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I used to put my seat back on the airplane first thing. Now I don't even bother. I think that's called maturity. #HaneyonthePlane - Cleveland, OH @chud9 @DwightHoward I say we keep him for another year out of spite then let him walk if he still wants. - Cleveland, OH Had Vermont maple syrup on my Vermont pancakes this morning in Vermont. #Haneynocomplainey - Champlain, NY Just boarded the first train of my trip in the Boston subway #HotT MBTA - Boston, MA Man, when they said paving over those ancient native American cow trails made Boston's streets convoluted, they weren't kidding. #HotT - Cambridge, MA Toft just created an impromptu theme song for Haney on the Train at the Liberty Hotel in Boston. Vids coming soon. #HotT - Boston, MA Ian's taking us on the walking tour of Boston. I can hear the low murmur about Ray Allen going to the Heat. #HotT - Boston, MA Just picked up my rail pass. Game on. @ South Station Track 7 - Boston, MA @SpiritualRez Thanks you guys. I had a blast. The B House house treated me right nice! #HotT - Maryland, US I'm at Lucky Dog (Brooklyn, NY) w/ 4 others - Lucky Dog, Brooklyn I'm at Eden Of Ales (Brooklyn, NY) - New York, NY A mariachi trio treated us to a surprise performance on the subway car this morning. I was pleased, and I gave a dollar #HotT #solongNYC - Manhattan, NY In DC today, I think I'll go to the Hill and lobby for a law against to-go coffee cups that leak from their lids. #HotT - Washington, DC The zookeepers tried to emu-late his natural habitat. - Washington, DC I'm on the first long leg of my trip. 14 hours on the train, another on the bus to Detroit. Good time to catch up on some blogging #HotT - Washington, DC Two hour layover in the Toledo train station. Just brushed my teeth in the men's room. No one said #HotT would always be glamorous. - Toledo, OH I'm at Ann Arbor Train Station (Ann Arbor, MI) - Ann Arbor, MI I'm at Detroit Beer Company (Detroit, MI) w/ 2 others - Detroit Beer Co., Detroit I'm at Zeff's Coney Island (Detroit, MI) - Zeff's Coney Island, Detroit I'm at The Loose Goose Restopub & Lounge (Windsor, Ontario) - Loose Goose, Essex I'm at Old Town Tavern (Ann Arbor, MI) w/ 3 others - Old Town, Ann Arbor @julieedow by Tuesday I'll be in Chicago. But I did do that Coney dog as you suggested. Chiliriffic. Have fun! - Whitmore Lake, MI W/Alec driving from Ann Arbor through Saginaw to Glen Arbor for Ana's wedding. #HotT #gonetolookforAmerica - Hartland, MI I'm at The Homestead Resort (Glen Arbor, MI) - Glen Arbor, MI On my way to Chicago via Detroit. Planning a blogging blitz before I go west from there. (@ Big Boy) - Big Boy In Clio, Clio We're stopped at Michigan City. But we're in Indiana. This must be a vortex where location has no meaning. #HotT - Michigan City, IN I'm at Chicago Union Station (Chicago, IL) w/ 9 others - Chicago, IL I'm at Kickstand Espresso Bar (Chicago, IL) - Kickstand Espresso Bar, Chicago I'm at Pick Me Up Café (Chicago, IL) - Pick Me Up Cafe, Chicago I'm at Chicago Bagel Authority (Chicago, IL) w/ 2 others - Chicago, IL Yesterday I booked my train ticket (30 hours) and hostel (30 bucks) for my solo trip to Glacier National this weekend. Exciting stuff! #HotT - Chicago, IL On top of my glacial adventure, I'm going to the Cubs-Marlins game tonight at Wrigley Field. #HotT #baseballin'Merica - Chicago, IL I just found postcard heaven. (@ Uncle Fun) - Uncle Fun, Chicago Wrigley Field y'all. 