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Rest stop Ellsworth, mile 23ish. After turning left onto main street Post office is bikers left on main street. - Bar Harbor, me Rest stop 2- mile 43, shell station bikers left at 15 & 76 junction in east orlando. - East Orland, ME Camp: Belfast City Park Follow signs to pedestrian bridge then continue on Belfast Harbor Walk straight into camp. - belfast, me Day 2: Damariscotta, ME (51) R1:Camden (19) R2: Waldoboro (40) Camp: Damariscotta Baptist Church V&T: KM & BS RSV: TH B: AP Vans out @ 8! - Damariscotta, ME Rest stop 1- down town Camden, mile 18. Take a left on Bayview road, rest stop on the side of the road. - Camden, ME End: Damariscotta Baptist Church BIG white church on the left right before the stoplight on Main Street. Sleep anywhere in the church! - Damariscotta, ME Day 3: Naples, ME (80) R1: Brunswick (29) R2: Gas Station ~4 miles before Shaker Village (56) Camp: Four Seasons Campground Vans out at 8! - Naples, ME R1: Walmart (OFF ROUTE) Continue straight instead of turning right on Grover Ln. At stoplight, take right onto Bath, then left onto Tibbetts - Bath, ME Day 4: Lincoln, NH (74) R1: Lovell (22) R2: Conway (40) R3: Top of Kancamagus Pass (61) Camp: Maple Haven Resort Vans out at 8! - Lincoln, NH Rest stop 2- Conway, mile 38. Irving gas station on route on the right at the intersection of 113 and 16. - Conway, NH Day 5: Thetford, VT (48) R1: North Haverhill (27) End: East Thetford Community Center Vans out at 9! Enjoy sleeping in - Thetford, VT Camp is in Thetford Center, not East Thetford. You'll come right into it after descending Thetford Hill! - Thetford Center, VT Camp: St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Before turn on Main Street, cut right into the park and enter the church from the red back door! - Middlebury, VT Day 8: Newcomb, NY (65) R1: Tinconderoga (20) R2: North Hudson (43) Camp: St. Therese Church Vans out at 7:15! B: TH V&T: BS RSV: AP & KM - North Hudson, ny Pizza at 6! Showers upstairs in Rectory next door. Camp outside or sleep in church. Park bikes in left side of garage. - newcomb, ny Day 9: Old Forge, NY (64) R1: Blue Mountain (26) R2: Inlet (50) Camp: Old Forge Camping Resort Vans out at 8! - New York, USA Camp: Old Forge Camping Resort. OFF ROUTE. Take a right on 28 off Crosby, about a mile down the road. On left. Follows signs to camp! - Old Forge Camping Resort Day 10:Selkirk,NY (84) R1:Booneville (30) R2:Osceola (53) R3:Orwell (71) End:Selkirk Shore State Park Vans out at 8! B:BS V&T:KM RSV:TH&AP - Old Forge Camping Resort Rest stop 1- Boonville, mile 29ish. Great American grocery store on route on the right. - Boonville, NY CAMP CHANGE: Super 8 (Pulaski), off route. After turning left on 11, stay on 11 instead of turning onto Lake st. At Rite Aid, left on 13. - New York, USA Camp change cont. : after turning left on 13, go a little less than a mile and super 8 is on your left. Past Burger King and grocery store. - New York, USA We have 7 rooms. Tentative room assignments on board. You can switch around but keep it 3-4 people per room. Keys are under Kaylyn's name. - New York, USA Hey team, great job today! It was a tough one. Tony is with us now, so make sure you say hello when you see him! - New York, USA Day 11: Sodus Point, NY (67) R1: Fulton (27) R2: Fairhaven (44) End: Sodus Point Lighthouse Museum Vans out at 8! - Sodus Point, NY R2 Big Bo's Ice Cream corner of Richmond and main in New Haven - Big Bo's Ice Cream Day 12: Spencerport, NY (69) R1: Palmyra (27) R2: Pittsford (41) Camp: Spencerport Wesleyan Church Vans out at 8! B:TH V&T:KM RSV:AP&BS - Spencerport, NY R1: instead of taking a right onto the bike trail take a left. Parking lot on the right - Palmyra, NY Please make sure you're staying as far to the right as possible, especially around turns or up over hills where cars can't see you - Palmyra, NY R2: pittsford. Towpath bike. Just follow bike path signs - Pittsford, NY Due to a laundry detergent explosion, the trailer may still be a little slick when you get here. On the bright side, it smells awesome. - Spencerport, NY Surprise team dinner! An alum's parents brought subs, chips, and drinks! It'll all be in the church kitchen - Spencerport, NY Day 13: