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Very excited for @studentvets #NatCon2015 this week in #SanAntonio! Join us for a panel on #WomenVeterans Friday afternoon! @LyndaDavisMVF - Florida, US Just finished up a training ride at Flatwoods. Linked up with some cyclists. Average pace 22mph. Not bad for a Monday! #cycling #livinglife - Florida, US Hey #sanfrancisco @studentvets let's link up for a #ride June 1!! #cycling join Bike America: Student Veterans Ride For Education!!! - Temple Terrace, FL In DC for a quick business trip!! I love this city. Hoping to make the @TeamRWB run tonight at the Washington memorial! - Arlington, VA @carolinebikes @teamrwb will do!!! Ride on friend! - Arlington, VA Hey Tampa #cyclists...check out #ubcbikes near #USF. This business is amazing and huge supporter of #bikeamerica ! - University, FL Thinking of Oklahoma.... #tornado #lifeisprecious - Endwell, NY #binghamton #endicott watch Bike America on the evening news tonight: YNN, Fox 40 and channel 34 at 6 pm! - Endwell, NY At the #parkview in #owego NY, amazing people, great music #timrufoband Plugged Bike America- donate today - Owego, NY I'm a hometown country girl and I will never forget my roots! #Trose born and raised, 'Trose strong. - Pennsylvania, US Hey #sanfrancisco come bike with me on June 1!! Visit meetup point and time to follow! Stay tuned. - Endwell, NY @BlushingEagle nope not on this trip :( I am heading through Nevada, Utah, and CO. - Endwell, NY @BlushingEagle @eltourtucson @teamrwb that would be amazing!!! I'm going to put it on my calendar ;) thank you for all of your support! - Johnson City, NY Thank you Sean Finnegan and @seansorbie for donating to Bike America! We love your support!!! - Endwell, NY Mom and Dad at home just b4 leaving to drive across country for Bike America! Thx Mom & Dad for being so awesome!! - Endwell, NY @downscornelia after the bike catastrophe we came to grammas to eat pizza and wings. The cat is still under the couch. - Johnson City, NY Hi friends...I'm making some music playlists for my trek down the loneliest road in America... Have any song suggestions? Ready....GO! - Endwell, NY @MaineLawSVO you are soooo incredibly right ;) - Endwell, NY @TheEllenShow I need a playlist for my trek on the loneliest road in America- what are some of your favorite tunes? - Endwell, NY @jyaug33 I heart you...always. - Endwell, NY Hey #seattle!!!! Come to Woodsky's to support student vets/Bike America Thurs may 30!! @USFalumniAssn @seattletimes - Seattle, WA Morning workout!! Ready to do this #cycling #bikeamerica - Seattle, WA Thank you @woodskys for hosting the @Biking_USA #BikeAmerica fundraiser!! Best hotdogs on the west coast! - Seattle, WA Heading to San Fran after a successful #BikeAmerica fundraiser in Seattle! - Seattle, WA @Dblk19 I have a support vehicle with travel trailer.... Luxury camping?!?! Became a necessity with film crew and sponsors. - Tukwila, WA @RoadTaco thanks for the pick me up. ;) miss ya - SeaTac, WA Finished up the first shoot with @mtvU crew for #BikeAmerica. Dipped my tire in the Pacific Ocean!! Ready to rock! - Lower Haight, San Francisco @mtvU #BikeAmerica interview and shoot! - San Francisco, CA @chadgarland I won't be :( next time! - Bayview, San Francisco The Jedi master has blessed my ride. Ready to go! #BikeAmerica - Telegraph Hill, San Francisco I'm excited to start Bike America tomorrow!! Awesome day riding around San Francisco with Dan Horndasch! - Pacifica, CA @1coreyc @studentvets @VetAdvisor1 thank you so much for all of the good vibes and positive energy!! I so ready to do this!!! Dream Big! - Pacifica, CA New friend on the road! Thanks for riding with me! #roadwarriors - Petaluma, CA Boom! 80 miles on day 1! That's what's up!! Thank you @Ride_2_Recovery !!! Another amazing group and family! - Napa, CA @erik_downs you have to do a "retweet" ;) hi brother - Napa, CA @USFalumniAssn I ran into a USF alum, Nancy, in napa! - Napa, CA @NickCannon Bike America started! Tell ur peeps to visit & donate to support student vets! - Davis, CA @jyaug33 you are with me every second! Thanks for the encouragement bud! I am learning to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. - West Sacramento, CA @NickCannon thanks for the support!! I am rocking Cali!! See you on the road... - Davis, CA @ChuckSchumer check out the Bike America: Student Veyerans Ride for Education website at - West Sacramento, CA @hammernutrition #Perpetuem is working gr8 for my long days on the road. Thnx for supporting - West Sacramento, CA @VFWHQ thanks for being the TITLE sponsor of Bike America: Student Veterans Ride For Education! - West Sacramento, CA @Biking_USA: @studentvets ready to roll out on day 4! West Sacramento to Placerville, GO! - West Sacramento, CA La Favorita Taquerias. By far the best giant burrito I have ever had in my life. - West Sacramento, CA @chadgarland have them email me at we can coordinate. - Folsom, CA @1coreyc thanks Corey. I needed that. I'm getting ready to roll out. Major climbs starting! - Shingle Springs, CA I will always be a country girl at heart. This is absolutely beautiful! - South El Dorado, CA On to Carson City. I start riding Nevada tomorrow.the heat had me a little worried. It was a nice rest day in Tahoe - South Lake Tahoe, CA Just left Cali & lit a candle for Maribel Ramos. Made a memorial video for her, will post later. RIP Maribel-Take a stand against violence. - Gardnerville Ranchos, NV Moo pie at bed time in Carson City. @ Carson City - Carson City, NV About to go off the grid for a bit. Don't get worried if you don't hear from me. Won't have cell service through most of NV. Lets do this! - Carson City, NV Taking off to Fallon NV. 60 miles of desert bliss... - Carson City, NV Made it to Fallon in just over 4 hours. I started to pedal faster when that storm cloud was in back of me!! Still have cell service, yay!! - Nevada, US Dad on Annie's kicker! - Nevada, US @NickCannon @mtvU Bike America in Fallon, NV getting ready to ride through the desert. Donate to student vets today! - Nevada, US Kiersten and Annie riding to Fallon, NV this morning. - Nevada, US #NowPlaying My Body by Young the Giant on #Spotify I'm ready....are you? @studentvets - Nevada, US @maddow RT Support student vets by donating to Bike America:Student Veterans Ride For Education - Nevada, US @ConanOBrien RT Support student veterans by donating to Bike America:Student Veterans Ride For Education - Nevada, US @RaysBaseball Support USF Student Veterans Association by donating to Bike America. Proceeds go to @studentvets - Nevada, US @walkforwarriors @GotYourSix @studentvets thank you so much! I am getting stronger everyday! Ready to break into Utah very soon #dedication - Nevada, US @GotYourSix @studentvets ready to rock it on day 11 of Bike America! Heading to Baker, NV amidst the amazing Great Basin National Park! - Nevada, US @AmandaA35371716 love you Amanda ;) you are my inspiration... - Nevada, US @GotYourSix @walkforwarriors @studentvets I crossed the Utah border and made it the 85 miles to Milford, Utah!! - Milford, UT @walkforwarriors thanks for the awesome words...definitely helped me climb 4000 feet and ride the 9 hrs to Milford, Utah!!!! #livinglife - Milford, UT @GotYourSix @studentvets @mtvU - Milford, UT @mtvU @NickCannon I crossed the Utah border this morning! Made 85 mile trek to Milford, UT...4 summits conquered! - Milford, UT @Robert31645 thank you so much!! Week 2 has been awesome! Just crossed into UT. See you in DC! - Milford, UT @jyaug33 our country is breathtaking. Miss you - Milford, UT Descending from Connors pass on my way to Baker,NV yesterday. #livinglife - Milford, UT Starting to Climb on my way to Milford today 6/12 - Milford, UT @carinainsd thank you so much! Tell your soldier to DREAM BIG! - Milford, UT Made it to Cedar City, Utah. What I thought was going to be a relaxed 55 miles turned into a ridiculous battle btw me and the 35 mph winds. - Cedar City, UT @mtvU @studentvets Crazy ride into Cedar City! Rest day 2morrow. 400+ miles covered, 6 straight days of riding - Cedar City, UT @studentvets representing SVA in Milford, UT - Cedar City, UT These are some pics Annie took on the road. - Cedar City, UT Road pics - Cedar City, UT More road pics - Cedar City, UT Road pics - Cedar City, UT More road pics... I will miss you NV - Cedar City, UT Eating smoked rattlesnake for dinner. Mmmmm yummy! - Cedar City, UT Annie & I decided 2 try some delicacies for dinner. Smoked antelope, buffalo & rattlesnake. Losr is antelope - Cedar City, UT “@USFalumniAssn: @biking_usa How'd he like it?” He told me he is sticking to his organic vegan diet. ;) - Utah, US @reevescrowe I made it to Panguitch, Utah. 60 miles, 6000 ft of climbing, max elevation of 10,700 ft. Amazing downhill. - Utah, US Check out my YouTube video log for today's ride up Cedar Break!! - Utah, US Look who was waiting for me at the top of Cedar Break today!! Mandy Moo Moo! - Panguitch, UT @1coreyc @jyaug33 it was a beast!!! But that downhill was sweet. 40 mph. Mmm mmm gooood. - Panguitch, UT @GWVetServe thanks for supporting Bike America: Student Veterans Ride for Education!! I love Utah! - Panguitch, UT @studentvets 40 miles into ride passing Henrieville, UT. On top of canyon cliff an American flag is flying beautifully in the wind above me - Utah, US @hammernutrition thanks for supporting Bike America: Student Veterans Tide for Education. I love Utah!! - Henrieville, UT Made it to Eacalante UT. 6 hours in the saddle. Faced some more crazy winds today but all in all a good day through canyon country. - Escalante, UT Do you want your own Student Veterans of America jersey inspired by Bike America? 15% goes to SVA. Thank you Voler! - Escalante, UT Do you want your own Student Veterans of America jersey inspired by Bike America? 15% goes to SVA. Thank you Voler! - Utah, US @SocialBull70 tell your dad I say hello! this trip is a dream come true! We are raising awareness and funds for a cause dear to my heart! - Thompson, UT Took a detour to Moab. Cycling Arches national park today. Nature is beautiful. - Thompson, UT @Biking_USA track my tweets virtual map back up and running!! Thanks Joe. You are the man! check it out - Utah, US I love #moab - Moab, UT #Rim Cyclery in Moab is a fantastic bike shop with top notch customer service. Definitely a must stop for any roady passing through! - Moab, UT Rim Cyclery in #Moab. Supreme service. Awesome shop. - Moab, UT An old man with a large knife just walked up to us and gave us this gift. #ILoveTraveling - Utah, US New Bike America Blog "I'm Just a Girl..." - Utah, US I had special visitors in Utah!! My little monsters. Love you!!! - Utah, US Annie and Kiersten take on Utah. Story to be continued... - Utah, US @Biking_USA track my tweets virtual map back up and running!! Follow me here! check it out - Utah, US My Moab tshirt "it ain't flat" - Utah, US We couldn't leave Moab without rock climbing!!! Annie and I with our climbing gear ready to scale some cliffs! - Utah, US @studentvets heading to Dolores, CO. I will snap a pic at the Utah border. - Utah, US Made it to CO. I'm whooped. Lizard Head pass is next. - Colorado, US Backwoods, a creek, and a cold beer. I'm a happy gal. - Colorado, US @1coreyc no fires :( it's too dry out. Just beer and bugs and the sound of the river. - Colorado, US Looking forward to an awesome ride in #Pueblo CO next week with my fellow @studentvets !!!! I am going to get to leave CO in style... - Colorado, US @studentvets Do you want your own Student Veterans of America jersey inspired by Bike America? 15% goes to SVA. - Colorado, US Just found out I am highly allergic to cottonwood and that is why I have been such a wheezy mess! - Telluride, CO @studentvets made it 34 miles to Rico, CO. I'm halfway to my stopping point...Telluride, or as the locals say "to hell you ride"! - Rico, CO @1coreyc @jyaug33 lol! I have been a mess! Try climbing a mountain while having an asthma attack. no bueno :( - Telluride, CO @jyaug33 @1coreyc I will duke it out with the devil. Nothing will stop me. - Telluride, CO New Bike America Blog Post. "The moral of this story is to make your kids pick rocks and shovel poop. Enough said." - Telluride, CO @bdavid52 look what the cat dragged in to the twitter sphere! - Telluride, CO @astuesse Hi Angela ;) I'm in Telluride. It's beautiful. Fighting some major sinus issues. Acupuncture today for some relief. - Telluride, CO @studentvets want to join Bike America in Pueblo, CO; Nashville, TN; Chattanooga, TN, Asheville, NC; or in VA-DC? - Telluride, CO Telluride. Such a cool place. - Telluride, CO I have gotten a little banged up. Knee issues and plagued with sinus/allergy/asthma.#accupuncture I'm a believer! - Telluride, CO @bdavid52 that made me snicker!! ;) you know me too well. - Telluride, CO #smugglersbrews @ Smugglers Brew Pub in Telluride, CO. Juniper Pale Ale is my fave...takes the edge off. - Telluride, CO Heading out for day 24. Feeling strong, ready to take on the climbs. - Telluride, CO @cgillotte thanks bud!!! Today is a great day! I hit my fastest speed yet...46 coming down the great divide in CO!!! Amazing.... - Ridgway, CO Made it to Ridgeway! Spreading the word about @studentvets wherever I land! - Montrose, CO @studentvets made it to Montrose, CO. 70 miles. Awesome ride today!! I had on my racing legs! - Montrose, CO @Superboog thanks bud!!! Next I'm taking on St. Lucia...and you are cycling h with me. Remember my class?!? ;) miss ya - Montrose, CO @_SpiritofWar sure I will do an interview! I am so sorry...I put your email in my "to do" folder and forgot to respond. - Montrose, CO @BTEEPLE hi SVA'rs!!!!! Come ride with me!!!!!! - Montrose, CO @BTEEPLE I love it!!! Loan me one for the dirt and I will be right next to you ;) - Montrose, CO Heading out, day 25. Just restocked supplies, made a really bad breakfast decision at a diner, going to try and make it to Gunnison. 