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Tee - Cornwall, England I am here - Cornwall, England Home - Truro, England Home 2 - Truro, England St James, oranges, tapas and Flamenco. Yes we are in Sevilla, and very pleased it's September and not July. - Sevilla, Andalucía Cool first day. - Guillena, Andalucía Long day over Sierra Norte, escorted by vultures. - Almadén de la Plata, Andalucía Birds, pigs and trees. - El Real de la Jara, Andalucía Day 5, 22km. Cool as far as motorway services. Then scorching. - Monesterio, Extremadura Day 6, 22km. Open rolling vistas, took 3 hours to walk from first sight. Swimming pool! - Fuente de Cantos, Extremadura Day 7, 25km. Long walk. Listened to music. Beautiful city, stayed in a convent. - Zafra, Extremadura Day 8, 17km. Busty town. Churros and coffee en route. - Villafranca de los Barros, Extremadura Day 9, 25km. Long and very straight. Ellen went up front by bus and secured beautiful room in municipal hostel. - Torrequemada, Extremadura Day 10, 15km. Unremarkable walk. Long Roman bridge at end. - Mérida, Extremadura Day 11, 34km. Stayed in religious hostel after very long day. Doors closed at 9! - Alcuéscar, Extremadura Day 12, 16km. Sweet village. Bunk bed in our own room. - Aldea del Cano, Extremadura Day 13, 22km. Followed main road, god's hand of a thunder cloud chasing. - Cáceres, Extremadura Long day, helped on our way at the enbalse. - Cañaveral, Extremadura No longer livestock, Emmy the pet pig arrives at her new home west of Cochrane by @CTVRyanWhite @CTVCalgary - Cochrane, Alberta Alberta’s free roaming horses get birth control as part of pilot project by @cderworiz @calgaryherald - Sundre, Alberta Birth control plans for Alberta wild horses working, advocates say by @cderworiz @calgarysun - Sundre, Alberta Cochrane family steps in to save pet pig after she was ordered out of Calgary home by @DamienWood_ @calgaryherald - Cochrane, Alberta @CochraneHumane Society breaks ground by @Dustin_Ruth @RV_Publishing #humanesociety - Cochrane, Alberta