Lockport, NY (55) R1: Albion (22) End: First English Lutheran Church Vans out at 8:30! - Spencerport, NY Rest stop 1- Albion, mile 22ish. Exit bike path to main st/ 98. Turn left/south to subway on right. - Albion, NY Please make sure you're locking up the trailer if you're the last one out there! - Lockport, NY Dinner at 6! - Lockport, NY R1: intersection of Upper Mtn. Rd. and Military Rd. Gravel lot on the right - Lewiston, NY End: Hostel Buffalo-Niagara 667 Main Street! Can't check in until 4, but you can leave your bags behind the desk. Code for door: 4567 - Buffalo, NY Near Naval Park, take a left onto Pearl street from Marine Drive. Take a right on W. Mohawk Street, then a left on Main. Hostel on right. - Buffalo, NY V&T location TBD - Buffalo, NY V&T is parked ~2 blocks away on Ellicott St. From hostel, right on Tupper and then right on Ellicott. I'll move it closer later if I can! - Buffalo, NY Day 15: Lake Erie State Park (66) R1: Hamburg (19) R2: Irving (43) Camp: Lake Erie State Park Vans out at 8! Make sure you have map 9. - Buffalo, NY R1: Coyote Cafe in Hamburg Turn right on Main Street from Newton Road. Van parked on right side of the street. - Hamburg, NY R2: Burger King (Irving), on the left about a mile after the traffic circle on 5 - New York, USA End: Lake Erie State Park On route, on the right. Sites: 75,77,79,85,86,88,91,92,94,96 2 tents per campsite! - Sunset Bay, NY Donna is making dinner for the team tonight at 6! - Sunset Bay, NY Day 16: Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH (93) R1: 123/124 Matchline (25) R2: 123/122 Matchline (47) R3: Conneaut (69) End: Geneva Township Park - Geneva on the Lake, OH Vans rolling out at 8! B: BS RSV: AP & KM V&T: TH - New York, USA R1: Freeport Diner ~mile 25 On the right, at the intersection of 5 and 89. - North East, PA Sadly we just realized the diner is closed on Mondays, but we'll still have the rest stop here. - North East, PA R2: Sheetz, at intersection of 5 and 832 - Erie, PA R3: White Turkey Drive-In On the right, a little less than a mile after crossing into Ohio - Conneaut, OH End- Geneva On The Lake, Township Park. On route on the right. Camp anywhere, no showers, food in town, swim at beach near restrooms. - Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH Day 17: Cleveland, Ohio (62) R1: Perry (18) R2: Willowick (43) End: Cleveland Hostel Vans leave at 8! We can't check in the hostel until 3 - Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH R1: perry village market and cafe. On the right - Perry, OH R2: Willowick. Giant eagle. On the left - Willowick, OH Check in for Hostel is @ 3. An alum is bringing Chik-fil-a to the Hostel for the team around 3:00! - North Olmsted, OH We will have service projects tomorrow from around 10-2. More details to come! Be prepared to leave about 9:30 in the morning. - North Olmsted, OH Please do not try to check in to the hostel right now. I am going to check everyone in at 3. Hang out in town until then! - North Olmsted, OH Bikes can go in the basement! - Cleveland, OH Food is here and in the kitchen on the second floor! - Cleveland, OH Wifi password is: cleveland - Cleveland, OH Bike shop is open at the trailer NOW! - Cleveland, OH Day 19: Huron, OH (46) R1: Lorain (25) End: St. Peter's church school Vans leave at 9! - Cleveland, OH Ken has offered breakfast at his Chik-fil-a if you want to stop by! It's a bit off route. 4779 great northern Blvd. North Olmsted 44070 - Cleveland, OH R1- Lorain, on route on the right at subway. - Lorain, OH We're sleeping in the gym. Bikes can go inside the hallway where we enter the gym, or the hallway by the restrooms. - Huron, OH Wifi doesn't work in gym, but you can get it outside. Password: 4134335725 - Huron, OH There's a side door to the gym you can use that needs a code. 8715 - Huron, OH R1- Clyde. Parking lot on bike path in Clyde. - Clyde, OH R1-Subway on route 300 on right just before route 600 in Gibsonburg - SUBWAY No need to get food in town! Our awesome hosts are hooking up a big cookout - Ohio, USA No laundry here at camp but there is a laundromat in town! - Ohio, USA If you haven't signed the poster for Matt and Michelle come to the v&t! - Ohio, USA We have a new segment rider joining tonight! Jerry will be here