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So lovely to be home with family and friends again. England is feeling all Christmassy - North West, England @Kims_Butler Thanks Darren, and for following our journey! - North West, England @davecarolan Thank you! Great to be home - North West, England @ChrisMorgan10 @pikesonbikes Thanks guys, good to be back! - West Molesey, England @totally_sporty Thanks so much for coming down, great to see you! - West Molesey, England DONE. Made it home safely after 21,000km of cycling, just in time for Christmas - West Molesey, England 'This is my uncle, Cowboy Bobby. We have to go now. He's just been caught stealing'. Today's entertaining encounter outside a gas station - Orlando, FL This trip has been all about the people, not the places: - Orlando, FL Just cycled 3,000 miles across the USA and here is the obligatory 'reached the coast' photo #fb - Orlando, FL Just set off on our round the world cycle for @jdrfUK from Hampton Court Palace @HRP_Palaces - Hampton court palace, London @p_eterh_arris @NextChallenge thanks Pete! Hope you're enjoying the rest after the cycle event, Surrey Hills were a bit of a killer today - abinger hammer, uk Fish and chips by the seaside before our ferry. Goodbye England, see you in a few months! - Newhaven, UK traffic free bliss on the Avenue Verte today followed by a bucket of pasta to fuel up for tomorrow. - camping municipal la miniere, france made it from hampton court palace to the palace of versailles, stage one (of many) complete - Versailles Stage one complete, made it from London to a friend's house just south of Paris. Time for a couple of days' rest #fb - dammarie les lys celebrated our second wedding anniversary today by choosing a camp spot with a picnic table #smallthings #fb - Migennes, France an animal crossed our path in Burgundy this evening, near a river on a road. size of small dog but tail looked more rat-like. ideas? beaver? - montereau-fault-yonne camped just outside dijon. urban times. - dijon hot day made better by a couple of hours off by a river. thighs appreciated the rest - baumes les dames woke up and we'd been attacked in the night. slugs everywhere. one of them - big george - took a particular shine to my bike - thervay, France France for breakfast, Switzerland for lunch and Germany for tea. Surreal. Know where we are? First country crosssed! - Basel winner day, stunning scenery and two lake swims. cooking dinner with a sunset view of the lake and several 3000m peaks - brunnen Switzerland raining here in Switzerland, sheltering a children's play area while we summon the will to get out in the elements - faido Switzerland @robertlutter thanks rob, where are you at the moment? We just crossed Switzerland and are heading for Italy/Croatia - Agno, Switzerland Lindt factory shop, Varese. Alps totally worth it. - Varese lovely cycle along a canal for 50 miles from Somma Lombardo - Somma Lombardo now enjoying the evening sunshine in Milano, hopefully staying with a local tonight #couchsurf - Milan Just treated ourselves to a hotel for a couple of nights over Christmas in Georgia. £9 each. Height of luxury. - Turkey Terrible traffic, few smiles, clouds of pollution hanging low over the sea. Trabzon is not a good place to arrive at by bike. - Turkey Hurray for 21 December! Never looked forward to midwinter day so much. From now on, days get longer, makes life much easier for us. - Turkey @ellyblue Just discovered your website, love the books! Are they available in e-versions (for Kindle)? - Turkey Goats in the Road. The little known follow up to Snakes on a Plane #oman - @FitNoQuit We're in Jaipur, India ( Thanks for the follow! - India @Afriwheels You could always hide it in the downstairs loo? - India Posh house next door keeps cows out back. Vegetable patch been 'monkey proofed'. We've got the sh*ts. Yes, we're definitely in #India - India @p_eterh_arris @NextChallenge Thanks Pete! hot & bothered but all good. Look where we just got to! (left of my head) - India @ChrisMaudsley That's interesting, we're finding the same. I hate feeling so negative about a place but it can just be so stressful - India Cycled forty miles and ended in the chaos of Agra. Not recommended when you've only eaten crisps for breakfast - India @sixtysixpercent Thanks guys! Enjoying fried eggs and lassi on a roof terrace overlooking the Taj Mahal, the world feels a better place - India @ChrisMaudsley We are heading up into Nepal and have been thinking about flying to Korea too, just not sure we can afford it! Maybe Vietnam? - India Didn't expect to like the Taj Mahal quite so much. What a place #TajMahal #India - India Sodding monkey just stole my bag of bananas, right put of my hand. Think it was part of a chimp gang - India This is what @nextchallenge did today #hospital #india #badcaseoftheshits #fb - India @challengesophie Wow that sounds amazing (and tough!). Good luck with it - India @challengesophie Mostly good thanks, although we're in India and are both currently victims of bad hygiene so no cycling for a few days! - India @wingcottage @NextChallenge Thanks C, unfortunately south is too hot for us right now so our plan is Nepal or elsewhere! - India Essentially following the 5/2 diet. Eat for 5 days, spend 2 days in bed struggling to keep fluids in (I think I hear a tiny violin) - India If we hadn't been given them by a reputable doctor, I'd worry about taking drugs out of brown paper bags #India #fb - India Enough of this shit. Flight to South Korea booked for Wednesday. BETTER CALL SEOUL. #fb - India This may be one of the cutest kids I've ever photographed #India - India Oh Japan, with your heated toilet seats and 'mechanism to wash buttocks', you are spoiling us as we wait for a connecting flight - 成田市 @dbtsauce Thanks for the tip, definitely think less kneading is better. Added bicarb too, which works - Chungbuk-do, Korea, Republic Of @Ju_Pope Ooh yes that sounds good, just got to work out which jar is honey! - Chungbuk-do, Korea, Republic Of @worldbiking Thanks for the tip! The whole place is fab, it's just like being on holiday (which I think you put in a blog post...) - Chungbuk-do, Korea, Republic Of @Austigirl Yup, it's living the dream! Such an easy country to cycle in, especially compared to India - Chungbuk-do, Korea, Republic Of @DaleFTW Given up for now, will try and find a replacement somewhere, thanks for the ideas though! - Chungbuk-do, Korea, Republic Of @tomlinson_s Naked and wrinkly and scrubbing me down? Just a bit weird! x - Chungbuk-do, Korea, Republic Of @Al_Humphreys Thanks for the retweet! Plans slowly coming together for spring 2015, if we pedal home fast enough - Chungbuk-do, Korea, Republic Of An excellent, mountain top bivvy spot - Gyeongbuk-do, Korea, Republic Of A less excellent, but indoor-out-of-the-rain bivvy spot in a museum's disabled loo #Korea - Gyeongbuk-do, Korea, Republic Of Job done, we cycled across the whole of South Korea. Now for a couple of days' rest before Japan - Busan, Korea, Republic Of Photos from cycling across India: - Busan, Korea, Republic Of Our interview with the incredible duo at @2Blind2Ride now up: Legally blind and cycled across the Americas - Busan, Korea, Republic Of @actionforblind Perhaps you know about this incredible duo? Legally blind and cycled across the Americas: - Busan, Korea, Republic Of @RNIB Perhaps you know about this inspirational duo? Legally blind, they cycled the length of the Americas: - Busan, Korea, Republic Of @Sightsavers Have you heard of this incredible duo? Legally blind, they cycled the length of the Americas: - Busan, Korea, Republic Of This short video sums up what cycling in India is like perfectly: #fb - 福津市 An excellent and thoughtful look at why we should travel by bicycle from @tomsbiketrip via @leonmccarron - 萩市 @EnglishChris75 @tomsbiketrip @leonmccarron Good! Tom's sentiment rings true: nothing like the human interactions experienced from a saddle - 萩市 @RunBorisRun A park in South Korea, Chungju Dam I think - 萩市 @roundpeanut @CW1308 The one in question had a whopping FOUR sachets and apparently you're supposed to drain the water off. Revelatory - 廿日市市 A well written look at #Iran's debate over the Happy dancers. Rouhani has to be a force for good, if he can hang on - 高松市 I'd you've never watched a sumo wrestling match, I urge you to YouTube it. Superhumans. - 相生市 @_julietelliott We just cycled that a few days ago! Where you headed? - 相生市 @_julietelliott En route to Kyoto, then we fly to Vietnam from Osaka. How awesome is Japan for cycling?! Enjoy Tokyo - 相生市 @DaveJarm Tam does NOT look sober - 京都市 下京区, 26 @DaveJarm And are you wearing a KILT? Did @JarmanJewellery know? - 京都市 下京区, 26 A snapshot of life on a bike: - 京都市 下京区, 26 Dismayed that a large part of the UK appears to have lost its collective mind. UKIP? Seriously?? - 京都市 下京区, 26 @leehughes21 @NextChallenge Hopefully! We're en route to Oz and if flights are cheap enough, we'll visit NZ - 京都市 下京区, 26 @AndrewGills @NextChallenge We'll probably fly to Perth end of July & make our way to Melbourne, cycling/hitching - 京都市 下京区, 26 Goodbye Japan, you've been a blast. Bikes packed and on board, waiting for our flight to #Vietnam - 泉佐野市 waiting for connection at KL airport, cross fingers the bikes are OK - Labu, Sepang Intrigued by this product in Japan, but essentially cheese flavoured shortbread. Not a mate of mine. - Labu, Sepang @a_musing_moose I'll leave that one to you and @NextChallenge - Labu, Sepang @leehughes21 @NextChallenge Will do, thanks for the offer! Hope we can swing by - Viet Nam Are British people unadventurous? Travelodge study thinks so: - Viet Nam First banh mi: pate, four kinds of meat and salad. For 45p. Very happy about this. - Viet Nam Contrary to popular belief, the leader of the Viet Cong was not, in fact, King Kong #Vietnam #fb - Viet Nam Might be a delayed start out of Saigon: I have a cracked rear wheel & we both have broken cables on our handlebar bags. Epic bike fail #fb - Viet Nam @sandrider69 Thanks and you're right! At least we are in a city and there appears to be a decent bike shop within walking distance - Viet Nam Dragon fruit for less than 10p / kilo. After the prohibitively expensive fruit of Japan, #Vietnam is paradise - Viet Nam Surprisingly good to be back on the chaotic roads of the developing world. It's like an elaborate dance - no apparent rules, yet it works - Viet Nam Today we have a guest post from Everest climber, ocean rower, world cyclist and all-round overachiever, @CaptainKetch - Viet Nam Tonight we have eaten mouse and snake. Drew the line at duck foetus, do have some standards - Viet Nam Today we have been mainly fuelled by fresh coconut water, sugar cane juice and sticky rice #Vietnam - Viet Nam Walk across #Morecambe Bay this Sunday and raise money for the Roman Museum in #Ribchester #Lancashire (home!) #fb - Viet Nam Cycling 75km in 36 degree heat at 80% humidity is TIRING #fb - Viet Nam @OutdoorsMagic @TheRealBerghaus 76g!! That is amazing. Want one - Viet Nam @innocentdrinks Do you have something to do with these Buddha statues in a Japanese temple? - Cambodia Mmm ice cream. Oh no, wait, it's durian flavour. This stinkiest of fruits does not make for a good snack - Cambodia Angkor what? Definitely worth the hype. Despite the crowds, still felt like Indiana Jones - Cambodia @wingcottage Mine too! Loved Bayon, so eerie, even with the hordes of people - Cambodia 90km of cycling in 80% humidity at 38°C. I AM TIRED. #fb - Cambodia Made it to Thailand. So far, been given a free night in a hotel and a large bag of rambutan. Now to pedal hard to the beach, two days away - อ.พนมสารคาม, จ.ฉะเชิงเทรา One day in Bangkok. What should we do? #Bangkok #Thailand - Phra Nakhon, Bangkok We left the UK exactly 10 months ago and have just booked flights home. We're on our way back people - although not for another 6 months #fb - Phra Nakhon, Bangkok @Womens_Cycling Anything by Dervla Murphy, the hardest most brilliant female cyclist out there! - Phra Nakhon, Bangkok @CTC_Cyclists Reached Bangkok! (cycled here from London, circuitously) - Phra Nakhon, Bangkok Pulled over by police twice today: 1st for a photo; 2nd to be given sports drinks. Maybe they're not taking this military coup seriously? - Amphoe Mueang Samut Songkhram, Samut Songkhram On the last two nights, we've slept in a temple and on the beach. Tonight, it's a half built prison. Creepy. - Amphoe Thap Sakae, Prachuap Khiri Khan @NextChallenge That's GCSE Science dual award for you, Biology A*. - Amphoe Tha Sae, Chumphon Defeated by tiredness and the heat, stopped at lunchtime today. Staying in a cheap hotel at a road services, holed up watching films. BLISS - Amphoe Tha Sae, Chumphon Thoughts please! Over the last couple of weeks tons of my hair has been falling out. What might the cause be? Started very suddenly! - Amphoe Tha Sae, Chumphon @MikeyPocock I did wonder if we've just spent too much time together, in the way owners start looking like their dogs - Amphoe Tha Sae, Chumphon @a_musing_moose Interesting...and that gives me the perfect excuse to go find a steak. - Amphoe Tha Sae, Chumphon Open Letter to Ed Miliband from a School Boffin via @2nice4politics - อ.กระบุรี, จ.ระนอง @wanderlustmag @HMoat 'Going Up The Country' by Canned Heat. Love it. - อ.กระบุรี, จ.ระนอง Something we've thankfully never had to deal with on our bikes (yet): #cycling #lion #adventure - อ.เมืองพังงา, จ.