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@citycyclists @boyplusbike excellent blog so true of too many schools. Please go into politics and be sec of state for transport! - White River, Ontario Why does the shoulder always end just as the truck is passing? - West Grey, Ontario Just seen roadside sign "prepare to meet thy god". Erected by bible bashers or road safety officers? - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Another great @warmshowers reception last night! Thanks Frank & Marcie for dinner b&b in Thunder Bay xxx - Thunder Bay, Ontario Waiting for ferry to Tobermory - Northern Bruce Peninsula, Ontario @JibberJim @smaryka I'm rather hoping the wolves are just a rumour too... - Thunder Bay, Ontario @JibberJim @smaryka I've seen bears but no moose or wolves yet... - Thunder Bay, Ontario On ferry with me @matthewkh73 riding prudhoe bay to tierra del fuego. Also using rohloff hub & @warmshowers - Northern Bruce Peninsula, Ontario I manned up like @AlanParkinson2 and @pascaleae told me. I'm back out in the rain. #rule5 - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario @AlanParkinson2 fair point well made...I'll get back on my bike - Algoma, Unorganized, North Part, Ontario @KeithPeatsDog I'm riding today, but in training for so that's essential, right? - Kingston upon Thames, London @haayman that was never on the route - Kingston upon Thames, London @CHAIRRDRF did that recently, happy to do so again, find times, route, return trains etc all here: - Richmond-upon-Thames, London @GreenJennyJones so what's new? - Kingston upon Thames, London @javierariasgonz do it as a perm... and don't make the same mistake next week! - Richmond-upon-Thames, London @WorldCycleRace is Lee still in the race? - Kingston upon Thames, London @roadcc @allpartycycling what, no recumbent? - Kingston upon Thames, London 2 years ago I crashed in a pothole. @SurreyCouncil finally and reluctantly paid out thanks to @LevenesCycle we will be on ITV at 6pm today - Kingston upon Thames, London @LinusRees Grand Depart at noon from @bikefixlondon see updated Harwich ride details here: - Kingston upon Thames, London Small change of plan today: I'm going to do the RTW trip by motorbike, more details to follow... - Richmond-upon-Thames, London @Lazywheeler yes that's the one, I think I have a better chance of breaking the record with that - Richmond-upon-Thames, London my daughter @juliasylvie dreamt last night that I got fat from too much carbo-loading! I just checked and she's right: 80kg. Will slim soon. - Richmond-upon-Thames, London little did I know that a quiet colleague is a closet (literally) hours of listening pleasure over the weeks to come! - Richmond-upon-Thames, London @GeorgeMonbiot as far as I can tell, very little govt policy is based on evidence, it's based chiefly on whims and Daily Mail leaders - Kingston upon Thames, London @AlanParkinson2 please load the GPX file! - Kingston upon Thames, London @mrjohnofarrell good for you, I pick it up and offer it back to them in naive pretence that they dropped it mistakenly... usually works! - Kingston upon Thames, London @sarahthegreen can't sleep - Kingston upon Thames, London @GlobeBent presented last week at my works "leaving do" despite my telling them I'm coming back... - Kingston upon Thames, London right I'm outta here, byeeeeeee! - Kingston upon Thames, London Lunch in utrecht. All good so far except rain... - Zeist, Utrecht Thanks everyone for the amazing send off yesterday. Brilliant bikefix & parkrun! - Zeist, Utrecht @juliasylvie you should have come with me LOLZ - Zeist, Utrecht @CHAIRRDRF yes great photo thanks bob - Bohmte, Osnabrück Monday... Must be Germany. Suns out. Great canal route. Hanover tonight. - Bohmte, Osnabrück Mit mein gut freund @bahnsteigkarte in Hannover. 600km since London. Gute nacht! - Hannover, Region Hannover See where im tweeting from on this map! - Hannover, Region Hannover Alles gut in Berlin! - Berlin @quizeye you can see my route on the blog - Berlin Alles gut... except 2 broken spokes already :-( Wheel is being rebuilt while I sup beer :-) - Berlin This was send-off from parkrun on Sat. I'm wielding the dog stick! - Berlin Fastest parkrun lady Lisa made me a cake decorated with my route in icing! - Berlin @bahnsteigkarte yes thanks and they are very helpful. First said no time today but then they read my magic letter... And it is working magic - Berlin hey, if you are enjoying the ride on twitter... Click this link... Every little helps! - Berlin Dzień dobry Polska! - Kostrzyn nad Odrą @AlanParkinson2 all sweet today except for the cold and rain... Nothing new there then! - Pniewy gmina Bus shelters still useful - Pniewy Breakfast in the forest - Pniewy @AlanParkinson2 oh yes you are! - Swarzędz gmina Freezing fog this morning but at least the rain has cleared. Mad dash to warsaw now for parkrun tomorrow! - Kutno @bazfaearn thanks Baz and welcome to twitter from Warsaw! - Warszawa Thanks again to all for the marvellous send-off at bikefix esp my lovely daughter @juliasylvie #prouddad - Warszawa In Biala Podlaska I was met by local cyclists and press and felt quite the Queen Bee. - Biała Podlaska Thanks to @DaveBradshaw5 for the tow and company to Warsaw. I'm on my own now... apart from all the locals! - Biała Podlaska Too many roadside shrines attest to poor driving standards in Poland. By far the chief danger I face. @RoadPeace - Biała Podlaska 1000 miles and first hotel night done. That was a high quality deep sleep! - Biała Podlaska Mmm this makes a nice change from muesli in the bus shelters! - Biała Podlaska Just catching up on events in eastern Ukraine... Glad I changed the route plan and got the Belarus visa. - Biała Podlaska UN urges huge increase in green energy to avert climate disaster... but when will politicians unblock their ears? - Biała Podlaska @TandemThings thanks! Actually 8 days let's not exaggerate. See you in San Francisco! - Biała Podlaska Amazing media welcome to Belarus. See the retweets and fire up google translate! - Belarus photos from yesterday's parkrun in Warsaw - Belarus Brest cycling club took me on a tour of their historic city - Belarus At the Brest fortress - Belarus Then to a typical Belarussian restaurant for borscht and pancakes - Belarus Then to the cycle club president's flat to deposit bike & kit - Belarus And finally a sauna with my new friends - Belarus - Belarus - Belarus these from Poland - Belarus I told mayor of Brest about school travel plans. He wants to learn from London! - Belarus Thank the lord for GPS - Belarus I was trying to kick this habit... - Belarus Slower progress on these roads. Cold rain too... But tailwind helps. - Belarus This helps too - Belarus New TV star in Belarus... Michael in pink & yellow got me the visa and was my fantastic host and minder - Belarus @sviat_eye ETA 6pm in Gomel - Belarus @bahnsteigkarte oh if you insist... just one more - Belarus More evidence of motor-slaughter. Though must say personal experience has been of considerate friendly drivers in BY - Belarus They go in for big town signs here. Esp. in oil towns. - Belarus Crossed River Dniepr today. Now feel a long way from home! - Belarus Welcome committee at Gomel city boundary. 40 or so local cyclists escorted me into town to yet more media interest - Belarus Capitalism certainly produced better toilet paper - Belarus @TweetedTrips thanks yes pretty amazing so far! - Брянск, Брянск @casbar69 orel. Kursk. Voronezh. Saratov - Брянск, Брянск Welcome to Russia! (yesterday) - Брянск, Брянск Twitter updates may be less frequent here... and maybe less exciting: there's no Michael organising welcome committees and press conferences - Брянск, Брянск Driving standards lower here. Some dreadful overtaking... and more frequent roadside shrines. - Брянск, Брянск Met fellow pilgrim Sergei in Bryalsk - Брянск, Брянск @WoundedMia yes Im a bit worried about that with artic lorries overtaking each other on single carriageway and no space for me... - Брянск, Брянск 200 new followers since London... do you know I'm riding for @RoadPeace ? - Брянск, Брянск @MrTrevett thanks the cards you did for me are very popular, I was even asked to autograph some the other day! - Орел, Орел @WoundedMia yes i noticed that today trying to fend off juggernauts to the left and dogs to the right simultaneously tested my nerves - Орел, Орел Now steadying my nerves with room service food & beer... well I can't do bus shelters every night can I ? - Орел, Орел @CHAIRRDRF dog stick not yet deployed in anger. Many small loud yappy dogs but no serious threats yet. Wish it could fend off lorries too! - Орел, Орел When RICE is not an option, what is the best strategy for sore achilles tendons? - Курск, Курск Warm sunshine at last on the road south to Kursk! - Курск, Курск Yuri & Alex met me on the road and escorted me 35km into Kursk! - Курск, Курск @helenvecht wow thanks doc! - Курск, Курск ... and then... 10km from Kursk... - Курск, Курск Then taken on city tour by my @warmshowers host @WoundedMia and friends - Курск, Курск Kursk Cathedral - Курск, Курск Triumphal entry