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... Is drinking beer in neubrandenburg. Formerly in East Germany. Poland tomorrow. - Neubrandenburg, Neubrandenburg This was my third breakfast today. At 8 30 a.m. Wiener schnitzel. And why not? - Neubrandenburg, Neubrandenburg Cycle track in germany. Note who gets priority here! - Neubrandenburg, Neubrandenburg Integrated transport in germany. And the buses tow bike trailers - Neubrandenburg, Neubrandenburg Germany has first class bus shelters for weary cyclists - Neubrandenburg, Neubrandenburg My baltic cruise has arrived at the baltic - swinoujscie Some poor roads bad drivers and foul weather in poland... So I feel right at home - Nowy Dwór Gdański gmina, Nowodworski Can confirm that mcd is great for toilet and wifi and no need to spend any zlotys - Nowy Dwór Gdański gmina, Nowodworski Poor quality polish roads redeemed by some rather excellent bus shelters - Nowy Dwór Gdański gmina, Nowodworski @JulianaBuhring @transconrace great work that about 10k more per day than me round the baltic - Nowy Dwór Gdański gmina, Nowodworski Dawn today in east poland. Listening to doors, dead, floyd & genesis. Thx @UprightTone & Nick Spahr - Kętrzyn, Kętrzyński But slow progress on some roads. And white van man is here too... - Kętrzyn, Kętrzyński my tweets are mapped! - Kętrzyn, Kętrzyński People reading my tweets on facebook, I am not ignoring you, just no time to log in to that as well - Kętrzyn, Kętrzyński Handles like a harley davidson. Stopping distance of an oil tanker. But very comfy. - Kętrzyn, Kętrzyński A book? Bumping between baltic bus shelters on a bent bike... #dontgiveupthedayjob - Sejny, Sejneński @MrTrevett you know it makes sense. I may have a commission for you when i get home... Logo for rtw nx yr - Sejny, Sejneński @JudithSwallow is that for your round the world record challenge? - Sejny, Sejneński @transconrace snap! Im almost in lithuania. Really shd have a shower soon! - Sejny, Sejneński 3rd brekky today. 9am. We are about to turn north into Lithuania. - Sejny, Sejneński Another day another dawn. Soon another country. - Sejny, Sejneński ... And another bus shelter. This gabled example funded by EU road improvement project! - Sejny, Sejneński Lithuania! - Radviliškis, Siauliai Region Wot... No bus shelters? - Radviliškis, Siauliai Region Phew! - Radviliškis, Siauliai Region Hazardous trees at picnic spots - Radviliškis, Siauliai Region Love/hate the garmin. Great at threading me thru towns and cities... then dumping me on unmade road... skidded/ fell - Radviliškis, Siauliai Region No harm done. Then we went for a walk. - Radviliškis, Siauliai Region Sunset in Kaunas yesterday - Radviliškis, Siauliai Region Sunrise today. Best time of the day. 2000k since London. Bike and I both going well till... - Radviliškis, Siauliai Region ...broken spoke in Kedainiai. Luckily I am still a boy scout and came prepared. - Radviliškis, Siauliai Region Regally sized bus shelter. These are never to be found at 11pm... - Radviliškis, Siauliai Region Bike kit and I are clean:-) Swam here fully clothed. Wonderful. - Radviliškis, Siauliai Region @citycyclists Richmond Park is a SSSI used as a local bypass. Traffic levels warrant dualling. 95% is thru traffic. - Radviliškis, Siauliai Region Mood swings between misery & ecstasy chiefly related to weather, state of roads and fullness of belly. Nothing new there then. - Ādaži, Rīgas rajons Route plan via Lielvarde binned today - Ādaži, Rīgas rajons Had to use busy main roads. Tough choices. Some murderously lunatic drivers here. Looking forward to Sweden now! - Ādaži, Rīgas rajons These tweets are all bike-powered you know! - Ādaži, Rīgas rajons 3 cars/hr on this road to Rapla in Estonia. So a segregated cycle path is provided. #space4cycling @london_cycling - rapla Another spectacular dawn today. Estonia. - Tallinn, Harjumaa Guess where I am now... - Tallinn, Harjumaa @AlanParkinson2 top marks that man. 1/2 way round LHL :-) - Tallinn, Harjumaa @AlanParkinson2 you should get out on your bike more... - Tallinn, Harjumaa This was about 10k outside Tallinn. Their answer to Richmond Park I suppose. - Tallinn, Harjumaa No, Garmin, NO! - Tallinn, Harjumaa Baltic sunset. Night all. - Tallinn, Harjumaa @AudaxUK 1/2 way round LHL. Homeward bound now. Headwinds expected... - Helsinki, Uusimaa Felix w 1/2 price beer to take back to finland - Helsinki, Uusimaa Shania Edmund Ginta and world in Tallinn ystdy 4 R Williams gig. No hotels. I got a kitchen floor. 