Sending tweets via SMS

2nd January 2014, 11:00

Sending tweets via SMS

Did you know that you can send tweets via SMS text message?

This is especially useful if you are in a remote location with no data connection, or you are roaming overseas and don't want to rack up roaming charges.

Setting up SMS

First, you need to register your phone with Twitter.

This will attach your mobile phone number with your Twitter username. You will only be able to tweet from this phone number.

See Twitter support's introduction to registering your phone with Twitter.

You can then send a tweet by sending an SMS text message to either a short code or a long code, depending on which country you are in.

Find your short or long code.

Registering your phone with Twitter also allows you to receive updates from your timeline. Make sure you customise these options to avoid receiving too many update texts. Receiving update messages is only available in some regions.


There is no additional costs to sending tweets via text, your usual operator SMS charges will apply.


If you're tracking your trip on a Tweeted Trips map, you may want to include your location with your tweet. This can be done by including your location in square brackets.