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Testings! - Manchester [Swadlincote] if the geotweeting is struggling - Swadlincote Important traffic update: No hard shoulder for 400 yards. - Warwick, Warwickshire Lew a bit tired. Offered to reach over and take the wheel for a bit. Politely declined. - Test Valley, Hampshire Preparing for embarkation. Luckily we only have to worry about cars not shells. - Portsmouth, Portsmouth Thirty seconds... - Calvados, Lower-Normandy Paying respects in the Commonwealth Cemetry - Ranville, Calvados I've played this level #pegasus_bridge - Ranville, Calvados Made it to Bayeux. Apparently they made some kind of quilt here.[Bayeux, France] - Bayeux, France More sobering thoughts at the German Cemetery. - La Cambe, Calvados A good run out for our legs (Joe got his Hoy's out), to Utah Beach. - Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, Manche Pit stop at Carentan. [Carentan, France] - Carentan, France Breaking out some Sun worship slash downward facing dog back at the campsite. [Bayeux, France] - Bayeux, France Cycled up to where Grandad arrived at Arromanche D-Day plus 6 [Arromanche, France] - Arromanches-Les-Baines, France Following the actual route he took via Villiers-le-Sec. They camped in an orchard here. [Villiers-le-Sec,France] - Bazenville, France Down to Flers and then East towards Argentan. We're skirting around Caen to avoid the stiff resistance. [Flers, France] - Flers, France Refuel in Briouze. 63 miles in and we ran out of everything. Luckily a nice cafe lady opened and gave us emergency baguette avec jambon. - Briouze, Orne Blimey charlie. Finally rocked into Argentan. Fair to say we're pretty ruined. - Argentan, Orne And now the last leg, pushing for the coast. [Argentan, France] - Argentan, Orne Demolished baguettes, jam, butter, croissants and coffee at Falaise. [Falaise, France] - Falaise, Calvados More coffee at a bar tabac. If this is cycling then it's ok by me. - Argences, Calvados Somewhere in The Channel heading back to Blighty. Cracking effort boys. Good nod to Grandad Talbot. We also ate our body weight in pastries. - Hampshire, England #digifest14 - Birmingham, Birmingham Paul Curran (City University London) shares the challenges many Unis face with I.T. #digifest14 - Birmingham, Birmingham Looking into the future. New fangled Epson VR glasses. Can I have a pair please? #digifest14 - Birmingham, Birmingham @pmcds I think they're less discreet, I needed a device in my hand. The key of course is in the application of the fancy tech! #digifest14 - Birmingham, Birmingham Great day at #digifest14. Sadly can't stay for the DigiFeast (will there be MegaBites?) Hoping all the ideas won't fall out on train home! - Birmingham, Birmingham #digifest14 Very interesting Q and A with the JISC Summer of Student Innovation finalists. Loads of parallels with Eureka #Eureka2014 - Birmingham, Birmingham #digifest14 #Eureka2014 - Birmingham, Birmingham Glorious day for great ideas! Sun is shining for innovation #Eureka2014 - Manchester, Manchester