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No time for cheesesteaks. This is devastating. (@ Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) w/ 39 others) - Philadelphia International Airport Terminal D Station, Philadelphia Ordered a cheese plate and got bella vitano merlot wedding cheese :) @keekerton @fleeflyflown - Milwaukee, WI Second time here. Duck confit salad please. (@ Pub Mc Intosh Bromont) - La Haute-Yamaska, Québec Oui. (@ Vieux-Port de Montréal / Old Port of Montreal) - Montréal, Québec Luggage feels oddly light. (@ General Mitchell International Airport (MKE) w/ 13 others) - MKE general mitchell international airport, East Troy Coffee. No stones nor creeks. (@ Stone Creek Coffee - @stonecreekmw) - Shorewood, WI @jambam0506 I'll take these temps now thru December. - Shorewood, WI Such a lack of breakfast delivery services. - Shorewood, WI @SharifRenno that's gonna be good! - Shorewood, WI @BlatzLiquor because breakfast lovers say "i dunno. I'll sleep on it." - Shorewood, WI I predict a Dalton turnover. - Shorewood, WI @LaurenceWHolmes doesn't hurt that they're athletic as hell. - Shorewood, WI RG3 is now 0-3. #motorcitykitties - Shorewood, WI @drrckzimmerman he's the worst. - Shorewood, WI @briansolis not surprised. Wait. Is this about Paris and Nicole? - Shorewood, WI Health is wealth. - Shorewood, WI It's become a joke RT “@sarahcuda: It's unfair how SXSW picks panels does anyone care anymore?” - Shorewood, WI @ambermac feels like a deal made in 2005. - Shorewood, WI @flatlander al davis. - Shorewood, WI @Digiday we blame the industry. - Shorewood, WI Wow. Nice. (@ Gouda's Italian Deli) - Milwaukee, WI @jduklas real good! Lets find some time to meet up in person? - Milwaukee, WI Everything is all derp, ya know? - Shorewood, WI Kitten mittens. They're not everywhere yet. - Shorewood, WI PBR did it. Why not Blackberry? - Shorewood, WI Really enjoying - Shorewood, WI @angikrueger @BizTimesMedia congrats! - Shorewood, WI @defrag then it's all about the people. - Shorewood, WI @flatlander too much time spent "doing" & not enough time spent "thinking" - to me, it's the billability/profitability models that constrain - Shorewood, WI @braunmd23 good luck! - Shorewood, WI @alfeuerer @rshill37 @mkemom good luck and run fast! - Shorewood, WI #Facebook graph search now includes posts and status updates: #socialmedia - Shorewood, WI No new movie ideas? New remakes of Carrie and Romeo & Juliet (again)? - Shorewood, WI World beeter. “@Mjwizzy: Forget tomatoes. Beets on grilled cheese is where it's at.” - Shorewood, WI Played some #dots - Shorewood, WI Good find! @Mjwizzy @keekerton @fleeflyflown @frankerin @jphoppert - Shorewood, WI @jeremywhitt heck yes!!! - Shorewood, WI @edwardboches @MichaelWMann I don't get the "marketing" lesson here. Art, cultural commentary, and secrecy aren't exactly what brands do - Shorewood, WI This is good to know. “@jouimet: I am no longer afraid of the zombie apocalypse...” - Shorewood, WI I'm at @PilotTravel Center (Burns Harbor, IN) - Burns Harbor, IN @cheapsuits used it? - Shorewood, WI @cheapsuits I like the 'buy used' option, too - Shorewood, WI @bb_mke only one Bruno post so far! - Milwaukee, WI @KaitlynMKE thunder came first, equally as weird this late in the year - Shorewood, WI @LaurenceWHolmes that's a technical term now - Shorewood, WI I'm at General Mitchell International Airport (MKE) - @mitchellairport (Milwaukee, WI) w/ 11 others - Milwaukee, WI I'm at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) - @phxskyharbor (Phoenix, AZ) w/ 70 others - Phoenix, AZ I'm at Lihue Airport (LIH) (Lihue, HI) w/ 6 others - Lihue, HI This is where I like to stop after an epic boat ride. (@ Kauai Island Brewery & Restaurant - @kauaiislandbrew) - Eleele, HI Island hair. @ Capt Andy's Sailing Adventure - Eleele, HI Not too shabby for a birthday surprise (@ The St. Regis Princeville Resort - @spg w/ 2 others) [pic]: - Princeville, HI I'm at Big Wave Dave's Bar & Grill (Kapaa, HI) - Kapaa, HI Puka dogs. Finally. / @keekerton and @sdmathison (at @PukaDogKauai w/ @keekerton) [pic]: - Poipu, HI Gonna miss this place. @ Old Koloa Town - Koloa, HI Find handmade products from where they're made: #handmade #diy - Shorewood, WI Another great Ron Burgundy promo piece, this time an influencer outreach kit: #RonBurgundy #pr - Shorewood, WI Headed south (@ General Mitchell International Airport (MKE) - @mitchellairport w/ 18 others) - Milwaukee, WI Just trying to get home. (@ George Bush International Airport (IAH) w/ @robebert) - Houston, TX This is not good: “@SpaghettiOs: Take a moment to remember #PearlHarbor with us.” - Shorewood, WI @tim_halverson because canned pasta. - Shorewood, WI @brianfmorrissey what kind of meat are you using? - Shorewood, WI @brianfmorrissey @blackearthmeats brilliant. Nice call with the broccoli, I always default to peas - Shorewood, WI @brentgohde try Chrome Scrapbook? - Shorewood, WI @TeecycleTim logically, yes. But, content and message relevancy should still win out without suffering the throttle - Shorewood, WI Aaron Rodgers all the things - Shorewood, WI Headed to Chicago! (@ Milwaukee Intermodal Station) - Milwaukee, WI Ah. Nice. (@ Hard Rock Hotel - @hrhchicago) - Chicago, IL That's right, Chicago. @ Lemmings - Chicago, IL Hot pepper noodle. (@ Penny's Noodle Shop) - Chicago, IL Waiting. (@ Chicago Union Station - @chiunionstation w/ 15 others) [pic]: - Chicago, IL Seems to be a lot of fake @esurance "gives" accounts out there. Tweet with care! - Shorewood, WI @NicholasModesto one day, it'll all just be "the web" again. - Shorewood, WI @ViperChill why? - Shorewood, WI This is why the internet was invented. #SingItKitty - Shorewood, WI @adamkmiec sends a clear message though. - Shorewood, WI @adamkmiec All the better reason to pinpoint your target and communicate the RTBs. - Shorewood, WI Chili (@ MSOE Rockabilly Chili Contest w/ 10 others) [pic]: - Milwaukee, WI TV: the most powerful broadcast entertainment medium. Too bad it needs so many more devices & internet connections to make it relevant today - Shorewood, WI Finally. (@ George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) w/ 40 others) - Houston, TX There's no better time. #vscocam @ Wynwood Arts District - Miami, FL @pandabaehr @discoverybrp where!? - Shorewood, WI Santiago Rubino. Breathtaking. #vscocam @ The Wynwood Walls - Miami, FL It's magical to me. #vscocam @ Plant The Future - Miami, FL Porsche Martini Racing LEGO's! - Shorewood, WI What should I compost @sdmathison? - Shorewood, WI @JasonFalls it is what it is. Right? - Shorewood, WI Sometimes I retweet things just because it's easy and then I have a simple place to find the things I thought were cool. - Shorewood, WI @ReCourses is it? - Shorewood, WI The viral hamster wheel isn't driven by snark, but by sappy glurge that people share