พังงา @fatmancycles Intrigued...where you starting from? And have you seen the £1000 adventure project which @Al_Humphreys is running? - อ.เมืองพังงา, จ.พังงา Just discovered this fantastic set of resources about #cycling in #Australia from @CycleTraveller. Great website! - อ.เมืองพังงา, จ.พังงา SW Thailand is hilly but beautiful. Tough couple of days cycling, fuelled by pad thai - อ.เมืองพังงา, จ.พังงา Don't cultivate a 'bicycle face' and other advice for female cyclists in 1895 #cycling #women #fb - อ.เมืองกระบี่, จ.กระบี่ @sallyhinch @RachelAldred What about @emilychappell ? - อ.เมืองกระบี่, จ.กระบี่ Two words sum up our life on the bike this week: Saddle Sore. Ouch. #cycling #saddlesore #humidity - อ.ทุ่งหว้า, จ.สตูล Win a free fully loaded touring bike from @tomsbiketrip - plan your summer holiday now! - อ.ทุ่งหว้า, จ.สตูล @leonmccarron Was it in Malaysia that you punched a tarantula? We were laughing about it today as we crossed the border - Bandar Alor Star, Kota Setar Looking forward to starting @leonmccarron 's new book tonight. Buy it now & get a free film too: #cycling #adventure - Bandar Alor Star, Kota Setar Distracted by monkeys playing on telegraph wires overhead, I almost ran over a scorpion as big as my foot. Lots of wildlife in #Malaysia - Bandar Alor Star, Kota Setar Back in a Muslim country; back to absurd levels of generosity. Definitely the most hospitable religion - Bandar Alor Star, Kota Setar 'I just don't think I'm cut out for adventure travel and cycling' says @NextChallenge, eleven months into a round the world bike trip #fb - Bandar Alor Star, Kota Setar With Froome's crash apparently caused by a spectator trying to take a photo, time to rethink #TDF crowd management? Or just ban idiots? - Bandar Alor Star, Kota Setar In McDonalds watching the World Cup (well Tim is). It's 5am. What has gone wrong. - Padang Enggang, Kota Bharu 'I don't know why people criticise Lance Armstrong for winning the #TDF when on drugs. When I'm on drugs I can't even find my bike' #JOKE - Padang Enggang, Kota Bharu Was the dead parrot sketch inspired by the Sale of Goods Act? Did you know Wonder Woman was a lawyer? via @profsinlaw - Kampung Raja, Besut @NextChallenge We had a lovely day! - Kampung Raja, Besut I love my bike #fb - Kampung Raja, Besut @Prasaderande Please do add your details to the database of long distance cycle journeys! - Kampung Raja, Besut @Pedal_Planet Hi Breifne once you finish, please add your details to the database of long distance cycle journeys! - Kampung Raja, Besut @thedetroiter Hi Fran, once you finish, please do add your journey to the database of long distance cycle journeys! - Kampung Raja, Besut @backonmybike Thanks for the retweet Suzanne! - Rusila, Marang @backonmybike our tweets crossed...happy cycling yourself! - Rusila, Marang Interested in #expedition & #adventure? Check out these resources, built on a decade of @NextChallenge 's experience: - Rusila, Marang Are you interested in #camping, #adventure and #outdoors? Need a bivi bag? Look no further than this ultimate guide: - Rusila, Marang Cycling through a Muslim country during Ramadan means very limited daytime food options #supersizeme - Kertih, Kemaman @StarlightML We usually aim for that but unfortunately we're not always in a town with a Chinese place at lunchtime! Lovely country though - Cukai, Kemaman Climb unclimbed mountains in your two week summer holiday for just £1000: via @NextChallenge - Cukai, Kemaman Bikes & printing presses: an interesting project looking for a tiny bit more funding. Details: @nickhand - Perak, Temerloh Today's road kill count: a thigh-thick, 2m python; a large black cobra and a monkey. Plus several smaller snakes and monitor lizards - Perak, Temerloh One more day of cycling in Malaysia and then Australia, here we come! - Bentong, Bentong Sad news about Ron McGerity, cycling touring legend killed in Russia #cycling #cycletouring #bikepacking - Setapak, Kuala Lumpur Selamat Hari Raya / Eid Mubarak for all those celebrating today - Setapak, Kuala Lumpur Stopped by security as we wheeled our bikes into the airport. Explained we were flying with them. 'No bikes'. Result: Benny Hill-style chase - Labu, Sepang How about a wild swimming #microadventure for July? Let @TheRealBerghaus know what you get up to by commenting here: - Adelaide Try a swimming #microadventure this summer. Here are some tips to get started: - Adelaide @AndrewGills @NextChallenge Enjoy the ride Andrew! Lovely to meet you and talk bikes, we'll be looking out for the killer Aussie magpies - Adelaide @AndrewGills @NextChallenge We guessed it might be yours, but we have stuck it on other touring bikes we've seen, as they're not so common! - Adelaide Cheese for sale everywhere! People calling each other mate! Kangaroos in the street! At least two out of three ain't bad #Australia - Adelaide @cot188 love the cheese, just still looking for the kangaroos - Adelaide @theDaveB I'll try. I'm currently embracing the Aussie thing of adding 'oh' to the end of everything: veg-oh, bottle-oh, Steve-oh - Adelaide @pikesonbikes The risk is suffocation in the tent may be too high a price - Mount Gambier @mrstevious @NextChallenge We've read that drawing eyes on the back of your helmet works. Sceptical but willing to try - Mount Gambier @Lizzie_Bates @emersnoodle Good luck with the Edinburgh shows you two, wish we could see them! - Mount Gambier @emersnoodle I know! It's gone so fast. Good to be in Oz x - Mount Gambier @cheneymark @NextChallenge Thanks Mark! Feels good to be here - Melbourne, Victoria @PPlatinni Thanks for the recommendation, looks interesting and I'll see if it's something we could use - Melbourne, Victoria Mission accomplished. We reached Melbourne this afternoon, having cycled just under 10,000 miles in just under a year to get here. Boom. - Melbourne, Victoria First bike ride in 3 weeks. Happily, haven't forgotten how to ride, but now have a rather sore bum - Melbourne, Victoria Melbourne has an event called 'Tits 'n' Schnitz'. You guessed it, topless ladies serving you chicken schnitzel #fb - Melbourne, Victoria This guy is doing an incredible challenge, running JOGLE, 40 marathons in 40 days. Stayed with my folks in Lancs. Follow @dave404040 - Melbourne, Victoria Happy birthday to @NextChallenge today. We're celebrating with a 2km swim - Melbourne, Victoria Went to see #Boyhood. Very ambitious film and very good, highly recommended - Melbourne, Victoria If Scotland votes yes, we are all... #ScotlandStayWithUs #weloveyouscotland #ScottishReferendum #VoteNo - Melbourne, Victoria @121Degs Afraid not. All 200 cyclists asked had done trip of 10,000km+ so perhaps a biased sample - shorter trips might not merit expense? - Melbourne, Victoria @121Degs Not seen those, will have to look them up! - Melbourne, Victoria