70 mi. - Montrose, CO Biking Across America To Support Student Veterans on via @mtvU @studentvets - Montrose, CO Major push today. 3 pretty serious climbs. 5000 feet of climbing. In Gunnison. Got chased by a rocky mountain thunder storm. Hungry. - Colorado, US Mandy Moo 1: #RockyTheBull 0 @USFalumniAssn - Colorado, US Riding elk. In Colorado. #BikeAmerica - Colorado, US @bdavid52 today was a doozy! - Colorado, US Trying to figure out if I want to tackle Monarch pass today after lunch. I will gage on how I feel and if the storms/wind hold out. - Colorado, US "Find a town that makes you happy. Then figure out a way to stay there". - Westcliffe, CO @studentvets Bike America/Student Veterans of America Colorado @mtvU interview action shot - Colorado, US @jyaug33 I like the nomadic lifestyle. Too much amazingness for me to see! I'm not a settler! - Colorado, US @studentvets Hanging out at VFW Pueblo West Post 5812. Awesome people...feels like family ;) @VFWHQ - Pueblo West, CO Meetup ride with @studentvets Monday July 1, VFW Post 5812 #Pueblo 10 am rollout. - Colorado Springs, CO @studentvets This is the power of community: @StudentVeteran2 (USF SVA) raised over $600 for Bike America/SVA!!! I have an amazing team! - Fort Carson, CO @GotYourSix @studentvets @VFWHQ @GWVetServe @mtvU @VetAdvisor1 pueblo meet up ride!!! Go Bike America! - Colorado, US @PhoenixMS awesome ride today with new friends!! 62 miles...I will definitely be back to CO to ride with this crew! - Colorado, US @studentvets I will be in Garden City, KS for the 4th of July! Who wants to celebrate?!?!? #kansas - La Junta, CO Made it to Lamar CO. Another easy 60 miler today. Tomorrow I will be breaking into KS! I am detouring off of the ACA route. - Colorado, US I'm cycling across America because I don't feel guilty about eating ice cream everyday. ;) mmmmmm I love ice-cream! - Colorado, US @vickiecusf I will be in Garden City, KS! I tried to reach out to the town officials but haven't heard back yet. Thanks!! - Colorado, US @studentvets @mtvU new Bike America blog post. "This is the Power of Community" - Colorado, US I want to make it to Garden City KS today. That's a 100 mile pull. Wish me luck. - Colorado, US Made it to KS! @mtvU @NickCannon @studentvets - Kansas, US @studentvets Just rolled into Garden City KS. Productive day! 102 miles down and 3 interviews for SVA/Bike America. Not bad! - Sherlock, KS @jyaug33 @studentvets so looking forward to my day off for the 4th!! - Kansas, US @jyaug33 I had to dig deep today. That kS wind is enough to make me go crazy! - Kansas, US @LucasW37 thank you so much! Your art is beautiful. #inspiration #makingdreamscometrue - Kansas, US @LucasW37 that made me smile. Thank you ;) - Kansas, US @studentvets It is great to live in a country where we get to celebrate our independence every year! From sea to shining sea, here I come! - Kansas, US @CarsonChambers Hi Carson! Sure thing! Today is a day off for me. Call anytime. 607-651-6524 - Kansas, US @studentvets Happy Independence From #GardenCity KS! Let freedom ring!! - Kansas, US The donations are rolling in for Bike America/SVA!! Let's keep this trend going!! #Veterans #freedom #fundraising - Kansas, US @JeffGramlich Happy 4th! I hope you have an amazing day ;) - Kansas, US I found this message on a park bench. "Never forsake your integrity for anything or anyone" - Garden City, KS @atjackson2 Dr. J!!! Ice cream and Oreos. Great road food, lol!! Happy 4th!! KS is lit up like crazy!! I don't think there are laws here!! - Kansas, US @studentvets @mtvU @NickCannon Check out this new Bike America video log! - Kansas, US The thing about mountains, is there will always be a bigger more challenging one up ahead. Don't ever give up. - Kansas, US @jyaug33 @studentvets @setonhill freaking awesome. KS sucks. - Dodge, KS Heading out early to try and beat the KS heat and dust storms. Today will be a good day! Nothing great comes easy. - Dodge, KS @SGHutch 100+ there is a heat wave rolling through. It's windy, hot as hell, and dusty. No fun. Thanks for advice! - Dodge, KS "Life is like a bicycle. When you stop moving you lose your balance" -Einstein - Dodge City, KS @SGHutch August 5 to DC. Lots of stops and meet up rides for my cause. It's going well so far. - Dodge City, KS @ScottAStrode hi Scott! Pretty good...trying to get through KS as fast as possible - Grandview, KS @jyaug33 I love it!...and live it. Thanks ;) - Kansas, US I like KS today. It is peaceful. Just me and the open road #myreligion - Kansas, US @astuesse I think I can get out by tomorrow if I make it a long day. Today as a great day though!!! I have 37 more miles to go. - Greensburg, KS @atjackson2 hey Dr. J...I'm staying on a south route heading to Arkansas. Next time you travel to Nicodemus I will come with & cycle hwy 24! - Greensburg, KS Made it to Pratt! 77 miles. I got to see the worlds largest man made well along with the greenest town in America. KS, we are friends now. - Kansas, US Thank you Sherry Stuesse for donating to Bike America/SVA!! If you would also like to donate check out: - Kansas, US @hammernutrition After a long day cycling through KS I always look forward to my #recoverite - Kansas, US @americanpickers Cycling across the US and stumbled upon this gem in Mullinville #Kansas. Tell Myron I say hi ;) - Kansas, US @gghofman thanks for the add. Life is like a bicycle... - Kansas, US @TeamRWB @studentvets I need fellow cyclists to meet up with me Aug 5 to ride Fredericksburg into DC. Who is gonna help a sister out?! - Kansas, US @Ride_2_Recovery i need fellow cyclists to meet up with me Aug 5 to ride Fredericksburg into DC. You in? - Kansas, US @jyaug33 I can always count on you. Makes me happy. - Kansas, US This. Headwind. Sucks. Damn you KS. #BikeAmerica - Kansas, US Peace out KS. I'm in Oklahoma now. Heading south to Little Rock to meet up with some friends. #cycling - Tulsa, OK Congrats to Justin and life long friends! Love makes the world go around. #happilyinlove - Tulsa, OK Getting ready to head out and burn 3500 calories. This girl likes to eat. Im already excited for lunch and dinner :) #cycling #BikeAmerica - Tulsa, OK @makeartfromwar thanks bud ;) - Porter, OK In Salisaw, OK. Making my way west. It was a hot one. 70 miles down. I'm pooped. - Sallisaw, OK In Salisaw, OK. Making my way East. It was a hot one. 70 miles down. I'm pooped. - Sallisaw, OK @VFWHQ check out this awesome Bike America custom jersey designed by @volerapparel #BikeAmerica #veterans - Sallisaw, OK Thank you Doug Huseman for donating to Bike America/Student Veterans of America!! - Sallisaw, OK @BlushingEagle thanks so much!! I'm feeling good!! - Sallisaw, OK @EpicRide2013 thank you ;) heading out now. Boy it's gonna be a hot one!! - Sallisaw, OK @studentvets I'm rocking my SVA bike jersey!! You know you want one designed by @volerapparel - Sallisaw, OK Are you willing to settle for something that is ALMOST good enough? I'm not. Fight for what you want in life. I promise it will be worth it. - Sallisaw, OK Got a flat 20 miles in. I was making such good time! - Arkansas, US @jyaug33 bummer about what??? - Fort Smith, AR @jyaug33 oh, my flat tire, lol!! I knew it was going to happen when I had no choice but to roll over a hunch of broken glass on busy rd - Fort Smith, AR Stopped at Kopper Kettle Candy Store on way to Alma and was given a tour and a free box of chocolates from The owner a Navy vet! - Ivy, AR It's so hot. Snow cones are amazing. - Grant, AR 25 more miles to Russellville, AR. I can do this I can do this I can do this... - Clarksville, AR @bigringjonny welcome to the twitter sphere!! On my way to Conway. Should be in later today. - Arkansas, US @studentvets @mtvU making my way to Conway AR. Got some rain last night so it is a tad cooler today. 65 more miles. - Arkansas, US 2 nd flat tire in AR. Changed the tire...hopefully I will be good for a bit. - Arkansas, US @studentvets just rolled into Conway AR! excited for a rest day tomorrow. Meeting a group of fellow cyclists to head into Little Rock sat! - Conway, AR @MarineProblems or herself ;) - Pine Mountain, AR @bigringjonny fyi- I'm not staying at the VFW. I'm at some RV park off 365. I can still meet the group at VFW if you that is a good spot - Pine Mountain, AR New Bike America video log. Getting lost in the Ozarks - Pine Mountain, AR Life is short. Be happy. - Conway, AR @Studentvets @TeamRWB Bike America Route update: July 16-west Memphis; July 20- Nashville, TN; July 26-Knoxville. - Pine Mountain, AR Thank you Harold Roberts and Cynthia Dryer for donating to Bike America/SVA!! We are $2k away from goal! Check out - Pine Mountain, AR @studentvets Bike America meet up ride at VFW post 2259 1855 Old Morrilton Hwy Conway, AR sat. July 13- 9 am. 9:30 am rollout. - Pine Mountain, AR Thank you @sprint for being a sponsor and huge supporter of Bike America: Student Veterans Ride for Education!! Wireless hotspot is amazing! - Conway, AR @stephhayes RT: I am only $2,000 away from hitting my $50,000 goal for #BikeAmerica / @studentvets !! To donate - Pine Mountain, AR @mtvU @NickCannon RT need to raise $2k more to reach #fundraising goal for @studentvets !! To donate check out - Pine Mountain, AR @studentvets Bike America meet up ride at VFW post 2259 in Conway, AR!!!! 9:30 am rollout. I can't wait to meet my new friends! - Pine Mountain, AR THX to all sponsors of #BikeAmerica & @studentvets @VFWHQ @GWVetServe @RideCannondale @VetAdvisor1 @sprint @volerapparel @hammernutrition - Pine Mountain, AR @VFWHQ fantastic visit with VFW post 2259 in Conway, AR! Thank you for your tremendous support of @studentvets - Conway, AR Made it to Little Rock with @bigringjonny and the AR River 2 River cycling crew!!! So awesome!!! - Hill, AR @bigringjonny and the River 2 River Cycling crew escorted me into Little Rock today!! Thanx for an awesome day ;) - Little Rock, AR If dreams were thunder and lightening was desire, this old house would have burned down long ago... - Little Rock, AR Heading out with Chris for a Sunday #BikeAmerica ride!! @TeamRWB #rocktheeagle #thisismyreligion - Little Rock, AR Post 90 miler with Chris!! Little Rock to Forrest City, AR. @TeamRWB #cycling #BikeAmerica - Forrest City, AR I met this Army lt. on the road today at the finest BBQ joint in AR. So great meeting you!!!! - Forrest City, AR Mmmmmm post 90 miler dinner. Ice cream!!! - Forrest City, AR Thank you to Bill Cruce for donating to Bike America/Student Veterans of America! To donate & see my progress - Forrest City, AR Annie is riding today woot woot!!! Heading to Memphis!! - Forrest City, AR @MarineProblems Washington DC. August 5. - Memphis, TN @vannschaffner sorry about cell service has been touch and go. I'm outside of Memphis right now. - Memphis, TN Help us reach $50k goal for #BikeAmerica / @studentvets 3 weeks left until I hit DC!!! - Memphis, TN Leaving Millington, TN the hometown of @jtimberlake making my way to Nashville!!! #BikeAmerica @studentvets - Memphis, TN Just did an awesome interview with #Memphis ABC24!! Spreading the word about @studentvets everywhere I go! - Tennessee, US This last 10 miles is sucking the life out of me. #Gettingitdone #HotAsHell #BikeAmerica #Cycling - Tennessee, US @1coreyc @jyaug33 what do you think of starting the meetup ride from Quantico into DC. Shorter distance...45 miles. Maybe entice more ppl? - Jackson, TN @1coreyc @jyaug33 omg I have to dip my front tire!!!! Think the Potomac counts?!?! - Jackson, TN @1coreyc @jyaug33 oooooh ocean water and a kiddie pool!! Pshhhh that would totally count! - Jackson, TN 1000 more miles to cycle for @studentvets !!!! - Jackson, TN @studentvets actually, I have about 900 more miles to ride then it's party time! That's nothing but a hard days work ;) - Jackson, TN This is one of my favorite pics from the Pueblo, CO meet up ride! - Jackson, TN @bigringjonny Awe...what a great day this was!! I will email you a link to Dropbox so you can check out the pics! - Jackson, TN @bigringjonny - Jackson, TN Today, I dedicate my ride to Sean Coleman, Military Cycling Team captain. RIP Sir. - Jackson, TN Chased by a nasty Pitt bull and got a flat I'm the first 5 miles. Oy. Today will be a good day...positive thoughts.. - Tennessee, US Tough first half of the day. Sailed through those final 20 miles. I believe that was you pushing me with that tail wind. Thank you, Sir. - Tennessee, US 2nd flat tire. I hope the stars start aligning or something. I'm losing my patience. Waiting for support vehicle, used my last cartridge. - Spring Creek-Beech Bluff, TN Back in business. Deep breaths. I'm starting today over. 3rd time is a charm. - Spring Creek-Beech Bluff, TN I don't get it. 3rd flat. Rim and tire look fine. Grrrrr. I'm at a loss of why my back tire keeps going flat. - Cedar Grove, TN I am so excited to workout this Sat with @TeamRWB in Nashville, TN!!!! Meet-up ride Monday a.m. If anyone is interested direct message me! - Holladay, TN How many miles have I cycled for @studentvets so far, you ask? 2,500!! 800 more miles to go!! Please donate today! - Holladay, TN Just left Birdsong marina and resort near Camden, TN en route to Nashville! 