around 9! - Ohio, USA Day 21: Monroeville, Indiana (90) R1: Napoleon (28) R2: Defiance (47) R3: Paulding (65) Camp: Monroeville Community Center Vans out at 8! - Ohio, USA To get back to route, take a right out of the driveway and then a right on Liberty Hi Road. Left on Poe. - Ohio, USA R1: Napoleon. Subway. Right before the right onto perry st. - Napoleon, OH Defiance. Dairy Queen. On the right - Defiance, OH R3: Paulding. Holly, Wood & Vine Florals - Paulding, OH End- monroeville community park. From 101/ E South st in down town monroeville turn right onto Monroe st. Park is on your left. - Indiana, USA Day 22: Denver, IN (84) R1: Zanesville (26) R2: Near intersection of 200S & 9 (46) R3: Largo (62) End: Denver Baptist Church Vans out @ 8 - Indiana, USA Tomorrow there won't be many services at rest stops. Stay stocked on water and try to stay close to make sure you can access the van! - Indiana, USA R1: Zanesville, Sorg Auto Repair On route, at intersection of Wayne and Scott - Indiana, USA R2: Pilchers Chapel On the left, just before turn onto 600W - Indiana, USA R3: Marathon gas station (Lagro) On route, on the left - Indiana, USA End: Denver Baptist Church. From 16 turn right onto North Yorick St. and then another right on Washington ave - Indiana, USA Day 23:Iroquois, IL(94) R1:Side of road (25) R2:Buffalo(42) R3:Side of road (67) End:Iroquois park Vans out at 7:30! B:TH V&T:KM RSV:AP&BS - Indiana, USA R1: side of road near intersection of 950s and 800w - Indiana, USA R2: Buffalo. CountryMark. On left before you turn right to cross river on 16/39 - Indiana, USA R3: near intersection 850s and Egypt rd. - Indiana, USA Showers, kitchen available, camp outside/under pavilion or inside tan metal building. Bikes can go inside white metal garage! - Illinois, USA Team meeting at 6 tonight at the pavilion! - Illinois, USA DONT take 500 w the road is no good to ride on instead go up to 600w and take it slow. Continue on 600w until you reach 1125s - Indiana, USA R1- ashkum behind the BP station on route on the left. - Illinois, USA R2- Left on First St. in Kempton, Tom's tavern. - Kempton Day 25: Henry, Illinois (55) R1: Winona (35) End: City Park Vans out at 8! - Illinois, USA There's a storm rolling in that may have some pretty heavy winds. Just a heads up! - Illinois, USA R1: Wenona. Take a right at the welcome sign ontosouth chestnut st. About a half a mile off route. Parking lot on the right - Illinois, USA Camp:Turn left onto Front St. after crossing the bridge into Henry. Waterworks Park will be on your left. - Illinois, USA Pool and showers are open from 12: pm to 7:pm - Illinois, USA The showers should be fixed within half an hour! - Illinois, USA Day 26: Orion, IL (71) R1: Braford (22) R2: On 570 N (50) End: United Methodist Church Vans out at 8! - Henry, IL R1: Casey's On route, on the right - Illinois, USA R2: A bit off route, on 570N just past the turn onto 1800. On the left side of the road - Illinois, USA End:Orion United Methodist Church. Entering Orion on 1350: At the y bear right not left. Take a right on 13th st. Then a left on 12th avenue - Illinois, USA Day 26: Oxford Junction, IA (93) R1:Reynolds (18) R2:Muscatine (44) R3:Bennett (71) End:Oxford Junction Senior Center Vans out at 7! - Illinois, USA Don't forget map 7 tomorrow! - Illinois, USA R1: Reynolds. Casey's General Store. continue straight on front street instead of left on main - Illinois, USA R2: Muscatine. Family Dollar. After crossing bridge turn left on 2nd st. On right - Muscatine, IA Showers at the fire station after 2pm! Take a right at the grocery store and it'll be on the left. Kitchen available. Bikes can come inside! - Iowa, USA R1: Subway (Cascade) On the right at 136 detour - Iowa, USA R2: Across from Furniture Land, on 1st Avenue - Dyersville, IA R3: Stop&Dash On route, on the right! - Iowa, USA R2: Marquette. Park on the right. Take Edgar st. Then a Left on 2nd. right on north and then a right on first st - Marquette, IA R3: Lansing. Baseball field. On John street on the left - Iowa, USA Dinner provided tonight - Iowa, USA Dinner is served !! - Minnesota, USA Day 30: Wabasha, Minnesota (71) R1: Dakota (17) R2: Winona (35) R3: Minneiska (55) End: Faith Lutheran Church Vans out at 8! - Minnesota, USA