Excellent comic which sums up exactly why I like exercising (5 & 6 in particular) - Melbourne, Victoria @a_musing_moose @NextChallenge Thank you for having us, brilliant four weeks of fun!! - Porirua City Can't. Stop. Eating. Tim Tams. As my sister-in-law says, they're basically the crack of the biscuit world - Porirua City In Wellington, which feels more like an overgrown fishing village than a capital city. Bloody windy. #NewZealand - Wellington City @TheStatsGeek it was meant as a compliment! - Wellington City @sandrider69 So are we, once the bum gets used to being back on the bike! - Porirua City Tomorrow we set off across the north island. First cycling in over four weeks so expecting to be a tad saddlesore #ouch #NewZealand - Porirua City @Julian_Sayarer is cycling the UK on £7.65/day for #LivingWage. Sounds like an interesting project and one to watch - Porirua City Such an honour to be part of the cycle touring community. As tonight's impromptu host said, 'We cyclists help each other out'. #cyclistsrule - Kapiti Coast District Scotland. Thank you. You are ace. - Rangitikei District @AndreasMoser007 All of Scotland is ace. Even the deep fried Mars bar bits - Rangitikei District Sad the Scottish result deprives us of fun constitutional experiment, but v.happy that England won't be stuck with eternal Tory government - Rangitikei District Woke up in a snow covered tent with news that our road ahead was closed. Welcome to spring in New Zealand. - Taupo District Interviewed by national news about the snow. All in a day's work for the intrepid cycle tourist, wearing sandals and plastic bags for shoes - Taupo District And here is that exclusive interview we did with New Zealand's One News: - Taupo District Very grateful for our ace waterproofs from @TheRealBerghaus today on the Desert Road, as shown on national NZ telly: - Taupo District Today the sun shone as we pedalled along the shores of Lake Taupo with snow covered volcanoes in the distance. Stunner of a day - Taupo District @James_Borrell I was too late...101. Well done, it looks ace! - Taupo District @James_Borrell You could say that. Happily it's now beautiful sunshine - Taupo District Thermal river plus glacial stream = perfect bathing spot. Another great day on Tim & Laura's Most Excellent Adventure #cycling #NewZealand - Taupo District Made it to Auckland after a lovely few days cycling from Wellington #newzealand #travel - Auckland City @Re_Ferg @NextChallenge Love the geography teacher massive - Auckland City We love #cycling in @KEEN sandals but surprise snow in #NewZealand called for desperate modifications #worldtour - Auckland City @OnixFounder Who cares. I'd much prefer a leader who occasionally looks awkward on camera instead of one who is overly obsessed about image - Del Rio, TX Still pouring down here in #Texas. We'll leave it for a couple of hours then decide what to do, pretty much uncyclable at the moment - Del Rio, TX @audibleuk Really impressed with your customer service. The online chat facility and prompt response to emails is excellent, thank you - Del Rio, TX A hurricane in Mexico appears to be the cause of the bad weather in Texas. Apocalyptic downpours continue, as we shelter in a motel room - Del Rio, TX @DaveCorn Melon makes me happy - Del Rio, TX @NextChallenge told my Mum we'll be going through Austin Tx, home of Lance Armstrong. 'Oh yes, the first man on the moon' was her response - Del Rio, TX @spoke_LDN @EveningStandard I wish it was the case! I was rebuked as lawyer for turning up to a client meeting by bicycle, in cycling gear. - Del Rio, TX @NoHangingAround Congratulations and good luck with settling back in to normal life! - Del Rio, TX @SoTier2014 @BiketheUSforMS Well done guys! We're following in your footsteps, stopped by a storm in Del Rio at the moment - Del Rio, TX Walmart with three aisles devoted to hunting gear and guns. We're not in England anymore #Texas #USA - Del Rio, TX Two rest days: we get through 1/4 family sized pumpkin pie. One morning of cycling: we get through the rest of it, just before lunch - Texas, US Texas Hill Country - does exactly what it says on the tin. At least it's beautiful scenery to distract from the thigh burn - Kerrville, TX @Calder_Chaplain Looks nice but perhaps not quite as warm as here. And fewer armadillos - Kerrville, TX Footsteps, grunting and digging noises outside the tent: curious wild hogs of Texas - Kerrville, TX You know it's going to be a good host when bikes are hung on the walls as ornaments and chamois butter is in the bowl of bathroom toiletries - Austin, TX @BejasBistro Just passing through I'm afraid, just reached Austin - Austin, TX @mrstevious Nope, he was hiding under the sleeping bag being scared - Austin, TX Arrived in #Austin #Texas. Famous for live music and food trucks. Any recommendations? - Austin, TX @pedalprescotts Did you guys stay with Ethem Tolga on the Black Sea coast? Think I saw him post photos on Facebook - he hosted us too! - Austin, TX @pedalprescotts Good luck and stay warm as winter draws in. Are you heading through Georgia/Armenia/Iran? - Austin, TX @pedalprescotts No worries, can always email me at if easier - Austin, TX Is this a type of scorpion or something else? Either way, we chose not to get too close #Texas #USA #animal - Austin, TX @RobOnABike Thanks! Wow I love Twitter for this stuff - Austin, TX @RobOnABike Well the world needs people like you - Austin, TX @Kims_Butler Glad you liked it Darren - Austin, TX America really can do burgers. Seriously. Juicy, just fatty enough, great pickles and MASSIVE #Austin #Texas #USA - Austin, TX As we enter our last month of cycling, we look at some of the things we'll miss from our 16 months on the road: - Austin, TX As in Melbourne and east London, @NextChallenge and The Beard fit right in with the hipster crowd of #Austin #fb - Austin, TX An unspoken fact about #cycletouring is how precious a good plastic bag becomes. We're still hoarding strong ones from the day we left home - Smithville, TX @AndrewGills @NextChallenge I honestly thought u meant kiss: a lovely image of you smooching the screen every time you read us. Disappointed - Smithville, TX Feet like blocks of ice all day, but still managed to do our second longest day so far. Now to collapse in a warm heap - Houston, TX It's that time again...Cold Water #Swimming Championships at Tooting Lido #London. Brilliantly fun event. Enter here: - Houston, TX The only thing that dug me out of today's headwind-induced black hole of misery was eating an entire packet of astrobelts #sugaraddict - Beaumont, TX Entering alligator territory: spending large parts of each day planning defense strategies if one attacks as we cycle past #louisiana - Port Arthur, TX