80 mile pull today...hoping to get to Nashville a day early! - Tennessee, US Got another flat...front tire this time. This was a bad one!!! It actually exploded! Glad I was on a flat. This tire is def shred worthy. - Waverly, TN @Robert31645 thanks. This humidity is killer. But I'm doing alright ;) - Waverly, TN Waiting for my roadies lol! - Tennessee, US Made a pit stop for lunch at Back Alley BBQ in Dickson, TN!! Couldn't have made a better lunch stop! - Nashville, TN Big thanks to Jennifer Briggs for her donation to Bike America/Student Veterans of America!! We are getting so close to reaching our goal! - Nashville, TN RT I need to raise $1500 more to reach my goal of raising $50,000 for Student Veterans of America!!!! Will you help? - Nashville, TN @will_reynolds thanks for the add #rocktheeagle - Nashville, TN @TeamRWB Nashville...see you Sat!! I am so ready to workout with fellow RWB friends and rock the eagle! #BikeAmerica #gettingitdone - Nashville, TN Crossing a big bridge today heading to #Nashville #Cycling #thisismyreligion - Nashville, TN Thank you Anne Gould for donating to Bike America/SVA!!! Keep the donations rolling we are almost there!! - Nashville, TN Thanks to @sprint I have this awesome wifi service so that I can connect with #BikeAmerica followers and @studentvets on the road. So cool! - Nashville, TN Thank you Katy Hennig for donating to Bike America/SVA!! This is great, let's keep on going! - Murfreesboro, TN Thank you @SocialBull70 for your awesome donation to Bike America/SVA!!! The goal line is not far away! To donate - Nashville, TN Thanks to @GreekPockets for making the awesome pocket tanks and donating 15% to #BikeAmerica and SVA!!! - Nashville, TN Wearing the eagle in the am!! #crossfit workout with @TeamRWB in #Nashville!! Such an awesome way to start this weekend! - Nashville, TN Hi friends! Join @studentvets to celebrate as I wrap up my journey from SF to DC @ the @natvetscenter on Aug 5 RSVP - Nashville, TN Amazing workout this morning with @TeamRWB Nashville and the Brentwood #CrossFit crew! - Nashville, TN You gotta believe. Self doubt will paralyze you in your tracks. YES you can do it! - Nashville, TN @KirstSord hi! I am heading to broadway dt to meet up with some friends. 2morrow @11 am meeting another station @ westend of centennial pk - Nashville, TN RT I need your help to reach my $50k fundraising goal for Bike America/Student Veterans of America! Donate online - Nashville, TN Had another great Interview today with channel 4 news Nashville spreading g the word about #BikeAmerica and @studentvets ! Riding out 2moro - Nashville, TN "You want to control me, and you can't. But that doesn't make me your enemy." - Superman - Nashville, TN On a rain delay. I think I will head to cookeville and try to join a group ride tonight with @Ride_2_Recovery friends! - Nashville, TN I don't mind riding in the rain...but it's the drivers that scare me. Eek! #cycling #BikeAmerica - Nashville, TN Making my way towards Knoxville and hoping the rain holds out. It's getting hilly!!! Legs of Steele! #cycling #BikeAmerica - Crossville North, TN Middle TN is beautiful! I love the smell of the woods. I can tell I'm getting closer to home! #cycling #BikeAmerica - Rockwood, TN The power of cycling is what moves us! I have met so many friends on this trip in person and virtually who cycle for health and well being! - Tennessee, US I will be on channel 10 WBIR-TV #knoxville tomorrow morning at 7:45 am spreading the word about bike America and @studentvets !! - Tennessee, US 2 interviews scheduled for 2morrow, just did an Interview with Charlottesville weekly for a story on @studentvets that will run next week! - Tennessee, US @studentvets @TeamRWB @Ride_2_Recovery what makes us an unbeatable team? BC we don't give up on each other. Ever. - Tennessee, US @jyaug33 @studentvets they love us in #tennessee ;) - Tennessee, US Message to the future... - Knoxville, TN @gillies20 Annie!!!! Welcome to the twitter sphere ;) in Knoxville. Getting a lot of press...hanging for a couple days. - Knoxville, TN @mtvU @NickCannon I need to fundraise $1500 more to hit 50k goal for @studentvets by aug 5. Lets get this done so I can take a nap! - Knoxville, TN RT To donate to #BikeAmerica raising funds for @studentvets go to - Knoxville, TN Focus and drive:"When we go on stage, our focus is the same, & that's to be the best band in the world"-Ben Weinman - Tennessee, US #Bikes are #sexy - Tennessee, US Bobbie O'Brien @wusf has done an amazing job blogging about #BikeAmerica ...thanks Bobbie!! - Tennessee, US @studentvets Check out my live interview at 7:45 am this morning on #knoxville Fox 43 #BikeAmerica - Tennessee, US Live interview with channel 10 #knoxville for the morning show this a.m.! Spreading the word about @studentvets !! - Knoxville, TN @MichaelATrudeau I signed this petition a couple of weeks ago!! Equality in sports is my thing! Women cyclists can whoop some tail!!!!! - Knoxville, TN @bkesling top of the mornin' to you! Sure thing. Tomorrow would be a good day to chat. - Knoxville, TN Thank you to my best friend, Natalie Lupiani for donating to #BikeAmerica & @studentvets ! Keep it going!! - Knoxville, TN In her words.... - Knoxville, TN Awesome interview with @WVLTWhitney advocating for @studentvets and #BikeAmerica !!!!!! #cycling - Knoxville, TN Thanks @WVLTWhitney for spreading the word about #BikeAmerica and @studentvets !! - Knoxville, TN Thank you Jake Merrill and @jovan_haye for supporting @studentvets and donating to #BikeAmerica ! - Tennessee, US Thank you Cathy O'Reilly for donating to #BikeAmerica and @studentvets !! We are so close!keep it rolling America! - Tennessee, US This is amazing! Thank you Sharon Janos and Virginia Gutshall for donating to #BikeAmerica & @studentvets !!! - Tennessee, US Wendy Reimel just made an awesome #donation to #BikeAmerica & @studentvets ...thanks so much Wendy! - Tennessee, US Big thanks to @RoadTaco for his rock star of a donation to #BikeAmerica and @studentvets !!! Dream Big Anthony. - Tennessee, US @jyaug33 you make me smile - Tennessee, US Sending a huge thanks to Margaret Shavalier for donating to #BikeAmerica &@studentvets !!! - Tennessee, US Thank you Scott Curit for your awesome donation to #BikeAmerica & @studentvets !!! We are only $600 away from goal!!! - Tennessee, US New Bike America blog post "We are the narrators of our own history" - Tennessee, US Thank you Brian Hawthorne for your support for #BikeAmerica and @studentvets!! Let's move past the $50k mark today! - Tennessee, US @JeffGramlich thanks... Stay true to yourself and don't be afraid to dream...see you in DC ;) - Tennessee, US Thank you Kelly Gyomber for your donation to #BikeAmerica & @studentvets this my friends, is the power of community. - Seymour, TN @bkesling I'm heading into the smoky mountains. Reception isn't the best. Will you be available this evening? - Seymour, TN Thank you so much Russell Wooton for donating to #BikeAmerica & @student vets! The countdown is on! Let's hit $50k! - Tennessee, US @seansorbie @chrislhayes latest Bike America blog post "we are the narrators of our own history" - Tennessee, US Getting ready for a group ride meeting up at the Smoky mountain VFW!! #BikeAmerica #cycling - Tennessee, US @VFWHQ @studentvets Rocky Mountains VFW Knoxville TN. What a lovely bunch!! - Rutledge, TN Knoxville TN morning meet up ride!! To the Rutledge TN Grainger County Tomato festival. - Rutledge, TN Thank you so much Heather Wescott for your incredible donation to #BikeAmerica and @studentvets !!! Let's go team! - Rutledge, TN Made it to Rogersville. 70 miles down for the day. I will break into VA tomorrow. Let the home stretch begin!! #BikeAmerica @stusentvets - Rogersville, TN @MarineProblems congrats friend!! YOU. ARE. AWESOME. #gettingitdone - Rogersville, TN Um problem. Can I borrow a dress for when I get to DC? Lol I think I lost an inch. Or 2. which is cool. Screw it. I'm wearing bike shorts. - Rogersville, TN @jyaug33 I was getting worried. I thought I was going to be the only person to gain weight while cycling across country. I. Love. To. Eat. - Rogersville, TN @harley_rockhill thanks bud ;) lets ride to key west this winter. #paradise - Tennessee, US There is nothing like camping at the Walmart! Now, this is #anthropology - Rogersville, TN @harley_rockhill awesome. Let's do it then. ;) - Rogersville, TN The best gifts I have been given through #BikeAmerica are new, genuine and true friends. You have helped me so much. Thank you. #neveralone - Rogersville, TN I'm crying tears of joy!!!!! Thanks to Mr. John Avery, #BikeAmerica has just raised $50k for @studentvets !! - Tennessee, US Lunch break in Kingsport. I'm sick of hills. Am I home yet? - Kingsport, TN Dear #RedBull please give me wings. - Kingsport, TN Somehow I missed the welcome to Virginia sign. Damn. Oh well...made it to VA! - Wilson, VA @Manda_Lynn_Alex @studentvets I love my team!!!! - Abingdon, VA Thank you Amy Mathey for donating to #BikeAmerica and @studentvets !! You still have time to donate!! - Abingdon, VA Mom and I couldn't find a campground so we are staying in a motel. A roachy motel. Ew. Starting to want my bed. #firstworldproblems - Virginia, US There is nothing more #American than cycling the country and watching @DuckDynastyAE !! I love these handsome bearded fellas!! - Virginia, US @elymickfly I will be back in Bing from cross country bike ride August 7. Want to do a follow up? I reached $50k fundraising goal ;) - Abingdon, VA Big day today. It's cool out, and beautiful. #thisismyreligion - Monroe, VA #BikeAmerica received a donation from David Metz to help support @studentvets chapter grant program!! Thanks Dave!! - Marion, VA Nothing makes me more nervous than a redneck in a big truck.Is it too much to ask for you to give me 15 inches of the road you feel you own? - Rural Retreat, VA @katyusfnews @studentvets I am really looking forward to seeing my friends!!!! - Ingles, VA I'm not quite sure where I am in VA...But this state park is fabulous! today was a decent riding day,Primarily bc of perfect weather. - Ingles, VA @WorldTwiter yes, achieved!! - Ingles, VA @WorldTwiter I have ridden 3300. Just a few hundred left! - Ingles, VA Happy birthday Annie!!!!! We love you!!! - Ingles, VA @WorldTwiter thank you!!! It has been a blast ;) - Ingles, VA @bigringjonny the jersey you have me has become my favorite!! - Ingles, VA @WorldTwiter have you checked out my website?? Lots of pics on there. Facebook too ;) I will take more on the road - Ingles, VA Come celebrate with me at the Bike America reception being hosted by SVA at the National Vets Center on August 5 at 6pm!!!! Almost there!!! - Ingles, VA Thank you so much Rya Carter for the donation to #BikeAmerica & @studentvets !! We are rocking the donations! - Ingles, VA "Time changes every second and so do we. Evolution right before our very eyes." - Ingles, VA We are getting so close!!! Meet up ride at VFW post in Fredericksburg VA Aug 5, 7 am rollout. Meeting others in Woodbridge VA VFW 10 am. - Ingles, VA @MarineProblems unless you are trying to bike across America. ;) - Ingles, VA Made it to Roanoke. 40 miles deep 2day. Heading towards the Blue Ridge Parkway. I have had enough of this urban riding the past few weeks. - Roanoke, VA Blue Ridge mountains. I'm riding on the parkway!! - West Virginia, US @jyaug33 can't wait to see you!!! Big hugs! - West Virginia, US @jyaug33 @MFRIPurdue @LuminaFound @studentvets hello friends! The weather is awesome today...nice & cool. I miss you all & wish you well - West Virginia, US @jyaug33 you are going to get a sneak peak into Kiersten land. Hope you are ready, lol!! - West Virginia, US 30 miles down...heading to Staunton for tonight where I will get to listen to the tunes of Michael Elswick and company! #BikeAmerica - West Virginia, US @studentvets I am so excited to ride to DC and see my friends!!!! I can't even sit still! #BikeAmerica - Staunton, VA Momma and I at the Mill Street Grill #BikeAmerica - Staunton, VA @studentvets Join me for final meetup ride #BikeAmerica this Monday 8/5 at 10 am at the VFW located @ 14631 Minnieville Rd, Woodbridge, VA - Riverheads, VA @studentvets @mtvU @NickCannon New Bike America video log! #4 of Nevada, Utah and CO - Riverheads, VA Just climbed into Afton and heading to Charlottesville!! 2 radio interviews tonight and tomorrow to talk about how awesome @studentvets are! - Wayne, VA Interview tomorrow morning at 8:05 on 97.5 3 WV - Sherry Taylor. #BikeAmerica @studentvets - Samuel Miller, VA @Biking_USA: Great article about @studentvets and #BikeAmerica in #Cville paper out of Charlottesville! - Rio, VA @studentvets check me out this morning at 8:05 on the Morning Show 97.5 with Sherry! #BikeAmerica #charlottesville - Rivanna, VA @studentvets so sorry...I put out the wrong station. It was Z95.1 - Charlottesville, VA @USFDCAlumni come celebrate with me at the National Vets Center on GWU campus 8/5 at 6 pm! #BikeAmerica - Charlottesville, VA @Studentvets Click on this link to listen to my live interview this morning with Sherry on Z95.1 #BikeAmerica - Rio, VA @jyaug33 @studentvets the VFW folks made my trip! We are all one big family. I love it! - Rio, VA Leaving Charlottesville Sunday 2 head 2 Fredericksburg! Last leg of #BikeAmerica coming up! 1 door coming to a close & many more opening... - Rio, VA There is still time to donate to #BikeAmerica & @studentvets if you haven't already $50k and counting! #SVAleads - Rio, VA My whole family and so many of my friends are coming to DC! I am so blessed. This is all becoming very real now... #BikeAmerica - Rio, VA Come celebrate with @studentvets for #BikeAmerica reception at the National Vets Center on GWU campus on August 5 at 6pm! - Rio, VA Sending a big thank you to Donna Laskowski for donating to #BikeAmerica & @studentvets...there is still time!!! - Orange, VA Come celebrate with @studentvets for #BikeAmerica reception at the National Vets Center on GWU campus on August 5 at 6pm! - Orange, VA @UDCVLSP @studentvets @BrewersAlley @WorldTeamSports come meet up with me to ride into DC 2morrow. 