into Kursk! @kingstonwheeler - Курск, Курск @_donna_kel_ me too! - Горшеченский район, Province of Kursk Dinner offered free at road cafe by Boris Nicolai Yulia & Marina... thanks I needed this. Great Russian hospitality! - Горшеченский район, Province of Kursk I'm truly humbled by the kindness and generosity of strangers I meet every day. Except for a few drivers that is... - Горшеченский район, Province of Kursk It's nearly 10pm but only done 140k today due to wind. Dinner will set me up nicely for the night shift now wind and traffic have dropped. - Горшеченский район, Province of Kursk Dilemma: the kind cafe family just offered me a bed for the night. But I'm all set now to ride on a few more hours and find a bus shelter... - Горшеченский район, Province of Kursk @MertonAndrewLCF @MartinAnscombe @kingstonwheeler today so far just 12.7kph... will I go out to improve that now? Watch this space... - Горшеченский район, Province of Kursk Dilemma resolved: 40k more to bus stop. Set alarm for 6am. No need though, people waiting for first bus at 0530. No bank holiday here! - Воронеж, Воронеж Dog stick update: attack with serious intent by two dogs. One got teeth into pannier. Stick unsheathed but dog out of reach to bash/stab :-( - Воронеж, Воронеж @slackwarwick welcome! you will soon learn! - Воронеж, Воронеж @slackwarwick thanks but I got your message too late I am on my way out of Voronezh now - Воронеж, Воронеж @haayman haha good question! 1. Get back to London 2. See the world 3. Ride my bike 4. Raise money for @RoadPeace - Воронеж, Воронеж @helenvecht achilles tendons improving but having trouble finding bus shelter with pillows... - Воронеж, Воронеж Karachan school teacher Tatiana happy to practise her English with me at the service station - Борисоглебск, Province of Voronezh @firsthippy thanks did that last week! - Борисоглебск, Province of Voronezh @Arch1S up to 200km/day but not getting that in headwinds. Only 160 today. - Борисоглебск, Province of Voronezh @Adept009 thanks I got your message! - Борисоглебск, Province of Voronezh What's the best weather app that includes wind speed and direction? - Борисоглебский район, Province of Voronezh @Adept009 I am planning to arrive saratov thursday afternoon. I have @warmshowers host in Engels - Борисоглебский район, Province of Voronezh @Julian_Sayarer so what were the roads like in Kazakhstan when you rode there? - Борисоглебский район, Province of Voronezh @WilliamNB sorry I do not understand your tweet - Борисоглебский район, Province of Voronezh @WilliamNB got it thanks! - Борисоглебский район, Province of Voronezh @RucheekBrest probably Belarus. They are pretty bad here! - Энгельс, Энгельс @slackwarwick thanks but could not find wifi at all yesterday so found another bus shelter - Энгельс, Энгельс Hey tweeps don't worry if there's no tweets from me for a day or two... Lack of tweets = lack of wifi - Энгельс, Энгельс Road to Saratov yesterday varied from sublime... - Энгельс, Энгельс ridiculous. Shame because wind swung round but still cdn't go fast. Much lighter traffic though, big relief - Энгельс, Энгельс On a dual carriageway we stopped for cow herd to cross the road - Энгельс, Энгельс Soviet hotel experience not to be forgotten the other night. Might've been more restful camping. Will fill 1/2 chapter if I write book - Энгельс, Энгельс @vlad2427 thanks you are very kind but I am staying in Engels tonight with @warmshowers host Maxim Brigadirenko - Энгельсский район, Province of Saratov Tomorrow night I need lodgings in or near Ershov. Any offers? Thanks if you can help! - Энгельсский район, Province of Saratov Selfie! - Энгельсский район, Province of Saratov Only 130k today but hardest yet in vicious icy northerly cross-winds on roads looking like they were cluster-bombed - Энгельсский район, Province of Saratov @bahnsteigkarte new back wheel in Berlin is going strong thanks - Энгельсский район, Province of Saratov @warmshowers hosts Maxim & Maria. Wonderful hospitality again. Thanks! - Энгельсский район, Province of Saratov @vlad2427 thanks! What city? - Kazakhstan @UprightTone might have met the intended 200/day plan were it not for media appearances & rotten Russian roads - Kazakhstan Communism otoh did produce better bigger road signs. No expense spared! - Kazakhstan But less invested in the roads... - Kazakhstan Oh hang on what's this? - Kazakhstan Come on lads stop posing and fix the road! - Kazakhstan Thanks! - Kazakhstan Sergei. Chief road fixer. - Kazakhstan Kazakhstan! - Kazakhstan Wakey wakey! - Kazakhstan Total