60 euro #badtiming - Helsinki, Uusimaa Many thanks to @HelsinkiTourism for info and looking after my bike. Great city with lots of #Space4Cycling - Helsinki, Uusimaa Boring bus shelters in Finland. But super #space4cycling - Salo, South-West Finland Is headed west across Finland today for o/n ferry to Sweden. Not enough days left to continue north around gulf of Bothnia as planned :-( - Salo, South-West Finland I blame all those bad roads in poland etc. Nothing to do with navigational errors or spending too much time in bus shelters... - Salo, South-West Finland Im holed up in Pernio. Heavy rain. This is Elina at Pitopastantti. Thx for free food coffee & wifi! - Salo, South-West Finland Is drinking a beer at Naantali, waiting for night ferry to Kapellskar. Today was wet windy and hilly. Sunny now :-) - Naantali, South-West Finland Just had dinner... Then learn that my ferry ticket includes dinner on board. I expect I will manage. Fuel for tomorrow. #eatwhenyoucan - Naantali, South-West Finland Arrived in Sweden. Managed 2 dinners and 2 brekkies on ferry. Abba blasting on ipod. WCPGW? - Norrtälje, Stockholm Is appreciating careful drivers in Sweden. Vision Zero helps. how civilised. @transportgovuk same vision please! - Uppsala, Uppsala Län map update from Uppsala. Fine city with lots of #Space4Cycling - Uppsala, Uppsala Län Uppsala. A city that's got its priorities right. - Sala, Västmanland Slow progress excuse for today: Sweden is too pretty. - Sala, Västmanland @UprightTone what could possibly go wrong? - Sala, Västmanland @JulianaBuhring @transconrace @TheAdventurists wow. My ride is a walk in the park! - Sala, Västmanland I need a word with my wheel builder! Why can't I just get punctures like everyone else? - Fagersta, Västmanland Still enjoying the ride, views and sunshine. Turning south now. 3,000km on the odo. - Fagersta, Västmanland @PaulHayward13 lots of lakes today... Could be a new theme! - Örebro, Örebro See, @MayorofLondon & @transportgovuk not hard is it? This is Lindesberg in Sweden - Örebro, Örebro Some nice picnic spots on the road south today - Örebro, Örebro Just another lake in Sweden - Örebro, Örebro Swedes reveal sense of toilet humour in this roadside sculpture - Örebro, Örebro Roads have improved since Latvia - Örebro, Örebro Ok that's enough lake scenes for one day. Night all. - Örebro, Örebro Thanks Sara for free cakes at service station in Kumla. Yumyum! - Kumla, Örebro @PhilEvans10 Sheila is right. But she told me once that she likes postcards. That's what tweets are! - Kumla, Örebro Got head down today. 230km to Gislaved. Just time to fit in picnic lunch in Hjo by lake :-) - Hjo It's another beautiful lake - Jönköping, Jönköping After 16 days, a day off the bike. Gone fishing! - Gislaved, Jönköping I caught a perch. We put it on the bbq. - Gislaved, Jönköping Back on road again after day in paradise. Thanks again Bjoern & Birte. Today every house has perfect lawn & flagpole. - Laholm, Halland Breakfast on the road to Copenhagen - Fredensborg, Capital Region @Adrian4Davis I just arrived in Denmark. Where are you? - Fredensborg, Capital Region @transconrace I have spent the last 3 weeks doing just that - Fredensborg, Capital Region Riding into Copenhagen was not too stressful... #Space4Cycling - vedbaek @Collins_PJ next year shd be even more amazing! - Copenhagen, Capital Region Christiania. Got mildly stoned just walking through. - Copenhagen, Capital Region Seen Christiana bikes in use all over the city ferrying shopping, kids, dogs, gas bottles... - Copenhagen, Capital Region Has found another paradise. #Space4Cycling in Copenhagen. Bikes everywhere. High heels but no helmets. Super chic. - Copenhagen, Capital Region Is roughing it at a micro-brewery in Copenhagen. Cycle camping dinners are never going to please everyone... - Copenhagen, Capital Region Leaving Copenhagen this morning. Almost a bike jam. They need more #Space4Cycling too - Odense, South Denmark Plenty of #Space4Cycling once I got out of the city... - Odense, South Denmark ...but no cycling on the bridge from Korsor to Nyborg :-( - Odense, South Denmark A less glamorous if more familiar breakfast location. 