because it makes them feel good - Shorewood, WI Going south. I hear it's spring somewhere. (@ General Mitchell International Airport (MKE) - @mitchellairport) - Milwaukee, WI I'm here @ Royal Purple Raceway - Texas, USA Lay down a hot 3.8s 317mph run, then return to casually entertain sponsors. @leahpritchettTF rocks. @… - Texas, USA “@blakesamic: Vellum: A reading layer for your Twitter feed ← nytlabs” very cool tool - Channelview, TX Love you, Houston. See you again soon. (@ George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) w/ 55 others) - Houston, TX Ready to start weekend part 2. (@ General Mitchell International Airport (MKE) - @mitchellairport w/ 3 others) - Milwaukee, WI @MandiMLindner smile and nod - Shorewood, WI @SweetingR rats. heal quickly. - Shorewood, WI @sradick still, nobody cares, right? - Shorewood, WI The secret is out. Find the topical event. Have an idea. Produce it. Socialize it. via @edwardboches - Shorewood, WI @toomuchmetal picking one up for sure! - Shorewood, WI Prioritize content. - Shorewood, WI @JessBerlin and no stand up paddle boarders in sight - Shorewood, WI @xanpearson really, really disappointing @Ravens - Shorewood, WI @drewmagary so, it's great? - Shorewood, WI @xanpearson and it was live tweeted by the organization as if this were some moment to remember. Sick and wrong. - Shorewood, WI @MartysaurusRex Eddie Izzard in June??! - Shorewood, WI @RyanThompson @sparrow_kevin @TeecycleTim shimano shift-mounted mouse? - Shorewood, WI “@usacycling: All the men's riders are out on course. The battle for the Stars-and-Stripes in ON! #USPro” #cycling - Shorewood, WI @toomuchmetal not a prob, bringing a friend into the shop next week so I'll let you know when head in! - Shorewood, WI Shorthanded Toews answered back already. Ugh. - Shorewood, WI @MartysaurusRex looks about right. - Shorewood, WI @Bill80 his defense isn't aggressive - Shorewood, WI Shorthanded Blackhawks > Power Play Blackhawks - Shorewood, WI Everybody is dickering. @ Maxwell St Days - Cedarburg, WI This is a festival where you wear your finest and funniest tshirts @ Maxwell St Days - Cedarburg, WI Aw, Bert. #MadMen - Shorewood, WI Peggy. There is no good #MadMen without her. - Shorewood, WI Just socks on Tuesday. Because #Bert #MadMen - Shorewood, WI Bring on the candy. (@ elm grove memorial day parade w/ 2 others) - Elm Grove, WI @FlatsClass beautiful - Shorewood, WI @sarahaleyfit get that boy a power meter soon! - Shorewood, WI @TeecycleTim been with @Chase (jpmorgan) forever. Always accessible. Good apps. - Shorewood, WI @cbeuchert oh my. - Milwaukee, WI @adtothebone i'm considering the move to 25mm tires from 23mm. oh. wait. skinny ties? no. i still like the svelte look of a skinny tie. - Milwaukee, WI Strangely, I have very fond memories of Lake Potowotominimac. - Milwaukee, WI @bud_caddell fun. now my eyes hurt. - Milwaukee, WI @cheesebabe no. - Shorewood, WI Andy dick doesn't have his own hashtag but #Sharknado2TheSecondOne does - Shorewood, WI @cheesebabe well. Yes. - Shorewood, WI Clicked b/c I trust the source and I liked. “@augieray: A great post by @FrankEliason.” - Shorewood, WI Facebook starts building ad links to Instagram - via @Nuzzel - Shorewood, WI @mferrari one of my favorites. Surf n turf. - Shorewood, WI Hit pepper noodle with @keekerton (@ Penny's Noodle Shop in Chicago, IL) - Chicago, IL @SEMASHOW you should really update your promoted