Today is the day we finally leave Texas, after almost 1,000 miles of cycling - Port Arthur, TX Walked into the gas station cafe, 20 pairs of eyes swivelled to look at us. All men, all wearing hunting gear. Just a *little* intimidating - Louisiana, US @Kims_Butler Thanks, this one is all down to @NextChallenge - Louisiana, US If you're Christmas shopping online, please consider using our affiliate links. Costs you nothing & helps us out: Thx - Louisiana, US Louisiana wins the award for the crappiest driving in the world, based on 20,000km cycling experience through four continents - Bayou Blue, LA After 2,000 miles in six weeks with just four rest days, very glad to have a weekend off in New Orleans #cycling - New Orleans, LA New Orleans. OMG. There are no words. - New Orleans, LA At any one point in time, 70% of the population of New Orleans is wasted #USA #PartyHard #NewOrleans #PoBoyFest #Louisiana - New Orleans, LA We feature in The Telegraph for the first time and I'm talking about farts: - New Orleans, LA You can follow our progress as we cycle across the world on our map. Now in New Orleans! - New Orleans, LA Celebrated Thanksgiving with a gas station hot dog - I believe it's what the Pilgrims did. Happy thanksgiving y'all #fb - Alabama, US @hitmania Slow day at the office Leon? ;-) - Alabama, US One of those days where I just don't wanna cycle. Thankfully they're very rare, and like today, usually attributed to a headwind - Alabama, US @ScottJurek @Al_Humphreys Love this book, makes me want to get out there and get running right now - Alabama, US There are four main four groups in this part of the USA: carbohydrate, protein, fat and batter - Pensacola, FL We could tell it was a dangerous road because of the proliferation of billboards advertising personal injury lawyers #cycling #usa - Pensacola, FL My #BAM bamboo socks have lasted an impressive 20,000km of cycling, but I think its finally time to say goodbye - Pensacola, FL Camp Gulf, Destin wanted to charge us a staggering $66+tax to camp. That's an expensive piece of grass for a tiny tent for sub 12 hours! - Florida, US Looking for a slightly different #gift for someone who likes #adventure #travel ? Ideas here: - Parker, FL Three items from @OrtliebUSA make it onto our list of #adventure #gift ideas, we love their stuff @lyonequipment - Parker, FL @nuunhydration makes it onto our #Christmas #gift list for #adventurers. Hydrate or die! - Parker, FL We reckon a saddle from @brooksengland would be a perfect #Christmas #gift for a #cycling #adventurer : - Parker, FL @SteriPEN makes it on to our list of #gift ideas for people who love #adventure and #outdoors. We love ours! - Parker, FL A hammock from @hennessyhammock makes it onto our #adventure #travel #gift list: everyone we meet who owns one raves about it - Parker, FL We think that @Opinel knives are the best out there for #adventure #travel and #outdoor fun: - Parker, FL Anyone into #adventure and #outdoors would love a @GoPro video camera for #Christmas. They feature on our #gift list: - Parker, FL Get cold feet when #cycling? Waterproof socks from @sealskinz will fix it, and feature on our #Christmas #gift list: - Parker, FL @dpm67 Bouldering bag instead of a regular handlebar bag? - Parker, FL Wool, final time zone! Now in eastern time. 400ish miles to go - Florida, US Clean clothes for the first time in over a week. Today is starting well - Florida, US @a_musing_moose @NextChallenge I'd like to remind you guys that we are supporting a DIABETES charity with this ride... - Florida, US Had to bear-proof our panniers and tent last night, we were warned several times that they just love the nearby Dollar General dumpster - Florida, US I play a game called 'Alligator or Bear' in Florida. 'What's that rustling noise outside the tent, alligator or bear?'. Sleeping well #fb - Florida, US An excellent interview by @NextChallenge on how anyone can have an adventure & why it doesn't need to be expensive:" - Perry, FL Three miles from the Atlantic Ocean. So close now. #cycling #USA #crosscountry - Holly Hill, FL @pikesonbikes @NextChallenge Nope, hoping it'll be my Christmas present - North West, England Enjoyed a walk through muddy fields for the first time in months with no fear of alligators, snakes or bears - just an excitable labrador - North West, England @wingcottage Thanks Catherine! Great (but surreal) to be home x - North West, England @2wheels1beard Thank you! It was a brilliantly epic adventure - North West, England Merry Christmas to all celebrating. After almost 1.5 years away, lovely to be with family and friends this year - North West, England Great to meet everyone @Pedalling_Ideas where I was speaking for @adventuresynd, incl @HartleyCycles @24Tom @jetmcdonald - Guiseley, England @VeloSister glad to hear it and thanks for the kind words, I just wish I could have been there for the whole weekend - Leeds, England @Pedalling_Ideas @adventuresynd glad you enjoyed it! - Leeds, England @TheSocBiz @beztweets @THINKgovuk Yep, same here. Seen two accidents this year on Kirkstall Rd in Leeds where that exact thing happened - Leeds, England Enjoyed @letouryorkshire promo film at the @Aagrahgroup Dinner last night, but how about featuring more women @GaryVerity? @adventuresynd - Leeds, England @GaryVerity hardly any! Great film though, hope it helps us get the World Champs - Leeds, England @grahammynott hope to catch up with you after the last session! - York, England @lilacleeds is a great example of homes being de-linked from the speculative property market. But you already know… - York, England Can you spare £100 to show your support for community led housing in Leeds? - Yorkshire and The Humber, England Another event in collaboration with @adventuresynd aimed at getting more women on bikes, and pushing women's bike-b… - Scotland, United Kingdom @banndit78 stunning! We certainly didn't have weather like that today - definitely need to come back - Scotland, United Kingdom Can't beat an airy ridge walk, even if the weather is a bit iffy #exploremore #getoutside #mountainsmatter… - Scotland, United Kingdom We are privileged to have access to these places. Eerie, beautiful end to today's walk as the moon rose over the ri… - Scotland, United Kingdom @banndit78 what is the name of the mountain in the 2nd photo? Is it B Etive Beagh? What a beauty - Scotland, United Kingdom Pap of Glen Coe: possibly the perfect small mountain #scotland #viewfromthetop #gethigh - Scotland, United Kingdom @sandrider69 it was my first time up, and it was fab! Although seeing the Mamores from the top made me itch to get over there next time... - Guiseley, England Proud that @adventuresynd managed 2 separate @NorthCoast500 rides this year, helping support