11 am roll out time. Woodbridge VFW - Lee Hill, VA @Studentvets We made it to Frdericksburg with 1 casualty. But he kept going!! Great effort Michael!! #BikeAmerica - Lee Hill, VA Thank you Kendra Murphy for your awesome donation to #BikeAmerica & @studentvets !! You still have time to donate! - Lee Hill, VA @studentvets Flat tire 2 miles from #BikeAmerica meetup spot at Woodbridge VFW. Lol!!!! I will be there eventually.. - Montclair, VA @MichaelATrudeau @studentvets thanks bud ;) give your baby a kiss and tell him to reach for the stars. #dreambig #BikeAmerica - Maryland, US @UDCVLSP national vets center on GW campus at 6 pm!!! Meet you there?? - Lee Hill, VA Starting final leg of #BikeAmerica into DC. Bittersweet. Never stop dreaming... - Battlefield, VA @bubbles471981 love you!!! Thanks so much - Washington, DC @studentvets @VFWHQ @GWVets @USFalumniAssn @natvetscenter @VetAdvisor1 thank you for being the people that show up. Best day of my life. - Washington, DC @CCACSouthSoftba thank you so much!!! Never be afraid to dream... - Washington, DC @studentvets thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate #BikeAmerica ! This is only the beginning... - Germantown, MD @TeamRWBCycling @Ride_2_Recovery Awesome group ride, awesome people!! - Florida, US @TeamRWBCycling @TeamRWBFlorida is anyone riding in the Gulf Coast Cycle Fest Nov 3? 62 miler. I need friends!!! - Temple Terrace, FL @BlushingEagle @TeamRWBCycling ooooh good idea ;) - Temple Terrace, FL Super Lou is all ready for the #super hero Halloween party!!!!! - Temple Terrace, FL It's time to ride. I'm waiting for the #motivation to kick in. Getting up is half the battle. #cycling - Temple Terrace, FL @SoFreshSalads this lunch totally made my day!!! #SoFresh is definitely my new favorite foodie joint!! - Tampa, FL @MActionProject this is a major step in the right direction. I'm on board... Let's get this party started! #MotivatedForChange - Temple Terrace, FL Had another great ride with @Ride_2_Recovery and @TeamRWBCycling at Flatwoods tonight. We rocked it - Florida, US Birthday dinner with my bestie!!!!! This was post our Whitney Houston karaoke session!!! Love you! - Temple Terrace, FL Attending the Veterans Day ceremony @StudentVeteran2 guest speaker Col (ret) Mike Prendergast Dir. Of Fl dept. of VA - Tampa, FL Battled a nasty wind but we got it done. #cycling #ThisIsMyReligion - Temple Terrace, FL @whitebookagency @83DegreesMedia thank you!!! It was a great panel! Can't wait to continue the conversation about #veterans and employment - Temple Terrace, FL @americanpickers I ran into Mr. Myron Thomas while riding my bike across the US. He was a hoot!! #BikeAmerica - Tampa, FL @TeamRWBCycling @Ride_2_Recovery sat. Morning team ride!!! - Florida, US Come celebrate #Veterans Day Monday at the Gordon Lightfoot Senior Center in #TempleTerrace FL at 11 am!!! I will be giving the key note! - Temple Terrace, FL We had a wonderful time celebrating Veterans Day at the Lightfoot community center in Temple Terrace!!!! - Temple Terrace, FL @davessuccess thanks so much!! It's great to connect with you ;) - Tampa, FL Trying to find my sprinting legs. Thanks for the motivation Bobby Pucket, you are freaking incredible ;) @Ride_2_Recovery @TeamRWBCycling - Florida, US 30 mins till take off!!!! Everyone is feeling great, excited and ready to ride!!! #tampa @Ride_2_Recovery @TeamRWB - Tampa, FL 17 miles down... A lot more to go lol!!! @TeamRWBCycling @TeamRWB @Ride_2_Recovery #Tampa - Tampa, FL The best part about getting lost off route... Is that I'm not alone! Flying high! @TeamRWBCycling @TeamRWB - Florida, US Started as a team...Finished as a team. Cuz that's what we do!! #EagleUp @TeamRWB @TeamRWBCycling @Ride_2_Recovery - Tampa, FL #tampa @TeamRWBCycling @TeamRWB thanks for a great ride @Ride_2_Recovery - Tampa, FL All I need is a little bit of beautiful to get by. #ThisIsMyReligion - Tampa, FL "Ppl like us, we don't need that much, just someone that starts the spark in our bonfire hearts" @JamesBlunt #thankyou - Temple Terrace, FL Getting lost is a necessary part of finding a creative solution. #AlwaysSearching - Temple Terrace, FL @Johnny_Joey @RHarrison_D thanks for the intro ;) nice to e-meet you as well!!!! #LovingLife - Tampa, FL My wed evening in-home workout. #GetSome - Temple Terrace, FL T-3 hours. #SpartanRaceTampa #EagleUp @TeamRWB @TeamRWBFlorida - Temple Terrace, FL A rainbow over the race! T-1.5 #SpartanRaceTampa #EagleUp @TeamRWB @TeamRWBFlorida - Tampa, FL Do u know what the best part is about being a member of @TeamRWB ?Starting as a team & finishing as a team #EagleUp - Temple Terrace, FL @AFeministLife thanks for the follow friend ;) - Temple Terrace, FL @AFeministLife just start following ppl and send tweets daily ;) - Wimauma-Lithia, FL Say hello to @TBStrongDogs #wheelchair #basketball team...follow them and let's rally support for the team!! - Wimauma-Lithia, FL @TBStrongDogs meet @TUFMED @DJB_JD @hammernutrition @HCC_VEMC @TeamRWB @TeamRWBFlorida @jovan_haye #wheelchair #basketball #Tampa - Wimauma-Lithia, FL @DJB_JD @TBStrongDogs we go against the stays quo :) doesn't need to be #FF!n - Wimauma-Lithia, FL @gimpycavman hey handsome - Wimauma-Lithia, FL @iAmSeanKennard @volerapparel made the jersey for @studentvets Not sure if it's still available - Wimauma-Lithia, FL @gimpycaveman don't say I never did anything for ya ;) <3 - Wimauma-Lithia, FL There is nothing better than talking to a dear friend and catching up!!! Love you Gaby! #friendship makes the world go 'round - Temple Terrace, FL “@gimpycaveman: Opening night East Bay Little League ” look at those socks!!!! Awesome ;) - Temple Terrace, FL This is happening. #Dissertation hell - Temple Terrace, FL @drewedsall I'm a new @GearlinkRacing in Tampa. Can't wait to get my wheels spinning! Pleasure to e-meet you ;) - Temple Terrace, FL “@AthletesO: It's simple, date an athlete.” @gimpycaveman ;) - Temple Terrace, FL That moment when you are super excited go see someone, only to get in your car and find out the battery is dead. #ThankyouRoadsideAssistance - Temple Terrace, FL @jschweiz729 I know right!!!!! It's such a let down lol!! Guess I should get a jump start on reading some of these articles. Ug - Temple Terrace, FL 1st annual Women Veterans of Florida conference at Bay Pines @VeteransHealth - Bay Pines, FL #women #veterans healthcare is a priority "we are not one of the guys!" Dr. Betty Mosely Brown Women Veterans Health Conf @VeteransHealth - Bay Pines, FL I want to venture here!!! - Wimauma-Lithia, FL Great documentary!!! "Inequality For All". - Wimauma-Lithia, FL Great article about @studentvets - Tampa, FL @Datz4Foodies jalapeño Mac and cheese stuffed meatloaf. Need I say more?! #DatzWhatsForDinner - Tampa, FL Amazing study being release by @studentvets - Wimauma-Lithia, FL Check out a short film by my friend, Cesar Cisneros "crazy love". I can't wait to see it!! - Wimauma-Lithia, FL Check out my friends and I talking about #Studentvets on @HuffPostLive tomorrow between 6-8pm. @studentvets @USouthFlorida - Wimauma-Lithia, FL #MilitaryTimes article on #MillionRecordsProject - Wimauma-Lithia, FL Tune in to @HuffPostLive tonight to hear myself and other @studentvets discuss #veterans and higher ed and the #MillionRecordsProject - Temple Terrace, FL Tune in to @HuffPostLive at 4 pm eastern for a conversation on @studentvets - Temple Terrace, FL @lphuff @1coreyc @studentvets thank you!!! This organization and student vets mean the world to me!! Most amazing colleagues... - Temple Terrace, FL @sandeeyah awe thanks girl!!! - Temple Terrace, FL Here is the post to our @studentvets #MillionRecordsProject interview with @HuffPostLive in case you missed it! - Temple Terrace, FL @sandeeyah thanks girl!!! Ain't live grand?! ;) - Wimauma-Lithia, FL Dude is trying to squeeze on Lou's tiny bed. #GiantDogProblems - Wimauma-Lithia, FL Heading to #Louisville with my fiancé @gimpycaveman to watch the @TBStrongDogs play in the #NWBANATIONALS so excited!!! - Florida, USA "I used the pain to push me to greatness"... #motivation - Tennessee, USA You know you are in #love when you want to let the entire world know! I love this man!! @gimpycaveman - Millersville, TN Made it to #Louisville to watch @TBStrongDogs kick some tail at the #NWBANATIONALS first game thurs @ 1:30. Stay tuned!! @gimpycaveman - Jefferson Southwest, KY Game starts at 1:30!!!!! @gimpycaveman @TBStrongDogs - Jefferson Southwest, KY @MyFoxTampaBay @TBStrongDogs #TampaBay div. 3 wheelchair bball team playing at @NWBA #NWBANATIONALS interview these guys!!!!!! - Jefferson Southwest, KY #Orlandomagicwheels v. Arizona #NWBANATIONALS it's getting hot in here!!! @NWBA @TBStrongDogs - Jefferson Southwest, KY @TUFMED you want to see tough?! Check out these athletes!! #NWBANATIONALS @NWBA @TBStrongDogs no pain no gain... - Jefferson Southwest, KY @CarterArey thanks for the follow ;) - Wimauma-Lithia, FL Attending the #USFtalksMST (military sexual trauma) symposium. Come join in this important conversation! @studentvets @LyndaDavisMVF - Tampa, FL Listening to Dr. Kevin Kip discuss alternative Resolution Therapy(ART) for the treatment of MST. Fascinating & promising res. #USFtalksMST - Tampa, FL @brijerman "narrative medicine about #MST can instill personal understanding of sex assault" #USFtalksMST - Tampa, FL #CampusSuicidePrevention project launched @USouthFlorida please "Like" us on @facebook - Wimauma-Lithia, FL It always feels good to be making some kind of progress...regardless of it just a small step in the right direction. #DissertationHell - Wimauma-Lithia, FL @MarkLlewhellin running through Tampa??? Let us know!! - Wimauma-Lithia, FL @DavidjFigura thanks Uncle Dave ;) he is awesome!! I'm excited for the future - Wimauma-Lithia, FL #SpeakLife @USouthFlorida we are here to celebrate life!! #USFsuicideprevention - Tampa, FL @ClemsonSVA thanks for the follow!!! @studentvets rock! - Tampa, FL "Hide your crazy and start acting like a lady" makes me snicker every time. Good one @mirandalambert - Temple Terrace, FL @TUFMED @NWBA @TBStrongDogs my thoughts exactly.... ;) - Temple Terrace, FL So proud of my almost husband @gimpycaveman for making the #AirForce Warrior team!!! #wheelchairbasketball - Florida, USA What a great morning!! @StudentVeteran2 and @TeamRWBFlorida participated in the #RunAsOne #EagleUp - Florida, USA #RunasOne and 100 push-ups. Done and done. @TeamRWB @TeamRWBFlorida @sandeeyah - Florida, USA Total body interval workout including my 100 push-ups. Check! #accountability @sandeeyah - Florida, USA Refrain from shitting on my happiness just because you haven't found yours. I wish you well haters... - Florida, USA @hotbrass607 hahahahahaha !!! You are too funny ;) - Florida, USA 100 push-ups completed. @sandeeyah - Florida, USA @sandeeyah I forgot to tweet that I completed my 100 push-ups last night!!! @gimpycaveman will vouch!! #accountability - Florida, USA "When masculinity is defined by power and aggression, sexual violence is the result." #MilitarySexualAssault” - Florida, USA #USFSuicidePrevention this Student advisory Board rocks!!! Making progress - Tampa, FL I wouldn't say these push-ups are getting easier. But on the bright side...I can do more in one set than I could before. @sandeeyah - Florida, USA Seeing my fiancé @gimpycaveman in the @Nationals program made me smile ;) thanks @PVA1946 #ParalyzedAthletes - Florida, USA The day my fiancé proposed #BestDayGMA - Florida, USA Day 3 @TAPS4America Good Grief Camp. Getting ready for the kiddos! #CommunityHelpsHeal - St Pete Beach, FL "Things can change overtime...& it's ok to talk about it". She taught me more than she will ever know. @TAPS4America Good Grief Camp #Tampa - Riverview, FL @gimpycaveman got his new #Trackstander 2day! Thanks @IndyFund time to hit the trails - Riverview, FL @IndyFund this is @gimpycaveman and his dogs....first dog walk in a long time. Thank you!!! - Riverview, FL #EggFreezing? Um yeah... how about adequate maternity leave instead. Let's see which increases worker productivity overtime. - Riverview, FL RT: "It's okay to talk about it" @studentvets @VA_OEF_OIF #Veteran #Suicide - Florida, US This is what progress looks like. #dissertationwoes - Tampa, FL Change is a good thing. Hats off to @TeamRWB !!! - Riverview, FL BBC News - Paralysed man walks again after cell transplant - Riverview, FL What Surviving Breast Cancer At 27 Taught Me About Wrinkles via @HuffPostWomen - Riverview, FL Spotted these suckers on our bike ride...eek!! #arachnophobia - Riverview, FL @art2action #veterans Community open mic! Sacred Grounds #Tampa. Yessssss to beatboxing! - Riverview, FL @art2action #veterans Community Open Mic. # hiphop and truth. Dj Cotton on the mic! - Riverview, FL There's a life out there for everyone...all you gotta do is reach out there and grab it. #FranksWisdom #veterans Comm. Open Mic @art2action - Riverview, FL @AndrewCDieppa on the mic! #beatboxing @art2action #veterans comm. Open mic There is love on the mic tonight! - Tampa, FL "I see this star.It's's not there. It's right here. That star is you." Best bday present ever. Thx Clifton. @art2action - Tampa, FL Jammin out on our last day at #SkiSpec @gimpycaveman... sorry #tampa...but i dont miss you at all.... - Colorado, US Thank you @DisabledSportUS @DeptVetAffairs & all of the wonderful sponsors, athletes, & people that made #SkiSpec happen. See u next year! - Breckenridge, CO The Denver @the_USO is a great pace to get all of this grading done. Goodbye fresh mountain air, hello work. - Denver, CO "It's not just what the college is giving's what we are giving them" Shoshana Johnson #NatCon2015 @studentvets - Texas, US "I can't talk 2 u about looking ahead w/out talking to you about value creation" D. Wayne Robinson #NatCon2015 - Texas, US "Your chapter needs to have value. What can you do to create value?" #NatCon2015 @studentvets - Texas, US "We fight...We win. That's how we change the country" D. Wayne Robinson #NatCon2015 @studentvets - Texas, US #FF please follow these @studentvets working for