change of scenery here. And way of life for some. - Kazakhstan Olga gave me breakfast in Taskala. Thanks! - Kazakhstan I stopped for a picnic. They stopped to offer water and a tulip! - Kazakhstan - Kazakhstan @FidesMedia thanks! trip pretty good so far, see the tweets - Kazakhstan Tulip brightened up the ride into Uralsk... - Kazakhstan ...where I crossed the river Ural. Blimey I have cycled to Asia! - Kazakhstan ...where I crossed the River Ural. Blimey I have cycled to Asia! - Kazakhstan Money changers Marat & Marat also shared their dinner with me and let me sleep in their shed out of the freezing cold - Kazakhstan Anvar sorted my hotel in Uralsk...and paid 1/2 the bill! - Kazakhstan @Julian_Sayarer Im sure you have! Direct route from Saratov to Uralsk. - Kazakhstan @Julian_Sayarer they all smile at me too... I think it's the bike! - Kazakhstan @TweetedTrips thanks for this brilliant map of my trip so far! - Kazakhstan @Julian_Sayarer amazing but true: they changed my roubles but advised me to get better rate for dollars in Uralsk! - Kazakhstan 4,000km came exactly on the Ural bridge into Asia. How cool is that? But 200km more than my spreadsheet. Not so cool. #badplanning - Kazakhstan @MarkCavendish I'm riding round the world for @RoadPeace 4,000k done in 3 weeks. Any chance of RT please? - Kazakhstan This is testing the outer limits of my IT abilities - Kazakhstan @jonsnowC4 I'm riding round the world for @RoadPeace 4,000k done in 3 weeks. Any chance of RT please? - Kazakhstan Following that deluge, tweeps may be relieved to hear further tweets unlikely till Aqtobe hopefully by Wednesday. - Kazakhstan @BrendaPuech sounds like Hackney Tories need access to grip on reality - Kazakhstan @BrendaPuech and perhaps abolish tuition fees too? - Kazakhstan Azamat, hotelier and Omar, my benefactor in Zhympity. Paid hotel bill. "Kazakh tradition" he explained. - Kazakhstan A less salubrious tradition. Road littered with evidence that drivers don't stop for comfort breaks here. - Kazakhstan Picnic spot - Kazakhstan 500k of not much from Uralsk to Aqtobe. Except headwinds! All better now. Beer helps. - Kazakhstan @vlad2427 ok thanks but bit late now... I'm in Aqtobe KZ - Kazakhstan Heading SE today towards Shalqar. Rain & headwind but no towns. Not sure when I'll get wifi again. Thanks for all interractions! - Kazakhstan Not much to take pics of in the desert. Good job the bike is so photogenic! - Kazakhstan Great view for dinner :-) - Kazakhstan Russian vocab expanding fast. 12 words now! Most useful are eat & beer. These ladies cook a mean beef stew. - Kazakhstan Numba the level crossing man made me a cup of tea. - Kazakhstan New members of the laid back fan club! - Kazakhstan All gradient signs are 12%. Most gradients are about 5%. #surveyorsneededhere - Kazakhstan Sharing the road... - Kazakhstan Tuligen, shepherd at Embi, watched me do hub gear oil change and threw stones to control his multi-coloured flock - Kazakhstan Bridge gone awol so went paddling - Kazakhstan 100s of kms like this at <10kmh :-( - Kazakhstan Road to Shalqar not the best choice... went from bad to worse - Kazakhstan Fell off bike 3 times. Minor body & bike damage. - Kazakhstan Tweeps will be horrified to read I hitched a lorry lift for final 25k to Shalqar... then 180k train to Aral. Sorry. - Kazakhstan Oh the shame! Only regret choosing the wrong road. #morebadplanning - Kazakhstan Fatima & Eraly picked me up in their lorry for last 25km to Shalqar. - Kazakhstan Dinislam Fatima Orazhan and Eraly invited me in for family tea-time in Chalqar - Kazakhstan Tea with Fatima & family in Shalqar - Kazakhstan Aslan helped me get train ticket from Shalqar to Aral because road is terrible by all accounts :-( - Kazakhstan Sara going to Bishkek shared dinner with me - Kazakhstan Still in Kaz. 8th biggest country on planet. But not much wifi. Tweets drafted. Stand by for tidal wave of updates! - Kazakhstan In cafe with Kazakh truckers - Kazakhstan Met children cycling coach Kostaya on road to Turkestan - Kazakhstan @RoadPeace Fewer roadside shrines in KZ. And they generally drive slowly and pass with care. A link there perhaps? - Kazakhstan Rather over-engineered highway for virtually no traffic. - Kazakhstan Picnic spot under the road - Kazakhstan Wildlife in water holes - Kazakhstan Desert sunrise. Taking midday breaks now when I can find shade. More night riding when cooler and less windy. - Kazakhstan Look hard... that's Baikonur Cosmodrome! - Kazakhstan At sunset the wind drops... sometimes... - Kazakhstan 1/2 Drivers often