'Merica. (@ Wrigley Field for Miami Marlins vs. Chicago Cubs w/ @ricky407) [pic]: - Wrigley Field, Chicago Well the Cubs didn't fare so well, but I think that's part of the experience. #HaneyCheersinVain - Chicago, IL Sick. There are Hutterites in my car on the Empire Builder heading for Glacier National. Just a quick 30-hour ride. Starting ... now. #HotT - Chicago, IL Uh oh. We had a "debris strike" in south Chicago. Now we're stuck on the track with no power or AC. #HotT - Deerfield, IL Because my seat neighbor, a 13-year old girl from MT, slept across both seats, I caught a few hours on the floor of the lounge car. #HotT - Perham, MN Woke up to a man from MN asking if the seat above me was taken. After I moved he said, "we didn't want to wake ya." #HotT - Detroit Lakes, MN She's been sleeping for over 12 hours now. I hope she's okay. Oh well, someone else will check on her. #HotT - Grand Harbor, ND Sure is flat up here in North Dakota. Got my Magic hoodie back from the guy I lent it to. Smells funny. #empirebuilder #HotT - Grand Harbor, ND When an Amtrak falls behind, it must move aside for freights owning those time slots. An hour in Chicago is now five in MT. #HotT #Amtrak - Montana, US Good morning Montana. - South Browning, MT I hiked up a mountain earlier today 7,500 feet high. There were others like it, and taller. The view was spectacular. And windy. #HotT - South Browning, MT Back in the saddle to Seattle. (@ East Glacier Amtrak Station (GPK)) - East Glacier Park Village, MT I'm at Amtrak - Wenatchee Station (WEN) (Wenatchee, WA) - Wenatchee, WA Fell asleep in Montana, woke up in Washington. Train magic. #empirebuilder #HotT - Wenatchee, WA End of the line for the Empire Builder. (@ King Street Station - Seattle Amtrak (SEA)) - King Street Station Tower, Seattle @Amtrak Everything was peachy, thanks. Cool presentation from Rails-to-Trails as we went through Washington - Seattle, WA I'm at Green Tortoise Hostel Seattle (Seattle, WA) - Seattle, WA I'm at Black Sun (Seattle, WA) - Seattle, WA I'm at Bruce Lee's Grave (Seattle, WA) - Seattle, WA I'm at Jimi Hendrix Memorial (Renton, WA) - Renton, WA I'm at Pike Place Market (Seattle, WA) w/ 9 others - Pike Place Market PDA, Seattle I just found the seafood now I don't want to leave Seattle. In two hours, however, I board the train to Portland. #HotT - Seattle, WA I'm at Union Station Amtrak (PDX) (Portland, OR) - Portland, OR I'm at City State Diner (Portland, OR) - City State Diner, Portland When in Portland, you should know that the zoological term for a cluster of food trucks is a "pod." A "pod of food trucks." #HotT - Portland, OR I'm at ¿Por qué no? - Hawthorne (Portland, OR) - Por Que No, Portland Laying on this mountainside overlooking Portland. (@ Mt. Tabor Park w/ 2 others) [pic]: - Portland, OR On my way to the station. (@ Rocking Frog Cafe) - Rocking Frog, Portland San Francisco by morning. (@ Union Station Amtrak (PDX) w/ 2 others) [pic]: - Portland, OR Just hit San Francisco. (@ The Pastry Cupboard) - Civic Center, San Francisco I'm at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco (San Francisco, CA) - Golden Gate Park, San Francisco Thought I found America today while napping in Golden Gate Park. Turns out it was only a dream. #Haneyrestshisbrain - Golden Gate Park, San Francisco I know, cliche. But I used to have a poster of this house on my wall. I mean, yeah. Damn. [pic]: - The Grateful Dead House, San Francisco I'm at City Lights Bookstore (San Francisco, CA) - City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco Whyzit so crooked? (@ Lombard