change! @chris_parker65 @JPlaz7 @UCOCentralVets @TX_Seabee - Texas, US Attn #women @studentvets please join @MFRIPurdue for a breakfast discussion Sat. Morning in the Alyssum room #NatCon2015 - Texas, US @artsgal we will be meeting at the start of breakfast...I've been told there will be signs. Hope you can join us! - Texas, US Having a fun time at #NatCon2015 with @TAPSed!! - Texas, US @studentvets we need u to spread the word...brkfast discussion w/ #WomenVeterans Sat morning in Alyssum room and panel at 3:30 #NatCon2015 - Texas, US Vice Pres. And Dr. Jill Biden on stage at #NatCon2015. - Texas, US "Your country needs your are the spine of this country." #saddleup NatCon2015 @studentvets - Texas, US "If you can lead men and women into battle, you can lead them in a board room" -Biden #SVALeads #NatCon2015 @studentvets @TAPS4America - Texas, US Wishing @gimpycaveman was in San Antonio with me for #NatCon2015. You are a #StudentVet now!!! Next year you will be by my side. <3 you. - Texas, US @chris_parker65 women vets can grab breakfast around 8 then head to the alyssum room. The panel is at 3:30 - Texas, US #WomenVeterans at #NatCon2015 please join @MFRIPurdue for a casual breakfast discussion in the Alyssum room this morning! @studentvets - Texas, US Maj. Gen. Cortez gives keynote at #NatCon2015 - Texas, US @mikecstack smooth talking! - Texas, US Marywood university demonstrates leadership at the highest level! #NatCon2015 @studentvets - Texas, US I love this incredible woman!!! Lauren you rock! #NatCon2015 @studentvets - Texas, US This guy defines dedication....and is also great at making us smile! #NatCon2015 @studentvets - Texas, US I'm. So. Tired. #missionaccomplished #NatCon2015 @studentvets - Houston, TX @jyaug33 @studentvets you are an SVA legend. Next year friend... - Houston, TX It's so cold in Texas!! #Tampa has made me soft.... - Houston, TX 4 Quick Twitter Tips From The Woman Who Tweeted Her Way To A High-Powered Network via @forbes - Houston, TX @SouthwestAir yes...2 days later and soaking wet. - Tampa, FL "Look for more ways to help families get ahead" #affordablechildcare #NotJustAWomensIssue #StateOfTheUnion - Riverview, FL Equal pay for equal work.....stand up and clap for goodness sakes! "It's 2015" #StateOfTheUnion - Riverview, FL I want lower int. rates on fed. stud loans. Reducing monthly pymnts...but keeping high interest rates???? Not a solution. #StateOfTheUnion - Riverview, FL "Hire a veteran"...& to companies: don't just talk the talk. Walk the walk. #StateOfTheUnion - Riverview, FL Nice use of feminine pronouns Mr. President. Appreciate it. #SOTU2015 - Riverview, FL Cuba..."when what you are doing doesn't work for 50 years it's time to try something new...end the embargo". #SOTU2015 #SOTU - Riverview, FL Privacy? What privacy? #SOTU2015 #SOTU - Riverview, FL "Issues, values, principles, and facts"...leads to better politics. #SOTU2015 - Riverview, FL I want to believe both parties call for #bipartisanship...but it will take much more than an #SOTU to regain my trust. Turn talk into action - Riverview, FL Powerful. Healing Soldiers | National Geographic - Riverview, FL James Clifford visits our theory class @USouthFlorida author of #WritingCulture #Anthropology - Tampa, FL We work within these structures but that doesn't mean we have to be dominated by them" -James Clifford #Anthropology - Tampa, FL Jumpstarting the brain. Let the creativity loose. #gymtime - Pine Hills, FL #OrlandoMagicWheels @gimpycaveman #wheelchairbasketball - Pine Hills, FL #TeamWork #OrlandoMagicWheels #wheelchairbasketball @gimpycaveman - Pine Hills, FL Sebastian Junger Responds to James Fallows on the 'Tragedy of the American Military' - Atlantic Mobile - Riverview, FL Elizabeth Warren Launches 'Middle Class Prosperity Project' via @HuffPostPol - Riverview, FL My productivity level takes a total nosedive when #TheVoice comes on. #ProposalWritingFail - Riverview, FL Eek!!!! This is what happens to your brain and body when you check your phone before bed (via @BusInsiderAU) - Riverview, FL 6 Fixes That Will Make You a Happier Person via @outsidemagazine - Riverview, FL Oh Tonya Boyd I got tears! Amazing. @NBCTheVoice - Riverview, FL Sometimes ya just need a little retail therapy. - Riverview, FL Life is nothing but a performance... - Riverview, FL A solid dive bar will always have a place in my heart. #happyhour - Tampa, FL A German Muslim Asks His Compatriots: 'What Do You Want To Know?' - Riverview, FL Weekend reading @davidgraeber #TheUtopiaOfRules - Riverview, FL 21 Quotes On Womanhood By Female Authors That Totally Nailed It via @HuffPostWomen - Riverview, FL The unsexy truth about dopamine - Riverview, FL I'm a big fan of #fitbit...technological induced guilt does wonders to get me off my couch. Good stuff. - Riverview, FL A familiar story #WomenVets - Riverview, FL Boys are told to “man up” and “don’t be a sissy,” but it’s time to overthrow these gender stereotypes. via @TIMEIdeas - Riverview, FL "@ArchitectureMix: 5 Trends Shaping The Future Of Architecture - Riverview, FL Check out the @TODAYshow focus on #Women, #Gender, and #Masculinity... glad to see awareness on these issues hitting the mainstream. - Riverview, FL A Look at Race as a Social Construct via @blackvoices - Riverview, FL @cathyhc thanks for the follow and for the work you do! - Riverview, FL This eagle was spotted in #keywest with his eagle family!! #BeepiUSA @TeamRWB @gimpycaveman - Savannah, GA @SawyerFrdrx dude you already won. You already won. @NBCTheVoice - Riverview, FL I just voted for @sawyerfrdrx on #TheVoice - Riverview, FL What we know matters but who we are matters more. @BreneBrown - Riverview, FL I want to live on an underpopulated planet where I spend more time writing & less time waiting in traffic & for parking spots. #DayDreaming - Tampa, FL "Pass down a legacy of mentorship to someone younger than you" #FloridaWomenVeteransConference - Sarasota, FL "Telling our military stories is puts real faces behind the phrase, #women in the military" #FloridaWomenVeteransConference - Sarasota, FL @MilitaryFlyMoms thank you for encouraging us to share our stories! Looking forward to the road ahead #WomenVets - Sarasota, FL - Siesta Key, FL We have a voice. Taking action is the 1st step, change will follow. Make it happen. #KnowYourPower #NextMission #FLWomenVets - Florida, USA "I am a woman. I served in the military. I am a #veteran." #FLWomenVets #NextMission - Sarasota, FL @nadinenoky @LadyBrigadeHQ #FLWomenVets #NextMission - Sarasota, FL I need more #women in my life. We need to support eachother. This is our story. #Empowerment #FLWomenVets #NextMission - Sarasota, FL Great meeting @nadinenoky a.k.a. @LadyBrigadeHQ for the #FLWomenVets conference. Excited for future collaboration! - Sarasota, FL @gimpycaveman - Riverview, FL Focus, patience, persistence. Focus, patience, persistence. Focus, patience, persistence...completion. #IveGotThis - Riverview, FL cute for 3 backyard chickens! - @gimpycaveman - Riverview, FL I just got my @$$ whooped! Love it! @TITLEBrandon - Bloomingdale, FL @gimpycaveman and I cant wait for @StayInStepOrg to open its doors! #MakingADifference - Gibsonton, FL Happy birthday to the keeper of my heart @gimpycaveman thanks for building this life with me #DirtyThirty - Siesta Key, FL Celebrating his #DirtyThirty with a #FatTire awesome brew in #SiestaKey @gimpycaveman @newbelgium - Siesta Key, FL #FoodPorn @gimpycaveman #DirtyThirty - Siesta Key, FL I am the historian of my own life. Sometimes I forget this. #SearchingForMotivation - Riverview, FL I have more nervous habits than I like to admit."11 Things Every 'Type A' Person Wants You To Know" via @HPLifestyle - Riverview, FL From Sexism To Success: Lessons From Spanx's Sara Blakely, Ivanka Trump And More via @forbes - Riverview, FL 11 Ways Your Life Gets So Much Better When You Finally Decide To Just Be Yourself via @EliteDaily - Florida, USA Mmmmmmm #foodporn #sushi - Riverview, FL "Despite these dire predictions, heres what really happened: ppl got marriend. The end." via @HuffPostPol - Riverview, FL USA!!!!!!!!!! #WomensWorldCup Champs 2015!!! #WomenInSports - Riverview, FL Networking is such a necessary evil. My social awkwardness totally just made an appearance. #dontjudgeme - St Petersburg, FL Today is one of those days where I wish I could hop aboard my private jet and leave my life for a little bit. #AlwaysDreaming - Riverview, FL Visiting this burial ground and town is by far one of the most powerful experiences of my life to date. #Srebrenica - Riverview, FL 5 Myths About Immigrants That Everyone Needs to Stop Telling by @zeeshanaleem via @MicNews - Riverview, FL @gimpycaveman ahahahahaha that's cute. Miss you my loves!! - Riverview, FL Prozac In The Yogurt Aisle: Can 'Good' Bacteria Chill Us Out? - Riverview, FL My new #restoration project!!! Stripping paint is a dirty job. - Riverview, FL I am so saddened by the loss of the marines & harm brought on by horrible violence 2day. My heart goes out to their loved ones #SemperFi - Riverview, FL What is depression? You asked Google – here's the answer | David Shariatmadari - Riverview, FL The Good Lie is a fantastic movie. Well done. - Riverview, FL Life is so strange. When on the brink of wondering if the investment was worthwhile, a door opens... #FeelingThankful - Riverview, FL Why Some People Really Do Grow Stronger In The Face Of Tragedy via @HuffPostOWN - Riverview, FL A Note About Our Coverage Of Donald Trump's 'Campaign' via @HuffPostPol - Riverview, FL 20 Signs of Unresolved Trauma via @DiscussingDID - Riverview, FL Precious beast. My study buddy. - Riverview, FL In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me. - Bradenton, FL Thanks for the #HonorPass @RaysBaseball !! @gimpycaveman and I really appreciate it! - St Petersburg, FL Hanging out at the #veterans and community open mic at Sacred Grounds in #tampa - Tampa, FL Love hanging out at the #veterans open mic with the wonderful Andrea Assaf of @art2action - Tampa, FL Incredible talent Topaz with @art2action on the mic - Tampa, FL I'm just so happy to be at #veterans Community open mic tonight! I have been smiling for 2 hrs straight. Thanks my friends! @art2action - Tampa, FL Jimmy Carter: My Cancer Has Spread via @thedailybeast - Riverview, FL Online Survey Opens For Women Veterans @USWomenVeterans @VA_OEF_OIF @LyndaDavisMVF - Tampa, FL Having fun @StayInStepOrg! Great people Great times!! @RomyCamargo180A - Tampa, FL @gimpycaveman working out with Steve at @StayInStepOrg on the #RT300 @RomyCamargo180A - Tampa, FL @candaceable it will be up until the end of September. Analysis will start October 1. - Riverview, FL Right now it's just me, chicken pad thai, and a glass of cabernet. #Selfcare - Riverview, FL Stephen Colbert 'I Love the Thing That I Most Wish Had Not Happened' via @People - Riverview, FL @seansorbie thanks friend!!!! - Tampa, FL #LowryParkZoo run wearing the @TeamRWBFlorida Eagle!! EagleUp! - Tampa, FL @gimpycaveman representing at the #LowryParkZoo run!! Putting in work! @PVA1946 @StayInStepOrg - Tampa, FL @gimpycaveman representing @TeamRWB ##LowryParkZoo run!! - Tampa, FL Friends and running = FUN!! - Tampa, FL I love watching @gimpycaveman work in his in-home #architecture office! #Committment to #UniversalDesign @PVA1946 - Riverview, FL Yup...we can add this to our future farm animal list! - Riverview, FL @RomyCamargo180A ha!!!! That's too funny!!! - Tampa, FL @gimpycaveman taking the #RT600 for a ride @StayInStepOrg not bad for a first go!@RomyCamargo180A - Tampa, FL The king of all massage chairs @StayInStepOrg post workout body treatment for @gimpycaveman - Tampa, FL Congrats @MaryShedden ;) wonderful news!! - Chicago, IL Welcome to the land of weird #Anthropological encounters #ChicagoOhare Or....maybe I'm the weird one.... - Chicago, IL If I wear my sunglasses nobody can see me... - Chicago, IL I love this little puppers!! - Endwell, NY Game On #DownsKoleszaWedding - Kirkwood, NY All ready for the #DownsKolesza wedding!!! @gimpycaveman - New York, USA My beautiful mother and I at my brothers #wedding !! - New York, USA Hi @gimp71 I appreciate your support for my research! We are all in this together!! - Endwell, NY Do kids have an "on" button that I'm supposed to push in order to make them function enough to get ready for school? #stepmomming - Tampa, FL I want to own an #alpaca ranch. #veterans and #farming @gimpycaveman - Tampa, FL @gimpycaveman pay attention to class. ;) - Tampa, FL I'm putting together a national database for #veterans and #farming resources for my job at CINDRR. Veteran farmers, have any suggestions? - Tampa, FL Check out my main squeeze!!! @gimpycaveman - Tampa, FL @PVA1946 watch him go!!! - Tampa, FL US needs to open our arms to #SyrianRefugees. "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..." - Riverview, FL @BusinessBob meet @gimpycaveman #architecture student @USouthFlorida #DisabledVet focusing on #UniversalDesgn & #accessibility. - Tampa, FL @gimpycaveman focusing hard on his #ActivityBasedExercise routine @StayInStepOrg - Tampa, FL Look at what @gimpycaveman surprised me with! @TeamRWB gear! Incentive to participate in more events!! - Riverview, FL He is so good to me. @gimpycaveman set up my new dual monitor system. Let the data analysis begin! #Dissertating - Riverview, FL I ran 1.705 @CharityMiles for @teamrwb. Thx2 @Humana for sponsoring me! - Riverview, FL I'm trying to read some #dissertation stuff and all I keep thinking is how I wish I had been the person that invented the #Post-It note. - Riverview, FL @682e6dd1c077433 it is doing well!! I don't make it on campus often these days but I hear good things! - University, FL Photos Of Matriarchal Societies Shed Light On Gender Equality Across The Globe via @HuffPostArts - Riverview, FL