the economy of this aw… - Guiseley, England @barecoffee Hi Stuart. Good to meet you last week, but I neglected to take our email address! Could you DM it to me, please? Thanks - Leeds, England Trying to get your community led housing project off the ground? Useful list of funding pots here #cohousing… - Leeds, England Watch this stunning new short #film by @tom_r_allen about his ambitious #transcaucasian #expedition in the Caucasus: - North West, England This view stopped us in our tracks as we topped out. Incredible view over the Langdales as the stars started appear… - Guiseley, England Happy new year! These are apparently our #2016bestnine photos. Good to be reminded of the high points, despite the… - Guiseley, England I love this story. Aged 105, he cycled 14 miles round a velodrome in an hour. Something to aspire to #cycling - Yorkshire and The Humber, England @banndit78 mine too... inspiring and a little depressing - Leeds, England This idea has so much potential...talked about creating cycling version via @CycleTourFest & I'd love one in Leeds… - Leeds, England @JanetAth @adventuresynd @CycleTourFest pity but excellent excuse! - Guiseley, England Brilliant news from my friend @filmbenwilliams, director of The Pass, who I worked with as a sabbatical officer… - Leeds, England Today was a muddy day. Massive grins despite the conditions #lovemud #mtb #getoutside #peakdistrict - Guiseley, England Thrilled to receive custom spice mix from @UnchartedSpice for Christmas. Smoky garlic chicken salad, perfect post-r… - Leeds, England @NextChallenge this is what I was talking about... - Leeds, England Needed to visit Skipton to try on boots for upcoming expedition. Walking there was a handy training opportunity… - Guiseley, England Woo hoo well done @emilychappell and @adventuresynd !! - Guiseley, England Cycle, the @WeAreCyclingUK magazine, has Women on Tour article this month feat.@CycleTourFest @adventuresynd… - Guiseley, England Great customer service from @LezyneUK who replaced my faulty bike light within just a couple of days. Thanks guys. - Guiseley, England Interesting essay about the experience of growing up in a cohousing community #cohousing #intentionalcommunity - Guiseley, England @hanlon_l Not my five year old, and not NC500! Hopefully the article explains! - Guiseley, England Congratulations @Yorspace, I'm looking forward to watching what happens next! - Guiseley, England Just a normal Sunday dragging tyres round the woods #training #baikal - Guiseley, England @LeedsCommHomes The next stage is to write one! - Leeds, England Congratulations @LeedsCommHomes who reached their £360k target last night to build #peoplepoweredhomes.… - Guiseley, England Cycling to work has its rewards: saw a kingfisher this morning on the Leeds to Liverpool canal #lovemycommute - Leeds, England Cracking afternoon running over the moors in the sunshine #ilkley #yorkshire - Guiseley, England Switched to dragging tyres in the dark, to reduce the questions from the neighbours - Leeds, England Tonight's training for frozen Siberia consists of learning the words to Let It Go #coldneverbotheredmeanyway - Guiseley, England Sounds like this was a fabulous week of cycling with @adventuresynd - Leeds, England Somewhat epic weekend in the Lakes #fairfield #kentmere - Guiseley, England Spring is on the way...#hetton #yorkshiredales #daleshighway - Guiseley, England @sylvie_nunn @Distinctboxes love it! - Islington, London Absolutely brilliant achievement #thisgirlcan - East Ham, London Yep it sure is. See you there. - Eastleigh, England Looking forward to hearing @leecraigie_ and @DaveCorn in Leeds next week #Kendal #adventure #mountain - Leeds, England Love this, athletes come in all shapes and sizes #thisgirlcan - Yorkshire and The Humber, England Love our new @sorelfootwear boots so much we're wearing them as slippers while researching Siberian weather. Thanks… - Guiseley, England Brief break from Siberia training to play out on bikes @GenesisBikesUK #getoutside #lovemud #otleychevin #mtb… - Guiseley, England The indomitable @leecraigie_ talking about @HT_550 & @adventuresynd at #kendaltour - Leeds, England This short video from @leecraigie_ and @sustrans just makes me desperate to escape on a bike and head to Scotland r… - Yorkshire and The Humber, England The sun is shining & I'm off to Oxford for @BrokenSpokeCoop @adventuresynd #WomenAndBikes event to talk about… - South East, England @NextChallenge recognise this story? - Oxford, England The room is packed and theres a fantastic buzz at the Women & Bikes Festival #WAB2017 - Oxford, England 'On long bike races, get 2 pizzas & turn them into a sandwich'. @emilychappell's (nutritional?) advice on maximising calorie intake #WAB2017 - Oxford, England @TheOmnisis @emilychappell between the two pizzas? Oh no. No, no, no - Oxford, England @NextChallenge Albeit it one use only... - Oxford, England Watch out Scotland, @adventuresynd members are coordinating diaries and hatching plans for a future trip - Oxford, England @leecraigie_ @kubikinspace @IslaRowntree @adventuresynd Cycling, swimming, packrafts, Scottish islands, distilleries. Nothing could go wrong - Oxford, England Family cycling with @Maryam_Amatul @IslaRowntree @KarenGee3 Josie Dew & @CargoBikeGirl. - Oxford, England Anyone familiar with the bothies of northern England, in the triangle between Lakes/Dales/Kielder? - Yorkshire and The Humber, England Same here, me and @NextChallenge will be there - Leeds, England Got home, forgot I was clipped in on my road bike, tried to dismount, @NextChallenge opened the door to crying bloo… - Guiseley, England @CyclingEurope @WstonesLeeds @Summersdale We'll try and be there! - Guiseley, England Checking for Scots on Hadrian's Wall. A vision of our post-Brexit future? - Yorkshire and The Humber, England Sarah Galvin @PHASENepal might be able to help - Leeds, England @KatiesCuppas @KatiesCuppasTea Will you be open tomorrow morning? 