pass then pull over to get photos & video. Often they expect me to stop and pose with the family. So what's in it for me? - Kazakhstan 2/2 I'm on an ancient trading route - silk spices etc. So I'm trading photos for food & water. Works a treat! - Kazakhstan Road workers wanted photo. I wanted water. Good trade! - Kazakhstan The mysterious case of the disappearing M32. Just as the going was getting good. - Kazakhstan 7 hours to ride/walk through 50k of roadworks - Kazakhstan 50k of roadworks and diversions onto barely rideable stony tracks. In 40c heat. Thinking a lot about cold beer. - Kazakhstan Been for a walk in the desert? Yes mate. - Kazakhstan M32 out of Qyzylorda. Almost no traffic. On slip road at motorway style interchange... a man on a donkey. - Kazakhstan Gully under road for noonday shade - Kazakhstan Fancy hot cuppa in desert but no stove? 1 trade photos for ice tea 2 strap on pack 3 ride an hour 4 tea-time! - Kazakhstan Now about 800km to Almaty. Just seen weather forecast. Hot headwind all the way. Better get going. Prob no more tweets till Bishkek. Byeee! - Kazakhstan I guess if we saw him riding rtw on his camel on A3 in Tooting we'd point our cameras at him. - Kazakhstan Agul cooking my dinner on road to Shymkent. - Kazakhstan @JibberJim I call her Bach - Kazakhstan First sign to Almaty. End of 1st leg. - Kazakhstan It's a funny bike! - Kazakhstan So windy could not ride yesterday. Had to spend day/night at cafe. Ate and drank entire menu. - Kazakhstan Jeez its breezy round here - Kazakhstan @casbar69 yes riding today...with some difficulty. Still v strong headwind :-( - Kazakhstan More engineering for donkeys - Kyrgyzstan Snow-capped 3000m. peaks at the start of the Himalayan chain. My road to Bishkek rolling gently parallel to north. - Kyrgyzstan Lovely quiet avenue towards Bishkek - Kyrgyzstan Nice change from two weeks in the desert! - Kyrgyzstan Riding companions - Kyrgyzstan He's definitely got the better vehicle for round these parts - Kyrgyzstan Oi! You looking at me? - Kyrgyzstan @derreisende er, no, wossat? - Kyrgyzstan Breakfast in Kyrgyzstan. 60k to Bishkek where @warmshowers hosts await. - Kyrgyzstan Roadside ice tea & yoghurt vendors & Jehovah Witnesses Nadia& Bermet. Drank tea & yoghurt; resisted conversion. - Kyrgyzstan @Ceridwen_Davies on the day I have just 60k to ride into Bishkek, conditions are perfect for 200: good road no wind and just 25c. - Kyrgyzstan is going the other way. We meet in Bishkek with @warmshowers hosts Nathan & Angie. Beers then out for dinner. - Kyrgyzstan Dinner with @AngiePopova and Nathan my wonderful @warmshowers in Bishkek - Kyrgyzstan @JBouessay glad you are enjoying the ride from comfort of your armchair. A bientot! - Kyrgyzstan @CycleGBcoast no choice if i want to fly direct. Im checking in now. - Kazakhstan @roundpeanut im not staying in Almaty. Ws host not here and theres a convenient flight to bangkok tonight. - Kazakhstan 6,372km ridden London-Almaty. +120 by lorry +180 by train. Mostly against the wind! No 2 nights in same place. Need a break now... - จ.สมุทรปราการ, Thailand ...reluctantly cutting out Vietnam & Laos. Can already hear anguished howls from tweeps. But I need some r&r and a gentler pace for a while. - จ.สมุทรปราการ, Thailand There was no direct flight to Hanoi. Change at Bangkok. Think I'd regret decision either way. But can't face high kms in humid heat. - จ.สมุทรปราการ, Thailand Bach & I have arrived in Bangkok. 8am. Already 32c. Phew wot a scorcher! - จ.สมุทรปราการ, Thailand @RadyjoRacyja no american. Bacchetta - จ.สมุทรปราการ, Thailand Bangkok cycle lane...looks familiar! - Bangkok, Thailand Rush-hour mayhem as I try to cross city from east to west to reach my next @warmshowers host.... - Bangkok, Thailand ...but it's a cold shower I need here. Sweltering 38c. And an iced smoothie. - Bangkok, Thailand @UprightTone yes funny you should say that...she said same. But not on bikes I think... - Bangkok, Thailand Map update. Tomorrow 1st day off bike since London 6 weeks ago. Gonna be a normal tourist in Bangkok. Holiday! - Bangkok, Thailand @haayman great idea I will be riding today after all! #busmansholiday - Bangkok, Thailand @RideBeautiful no problem: shorten chain remove derailleur ride single speed. #rule5 - Bangkok, Thailand About to set off with @CoVanKessel on their 5 hour bike tour of Bangkok inc lunch and ferry ride! - Bangkok, Thailand @Pedal_Planet it's pretty warm and wet here too! - Bangkok, Thailand @Pedal_Planet yes i saw you leave london then i left on 5april and rode to almaty kz