St. Crookedest Street) [pic]: - Russian Hill, San Francisco I'm at Dolores Park Cafe (San Francisco, CA) - Dolores Park Cafe, San Francisco Whelp the inevitable happened, I missed my train. #HotT - Emeryville, CA @toftwillingham @PaulHaney I miss you too duder. But there's a lot more America for me to find. Plus I'll probably see you guys in G-Vegas. - Emeryville, CA I'm at Triple Rock Brewery & Alehouse (Berkeley, CA) w/ 4 others - Triple Rock Brewery, Berkeley Universal rule: the train you are on will always be late. The train you are late to catch will always be on time. #HotT - Emeryville, CA I'm at Salt Lake City Amtrak (SLC) (Salt Lake City, UT) - Salt Lake City, UT Only a novelty because it's Utah. (@ State Liquor Store w/ 2 others) [pic]: - Cottonwood Heights, UT The Mountain West sure is beautiful. Guess I'll go see what kind of trouble I can get into at Temple Square. #HotT - Murray, UT I'm at Temple Square (Salt Lake City, UT) - Temple Square, Salt Lake City Sat in the cool, dark theater and watched a film about the origins of the Latter Day Saints. Who knew Joseph Smith was so handsome? #HotT - Salt Lake City, UT What's up with this 3000-meter race with the hurtle into the Crocodile Mile splash? #olympics #HotT - Salt Lake City, UT And at 9:00am on the California Zephyr from SLC to Denver, I decided I dislike children, parents coughers, and intercoms. #HotT - Thompson, UT I'm at Denver Union Station (Denver, CO) - Denver, CO I'm at Quixote's (Denver, CO) - Denver, CO I'm at Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers (Denver, CO) w/ 2 others - Mellow Mushroom, Denver Big ol' beer can. (@ Oskar Blues Home Made Liquids & Solids w/ 3 others) [pic]: - Longmont, CO I was at Mountain Sun Brewery (1535 Pearl St., btwn 15th & 16th, Boulder) - Denver, CO Back on the train. Illinois in the morning. Missouri by this time tomorrow. (@ Denver Union Station) - Denver, CO Five-hour layover. Maybe I'll find the PGA Championship on somewhere. (@ Amtrak - Galesburg (GBB)) - Galesburg Amtrak Station, Galesburg Better than waiting for the 5:38 in a bar watching golf. I guess. (@ Carl Sandburg Birthplace) - Carl Sandburg Birthplace, Galesburg I'm at Union Station (Kansas City, MO) - Pierpont's At Union Station, Kansas City Best BBQ in KCY, and a kind stranger liked my story and bought my beef tip sandwich! [pic]: - Arthur Bryant's Barbeque, Kansas City Kansas City skyline and the Missouri River. (@ Riverfront Park) [pic]: - Kaw, MO I'm at Gates Bar-B-Q (Kansas City, MO) - Gates Bar-B-Q, Kansas City I'm at St. Louis Union Station (Gravois, Missouri) - St Louis Union Station, St. Louis I'm at Broadway Oyster Bar (Saint Louis, MO) - Broadway Oyster Bar, St. Louis Lazy hippies. (@ Saint Louis Zoo w/ 15 others) [pic]: - Saint Louis Zoological Park, St. Louis Right out the window there and over a few tumbleweeds. (@ Bush Ranch) [pic]: - Crawford, TX Exactly 24 hours From St. Louis, Austin, TX. (@ Austin Train Station - Amtrak) [pic]: - Austin, TX It's a scorcher today in Texas. 