80k to Esbjerg. Headwind. Lunch in Harwich 2mrw w @cathjane66 - Kolding, South Denmark Arrived Esbjerg approx 6 hours early for Harwich ferry. Luckily they have beer. - Esbjerg, South Denmark It's depressing to read this after cycling across Sweden and Denmark where drivers and #Space4Cycling are excellent - Esbjerg, South Denmark Heartened by news that we are not going to war after all - Esbjerg, South Denmark Back in UK. There are some redeeming features. With sister @cathjane66 in Manningtree. - manningtree ... I'm cheating... on the train home from Manningtree - chelmsford @Adrian4Davis Im back home too now after 3 weeks cycling round Baltic. Riding in Sweden & Denmark was blissfully unstressful. - london sw20 @londoncyclist @bicycletouring's plans for 2014 bear a certain likeness to my Baltic Cruise of 2013 - Westminster, London @PaulHayward13 I hope he was wearing one in his MPV, these cars for men with small willies have high centre of gravity...likley to overturn - Westminster, London woohoo, I just got followed by @BBCNowShow I love this show, have been to many live recordings at BBC Radio Theatre where it's even funnier - Richmond-upon-Thames, London @sharl4nd @JibberJim @JasmijnMuller1 @LeatherbarrowA @spraggy_d @kingstonwheeler so this? - Kingston upon Thames, London @StephenMcDonell @harryrutter glad my route doesn't go anywhere near Beijing - Kingston upon Thames, London @citycyclists that's ten years *from* 1997 by the way - Kingston upon Thames, London superb CEGB RESPONSE TO TRANSPORT COMMITTEE INQUIRY INTO CYCLING SAFETY - Kingston upon Thames, London @alwaysmaking @philjones79 @AsEasyAsRiding @metpoliceuk maybe ask @MartinPorter6 see what he thinks... - Kingston upon Thames, London 13 tweets and 62,200 followers for @UkipWeather the outlook is sunny! - Kingston upon Thames, London @chrishoy how much is @NissanUK paying you to retweet their garbage? You are above this! - Kingston upon Thames, London @JudithSwallow @TheAdventurists WCR launch clashes with Kennet Valley 200 audax, tough choice to be faced! - Richmond-upon-Thames, London so today we learn it's illegal to steal food from a skip yet killing by driving no problem - Kingston upon Thames, London @AsEasyAsRiding that'll be because another cyclist has been mown down - Kingston upon Thames, London Currently reading @GeorgeMonbiot's Feral, ace book, here's a brief taster: How Wolves Change Rivers: - Kingston upon Thames, London yet another spur to raise funds for @RoadPeace - Kingston upon Thames, London Just seen 12 Years a Slave. Brilliant beyond expectation, so hard to watch. Left speechless. We were so bad. Numbed. Must see. - Kingston upon Thames, London @sarahthegreen yep, and guess where I'm headed in 5 weeks... - Kingston upon Thames, London @simonrawson @Sarah_Montague @BBCr4today that was really funny, I nearly spat out my muesli - Kingston upon Thames, London @WorldCycleRace they're not going as fast as @Normally_Human was going on his second day in 2012... are the support crews slowing them down? - Richmond-upon-Thames, London @sueperkins the website may be called April 1st for a reason... - Kingston upon Thames, London @Pedal_Planet @Garmin @WorldCycleRace I hope you are not trying to navigate by Garmin, they are no good for that, you need proper maps - Richmond-upon-Thames, London @JulianaBuhring @WorldCycleRace I reckon you'd be in front of all of them! - Richmond-upon-Thames, London The bicycle is human scale - lovely short piece by London-based cycling sociologist @RachelAldred - Kingston upon Thames, London @GraemeObree how about a tweet for me? I'm riding the world for @RoadPeace - Kingston upon Thames, London @GraemeObree @RoadPeace thanks Graeme you are both my most high profile and fastest re-tweeter, have a nice day! - Richmond-upon-Thames, London @Pedal_Planet I think @Normally_Human was doing 100 *miles* by 3pm, then another 100 by end of day - awesome! - Kingston upon Thames, London