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Whatever Lao Tzu said, a journey of 15,000 miles should probably start with a good night's sleep. Sadly it doesn't look like ours will. - Lambeth, London @dogwinters I'd apologise from both of us but would that make it even worse? - Camden, London A sunny evening in Brussels but no time for moules - we're heading on straight to Koln in a palatial deutschebahn train - brussels, belgium Stopping in Koln for super-sized pork products, before boarding the sleeper train to Warsaw - Cologne, Cologne I guess sooner or later even the most tireless explorers need to take time out to buy a washing machine from Currys online. On day 2 though? - Warsaw, Warsaw Dead wasp in our cabbage. Is this a Lithuanian thing or should we complain? - Švenčionys, Vilnius Region Can't decide whether the Latvian or Russian border police were scariest last night. The Latvians had dogs, but Russia had dead-eyed Olga - Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg Susie was very well-behaved and only got told off twice in Lenin's mausoleum today. Much better than I would have predicted. - Moscow, Moscow 14 hrs into our trans-siberian journey and I finally found the end of the train. What to do next? We're on here till Monday. - Kirov Crossed the invisible border marking the end of Europe, and now officially in Asia. Celebrating with super noodles. - Ekaterinburg, Ekaterinburg Halfway between Moscow and Beijing. Enjoying dusty evening light over the plains and semi-enjoying what turned out to be a fish roe pancake. - Барабинск, Province of Novosibirsk This bit of Siberia looks suspiciously like the New Forest. Apart from the rivers - wide enough to swallow the Thames and most of Lambeth - Krasnoyarsk Speaking GCSE German to Russians in Irkutsk. Thank god for compulsory languages at school! - Иркутск, Иркутск In Cafe Amsterdam, eating an English breakfast, with two Californian dachsunds nearby. Hello Mongolia! - Arrived in Hanoi by train, having left the Great Firewall behind. Working hard not to get run down by the moped hordes. - "And now for a movie about our country. A story of 3 englishmen crossing Vietnam by bike. It is called Top Gear". Didn't see that coming. - halong bay Celebrating guy fawkes night in Luang Prabang. We're trying to figure out what we can set fire to without being culturally insensitive. - I don't want to defend colonialism, but the French did at least leave SE Asia with a legacy of readily available Laughing Cow cheese - Typhoon Haiyan spared central Vietnam but the weather's not done with them yet - bad floods in Hoi An today and the rain keeps coming - Reached Saigon, the furthest extremity of our journey. This is as far as you can get from the UK by train. Celebrating with karaoke. - saigon, Vietnam Singing 'Heal the World' with our new Vietnamese pal in Saigon. Definitely a high point in our karaoke careers to date @dogwinters - Saigon, Vietnam The overland part of our journey comes to an end today. No land route into Myanmar, so we're getting a flight from Phnom Penh - Susie managed to find what was essentially a Cambodian Cornish pasty this morning. Excellent start to the day. - Sittwe, Myanmar: The one good thing about holidaying in places with military curfews is that it gives you a great excuse to go to bed early - sittwe We've heard a Burmese take on Jingle Bells and seen something resembling a Christmas tree, now it's time to head home for the real deal - Finished day one of our new jobs in Delhi unscathed. Better still, it's a national holiday tomorrow. Great timing. - @charlieputnam Glad you liked her! Hello from Delhi! All is well, our dosa count is high and cross fingers we may have found a flat x - Electronics City, Bangalore. I think we are the only people in our hotel not working in the tech industry, & susie seems to be the only girl - electronics city Staying with a Yorkshireman in Mysore. This must be the #1 guesthouse in all India for dry humour and gentle put-downs. - mysore Started the day with a dip in the Ganges - then straight to the showers to wash off the pestilence/holiness (depending on point of view) - India Just seen the world's biggest turban, sitting proudly in a glass display case. I guess that's India pretty much done. - India Staying in the same room as William Dalrymple & Bruce Chatwin (in the past, not now) and feeling under intense pressure to write something - India Finished our travels on a Himalayan high - 5160m to be exact. Home soon for tea and medals. - Nepal

Susie and Chris

London to India

London to India, mainly by train.