then flight to bangkok now ride to singapore - Bangkok, Thailand @haayman yes all were dutch ex. me! - Bangkok, Thailand Thanks @CoVanKessel truly the most remarkable city tour I ever did anywhere by any means. #bikeisbest - Bangkok, Thailand Fantastic lunch with @CoVanKessel bike tours. Highly recommended! - Bangkok, Thailand some video from the bike tour today - Bangkok, Thailand another short video from the boat bit of the @CoVanKessel city tour - Bangkok, Thailand These boats go at a terrific pace along the canals of the "Venice of the East" - Bangkok, Thailand @Pedal_Planet 200+ daily at start but pace has slackened to around 150 with bad roads headwinds and now heat... Locals say unusually hot now - Bangkok, Thailand @Pedal_Planet see - Bangkok, Thailand So I've been going east into wind since London. Tomorrow SW then S. Wind forecast? W veering round to S. #notfair - Bangkok, Thailand @Pedal_Planet brother in Perth cousin in Tassie #familyeverywhere - Bangkok, Thailand Brekkie on the road out of Bangkok. - จ.เพชรบุรี, Thailand hi to @AudaxUK randonneurs on #BCM 600 this w/e from the Bangkok-Singapore scenic route. Bit warm here :-) - จ.เพชรบุรี, Thailand Pulled in here looking a bit hot and got properly pampered by this lovely family. - จ.เพชรบุรี, Thailand 3 bowls of her soup & noodles later and all is well again! - จ.เพชรบุรี, Thailand @casbar69 no but there is a striking resemblance! That's the man who cooled me down with water & fan & checked pulse which was racing. - จ.เพชรบุรี, Thailand Thais are good at luxury. At £14/night it'd be rude to camp out. #supportinglocaleconomy Foot art c/o Shimano sandals - จ.เพชรบุรี, Thailand First sight of sea since Holland! Bight of Bangkok. - จ.เพชรบุรี, Thailand @SydneyWooderson things pretty good thx read tweets to catch up! - จ.เพชรบุรี, Thailand 6am. Brekkie at the roadside. - จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์, Thailand @vlad2427 all good read the tweets! - จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์, Thailand Lovely swim here to cool off after today's exertions - จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์, Thailand Well I am at the seaside after all! When I chose this waitress warned "medium spicey". It's blowing my balls off. - จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์, Thailand @casbar69 Thai roads good. Hot & humid 35c+. 100-150k/day. Early starts to do most kms before it gets too hot. A picnic compared to KZ! - จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์, Thailand Dawn departure - จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์, Thailand Good and plentiful shady rest stops on Highway 4. - จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์, Thailand @buru2014 is my 500th follower! @chschs306 was 400th. Bet you're wondering what the prizes are... - จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์, Thailand Thailand army declares martial law, denies coup - Good to be well away from Bangkok now. All pretty relaxed here. - จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์, Thailand Cat saves boy from dog attack - video Bet he'll be fitting his bike up with a dog stick soon. I'm going to get a cat - จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์, Thailand Plenty of shade on Highway 4 - จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์, Thailand Lunch time hosts provide another fab lunch then... - จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์, Thailand ...shady nook for 40 winks while it's too hot to ride - จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์, Thailand Short video from rural Thailand...includes bonus dog chase footage! - จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์, Thailand James. My @warmshowers host in Bang Saphan. We went out to dinner... - จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์, Thailand ride to dinner with James - จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์, Thailand I do like to be beside the seaside! - จ.ชุมพร, Thailand Ban Thun Maha - จ.ชุมพร, Thailand Putting the catch out to dry - จ.ชุมพร, Thailand @1jonevans Im looking forward to debating this with you when I get to Perth :-) - จ.ชุมพร, Thailand Got dozens of beach shots like this but wd surely be rather bad form to post them all...this was my siesta spot today - จ.ชุมพร, Thailand How to lose 7kgs in 7 weeks: ride your bike 7,000km. Better not keep losing kgs at that rate! - จ.ชุมพร, Thailand @casbar69 yes i was. Im at another amazon now. Where r u? - จ.