tweet. - Shorewood, WI @koopstakov awesome. Congrats! - Shorewood, WI @bmorrissey well said. the more things change... - Milwaukee, WI @BtotheD @KaitlynMKE Bruce was pretty incognito. I barely recognized him. I think he was reporting for another softball squad. - Shorewood, WI @CarolClinkenbea oh yay! We'll be in touch! - Shorewood, WI So the #Bears cut Mel Tucker now, right? - Shorewood, WI @ByMattWild and dash cams for all us forest service trucks for all those missed moments when they saw Bigfoot crossing the streets - Shorewood, WI By @MikeIsaac: With $30 Million More in Hand, @IFTTT Looks to the Internet of Things - Shorewood, WI #IfMyPhoneGotHacked cats everywhere - Shorewood, WI Pitch deck: BitTorrent is wooing advertisers, publishers - Digiday - Shorewood, WI @RyanThompson passing lane. - Shorewood, WI @RyanThompson should do both! But, I'm damn tired. I'm sure you know that feeling :) - Shorewood, WI Thanks @MartysaurusRex. Nice game. #BearDown - Shorewood, WI Did you crush it as hard as @GetChrisTaylor did today? Great ideas and happy clients. Boom. - Shorewood, WI Thanks @jeremywhitt! Claims this relieves baby cries... I'm up for anything. - Shorewood, WI Best skinny the in the room: prez @kellsey_m. #mke99 @ Harley-Davidson Museum - Milwaukee, WI @mochadad furry cups? - Shorewood, WI @missusP people are the advertisers. And data is what's bought and sold. - Shorewood, WI Brunch with my wife (of two years now!) (@ Engine Company No. 3 - @engineco3 in Milwaukee, WI) - Milwaukee, WI @LaurenceWHolmes so, now what are the odds bears coaches stay? - Milwaukee, WI @b_schneids @gdubbs76 you can't put this on either or, starts with coaching. And it's the worst I've seen - Milwaukee, WI .@ChicagoBears Call me. I have an idea. I can't play football for you, but I can help on the PR side of things. - Milwaukee, WI @ciaraanncoll now I'm hungry again. #pizzaclub - Shorewood, WI @djenders thanks Dennis! - Shorewood, WI Congrats @suganick and hmstangl! Such a beautiful wedding! @ Hubbard Park Lodge - Shorewood, WI @gdubbs76 not really. This team is a total mess. But, I'd love to watch a Lovie homecoming. I miss that guy. - Milwaukee, WI Cute, cuddly, and downright huggable. All of those endearing characteristics are often obscured by… - Milwaukee, WI #TopChef - Shorewood, WI Nazdravlje! Fantastic (and surprisingly smooth) Servian brandy. Thanks @majastevanovich #cklife @… - Milwaukee, WI Less than five minutes in, and #UnbreakableKimmySchmidt is amazing. #Netflix #winning - Shorewood, WI @flatlander well said! :) - Shorewood, WI @swintheiser let someone else Google that. :) - Shorewood, WI #ChickenFriesAreBack on #NationalPuppyDay - Austin, TX So, @keekerton is on FB, sees this @avanhizzle post & says: "look! Brett Favre is at the #Badgers game!!" #sports - Shorewood, WI @majastevanovich oh it's a favorite - Shorewood, WI I'm at Cramer-Krasselt in New York, NY - Manhattan, NY Heard it's warmer in Milwaukee today. @ Cramer-Krasselt - Manhattan, NY My timesheets are done. Wow. And, it's only 9:30a on April 3. - Milwaukee, WI #alley #shadows #VSCOcam @ Cramer-Krasselt - Milwaukee, WI Checking out the third #coast. #VSCOcam #lakemichigan @ Big Bay Park / Buckley Park - Whitefish Bay, WI We're watching Twin Peaks again. Still doesn't feel like 1990. - Shorewood, WI @joshjs I've thought the same. Hope not allergies to cats. - Shorewood, WI Need to make these last until Friday. @ General Mitchell International Airport - Milwaukee, WI Hope I'm hip enough. @ Ace Hotel New York - Manhattan, NY It's noodle time. (@ Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles Inc. 