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Rebuilding the bikes at SFO... we ride tomorrow! #acaTransAm #acaWestExp - San Francisco Airport US Coast to Coast begins... #acaTransAm #acaWestExp - Fort Mason, San Francisco Lunch stop today at the Farmer's Market in [Vallejo, CA] #acaWestExp - Vallejo, CA Short day today as sidetracked by the Jelly Belly factory tour... #freejellybeans #acaWestExp [Fairfield, CA] - Fairfield, CA Day 2: We've made it into the US Bicycling Hall of Fame! It was easy - the door was wide open :) #acaWestExp - Davis, CA Camping just outside [West Sacramento] tonight! - West Sacramento Donuts! - Arden-Arcade, CA Today we rode past Folsom Prison of Johnny Cash song fame. I expected it to be... well... bluer! [Folsom, CA] #acaWestExp - Folsom, CA [Placerville, CA] Met a lot of friendly, helpful cyclists today - thanks to all those who helped us, rode with us or stopped to say hello. - Placerville, CA Day 4: Camped at [Cook's Station, CA] and filled up on an excellent breakfast before heading up, up, up... #acaWestExp - Cook's Station, CA A tough but scenic climb - made it to our highest point so far: 8,573ft or 2,613m [Carson's Pass, CA] #acaWestExp - Carson Pass, CA Day 5: Great camping at [Hope Valley, CA] #acaWestExp - Hope Valley, CA Day 6: The amazing ride down Carson's Pass and then into Nevada... #acaWestExp [NV 89460] - NV 89460 60 miles from Carson City to Fallon #acaWestExp @ Fallon, Nevada - Fallon, NV Endless straight roads have taken us to [Middlegate, NV] - amazing hamlet in the middle of nowhere #acaWestExp - Middlegate, NV Quick pic of the solar eclipse just after the "Ring of Fire" moment via a pair of borrowed solar viewers... #acaWestExp - Austin, NV The grocery store in Eureka has an alarming amount of stuffed animal heads mounted on the wall. - Eureka, NV 80 miles to Ely today - four climbs and four looooong downhills along Hwy50 @ Ely, Nevada - Ely, NV Crossed the border in to Utah! #acaWestExp - Baker, NV 83 miles today from Baker to Milford, UT - long day made longer by headwinds but amazing scenery #acaWestExp - Milford, UT @JanVanOverbeke yeah, we are in need of rest too. We are planning a rest day in Cedar City - should reach there tomorrow. - Milford, UT Set off at sunrise & just arrived in Cedar City. Crazy headwinds, flat tyres & duststorms will not stop me from catching up on Eurovision! - Cedar City, UT Huge climb out of Cedar City conquered (up to 10,580ft) and long downhill into the town of Panguitch. - Utah, US Rest day in the spectacular Bryce Canyon... - Utah, US The road to Boulder, UT #acaWestExp - Boulder, UT Torrey, Utah for a short lunchtime stop - another 50miles to Hanksville via Capitol Reef National Park. - Utah, US 86miles to Hanksville on the road thru Capitol Reef National Park #acaWestExp - Hanksville, UT Made it to Blanding tonight... Should make it into Colorado tomorrow! - Blanding, UT And.... Colorado! Camping by the river. It's always amazing how the landscape changes so quickly when changing states. #acaWestExp - Colorado, US Rest day today in the stunningly-located town of Telluride, CO #acaWestExp - Telluride, CO Yesterday, we rode from Telluride to [Cimmaron, Co] #acaWestExp - Cimaron, Co Tonight, we are in the town of Sargent... 12 miles and 2,750ft away from the top of Monarch's Pass. - Sargents, CO Crossed the Continental Divide at 11,312ft (3,448m)... It's all downhill from here, right? #acaWestExp - Colorado 81201 Does Salida, CO have the most scenic Walmart in the world? @ Walmart Supercenter - Salida, CO Bicycle-themed beer reward after 102 mile day! #acawestexp @ Spanky's Liquor - Pueblo, CO Spent last night in [Haswell, CO] and now in... - Haswell, CO Camped at the park in [Tribune, KA] - they have an old abandoned theme park #acaTransAm - Tribune, KS Lots of cyclists camped at the park in Larned last night! #acaTransAm - Larned, KS Staying in the church in [Hutchinson, KS] tonight. Thank god for bicycle friendly preachers. - Hutchinson, KS Hot hot hot day cycling today - saw turtles and armadillos right on the road! - Eureka, KS Why did the turtle cross the road? #acaTransAm - Chanute, KS In Marshfield tonight! - Missouri, US Snack stop in Hartville... all shops closed down except a Subway. - Hartville, MO Amish/Mennonite farms and homes on route today! - Houston, MO Campfire, fireflies and s'mores #acaTransAm @ Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park - Lesterville, MO Dear person who left all that free beer in the Farmington cycle hostel fridge... I love you. #acaTransAm - Farmington, MO Crossed the Mississippi and into Illinois #acatransam @ Chester, IL - Chester, IL Bad timing at the railway crossing... waiting for very long and very slow coal train to pass near Chester, Illinois. - Marion, IL Great food and hospitality from Pastor Bob and his wife Violet at Sebree - #acaTransAm legends who having been hosting cyclists for years! - Sebree, KY This 1911 shrine surrounds a log cabin - Lincoln's birthplace no less! Yet 2004 testing proved it wasn't old enough :( - Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park, KY A rest day in Bardstown, Kentucky - the Bourbon Capital of the World! Would be rude not to sample a few.... #acaTransAm - Bardstown, KY In the town of Berea: after 100's of miles in Kentucky... finally saw our first Kentucky KFC! - Berea, KY 50miles this morning to Booneville, KY. - Booneville, KY Crossed into Virginia (the final coast2coast state) on 4th July! - 37.294437,-82.327337 We were LITERALLY on the road to Damascus, VA but had to change course when the heavens opened.... Coming next, Pete gets eaten by a whale! - Abingdon, VA Short day to Damascus, where the 4000 mile #acaTransAm cycle route and the 2,000 mile appalachian walking trail meet. "Get a bike, hippies!" - Damascus, VA Really pleasant 104mile ride to Radford, VA - great day topped by more bike-themed beer! #acaT @ Radford VA - Radford, VA Up to 105f (41c) today - 60miles then it got far too hot. Much cooler temps forecast from tomorrow onwards... Hurrah! #acaTransAm - Amsterdam, VA Short 20miles and then the day exploring the University town of Charlottesville - I have never seen so many chinos! #acaTransAm - Charlottesville, VA The beef ribs... as once featured on Man v. Food... @ Buz & Ned's Real Barbecue - Three Chopt, VA 3,760 miles from San Francisco and 2 months later, we have crossed America and reached the East Coast! #acaTransAm - Yorktown, VA