20 @adventuresynd women cycling thru the Dales excited to pay you a visit - Yorkshire and The Humber, England Beautiful spot on the Wharfedale for a post-ride swim. You missed out @emilychappell @leecraigie_ @HannahMReynolds - Guiseley, England Thanks for joining us! - Guiseley, England @wphilipwilliams Look where we got to! We took this just for you. You need to go, best cafe in the Dales. - Guiseley, England 'Show us your victory pose' went the cry. And we both did. #cyclingwomen #womenonbikes - Leeds, England Women & cycling special on @BBCWomansHour next Monday. One for all the women cycling with @adventuresynd in the Yorkshire Dales this weekend - Leeds, England Brilliant infographic: 'The emotional journey of creating anything great' (this is going up on my desk) - Leeds, England Alice from @McNeilsonWheels is an expert! - Leeds, England One day left to nominate the most inspiring person you know for the #happylist2017 from @indepedent - Leeds, England Learn how to build wheels with @GhyllsideCycles at this year's festival (prior booking required, see link for detai… - Leeds, England It's such a good book, isn't it! - Guiseley, England Over estimating my hunger after a day on the bike, faced with a yellow label bonanza at M&S, and a long train journ… - Leeds, England Powerful call to action on road safety from @BrokenSpokeCoop in light of the death of a loved member when cycling: - Leeds, England As part of @edfoc on Sunday 11 June I'll be speaking with @NextChallenge about Exploration by Bike @RoyalScotGeoSoc… - Yorkshire and The Humber, England And raising money for @SRWheatfields which does hugely important work in the county #YSOH - Leeds, England Deserts, polar trips, ultramarathons, epic swims, cycling the world: yep this project strikes a chord with me. Chec… - Stevenage, East The good people of @UnchartedSpice want us to jazz up our breakfast times. I'm in #pimpmyporridge - East, England @leecraigie_ @BeddersSarah A boobie bird? - Leeds, England I've never seen @NextChallenge so excited. Planning his talks on the perfect camping stove for @CycleTourFest and… - Guiseley, England A pictorial representation of how far I'll be riding tomorrow on the Yorkshire #TAS100. Who else is doing a century… - Leeds, England @Ju_Pope Great idea!! Have a good day #TAS100 - Leeds, England @leecraigie_ @IslaRowntree @JamesPRobertson And I thought we were original thinkers! - Leeds, England SUCCESS: up at 6am ready for the #TAS100. FAIL: staying out at a party until 1am last night. SUCCESS: not jumping in the canal at the party. - Guiseley, England And we're off! 14 of us riding a century through Yorkshire with @adventuresynd @WeAreCyclingUK #TAS100 - Leeds, England Superb day cycling 105 miles through Yorkshire. Despite prior worries, everyone completed the distance… - Guiseley, England Nice article by @yorkshirepost on the growth of #cohousing in #Yorkshire - Leeds, England You too can look as good as this. Or better, you might even look better. - Guiseley, England I checked this route out on Wednesday and it's ace. Largely off road with nice views. I'm doing it on Sunday, see y… - Leeds, England @lindabarlow101 Sure that counts! And it's a compliment - love how dedicated you are, ambassador for the sector!! - Guiseley, England We Bought A Yazoo #GiveAMovieADrink - Guiseley, England Taking my teenage niece on her first overnight cycle trip today. A fitting end @WeAreCyclingUK 's #WFOC2017 - North West, England Off to the Lake District with my niece for an overnight bicycle adventure #WFOC2017 - Preston, England My superstar niece cycled almost 30 miles this weekend. Camping, wild swimming, sunshine, fish & chips - pretty per… - East, England As usual, 35 miles into a ride and all I can think of is cheese. - Thirsk, England This is the photo story of what happened when me & @NextChallenge spent a week walking across frozen Lake Baikal. V… - Guiseley, England Impulsively signed up for a half iron man (woman?). Crikey. - Leeds, England CARBON or ALLOY?? #cycling #bikechat - Yorkshire and The Humber, England @lateraltruth Yes a couple of years ago. @WhaleboneFilms were there last year too. Incredible place and roads were fine, from memory. - Scotland, United Kingdom Pitching on the dock of the bay #Islay - Port Askaig, Scotland Come on @Wrigleys_Law let's pledge! - Glasgow, Scotland Lancashire. It's raining, obv. - North West, England Really love the fact @MartinPorter6 does this work. Martin, if you want help, I'm yours (enthusiastic cyclist, enth… - York, England Nice shot of @leecraigie_ - Leeds, England @leecraigie_ @cinemor77 Yes do email me please! Sounds brilliant - North West, England Figures in the mist over Buttermere - Guiseley, England Particularly shocking that the income of the main cyclists' lobbying organisation, @WeAreCyclingUK, is just £5m pa.… - Atherton, England Anyone know who makes these (or the knickerbockers)? @adventuresynd @leecraigie_ @LiveLoveFindra - Guiseley, England Honoured to feature in the first ever podcast from @CyclingEurope, talking about @CycleTourFest and @adventuresynd.… - Guiseley, England Don't shop hungry. This is a weird lunch: pickled eggs and chocolate rice cakes. - Manchester, England Bristol set to lose one of its best venues, sad news - Guiseley, England #communityled housing events coming up: - Yorkshire and The Humber, England If you're organising an expedition or fieldwork, don't miss @RGS_IBG Explore - Ambleside on 7 Oct or London in Nov - East Midlands, England Contents of my Nic Nac Pac: multi tool, cable ties, chain links, credit card, Nutella. 4 days left of crowdfunding:… - Leeds, England I can't take the credit, it was @NextChallenge (and glad you agree, me too!) - Leeds, England I'm caked in mud while @NextChallenge remains pristine. Same every ride #timisaprincess #imightbeahippo - North West, England I just backed London2London: Via the World - by @SarahOuten 18 days left to pledge, do it today! - Guiseley, England What did I learn from #Explore2017? Reaffirmed my commitment to use less plastic; inspired me to row an ocean. Just need a boat & sea skills - Doncaster, England @ThirdSectorLab @EShackleton worth a look? - Manchester, England Land Fund in Scotland has £10 million pa to help communities buy land & assets. Per head of population, it dwarfs the Community Housing Fund - Leeds, England Access to, and ownership of, land is a human right - for both private land owners and communities @CommunityLandSc #CommunityOwnership - Leeds, England Peter Peacock of @CommunityLandSc has reaffirmed my ambition to be Scottish - fascinating look at land reform enabling #CommunityOwnership - Leeds, England Holiday time. Hurray. - Wakefield, England Fantastic day at the first national #communityledhousing conference. Lots of energy & positivity about the future o… - East, England Suggestion: could @BBCTheArchers introduce an Ambridge CLT to follow the community shop? #CLHC2017 @CommLedHousing - Balsall Common, England @OtleyCLT @RayGeorgesonL @markcwalton It was an excellent event, we've got a lot to learn from Scotland about #communityownership - Solihull, England Otley CLT has its official launch next week. Come along to get involved: Tuesday 5 December 7.30pm Clitherow House @OtleyCLT @Otley_Lido - Guiseley, England We're holding a launch event for @OtleyCLT next Tuesday, exploring options for community ownership in Yorkshire. Pl… - Guiseley, England Hurray for sensible police forces who support safe cycling initiatives, and correct those who are misinformed. Than… - East Midlands, England