清味蘭州拉麵 in New York, NY) - Manhattan, NY Back in Wisconsin, we don't have Subways like this and the view of the Statue of Liberty doesn't get… - Manhattan, NY Updated controls for the #fb News Feed - Queens, NY See you next week, New York (@ LaGuardia Airport (LGA) in East Elmhurst, NY) - Queens, NY Grey and wet at Road America today. @ Road America - Wisconsin, USA "Tonite you're here with me." #pablove #pablovefoundation @ Turner Hall Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI I'm at Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) in Chicago, IL - Chicago, IL I'm at @NUHotel in Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn, NY Just posted a photo @ Park Slope, Brooklyn, N.Y. - Brooklyn, NY Gob gob gob. @ Schlitz Audubon Nature Center - Bayside, WI Bike stop (@ Smith Bros. Coffee House in Port Washington, WI) - Port Washington, WI @BtotheD This is getting out of control. - Bayside, WI The proper way to celebrate these Milwaukee Brewers is to drink beer. - Bayside, WI @BtotheD He may be a pecan away from being a roommate soon. - Bayside, WI And everyone who never shopped there are not surprised. - Bayside, WI Banksy wins. - Bayside, WI @mdesisti @mkelfmarathon Great job, team! - Bayside, WI @rachelmetz There’s no replacement for riding a bike outside. You get it. You’ll find a way to make time for it. - Bayside, WI @adtothebone What the f kind of question is this!! Chunky. - Bayside, WI @kmwoodke Ugh - Bayside, WI Joe, Buck you. - Bayside, WI Hint: it’s about freedom - Bayside, WI @marcEbennett @Brewers Don’t stop. - Bayside, WI @AndyTarnoff Lets do this in the Midwest within reasonable hours. - Bayside, WI @mdesisti Awesome. Also makes me think about all the owl-opportunities I miss every morning when I open my phone to… - Bayside, WI @trishtaylor It’s also the season for dry skin. And fat bike riding :) - Bayside, WI I’m proud to say that I don’t know either of the two celebrities at all, but I know the guy who wrote the tweet. An… - Bayside, WI @faris @Dr_Draper Jealous - Bayside, WI @mpbMKE When traveling, it’s never about “wanting” to spend time in an airport. It’s about having access to good ch… - Bayside, WI I wish tweets and replies (conversations) could unfold and scroll/swipe sideways. #twitter - Bayside, WI @Rlwegner Glad we stayed. - Chicago, IL @AaronLemingNFL Making us miss Olsen. - Chicago, IL @kmwoodke awesome. Just awesome - Bayside, WI @MRC58 Is this alcohol abuse? - Bayside, WI @MRC58 I have. And I probably enjoyed it. Which is terrible, I know. - Bayside, WI @apanda_18 @nursekelsey Thread it. - Bayside, WI @BtotheD Fired or made redundant? - Bayside, WI If it’s not a brick, then what is it? This is a so existential... but at the same time it’s commercial AF. #ThisIsNotABrick - Bayside, WI @trishtaylor If anything should suck, it’s your vacuum cleaner. - Bayside, WI @brentgohde happy bday buddy!! - Bayside, WI @mdesisti @nycgov @NYCMayorsOffice @NYCMayor Cool! - Bayside, WI @sarahkehoe Oh, it’s explicable. - Bayside, WI @mdesisti I can’t stop laughing! - Bayside, WI @AndyTarnoff Awesome. Have a blast! - Bayside, WI @AndyTarnoff Ahahahhhahahaahhaha!!! - Bayside, WI @MRC58 @FairStateCoop Yes, and I watched all season so I saw many go unblocked