Please mom let me get in bed with you and watch #Netflix? #MastifLove - Riverview, FL Handsome men that play string instruments and sing!!! #ManCrush @Wellstrungnyc - Endwell, NY The Populist Prophet via @newyorker - Pennsylvania, USA I have no self control when there is leftover Red Velvet #birthday cake in my house. #sorrynotsorry - Riverview, FL 9/11 at the Newseum @ Newseum - Washington, DC Just posted a photo @ Newseum - Washington, DC I made it to the @AmericanAnthro conference!! Let's get our #Anthropology on in #Denver!! @USouthFlorida - Denver, CO I got in a 55 minute indoor #spin while @gimpycaveman got his workout on...thanks @StayInStepOrg!! - Tampa, FL bell hooks: Buddhism, the Beats and Loving Blackness - Riverview, FL Sharing a giant piece of chocolate lava cake at my favorite #brewery!!! @ The Lake Placid Pub and… - Lake Placid, NY Great interview this morning on @AlJazeera with @mollycrabapple. Can't wait to read the new book! - Riverview, FL "In sickness and in health"...this is a vow I will forever keep. Happy New Years. - Riverview, FL I ran 2.120 @CharityMiles for @teamrwb. Thanks to #DonateAPhoto for sponsoring me. #JNJ - Riverview, FL Finally made it to @studentvets #SVANatCon...wishing @gimpycaveman was here...but so excited for a great conference. - Florida, USA One word of advice from Sec of VA Bob McDonald "Don't aim too low" #NatCon2016 - Florida, USA HUGE shout out to @bjones for winning @studentvets Student #Veteran of the Year. I'm excited for future collaboration! #NatCon2016 - Florida, USA Honored to present & facilitate panel on #WomenVets in higher ed at NASPA Symposium on military & veteran students - Riverview, FL I ran 2.180 @CharityMiles for @teamrwb. Thanks to @Chobani for sponsoring me. #Simply100 - Riverview, FL #Mile 43... I'm feeling it.... @honorride - Florida, USA @Mansstory2 @RennaeCh @NicholasTRyan that's not going to happen if the rest of the world hates him. - Riverview, FL Love of my life!! - Riverview, FL #JeSuisPakistan praying for peace. - Riverview, FL Thank you ;) - Vancouver, British Columbia My friend!!! Yes.... Thursday ;) - Tampa, FL Officially hooked on #AmericanOdyssey. Rare to see a #Woman in #military service as lead role!!! Where is season 2? @netflix - Riverview, FL The #Donald is a gifted social manipulator. Pay attn to the change in tone, inflections, messages, facial and body movements. Fascinating. - Tampa, FL My Mom loves me so much that she decided to be my sag as I rode my bike 3800 miles across the country. Nothing can beat that. Love u Mom! - Riverview, FL The amazing way gratitude rewires your brain for happiness @entrylevelrebel via @Inc - Florida, USA #Trump Jr. totally gets #dweeb of the year award. - Florida, USA @Tooterbelle look at these jokers!!! This ladies expression was so funny...her face was frozen like this! - Florida, USA "Did you see Melania? She stole the show. Literally" @jimmyfallon @realDonaldTrump - Florida, USA @gimpycaveman @MeUndies yes!!!! - Tampa, FL Via @NPR: WATCH: Muslim Father Of Fallen Soldier Tells Trump 'You Have Sacrificed Nothing' - Florida, USA Try this beer for a tasty summer treat! Yes please I would like another! @TravelerBeer #craftbeer - Florida, USA More than scenery:National parks preserve our history & culture via @ConversationUS @Usfanthropology @USouthFlorida - Florida, USA I love watching him work. Makes me happy to see him happy @gimpycaveman - Florida, USA Understanding the Trump-Khan War via @TPM - Florida, USA Tiny Homes For Vets Teach USF Students Huge Lessons @gimpycaveman @studentvets @JaredSLyon #StudentVeterans - Tampa, FL You can be anti-Trump without slut-shaming Melania via @HuffPostWomen - Florida, USA Do you want to help shape the future of @DeptVetAffairs #research? Volunteer on our #veteran engagement council! - Florida, USA Seems about right. -- I am Typically Masculine. My scores are 78% masculine, 25% feminine. - Florida, USA You can make the unconscious conscious. Hold yourself accountable. Empower everyone to call out bias. #unconsciousbias - Tampa, FL My most prized possessions... except for my animals. I love my beasties. #books - Florida, USA Okay...this is funny ;) The 6 Keyboard Warriors Taking Over Your News Feed This Election Season via @TaskandPurpose - Florida, USA My two guys. Just a morning snuggle. #dogsoftwitter @gimpycaveman - Florida, USA #WomenVeterans ;) <3 - Florida, USA I wish you had a porch in #Tampa. I would take time off from mine to come sit with you on yours ;) - Florida, USA @Tooterbelle you made me smile <3 - Tampa, FL I love these two @gimpycaveman - Florida, USA I'm waiting for @realDonaldTrump to say he is bringing "sharks w/ freaking laser beams attached to their heads" to the US... @maddow @MSNBC - Florida, USA Mexican President Says He Told Trump Mexico Would Not Pay For A Wall - Florida, USA 12 Ways Successful People Stay Productive And In Control via @HuffPostBiz - Washington, DC Hey #twitter I'm an #auntie!!!! Maisie Sue born at 5:40pm. 33 weeks and 3.7lbs...a little nugget! Mom and baby doing well! - Arlington, VA @gimpycaveman @620wdae oh wow...dreamy....Nova Scotia is one of my favorite places on this great earth... - Florida, USA Bwahahahahaha!!!! Did he really just say he has a better temperament than Clinton..."I have a winning temperament". Oy ve. - Florida, USA "She doesn't have the look" is most definitely what he said. #BlatantSexism - Florida, USA "There were dozens of times that #Trump sounded like he was heckling his own debate" @maddow - Florida, USA @realDonaldTrump proved those right who said he would falter on foreign policy. He wasn't making any sense. I think he needs a napper. - Florida, USA This is my favorite part of the day #CatsOfTwitter #SnuggleTime - Florida, USA Fact checking and being held accountable doesn't mean things were rigged against you. Quit crying @realDonaldTrump Admit defeat and move on. - Florida, USA China’s currency? That’s the least of the problems for the next U.S. leader via @WSJ - Florida, USA Any person who thinks it's their place to tell women how they should look is unfit to be #president. Look in the mirror #Trump. #DumpTrump - Florida, USA @gimpycaveman - Florida, USA @gimpycaveman - Florida, USA "Let's face it. We are undone by each other. And if we're not, we are missing something" -Judith Butler - Florida, USA #Knowledge is #power - Florida, USA BTW #Trump, Guliani & Gingrich, they have 9 wives and who knows how many extramarital affairs. The hypocrisy is unreal. Is this real life? - Florida, USA My old happy Lou dog! Thanks for the pic @katyhennig - Florida, USA Hmmm..... - South Carolina, USA "In order to percolate, you gotta circulate" - advice from Uncle Dave @DavidjFigura ;) - Georgia, USA 30 minute spin with @RidePeloton partnered with @Beachbody upper body fix. #KilledIt - Florida, USA I'm with @BrandonVDixon. @realDonaldTrump must stop using tweets to criticize free speech that he disagrees with. This is unamerican. - Florida, USA Support veterans in college this #GivingTuesday! Donate to my #fundraising page for @studentvets - Florida, USA 110 college presidents issue letter to Trump urging him to speak out against harassment and hate - Florida, USA Where Evil Resides: Veterans ‘Deploy’ To Standing Rock To Engage The Enemy — The US Government via @TaskandPurpose - Florida, USA Spending some time before work with the #TempleTerrace #Rotary Club!! Exciting to share with… - Temple Terrace, FL @Zach_m_Boyd lol I said I'm working on it!! - Dade City, FL When I was little I wanted to be a #Veterinarian....I should have followed my dreams. I love animals so much. - Dade City, FL @Zach_m_Boyd I'm proud of you!!! - Florida, USA The best therapy I have ever received is the love given by my #puppies #puppytherapy #dogsoftwitter #JimmyTheJack - Florida, USA Mommy's beautiful boy #JimmyTheJack #jrt - Florida, USA Look deep into my eyes will do whatever I tell you to do.... @ Pasco County, Florida - Florida, USA .....what about puppies? Are #puppies permitted at #NatCon2017? @JaredSLyon @JessHoughtjc @AbbyKinch… - Florida, USA How To Talk About #NoDAPL: A Native Perspective via @wordpressdotcom - Florida, USA The most powerful development for me as a #veteran has been the love, mentorship & support I receive from my sister veterans. #WomenVeterans - Florida, USA ‘Hunter Troop’ Is The World’s First All-Female Special Operations Unit via @TaskandPurpose - Florida, USA I love this man and am so proud of him. Excited for this semester to be over so we can have a… - Florida, USA @JessHoughtjc @JaredSLyon @AbbyKinch bwahahahaha!!! I love it!! - Florida, USA Thomas showing mom around at the #architecture school open house @ University of South Florida - Tampa, FL Standing Together: 50 Mighty Girl Books Celebrating Diversity and Acceptance / A Mighty Girl | A Mighty Girl - Florida, USA #family @ Pasco County Property Appraiser - Dade City, FL Aleppo’s people are being slaughtered. Did we learn nothing from Srebrenica? | Nedžad Avdić - Florida, USA Yes please. If I could move here with about 20 of my favorite people my life would be complete. #solitude - Florida, USA Reflecting on Military Service Without Combat this is important for ppl to understand. Service is service. - University, FL Beyond white feminism: Here are 6 more Black feminist concepts you need to know - Florida, USA How U.S. prison populations could be cut by 40 percent: - Florida, USA "This is a year that started with zeka...then went bad" lol!!!!!! @Trevornoah It's just too much!!!! - Florida, USA Female bad-a** fights off 23 terrorists during a surprise attack (Story) via @thechive - Florida, USA How 'neurosexism' is holding back gender equality – and science itself via @ConversationUS - Florida, USA @gimpycaveman smile babe ;) Bruno Mars Carpool Karaoke is 15 minutes of pure, straight up joy via @mashable - Florida, USA Well, here we are again. Le sigh. Trying to stay positive. At least we have each other.… - University, FL @CalebBushner Happiest of holidays my friend!!!!! <3 - Florida, USA #family #love #merrychristmas @ James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital - University, FL #jackrussellsofinstagram #jrt - Florida, USA This is our "tonight was supposed to be our wedding night" face. #hospitalssuck #staypositive @… - University, FL How to Become a ‘Superager’ - Tampa, FL I'm on my way to #NatCon2017 with @studentvets !!!! Super excited to see my friend and meet a whole bunch of new ones!! #SVALeads - Houston, TX #EmmaStone on the cover of @RollingStone #beautyandbrains #strongwomen - Houston, TX 10 Powerful Quotes That Made Me A Millionaire via @dalepartridge - Houston, TX My network of #WomenVeterans has quite literally quadrupled since @studentvets #NatCon2017. Nothing short of awesome! #StrongerTogether - Florida, USA In park. On I 75. - Tampa, FL Still haven't moved. In park on I-75N. I have to pee. No bueno!!!!!!! - Tampa, FL Omg I have to pee!!!!! It must be a bad accident :( - Tampa, FL 3.5 hours to get home. Brutal. #tampatraffic - Florida, USA @gimpycaveman Women’s March expected to be largest gathering of people w disabilities in US history via @voxdotcom - Florida, USA To participate in this #InaugurationDay2017 I am going to go ahead and re-read #Orwells #1984. It's been a while since I visited this text. - Florida, USA The only thing that excites me about an @realDonaldTrump presidency is all the material @Trevornoah will have to use to make me laugh. - Florida, USA Wake me up when it's over. @ Pasco County, Florida - Florida, USA We went to a livestock auction tonight with our friend Shay and had so much fun!! I bought 3… - Florida, USA These are my 3 new #roosters I bought at the livestock auction last night. Thomas and I also… - Florida, USA “Why the Women’s March made me think about racism.” by @zenpeacekeeper - Florida, USA Jimmy and Dude playing. They love each other #bestbuds #jrt - Florida, USA Lounging #jrt - Florida, USA Attn #Republicans in #Congress when are you going to stand up & say this is beyond partisan politics? @SenJohnMcCain @SpeakerRyan - Florida, USA Starbucks has a response to President Trump's immigration ban: Hire 10,000 refugees - Florida, USA Your Diet Might Be Causing Anxiety and Depression @gimpycaveman - Florida, USA Ellen's Comments on the Travel Ban | via @ellentube @gimpycaveman - Florida, USA I don't have the words quite yet to describe my reaction to "Speed Killed My Cousin"...but #Powerful @art2action… - Tampa, FL "Our military came out of our community...we just have different experiences" @art2action @carpetbaginc #RtoRfestival @USouthFlorida - Tampa, FL 16 and a half years we (the US) has been in constant conflict. We need to focus on de-escalation and peace. Please. - Tampa, FL Mayor declares St. Petersburg a sanctuary city - Florida, USA Be still my heart! I love these two. @ Pasco County, Florida - Florida, USA Just posted a photo @ Pasco County, Florida - Florida, USA Watch Entire Controversial 84 Lumber Super Bowl Ad With Trump Border Wall via @RollingStone - Florida, USA I mean really....does it get any cuter than this?!? #jrt - Florida, USA The (transgender) kids are alright via @huffpostqueer - Florida, USA I get to have coffee with this precious beast every morning. I just love my little man! @ Pasco… - Florida, USA My boys. @ Pasco County, Florida - Florida, USA Camaraderie Offsets Trauma for Women Veterans via @HuffPostBlog - Florida, USA Trump's hiring freeze hurts young veterans, who were already having trouble getting jobs - Florida, USA Vets group: New study results justify continued funding for GI Bill - Florida, USA #CuteBaby alert! Please vote for my niece Masie Sue! Nothing can stop this precious preemie! - Florida, USA Love seeing this guy!!! #friendsforever @ Sunrise Eatery - Zephyrhills, FL I love this man. We are building a raised garden bed with some bricks we got super cheap. @… - Florida, USA This is the finished bed!! Not too shabby. And I literally hauled a ton of bricks today. I feel… - Florida, USA By "fake news" you just mean any outlet that critiques your policies & disproves your lies. Welcome to the @realDonaldTrump #dictatorship - Florida, USA The First Details Of 'New' Nokia 3310 Have Been Released via @TheLadBible - Florida, USA Day 1 of #21dayfix completed. I'm excited I still have a fruit and a spoonful of almond butter to eat! It is definitely plenty of food! - Florida, USA Day 2 of #21dayfix down. I love the Dirty30! - Florida, USA Crazy intense workout today! @Beachbody #21dayfix Day 4 plus @RidePeloton 30 minute spin with my favorite #Marine… - Florida, USA This shit isn't easy. It takes work! Day 5 #21dayfix done combined with 30 minute HIIT ride w/ @RidePeloton. BOOM! - Florida, USA Yay! I love when I get presents made for me! @gimpycaveman you are the bestest! @ Pasco County,… - Florida, USA Day 7 completed of #21dayfix! Paired with a 20 minutes HIIT ride with @RidePeloton Alley Love! - Florida, USA Feeling so strong! Day 8 #21dayfix workout complete paired with @RidePeloton 30 minute intervals and arms!!! Ride h… - Florida, USA Killed it! Day 9 #21dayfix upper body fix paired with @RidePeloton 45 minute DJ ride with my favorite guys!!!