Can anyone help with cheap space in East London for the brilliant @LDNBikeKitchen who are to be evicted from their… - Manchester, England @GhyllsideCycles @NextChallenge Who's that?? - Islington, London @jessphillips for PM. A politician who had an actual job before becoming a politician, talks sense and knows her stuff #Peston - Camden Town, London @wphilipwilliams Did you see this last year? 2,600 people invested in @glenwyvis, Scotland's first community owned… - Guiseley, England Snow on my commute home. Cold, muddy and wet. But still beats a sweaty commuter train #lovemycommute #cycling - Guiseley, England Exciting afternoon riding fat bikes around the Hope Valley - hired from the excellent @AdventurePedlar - Salford, England This looks delicious. - Leeds, England Speaking to local Labour party tonight about #communityledhousing &the fantastic work of @community_land @UKCohousing @LeedsCommHomes & more - Guiseley, England @yearinthesaddle @NextChallenge Greece would be much warmer water! - Guiseley, England Excellent article, especially as I've just hauled my size 12/14 body on a run round the park #LoveYourBody - Guiseley, England #MakeAFilmLessInteresting The Lamb Shank Redemption - Yorkshire and The Humber, England Oh @SarahOuten thank you. Blogs like this are so important. Everyone is human #MentalHealthMatters - Guiseley, England Considering cycling the Pennine Bridleway this year. Anyone done it? - Leeds, England Picked up a sample of @Soulmatefood at the @NuffieldHealth gym @thelightleeds. Hope they start stocking it, I'd buy (feedback as requested) - Leeds, England One of the best things @adventuresynd has done so far (and we've done a lot of great stuff). 4 teenage girls riding… - Guiseley, England Unbelievably proud of what these girls achieved this weekend. Proof that teenage girls can, in fact, do anything. W… - Guiseley, England This was Yorkshire today #brrr #chillyday #hiking #YorkshireDales - Guiseley, England This is always a great evening if you're free tonight. Unfortunately I can't make it this time, but will hopefully… - Leeds, England Planning an adventure. Recognise this archipelago? (applying for @NextChallenge grant, deadline 31 January, even th… - Leeds, England What has Dervla Murphy learned from travel? 'Most people are helpful and trustworthy...are generally good'. Yes! - Leeds, England So do we @alexsobel , thanks for your support for @OtleyCLT so far - Leeds, England Nice piece about how post adventure blues hit in unexpected ways - and how they never last forever. Winner of the 1… - Guiseley, England Fantastic post @libbykerr4 @Lisa_Trollope @bogbeauties about breaking the female record for completing the Munroes - Leeds, England Great to see all these new CLTs up & active around the country - can't wait to see what projects develop! @BaHCLT… - Yorkshire and The Humber, England Beautiful afternoon exploring quiet tracks - then missed the last bus home and had to walk home down the mountain i… - Seefeld in Tirol, Österreich @LeedsCommHomes @1010 Yes...but if one of those was built in Leeds I'd be the first in line. - Seefeld in Tirol, Österreich Reason #1568 why I love being part of The Adventure Syndicate. We show just how strong women can be, whatever else… - Seefeld in Tirol, Österreich Apres-ski skiing on floodlit loipes - Seefeld in Tirol, Österreich We've written this to help community land trusts and other groups who would find these rights useful #thinklocal - Seefeld in Tirol, Österreich Running the London Underground lines was my foray into ultradistance running. I had no wish to do more until now: - Guiseley, England We've just released this 5 min video about our world cycle. Makes me very nostalgic (despite my dancing): - Guiseley, England Good luck to @BrayshawTim currently running in the Marathon des Sables #MDS2018 @marathonDsables - Leeds, England Podcast featuring @NextChallenge (with background noise provided by @Saltaire_Park) - Leeds, England Inspired by the recent report by @resfoundation in this article I look at how #communityledhousing could help young… - Leeds, England Schools are matching the miles ridden by our girls as they head south through Europe. @LarbertHigh is currently sma… - Guiseley, England At #LeedsSoup: a community microfunding project. 4 #SocEnt ideas are pitched, audience eats, votes & the winner tak… - Leeds, England Super evening @leeds_soup. The winner - Life Experiences - utterly deserving. Are they on Twitter or elsewhere onli… - Leeds, England @Al_Humphreys @NextChallenge It's called 'Pie charts, or how to take the romance out of wild camping'. - Guiseley, England Coinciding with #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek - DfE guidance on supporting mental health in schools and colleges has b… - Leeds, England Indeed he is - @CyclingEurope is perennially popular! - Yorkshire and The Humber, England 9pm the night before we disappear for two weeks on our bikes. Just starting to pack. Chances are high we'll forget something - but what? - Guiseley, England Broken Spoke are a fantastic bike co-op in Oxford. They're moving to new premises but NEED YOUR HELP. Check out the… - Thisted, Danmark Good luck to those starting @HT_550 today, may the wind be at your back and midges manageable @leecraigie_ @jennygrahamis @AdventurePedlar - Thisted, Danmark Supposed to be riding up the Danish coast but got distracted by dot watching in a cafe and two hours have gone by.… - Jammerbugt, Danmark Unbelievable riding going on in Scotland on @HT_550. Go go go @leecraigie_ - Hjørring, Danmark

Apres-ski skiing on floodlit loipes This was Yorkshire today #brrr #chillyday #hiking #YorkshireDales I'm caked in mud while @NextChallenge remains pristine. Same every ride #timisaprincess #imightbeahippo Don't shop hungry. This is a weird lunch: pickled eggs and chocolate rice cakes. Anyone know who makes these (or the knickerbockers)? @adventuresynd @leecraigie_ @LiveLoveFindra Figures in the mist over Buttermere Pitching on the dock of the bay #Islay Off to the Lake District with my niece for an overnight bicycle adventure #WFOC2017 'Show us your victory pose' went the cry. And we both did. #cyclingwomen #womenonbikes @wphilipwilliams Look where we got to! We took this just for you. You need to go, best cafe in the Dales. Beautiful spot on the Wharfedale for a post-ride swim. You missed out @emilychappell @leecraigie_ @HannahMReynolds Checking for Scots on Hadrian's Wall. A vision of our post-Brexit future?
Laura Moss - Left the UK in August 2013 on my bicycle, hoping to make it to Australia. A lawyer in a previous life who happens to love swimming outside.

Cycling to Australia

Left the UK in August 2013. Hoping to reach Melbourne, and then return home via the USA.