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R2: Central Park Intersection of C and 4th. - Davis, CA Camp: 5mi past Winters. Continue on route to turn 'A', turn RIGHT onto Pleasant Valley Rd, campground shown on map - Davis, CA Lake Solano County Park, we have sites 39,40 - Davis, CA Day 62: SAN FRANCISCO!!! - Winters, CA Please be at the Ferry by 1:15pm at the latest! There is an area to hang out at the Ferry terminal. Also, wear your team jersey tomorrow! - California, USA Vans will be leaving at 8am. Enjoy the last night! You all have worked super hard..get excited! - El Pubelo's Meat Market R1: Larry's Produce On the left at the turn onto Suisun! - California, USA To get to the Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf - take Marina Blvd, it will turn into Bay St - left on Mason to 2500 Mason St. - San Francisco, CA For bike shipping head to: Citizen Chain 2064 Powell St, San Francisco, CA 94133 - San Francisco, CA Please be sure to lock up the trailer when you're done. VERY IMPORTANT. - San Francisco, CA (R2) 14mi from R1 : Country Store on left side of route. ~5mi before Charles City. - Charles City, VA Bike shop, grocery store run leaving from back parking lot in the rest stop van at 4:45! - Yorktown, VA Tire dip @ 9am, beach across from the hotel. Have cubby packed by 8:45, please wear team jersey and be ready to start rolling west! - yorktown va Day 1! R1 (21) Jamestown Visitor's Center R2 (35) Charles City Camp (61) Willis United Methodist Church - They will be making dinner for us - Yorktown, VA (R1) Jamestown Settlement Visitor Center (on left side of route after right at "Jamestown Settlement" sign, before capital trail) RR inside - Jamestown Visitor Center, VA (R2) 14mi from R1 : Country Store on left side of route. ~5mi before Charles City. At mile marker 13 on Virginia Capital Trail. - Charles City, VA D2: Glendale to Mineral R1: 20m Mechanicsville R2: 16m Downtown Ashland R3: 27m Bumpass R3.5: 7m Lake Anna Cabin Camp: Mineral Fire Station - Mineral, VA If you are already past the intersection where the first rest stop is, please text Jeff so we aren't waiting for you! - Mechanicsville, VA A bit of road construction in Ashland - you can walk/ride through it. - Mechanicsville, VA Rest stop van will be heading to rest stop 2 in 10 minutes! If you're grocery shopping please make your way back so we can keep heading west - Mechanicsville, VA Camp: Mineral Fire Station on left side of route off CR 618. We will be camping on the lawn behind the building. Look for signs to guide you - Mineral, VA Rest stop 3 is in Bumpass. Alumni hosted cookout on lake Anna!! ~6 miles past rest stop 3. Signs will be out. 5184 Kentucky Springs Rd - Ashland, VA Team lunch with Angela @sheshaw84 at University Baptist Church in Charlottesville at 2pm!! Please plan your day accordingly! - Charlottesville, VA Camp: University Baptist Church on route. Turn right on 13th ST. NW and another quick right into second parking lot. Check whiteboard. - University Baptist Church Charlottesville VA Tents, shorts, jerseys and other items that were left hanging outside were put in the trailer by the charging station. - Charlottesville, VA D4 (63) Vesuvius R1 (21) Chile's Peach Orchard, just before Greenwood R2 (17) Humpback Rocks Visitor’s Center Camp: Vesuvius Baptist Church - Greenwood va R1: Chiles Peach Orchard. Mile or two up the road after turning on RT 691. Tricky turns today. Use your map! - chiles peach orchard va Camp: Vesuvius Baptist Church, on the left as you enter town - vesuvius, va R2: Humpback Rock's visitor center. On a slight descent. Don't let it catch you off guard. - Humpback Rock Visitor Center VA Hey everyone, team meeting moved to 8pm! - Lexington, VA R3: Downtown Buchanan on right side of route just after crossing bridge into town. - Buchanan, VA Camp: Troutville Town Park, on left as you pass through town. Bathroom on left as you pass through gate. Camp on lawn near pavilion on right - Trouteville, VA Day 6: Troutville/Blacksburg, 41.5m R1: Catawba, 20m Camp: Luther Memorial Church Note: You will depart route via Harding road look 4 signs - Troutville, VA To Hokie House-turn right up Harding Ave (shut up legs), left on Owens, right on Roanoke, right on Main, 2 blocks up on right, 322 N Main - Luther Memorial Lutheran Church Come on in when you arrive, choose a beer any beer, pints are free! Wings will be ready soon! Don't forget to tip your awesome bartender! - Blacksburg, VA To the church turn right out of the hokie house go down main to the roundabout, go left to Prices Fork, two blocks, church is on the right - Blacksburg, VA Service project tomorrow morning! If you'd like to help out meet at the vans at 9:45am with a smile and your team t-shirt on! - Blacksburg, VA NOTICE: Rest Stop Van is in the shop for the next few hours. Day cubbies are temporarily unavailable. - Draper, VA Day 8: Rural Retreat 80 miles R1: Radford 24 R2: Draper 17 R3: Wytheville 26 Camp: Rural Retreat Lake Campground NEW MAP DAY!!! Van @ 8 - Blacksburg, VA To get back on route via Huckleberry Trail on board! Get on bike trail at library, all the way to Christiansburg -> to Cambria, right Depot - Blacksburg, VA Notice: watch for construction on Huckleberry, you may have to depart path and continue. Proceed with caution. - Blacksburg, VA R1: Radford CVS parking lot on right side of route before crossing New River. - Radford, VA R2: Draper Mercantile Inc. on left side of route after turning left on CR658 - The Draper Mercantile & Trading Post @sheshaw84 Wow! That's cool!! Thanks @sheshaw84 ! - Whyteville, VA R3: Wytheville. Look for "Free Parking" lot on right side of route just before the intersection of N 4th st. and W Monroe st. - Wytheville, VA Day 9: Rural Retreat to Rosedale (82.5m) R1: Troutdale (23m) R2: Damascus (24m) R3: Hayters Gap (28m) Camp: Rosedale, Elk Garden UMC - Rural Retreat, VA R2: Damascus In the Country LLC on your right as you enter town! - Damascus, VA @TransAm_2017: Camp: Elk Garden United Methodist Church. On route. Right side of road. Just after Meadow Lark Ln. Red brick church - Rosedale, VA Day 10: Rosedale to Breaks (43m) R1: Davenport (19m) Camp: Breaks Interstate Park (24m) - Rosedale, VA Yard sale tomorrow at camp! If stuff is on the floor or not in a cubby it's going out! Plan accordingly! - Breaks, VA Day 11: Breaks, VA to Hindman, KY (67m) R1: RT 611 23/119 intersection(23m) R2: Bevinsville, KY(19m) Camp: Hindman, KY(25m) - Hindman, KY Lead V: JM/MW RS V: Jeff/JB Cycling: RC - Booneville, VA SR611 is very narrow and has large pot holes. USE CAUTION. - Hazard, KY R2: 122 and 1498 intersection at Fat Daddy's Diner - Big Hill, KY Camp: Hindman First Baptist Church, right side of route after left on SR 550. Grocery store/services 3 miles before camp. Pizza next door. - Hindman, KY Day 12: Hindman -> Booneville 67mi R1: Combs, KY (20mi) R2: Buckhorn, KY (29mi) Camp: Booneville Presbyterian Church (18mi) - Booneville, KY R1: On left side of route as you enter Combs. Across from red bleachers in "Circle Restaurant" parking lot. - Hazard, KY R2: Corner of 2022 & 1387. Gas station on your right. On route. - BEvensville, KY Camp: Bville Prsb. Church Off Route. Once in Bville follow signs around county building to Old Hwy 11, DON'T follow 76 signs. Camp on right - Berea, KY Day 13: Booneville -> Berea 49mi R1: McKee, KY (25mi) Camp: Berea Baptist Church (24mi) RSV: JB LV: MW Watch out for drivers 'n dogs! - Berea, KY R1: Mckee Dairy Queen - McKee, KY Camp: Berea Baptist Church (310 Chestnut St) off route, DON'T follow 76 in town. Look for signage to guide you. Check whiteboard for details - Berea, KY Bike Shop Run at 5:15! Meet at church! - Booneville, KY R1: Small store at the junction of CR 1131 and SR 39. - Bryantsville, KY NOTICE: Bridge is out on 152 past Bryantsville. Must take detour. Details to come. - Bryantsville, KY Camp: Old Fort Harrod State Park Follow 127 from Danville until it turns into N College St. Follow into Harrodsburg. Camp on left. - Old For Harrod State Park, KY Team meeting tonight at 7pm - Harrodsburg, KY Camp: Larue County Park in Hodgenville. Off route. Take a right on 84E then right on 31E. The park is on the left side. Come through gate. - Hodgenville, KY R3: Howardston, KY. At Intersection of SR 247 and SR 84. In parking lot of blue building. - Kentucky, USA Day16: Rough River Dam 56mi R1: Intersection RT 62 & RT 84 22mi R2: Intersection SR 84 & SR 401 15mi Camp: Rough River Dam Campground 18mi - Rough River Dam, KY R1: Fordsville at Marathon Gas Station on left - Kentucky, USA R2: Utica. Intersection of SR 140 and US 431 at the Marathon gas station on right side of route. - Kentucky, USA D18: Sebree, KY -> Rock in Cave, IL 55mi R1: Clay (21mi) R2: Marion (22mi) FERRY RIDE across Ohio River Camp: Cave in Rock State Park (12mi) - Kentucky, USA There is a cool city event going on right now with games, food, and live music about mile from the church. Make a left and follow the music - Kentucky, USA R1: At Jeri's on left in Clay. - Kentucky, USA R2: Marion. Fivestar gas station on right. - Marion, KY Camp: Cave in Rock State Park, IL. Follow signage after getting off the ferry. We are at sites 23 and 25. Details on whiteboard. - Illinois, USA R1: Just past Intersection of SR N and SR P when entering Ozora. - Missouri, USA R2: Continue 1 mile after intersection of SR F and SR WW to Crown Valley Brewing on left side of route. - Missouri, USA R2: On right side of route in Houston. Look for dollar tree after turning right on US 63. - Missouri, USA