… - Florida, USA Day 11 #21dayfix in the books. Pilates and a solid 45 spin with @RidePeloton. Plus I just got my @shakeology in the… - Florida, USA Very excited to be attending the premiere of "Danger Close" on behalf of @studentvets at the #Gasparilla Film festi… - Tampa, FL Very honored to be here with the #GoldStar family of Special Operations soldier Rob Pirelli for the premiere of Dan… - Tampa, FL Day 12 #21dayfix workout done plus a 30 minute arms and intervals ride on my @RidePeloton bike. Can't hold me down!… - Florida, USA Late night workout day 13 #21dayfix aftr a long day in the garden! I get by with a little help from my friends ;)… - Florida, USA 45 minute spin with Ally Love @RidePeloton and day 14 #21dayfix workout #yoga in the books. - Florida, USA My family is coming to Tampa this week!!! I get to meet my niecey Masie Sue!!!!!! It will a Downs family extravaganza!!!! #TeamDowns - Florida, USA My momma sent me a shirt!!! #Neverthelessshepersisted - Florida, USA Day 16 #21dayfix done full body cardio!! Time for my shake. Nice way to start my work day! - Florida, USA Time for a live hip hop ride with @alextoussaint25 my favorite @RidePeloton coach!!!! Time to work! #spinning… - Florida, USA Day17 workout #21dayfix done paired w/ 45minute hip hop ride on my @RidePeloton w/ @alextoussaint25! Takes… - Florida, USA Day 18 #21dayfix pillates plus a 30 minute spin. Feeling like it's going to be a great day!! #commitment… - Florida, USA Day 19 #21dayfix workout done! I needed a serious push to get this one in tonight. So my accountability squad helpe… - Florida, USA Slayed my workout today! Moving on to stay on track! 30 kinite total body cardio and a 30 kinite… - Florida, USA Even though the fam is in town & it's a day before the wedding I have been on track with my #workouts! Good for the nerves. 50 minute #spin! - Florida, USA Rehearsal time!!! #wedding @ Pasco County, Florida - Florida, USA Gotta work off those #wedding cupcakes! Getting my sweat on this morning to prep to finish this #dissertation once… - Florida, USA New challenge group doesn't start till Monday but I was too excited to start @Beachbody Corps de Force so I started… - Florida, USA Super excited to be at the On Point Women Warriors Writing Summit in #Tampa with my good friends Patricia Jones and… - Tampa, FL Excited to be at On Point Women Warriors Writing Workshop w/ @paulabroadwell an amazing #activist #servantleader & #Woman service member! - Tampa, FL Honored to be at this summit with Maxine Cardinal Wehry WWII #veteran and author of "A Kindred Spirit" a military m… - Tampa, FL I'm sitting in a room filled with brilliance. Feeling very grateful for this space. #WomenVeterans #ItIsUpToUs Thank you @tracycrow1 - Tampa, FL @kwilliams101 on why it is important for us to tell our stories #WomenVeterans #herstory - Tampa, FL Completed day 1 of @Beachbody #CorpsdeForce! Obsessed already...this is getting back to my roots!! - Florida, USA I love my birds!!! Thanks for the wedding presents friends ;) @ Pasco County, Florida - Florida, USA It's so hard not to snuggle this little bean. She is the ultimate snuggle pup @ Pasco County,… - Florida, USA I Served In Afghanistan - We Don't Need To Send More Troops. We Need To Change Their Mission. - Florida, USA Got my new books!! Taking some time to refocus my brain. #WomenVeterans #WarStories thanks for the advice… - Florida, USA @Beachbody #CoreDeForce Dynamic Strength is serious business! Kicked my booty! #goals - Florida, USA Getting a PhD is hard work Mom @ Pasco County, Florida - Florida, USA This boy!!! #JimmyTheJack #jackrussellsofinstagram #jrt - Florida, USA Day 3 Coredeforce MMA speed done! Late workout tonight but having the kids here is no excuse! #goals - Florida, USA Took an active rest day yesterday as I wasn't feeling so hot. Still low energy 2day. It wasn't my best. But it's done. #Goals - Florida, USA NCIS: At Least 15 Active-Duty Marines Broke The Law In Nude Photo Scandal via @TaskandPurpose - Florida, USA Excited to read this book by Carol Barkalow! It's nice to bump into you from time to time Ma'am! #WomenVeterans… - Florida, USA 5:30 am MMA shred on a Saturday. #Goals - Florida, USA Getting ready for our #beekeeping class with the #TampaBay Beekeepers Association!! It's a beautiful day!… - Florida, USA It's a lovely day for #beekeeping class! #TampaBayBeeKeeping @gimpycaveman - Florida, USA Awe! @gimpycaveman - Florida, USA #teamwork makes the dreams work!! Solid ride with @RidePeloton's Alex Toussant! #goals - Florida, USA Military entrepreneurial project kickoff, agricultural workshop April 28-29 in College Station @gimpycaveman !!!!!! - Florida, USA Got my ride in this morning with @RidePeloton! Sets my brain up for the day ahead. #goals - Florida, USA Exclusive: New VA chief on public scrutiny: Bring it via @USATODAY - Florida, USA - Florida, USA @YahooStyle ran this story on our #wedding @YahooStyle thank you <3 @gimpycaveman - Florida, USA Ha! @gimpycaveman we are next to @kanyewest and @KimKardashian on @YahooStyle I love that picture. - Florida, USA I get by with help from my friends. Seriously, Shay, you are my angel! #friendship - Florida, USA Happy Easter! @ Pasco County, Florida - Florida, USA ....and he said he didn't want me to get any rabbits..... #love @ Florida - Haines City, FL My whittle wabbit @ Pasco County, Florida - Florida, USA @AmericanAnthro abstract submitted. Reg complete for conference in my fav city #DC! Cringing bc of those high fees. #GradStudentProblems - Florida, USA Awesome ride with @RidePeloton Ally Love!! I definitely ate the kids Cadbury eggs yesterday shhhhh! Good thing they… - Florida, USA Life with two #jackrussell puppies. #JimmyAndShelby #dogsoftwitter - Florida, USA What what!!!!!! @gimpyfarmer Red Hot Chile Peppers playing at Amalie #tampa!! - Florida, USA Mmmmmm this is serious business! - Dade City, FL Kiddos met their new friends tonight! 25k views on our #wedding first dance video plus #bunnies scores me serious… - Florida, USA Super excited to participate in #AnsweringTheCall with the New Politics Academy starting this Sunday!!! #Leadership #WomenVeterans - Florida, USA I love these kiddos and I love surprising them with fur babies! #ranchette #farmlife #bunnies @… - Florida, USA Oh dear. Giant wolf spider sighted in the house! I tried to get it. Daaaaaamnit!!!! - Florida, USA I have cool friends <3 - Florida, USA I love my boys #JimmyTheJack @gimpyfarmer #dogsoftwitter - Florida, USA @ijablokov thanks so much for the follow! Happy earth day #ImWithScience - Florida, USA When is the best time of the year to visit #CostaRica ? @gimpyfarmer and I want to save for our honeymoon & really want to visit!! - Florida, USA @BillNyeSaves on @netflix is the best thing EVER! I want to be one of his correspondents #LifeGoals - Florida, USA I just want to raise chickens and goats. Screw all this other crap. #lifegoals @gimpyfarmer - Florida, USA @gimpyfarmer I'm so glad you are my extroverted best friend! - Florida, USA 21 days until #hatchday! Got my dozen of silkie eggs today in the mail. Fingers crossed for viability!!! @gimpyfarmer - Florida, USA My Friday consists of pairing #cabernet with #oreos. Sweet combo! - Florida, USA Meet my girl Marley. She likes humans and this is how we hang out. #ChickenWhisperer… - Florida, USA @RobinNYC @RidePeloton I feel the power run through my body, mind, and soul when I ride...freedom baby! #goals - Florida, USA This is super tasty...not too fruity, crisp, fresh, and wonderfully refreshing!! #greatbeer #summerlove - Florida, USA Getting ready to see @Trevornoah soooooo excited!!!! Best date ever!! @gimpyfarmer - Clearwater, FL 5 years ago I was trying to make a decision whether to get my PhD or pursue a career as a stunt double. I should have been a stunt double. - Florida, USA I feel ya Dude. Some days I'm just not having any of it. #dogsofinstagram #mastiffgram… - Florida, USA #PolarBeat cross country intervals with lower body - Dallas, TX I am a mass consumer of ear buds. You're welcome shareholders. #travelnecessity #IDontWantToHearYouChirping - Tampa, FL I had a great time today with @Google in #Boulder for the #veterans resume workshop! @studentvets great for mid career ppl as well! - Fort Collins, CO Bc when I'm in #Colorado and don't feel like leaving my room I order room service....and eat elk. Mmmmmm. - Fort Collins, CO If I had an amazing team to do it with... I would totally train for #SpartanTeamChallenge - Fort Collins, CO Getting ready for my facilitation w/ @MFRIPurdue Focus Forward Fellowship participants! "The Value of Exploring Your Personal Narrative" - Fort Collins, CO Because when I facilitate panels I surround myself with brilliance #WomenVeterans @AbbyKinch #Leadership - Fort Collins, CO "Social support is is another form of capital" @MFRIPurdue #WomenVeterans #FWDFellows - Fort Collins, CO This is why I have such a hard time getting up in the morning. This cuddle pile paired with a… - Florida, USA Today I bought the kids #Fidgetspinners. Then I ended up buying one for myself. I'm completely amused by this gadget and totally get it. - Florida, USA I was honored to present a bit of my #dissertation research with the @VA_CINDRR #VeteranEngagementCouncil this morn… - Feather Sound, FL - Florida, USA Why We Need More Than Three Genders - Florida, USA The Hamilton mixtape "Immigrants We Fet the Job Done" - Dade City, FL Work Doesn't Have to Be Dreadful: 6 Tips From an Ex-Google VP on How to Make Work More Rewarding... via @Inc - East Lake-Orient Park, FL - East Lake-Orient Park, FL @oherrin22 you brought me to tears with this one. Beautiful. #WomenVeterans @HERStoryInc2017 - Zephyrhills, FL RIP to one of my greatest book mentors. - Florida, USA #airports really ruffle some ppl's feathers...and by some ppl I mean ppl from the US of A. Aye yai yai relax. - Tampa, FL Ppl that are constantly trying to prove they are the smartest ppl in the room drive me nuts. Silence is okay. Shut your mouth and listen. - Florida, USA @AHS_Warranty your customer service sucks and your company is not providing the services guaranteed in your contract. - Florida, USA Grt interview w historian Elizabeth Cobb author of "Hello Girls" on @NPR @1a it is so important to get stories of #WomenVeterans out there! - University, FL APNewsBreak: House deal would boost college aid for veterans - Dade City, FL The War And Treaty Take Us 'Down To The River' - via @Shareaholic - Florida, USA #Excellence is achievable. I'm done chasing it...I'm owning it. Amazing premiere ride @RidePeloton #DenisMorton - Florida, USA @DenisNoMenace I'm sold. Your premiere ride with @RidePeloton was my best ride in a while. I will be back!! #Excellence is achievable. - Florida, USA - Florida, USA There is no heart stronger than the heart of a #volunteer. We must serve with and for each other to make our #communities stronger. - Florida, USA The Cruelty and Cynicism of Trump’s Transgender Military Ban - Indianapolis, IN So excited to be in #Indianapolis for the National cohort of #ForwardFellows!! @MFRIPurdue #WomenVeterans - Indianapolis, IN I love this woman!!! Dr. Betty Mosley Brown giving the key note @ #ForwardFellows @MFRIPurdue - Indianapolis, IN Former SEAL Kristin Beck blasts Trump decision banning transgender people from military via @TB_Times - Indianapolis, IN I'm very fond of @SouthwestAir your customer service makes dealing with challenging situations so much easier. Thank you. #LoyalCustomer - Indianapolis, IN Disability-Rights Activists Are the Real Heroes of the Health-Care Fight via @thenation - Florida, USA I'm a trans veteran and i fought for your right to hate me via @huffpostqueer - Florida, USA This guy was such an ass!!! Whonis next?!? Anthony Scaramucci Just Lost His Job via @tparti - Florida, USA This is actually the strategy I implemented to fnish the draft of my dissertation. I swear it works! - Florida, USA - Florida, USA “First woman Marine to fly in an F-18 in combat” is running for a Kentucky congressional seat via @voxdotcom - Florida, USA There are some nights like tonight where I seriously need an ice cream sundae delivery truck to pull up to my house. - Florida, USA - Florida, USA Really excited to be able to attend the #Florida Diversity Council for today's monthly meeting. Amazing leaders in #Diversity & #Inclusion! - Largo, FL Finally!!!! This is so well deserved! - Florida, USA - Florida, USA Female Retired