A new look for Tweeted Trips

15th August 2013, 15:10

The new look and feel for Tweeted Trips went live this week, we hope you like the new cleaner layout which should optimise better for different screen sizes and devices.

There are also a few new features that are worth pointing out:

  • You can navigate to next/previous tweets in the map. This should help when multiple tweets appear in the same location and overlap.
  • Hashtags and links within tweets now are now clickable.
  • Improved handling of tweet date/time based on user location.
  • Maps can be wider to accommodate larger screens.
  • Map icons for retina displays.
  • Our blog - that's where you are now!

We have made some pretty big changes to the way things look and the way the site works behind the scenes, so please bear with us if there are any teething problems. If you spot anything that's gone wrong or you have any comments on the site in general, please let us know either through the contact form, Twitter, or use the comments below.

Enjoy your trips,