with similar doinks. - Bayside, WI @DaveHanneken @jessicatighe Some do, some don’t. - Milwaukee, WI @brentgohde Its a big reason for why I love you. :) - Bayside, WI @KaitlynMKE Elevators, too - Bayside, WI Best thing I’ve seen today. - Bayside, WI @IanSohn It’s sad. Because it’s pathetic. - Bayside, WI Well said. - Bayside, WI @kmwoodke Tough call. - Bayside, WI @Mighterbump @mdesisti They do? - Bayside, WI @IanSohn Couldn’t agree more. I fear we’ll look back at what power we had as a globally connected society and regre… - Bayside, WI @Quan I had the 1992 6000. My first trail ride on it turned out to be a race. Showed up to the park and there was a… - Bayside, WI @mdesisti @limebike Looks official. - Bayside, WI @DanRShafer How are rides counted? - Bayside, WI @wibearsfan_ It ain’t my money. I only paid attention, won’t be any more this season. - Bayside, WI @KaitlynMKE You’re winning. I don’t care what anyone else says. - Bayside, WI @DanRShafer Hehehe. Its funny. And It’s true. - Bayside, WI @jimmyfk I counted. They have 7 fans now. If you count Goodell. - Bayside, WI Oh yes. cc @gdubbs76 - Bayside, WI @adtothebone Nice work! On to livin’ the warm life, Claude! - Bayside, WI @ShermanJeff @bluebatkitchen @onmilwaukee Looking forward to the dinner on Thursday - Bayside, WI @LostLaker06 @COASTproducts Nice dude!! - Milwaukee, WI We have the pieces. - Milwaukee, WI @RyanThompson @BizTimesMedia Welcome to management. ;) - Bayside, WI @MADEmattEB Certainly, Bad Dope - Bayside, WI @alfeuerer When does the bacon go in? - Bayside, WI @adtothebone Reminds me of Speedee... - Bayside, WI @MADEmattEB I rooted for the Eagles for the first time ever. - Bayside, WI @brentgohde I think i understood this tweet. - Bayside, WI @KaitlynMKE If you’re trying to annoy the parents, go with a drum kit instead. Less damage, more noise. - Bayside, WI Best. Advice. Ever. - Bayside, WI @kmwoodke The “in this decade” part... I see what you did there. - Bayside, WI @cycleanalyze Hehehe... hosebeast. :) - Bayside, WI @BenHandelman @CrazycatSocks @Bucks @LindseySlaterTV @SheldonDutes @Mark_Baden @s_barichello @BrianNizTMJ4… - Bayside, WI @Ben_Phillips Congrats! Cool gig. - Milwaukee, WI @alfeuerer @BobbyPantuso Was it a “free” webinar? - Milwaukee, WI @bud_caddell It does. - Milwaukee, WI @SoulfunkLA Sounds... very legit. - Bayside, WI @stevonio @Jcm_aldonado Sorry to hear that buddy. Fuck the mixtapes tho. Srsly. - Bayside, WI Outstanding! Lololololol - Bayside, WI @adealexandris Most definitely! ;) - Bayside, WI @AndyTarnoff That’s madness - Bayside, WI @AndyTarnoff No. It’s not even arguable. - Bayside, WI @tedbauer2003 Stop. Breath. Identify your target. Focus on it. Then visualize how you’ll get after it. - Bayside, WI @MadBeerAndy What are you saying? - Bayside, WI @mwurst Oh. Cool. - Milwaukee, WI

@adtothebone Reminds me of Speedee... Gob gob gob. @ Schlitz Audubon Nature Center Grey and wet at Road America today. @ Road America Hope I'm hip enough. @ Ace Hotel New York Need to make these last until Friday. @ General Mitchell International Airport #alley #shadows #VSCOcam @ Cramer-Krasselt Heard it's warmer in Milwaukee today. @ Cramer-Krasselt Nazdravlje! Fantastic (and surprisingly smooth) Servian brandy. Thanks @majastevanovich  #cklife @… Cute, cuddly, and downright huggable. All of those endearing characteristics are often obscured by…
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