15th August 2013, 19:57 | Comments

The photo bar is a new feature we have just added in to the map pages. If your map has any tweets with photos in them, the most recent ones will be picked out and displayed alongside the map. The phot...

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A new look for Tweeted Trips

15th August 2013, 15:10 | Comments

The new look and feel for Tweeted Trips went live this week, we hope you like the new cleaner layout which should optimise better for different screen sizes and devices. There are also a few new feat...

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