100 degrees. If it weren't so hot, I guess I'd be missing something. #HotT - Austin, TX Gotta hand it to these Texans. No matter how hot it is, day or night, they sport their blue jeans. - Austin, TX I'm at La Mexicana Bakery (Austin, TX) - LA Mexicana Bakery, Austin Okay @julieedow. When I get back a week from tomorrow we can start taking submissions and hiring unpaid interns. - Austin, TX Poor night for cycling 'round Austin. Completely drenched, warshed up. Put me out to dry. Home in a week. #HaneyintheRainey - Austin, TX Staying at Kim and Sweet Pea's farm in Austin. Dug around in the herb garden. Got dirty. Showered outside with the goats and chickens. #HotT - Austin, TX I'm at East Side Showroom (Austin, TX) - East Side Show Room, Austin Stocking up for the last two legs on the train. (@ Whole Foods Market w/ 10 others) - Whole Foods Market, Austin Just finished the 240th personalized postcard of the trip, and I'm set to finish off all orders in NOLA. Call me Mr Organized. #HotT - Austin, TX Damn it's closed. But it's been broken into before .... (@ The Alamo) - San Antonio, TX You heard it from the cafe car attendant: If Romney gets elected, Amtrak's done for. #Amtrak #HotT - San Antonio, TX Last sunset on the Haney Train, going down over Louisiana. #HotT #SunsetLimited - Patterson, LA So long for now Amtrak. It's been real. (@ Amtrak Station-NOL) [pic]: - Amtrak Amtrak Express Shipping, New Orleans I'm at BMC for Carolyn Broussard, Eudora Evans and Deep Soul and St. Legends Brass Band (New Orleans, Louisiana) - New Orleans, LA Where my pop used to rub elbows in the kitchen with Paul Prudhomme and Emeril Lagasse. (@ Commander's Palace) [pic]: - Commander's Palace Restaurant, New Orleans I'm at Coop's Place (New Orleans, LA) - Coops' Place, New Orleans @SpiritualRez Good one BHouse. You guys keep your eyes on him make sure he doesn't take anything. - New Orleans, LA I'm at Café Du Monde (New Orleans, LA) w/ 2 others - Cafe Du Monde, New Orleans Added pepperjack so my gator sausage poor boy would have more bite. (@ Parkway Bakery & Tavern) [pic]: - Parkway Bakery and Tavern, New Orleans Aimee has a new tattoo! (@ Corner Oyster Bar & Grill) [pic]: - Corner Oyster Bar & Grill, New Orleans I'm at The Spotted Cat Music Club for Ben Polcer & the Grinders and New Orleans Cottonmouth Kings (New Orleans, LA) - New Orleans, LA I'm at BMC Jazz Club (New Orleans, LA) w/ 2 others - New Orleans, LA I'm at Breaux Mart (New Orleans, LA) w/ 2 others - Breaux Mart Supermarkets, New Orleans I'm at Odin's Den for Spiritual Rez (Winter Park, FL) w/ 2 others [pic]: - pic Aimee's home town. Things make more sense now. (at @StewLeonards w/ 5 others) [pic]: - pic I finally did it, spilled my complimentary coffee all over the Publix checkout line. Had to get a fresh one on my way out. #Publixproblems - "Anyone could count himself a member [of the Green Mountain Boys] by sticking a fir twig in his hat and opposing the authority of New York." - of the Green Mountain Boys Surprised and stoked I got a bar seat for this #celtics #Cavs game 4 - go Celts! - Harry's Bar and Grill @SkipDugless - Boston, MA If you’re not using the tongs at the Whole Foods hot bar to shake loose the rib meat from the bones so that your me… - Boston, MA @whowantssoup That’s exactly right. I never don’t get a scoop of mac n cheese though - Boston, MA The widespread disappointment over a fourth straight Cavs - Warriors NBA Finals feels like when Trump got elected kinda. - Boston, MA It’s wild just how far 75 minutes of organizing and updating can get you when teaching an online course. I won’t ha… - Boston, MA “We don’t go to see Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan goes to see us.” - Boston, MA Time I got this one under my belt - Boston, MA Big day. These just came to the door. I figured it was wise to just get one of each - Boston, MA Awesome Friday and Saturday at the #USOpen.… - New York, USA Welp, we got the recycle bin we asked for. Thanks Boston! Not sure that’s the best place for it though... @ Allston… - Boston, MA