Marine With Viral Campaign Ad Hopes To Bridge Gap In Democratic Party - Florida, USA My amazing friends!! - Tampa, FL Leader Of Charlottesville White Nationalist Group Was A Marine Corps Recruiter via @TaskandPurpose - Florida, USA The Multiple Personalities Of A Tween Girl @gimpyfarmer your skrewed man ;) - Florida, USA We had another great meeting with the @VA_CINDRR #VeteranEngagementCouncil! Talking about supportive employment for… - Tampa, FL This is great! @TBBuccaneers @RaysBaseball @TBLightning @gimpyfarmer - Florida, USA Well this is interesting. Keep up the good work @votevets - Tampa, FL This is what happens when I leave my husband home alone.... - Florida, USA Made it through. Lost a chicken coop to Irma...but all humans, dogs and birds at the farm are safe. #HurricaneIrma - Dade City, FL Precious #IrmaThePotbelly taking a napper. @ Pasco County, Florida - Florida, USA Just me and my girl! #IrmaThePotbelly #pigmom #potbellypig @ Pasco County, Florida - Florida, USA - Florida, USA this is not right. - Florida, USA Please be a good omen #fortune - Tampa, FL Thanks for the $100 voucher for our delay @SouthwestAir best customer service. This is why I am a loyal customer! #HappyAirTraveller - Tampa, FL Congress needs to take responsibility to address veteran suicide for those at risk #LeadershipInAction - Tampa, FL I am so proud of my friends!! Our military is stronger bc of you. #AskAndTellProject #Ally - Tampa, FL Hugh Hefner's Legacy - Hugh Hefner Didn't Start Sexual Revolution - Milwaukee, WI That warm cookie at @doubletree brings me back everytime. #MarketingWin - Milwaukee, WI @jyotsnakaycee yay you are a tweeter now!!!! - Milwaukee, WI Life is so strange. I believe that the universe is telling me it's time. @thewarhorsenews #WomenVeterans - Virginia, USA @cnurse17 @CotnerBridget Yes. Of course it does. - Virginia, USA This is entertaining @GlobeCullen! I know nothing about sports. But enjoying with great company makes for a good ni… - Washington, DC @GattaKat @Ami_Marisol @MaureenElias2 Thanks for making me feel loved and motivated this morning!! #badass women friends are the best!!! - Virginia, USA New Erotica for Feminists - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency - Florida, USA Congrats Anna ;) @ahiatt - Tampa, FL Morning read...really intense...but important. - Dade City, FL You may not have a #disability limiting your mobility/ability now, but life can change in an instant. Protect the A… - Florida, USA Thanks @SouthwestAir it's been a hell of a week. I appreciate your kindness. #HappyCustomer - Tampa, FL 'How To Think Like An Anthropologist' — And Why You Should Want To - Dade City, FL Feeling really excited to be in Bellingham, WA!! I love my job! @… - Washington, USA Little snapshots to take back home. What a lovely space. @ Lake Samish - Washington, USA So lovely!!!!! Looks amazing!!! - Burlington, WA The air seems so fresh out here!! Short stay. Solid data collection.… - Washington, USA If I got $1 for every time I was told that my communication style "is too direct" (like it's a bad thing) I could q… - Tampa, FL @aannmarieeee thank you for your courage and bravery. I admire you! I stand with you. #FutureLeader… - Tampa, FL @aannmarieeee @womensmarch @schoolwalkoutUS @Emma4Change @PisanoAndrew ...if not sccompanied by civil disobedience,… - Florida, USA @BlushingEagle I agree. I'm trying to validate people's feelings more even though in this particular instance I don… - Tampa, FL Military Veteran friends, I have a question. What are you interested in seeing with regards to the implementation o… - Tampa, FL Here is where I create, grow, and nurture my soul. @ Pasco County,… - Florida, USA We are damned if we do, damned if we don't. The only solution is #MoreWomenInLeadership - Florida, USA I have the cutest babies!!!! #potbellybaby #potbellypigmom @ Pasco… - Florida, USA Out for an afternoon play session before it storms. #potbellybaby… - Florida, USA 15 Years Ago, I Helped Start a War That Hasn’t Ended. "Inside the tank, we hardly felt a bump when we crushed cars… - Florida, USA @ThisIsGMC your company has the worst customer service. It took you 6 months to process my lease turn in. I have wa… - Tampa, FL @Ami_Marisol Thinking about you!!!! Sending positive vibes... #MoreWomenInLeadership - Tampa, FL Oh boy. - Tampa, FL Baby #potbelly belly rubs are the best!! @ Pasco County, Florida - Florida, USA Check out my beautiful friend @SarahHolzhalb on #VAPodcast. I'm so proud of everything you are doing! You spread so… - Florida, USA "It should not be this hard to serve your or country". David J. Shulkin: Privatizing the V.A. Will Hurt Veterans - Tampa, FL @Ami_Marisol ...just paying it forward by sharing some good advice I have learned along the journey. My personal ad… - Tampa, FL Awesome piece by @kate_germano. Hits home... I tried to be 'one of the guys' in the Marines and shut out other wome… - Philadelphia, PA My vote counts and your vote counts! Exercise your right! #ivoted @ Pasco County, Florida - Dade City, FL For Female Soldiers With PTSD, Can a Retreat Save Their Lives? via @marieclaire - Florida, USA Why does @VAResearch need the #Women's Health Reaearch Network? This is a vital initiative in VA research. - Florida, USA One way you can make #genderanalysis possible is to over sample for women. I find in the health sciences that there… - Florida, USA New spinal cord therapy helps paralyzed patients walk again via @NatGeoScience - Florida, USA Woot woot!!!! So proud of @jenniferwebbfl #thisisanthropology @Usfanthropology - Florida, USA @RonDeSantisFL "I'm proof that if you work hard you can make it America"...says the white male veteran. Please chec… - Tampa, FL @LinkageInc’s Women in Leadership Institute will be here before we know it! I can’t wait to join women leaders in P… - Tampa, FL ATTN #studentveterans in #Philadelphia #VeteransDay2018 - Tampa, FL The #WomenVeterans group is amped up and ready to get to work! See you soon @LinkageInc! - Florida, USA Will you be joining me at @LinkageInc’s Women in Leadership Institute, November 12-15 in #Phoenix? I am thrilled to… - Tampa, FL T-1 Day until I head to @LinkageInc’s Women in Leadership Institute! I can’t wait to join women leaders in Phoenix… - Florida, USA Checking out a brewery Marker 48!! @ Busch Gardens Tampa Bay - Tampa, FL #WomenVeterans unite! We had an amazing workgroup and session today after the programming @LinkageInc #LinkageWIL.… - Phoenix, AZ Thank you for always supporting me. I love you. - Phoenix, AZ Day 2 @LinkageInc #Women In Leadership Institute! We started with #yoga and now are jumping into the first keynote… - Phoenix, AZ Thank you for retweeting <3 - Phoenix, AZ Thank you for retweeting! - Phoenix, AZ "We all have 2 stories: 1 of success that got us here and one of fears and anxieties that also got us here. Can you… - Phoenix, AZ This is part of my journey in search of clarity of self "We all have 2 of success and one of anxieties… - Phoenix, AZ I am finding my #inspiration in these #WomenLeaders! Thanks for bringing us together @LinkageInc #LinkageWIL #goals… - Phoenix, AZ I am finding my #inspiration in these #WomenLeaders! Thanks for bringing us together @LinkageInc #LinkageWIL #goals… - Phoenix, AZ "Between stimulus and response , there is space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. I… - Phoenix, AZ "A leader cannot take you to a place he or she has been themselves...own the moment". - Simon T. Bailey… - Phoenix, AZ My top #characterstrengths #VIA #LinkageWIL thanks for sharing this tool @MaureenElias2 - Phoenix, AZ #NatCon2019 is going to be our most exciting conference yet! Join me and a rockstar panel of #WomenLeaders as we ta… - Syracuse, NY Nice work @AN_Goldstein! "Women are the Most Visible Servicemembers, and the Most Invisible Veterans" via @CNASdc - Syracuse, NY 2019 is starting off with a bang! I am so excited to be joining this team, learning with them and expanding my skil… - Florida, USA "Values plus action builds trust" listening to @LIDA360 talk about personal branding at #NatCon2019 @studentvets - Florida, USA @SecWilkie addressing @studentvets in general session this morning about the meaning of service and transitions goi… - Florida, USA Yesterday was super busy at the conference. But today I get to hang out with my people @abbykinch @gimpycaveman… - Florida, USA Starting off the general session with a bang! gattakat08 jared.s.lyon @studentvets #natcon2019 @ Disney's Coronado… - Florida, USA "Be left of bang...proactive instead of reactive...this is what SVA can help you be". @studentvets @JaredSLyon - Florida, USA We are having a great time @studentvets #natcon2019 at the @hiringourheroes event! @gimpycaveman @ Disney's Coronad… - Florida, USA Great panel on the Importance of Empowering Military Spouses and the Impact of Student Veterans @hiringourheroes su… - Florida, USA We are getting ready to listen to the retirement planning session @studentvets #natcon2019! @gimpycaveman @ Disney… - Florida, USA Beautiful people...this meetup was a blast! I'm excited to connect with you all! @MinorityVets @Tooterbelle… - Florida, USA @FPWellman @studentvets @JGHyder @MorganV_Wellman @ScoutComms @JaredSLyon Loved seeing you all!! Thank you… - Florida, USA How 1 Army veteran is building a community of female leaders via @TODAYshow - Florida, USA Here Are Five Tips To Mindfully Managing Your Emails via @forbes - Florida, USA Im all registered! Oh boy! @TeamRWB @ - Florida, USA Say what you mean. Mean what you say. If you don't, apologize and reframe. Too many people struggle with this and i… - Florida, USA @GattaKat I - Florida, USA @AlexanderMcCoy4 I had a hard time clicking "play". But indeed, surprising. I would love to interview him about thi… - Tampa, FL @Dakota_Meyer @Dakota_Meyer you have a platform and I want to thank you for using it on this topic. Keep repeating… - Tampa, FL "We must disenthrall ourselves and then we shall save our country."--Abraham Lincoln, 1862 - Florida, USA @Hubbard_WJ @TheHumaneLeague @ASPCA I love my piggies!!! I have 7 now! - Florida, USA Women and minority veterans are thriving in the civilian workforce - Florida, USA I have a thing for new it up! @ Dade City, Florida - Dade City, FL Friday night vibes #countryliving @ Dade City, Florida - Dade City, FL When it rains it pours. I had to come back to Tampa and left nurse downscornelia with Thomas at the hospital in Pit… - Dade City, FL #potbellypig #potbellysofinstagram #potbellypigmomma #farmette @ Dade City, Florida - Dade City, FL Operation fixing fence has started. My parents raised me to get dirty and work hard. It certainly brings a high lev… - Dade City, FL My brood. Pigs, dogs, and wine. This is my Friday. Cheers friends! #dogmom #pigmom #farmette @ Dade City, Florida - Dade City, FL Nothing is sacred #winesteelers #potbellypig #potbellysofinstagram #pigmom @ Dade City, Florida - Dade City, FL Dartanion is in the isolation chamber because he has a little respiratory illness. I'm pretty attached to this guy.… - Dade City, FL I'm really glad throughout my life I have gotten to experience the oddities of human life with my parents. Their ow… - Amsterdam, Nederland This is one of the most amazing places I have visited. This is the only 19th centure library open to the public. It… - Amsterdam, Nederland Rilan and the bombardiers...funk, solid crowd, great music. #Amsterdam #solotravel @ Vondelpark Openluchttheater - Amsterdam, Nederland Tea and apple pie at the smallest house in Amsterdam, oldschool snowsuits, rubber duckies, and scary giant dolls. T… - Amsterdam, Nederland No fakers creators only #Amsterdam #solotravel #LiveLoveExplore @ Dam Square - Amsterdam, Nederland Favorite pics from my trip. I'm sad to leave. But I really miss my dogs!!! And my husband...see you in August dear.… - Amsterdam, Nederland #Amsterdam #solotravel #LiveLoveExplore @ Amsterdam, Netherlands - Amsterdam, Nederland Girlfriends make the best friends ♥️ @ North Wildwood Beach - North Wildwood, NJ Got this while I was mowing. #Home @ Pasco County, Florida - Dade City, FL Oh Canada! Made it to Niagara Falls #LiveLoveExplore @ Niagara Falls, Ontario - Niagara Falls, Ontario Oh Canada!! @ Niagara Falls, Ontario - Niagara Falls, Ontario @gimpycaveman was not messing around when he bought us 311 and Dirty Heads tickets!! Phenominal seats! @311… - East Lake-Orient Park, FL @311 @dirtyheads @ Tampa Fairgrounds and Amplitheater - East Lake-Orient Park, FL Best Dad ever @gimpycaveman @dirtyheads #tampasummerconcerts @ Tampa Fairgrounds and Amplitheater - East Lake-Orient Park, FL Magical @dirtyheads fairy...he had on a glorious speedo and suspenders!! #tampa @311 @ Tampa Bay Amphitheater - East Lake-Orient Park, FL A-a-aye, I'm on vacation Every single day 'cause I love my occupation A-a-aye, I'm on vacation If you don't like yo… - East Lake-Orient Park, FL

My top #characterstrengths #VIA #LinkageWIL thanks for sharing this tool @MaureenElias2 Why does @VAResearch need the #Women's Health Reaearch Network? This is a vital initiative in VA research. Thanks @SouthwestAir it's been a hell of a week. I appreciate your kindness. #HappyCustomer Please be a good omen #fortune This is what happens when I leave my husband home alone.... This is actually the strategy I implemented to fnish the draft of my dissertation. I swear it works! I love this woman!!! Dr. Betty Mosley Brown giving the key note @ #ForwardFellows @MFRIPurdue So excited to be in #Indianapolis for the National cohort of #ForwardFellows!! @MFRIPurdue #WomenVeterans Because when I facilitate panels I surround myself with brilliance #WomenVeterans @AbbyKinch #Leadership Bc when I'm in #Colorado and don't feel like leaving my room I order room service....and eat elk. Mmmmmm. #PolarBeat cross country intervals with lower body