ชุมพร, Thailand On a quick but monotonous highway today. So here's another beach shot from yesterday :-) - จ.สุราษฎร์ธานี, Thailand @bahnsteigkarte no I don't think these are bus shelters. Useful today to get out of the monsoon! - จ.สุราษฎร์ธานี, Thailand @craigselkirk should get into Malaysia in next few days. Seems there is trouble wherever I go... - จ.สุราษฎร์ธานี, Thailand Sheltering from the monsoon - จ.สุราษฎร์ธานี, Thailand @casbar69 we're getting rains most afternoons some days more torrential and prolonged than others now it's still drizzling at 8pm - จ.สุราษฎร์ธานี, Thailand Thailand army chief confirms military coup in all but name I need not fear: "the army will take care of foreigners" - จ.สุราษฎร์ธานี, Thailand @1jonevans I'm tucked up already thanks with a Chang Export and Sherlock Holmes! - จ.สุราษฎร์ธานี, Thailand @BillSmoker yes thanks I spotted that in @BBCNews I could not possibly comment - จ.นครศรีธรรมราช, Thailand another excuse to sit around tweeting rather than riding... - จ.นครศรีธรรมราช, Thailand @AsEasyAsRiding Not that I'm aware of. It's usually the reverse: cut capacity and traffic evaporates. Exact opp. of adding new capacity. - จ.นครศรีธรรมราช, Thailand @cathjane66 I'm perfecting the art of tweating - จ.นครศรีธรรมราช, Thailand Reliably good tea, coffee & cakes at Amazon cafes in most service stations helping to deal with my weight problems! - จ.นครศรีธรรมราช, Thailand @_donna_kel_ don't encourage me...if I do any proceeds would go to @RoadPeace - จ.นครศรีธรรมราช, Thailand Loading vehicles is an art form here. This furniture shop sitting atop a small motorcycle & sidecar. - จ.ตรัง, Thailand Pick-up trucks ubiquitous. Cargoes vary. Some piled up 20 foot. - จ.ตรัง, Thailand And millions of motorbikes mostly coming contra-flow towards me on the hard shoulder. - จ.ตรัง, Thailand Sheltered from anticipated monsoon which didn't happen with this charming family at their fuel station near Trang - จ.ตรัง, Thailand I opined from Russia that capitalism had produced better loo paper. Eastern wisdom trumps both! - จ.ตรัง, Thailand @AlanParkinson2 good luck Parky wish I could join you... But I'm ok here. Mustn't grumble! - จ.ตรัง, Thailand ...and then the boy joined twitter to become my 513th follower thanks @aj098765hotmail and hi to all other new flwrs hope you enjoy the ride - จ.ตรัง, Thailand @S1LV1NA wow! a follower in Argentina! Quick get the map...can I fit it into the ride? - จ.ตรัง, Thailand Portrait by rare fellow cyclist on the road - จ.สตูล, Thailand More scenic route today towards Malaysian border - จ.สตูล, Thailand Friendly staff and good wifi at Amazon Coffee places but only one outlet on twitter @CafeAmazon #missingatrick - จ.สตูล, Thailand When you order coffee they serve a pot of tea too! To cleanse the palate I understand. - จ.สตูล, Thailand Picnic & siesta at Thung Wa - จ.สตูล, Thailand There appears to be no minimum age for riding motorbikes here. Possibly related to 12,000 road deaths p.a. - จ.สตูล, Thailand Thai people carrier - จ.สตูล, Thailand Quick...dash for cover! - จ.สตูล, Thailand Phew...made it with seconds to spare! - จ.สตูล, Thailand It's a motorbike & sidecar in case you were wondering... - จ.สตูล, Thailand Thai junta dissolves senate as army tightens grip I should be in Malaysia tomorrow - จ.สตูล, Thailand @kingstonwheeler what, from here? - จ.สตูล, Thailand @Chris_Boardman I'm cycling round the world for @RoadPeace perhaps RT for me too please?! - จ.สตูล, Thailand @CityLab they look great as modern art but rather less practical for sleepy long-distance cyclists. Or people waiting for buses come to that - จ.สตูล, Thailand Laid Back in the Jungle! Hot hilly & humid - Bandar Alor Star, Kota Setar Warm welcome into Malaysia - Bandar Alor Star, Kota Setar Zul, my @warmshowers host in Alor Setar runs the local bike shop! - Bandar Alor Star, Kota Setar On the road today to @derrickcstan2 my host in Georgetown, Penang. Will involve ferry crossing - always exciting! - Pinang Tunggal, Kuala Muda @casbar69 @derrickcstan2 yes but the bridge would be further and not so exciting! - Georgetown, Timur Laut Emergency roadside coconut stop. No messing with Yati & Beti, they know how to wield a machete! - Georgetown, Timur Laut In the queue to board Penang ferry - Georgetown, Timur Laut @derrickcstan2 my Penang host at work in his engineering shop on Chulia Street. - Georgetown, Timur Laut Day off today to visit Penang. First day I've not turned a pedal since 5th April. Maybe I should go for a run? - Mukim 17 (Batu Feringgi), Timur Laut @allpartycycling thanks for that Adam! - Mukim 17 (Batu Feringgi), Timur Laut ...didn't have the nerve to wear one around my neck - Georgetown, Timur Laut Mr Ooi the durian seller. It's a local fruit which tastes a bit odd and smells vile. Hope it does me some good! - Georgetown, Timur Laut Derrick, Lee Mee & Doris. Wonderful hosts in Penang. Thanks and byeee! - Georgetown, Timur Laut @PeterMastenko well done Pete that shows masterful time management and 100% value for money. #Brimstone - Tupai, Larut Dan Matang In the food court for breakfast today: Char Koay Kak made from fried rice patties and various veg. Yummy! - Tupai, Larut Dan Matang Another day. Another breakfast. Great variety and quality in these Malaysian food courts. Fuelled up for the day! - Tupai, Larut Dan Matang @SydneyWooderson @Collins_PJ this guy is running round the world now! @hardwayround - Tupai, Larut Dan Matang @casbar69 roads here much better than kz & ru. I'm using variety from motorways to lanes in the my video about to upload - Bota, Perak Tengah Back onto the highway but quieter today - Bota, Perak Tengah Looks like rain again... - Bota, Perak Tengah @london_cycling @veloevol I will be in Australia & NZ soon and will have to don a plastic hat...will let you know if I feel safer! - Bota, Perak Tengah Ais Kachang is the thing here when the going gets hot! - Pasir Panjang, Sabak Bernam Sometimes tweeps ask where I am now. To find out just click here: - Pasir Panjang, Sabak Bernam @BrendaPuech and when you are cycling! - Pasir Panjang, Sabak Bernam @derreisende - Pasir Panjang, Sabak Bernam Mmmm mango dessert. On ice. I'm pretty much living off ice cream and derivatives these days. - Pasir Panjang, Sabak Bernam @juliasylvie that's my girl xxxx - Pasir Panjang, Sabak Bernam Refuelling stop - Pasir Panjang, Sabak Bernam @juliasylvie pop in and get me one for my birthday can you? - Pasir Panjang, Sabak Bernam @haayman yes same thought occurred to me! - Pasir Panjang, Sabak Bernam @Ceridwen_Davies iced coffee believe it or not! - Bandar Klang, Klang @1smartmonkey it was a Garmin-assisted intentional detour...if you can believe that... - Bandar Klang, Klang @juliasylvie pop in and pick up a pini please :-) - Bandar Klang, Klang @Amscreen_Simon good timing for this road safety campaign. I'm just about to cycle across Australia. Hope the locals heed the advice given. - Bandar Klang, Klang @DadMichael hi dad ok sure will try to oblige in next few days by selfies or making new friends xx - Sepang, Sepang Nice shady spot off Highway 5 for a mid-morning cold drink - Sepang, Sepang Dutch couple Willem & Ellis been on road a year. 17,000km since Holland. Riding to Melbourne. We're using same tyres. - Sepang, Sepang Tyres are schwalbe marathon plus tour. This is mine after 8,200km. No punctures. Dutch couple had one puncture. - Sepang, Sepang So guess what happened next? Oh yes! An hour after I drafted that tweet about no punctures...split sidewall and rapid deflation of rear tyre - Sepang, Sepang Tyres are schwalbe marathon plus tour. This is mine after 8,200km. No punctures. Dutch couple had one puncture. - Sepang, Sepang @eimajmcleod I don't believe in any of that mumbojumbo nonsense...but such a coincidence does get you wondering...I put it down to sod's law - Sepang, Sepang @Ceridwen_Davies indeed. I blame those Kazakh roads. Planning to invoice their DfT for the new tyre. - Sepang, Sepang Wish you were here :-) - Sepang, Sepang @AlanParkinson2 a sad sad story there...left my LEL water bottle on a highway in Kazakhstan. Still in mourning. PBP bottle still in service. - Sepang, Sepang @roggys @SchwalbeUK yes good point maybe they will send me a new pair for my next trip... - Sepang, Sepang It's been pretty much a teetotal trip. But I just found a 9% skol in 711 shop. Will soon be under the table. - Si Rusa, Port Dickson @jackthurston Richmond Park and the Wandle Trail are both good in SW London - Si Rusa, Port Dickson Saudi woman banned from not driving driverless cars - - Si Rusa, Port Dickson I'm staying at the wonderful Rooftop Guest House in Melaka. An oasis of peace and calm. - Bandar Melaka, Melaka Tengah "Snow Ice", a recent Hong Kong invention. "Layers of light fluffy ice melt softly in the mouth" says blurb. They did. - Bandar Melaka, Melaka Tengah @andrew_han doing that right now! - Bandar Melaka, Melaka Tengah @haayman why? - Bandar Melaka, Melaka Tengah 3rd full day off bike today since London. Visiting world heritage city Melaka. Maritime museum in replica galleon. - Bandar Melaka, Melaka Tengah Whoops attached wrong photo to last tweet. Here's the Portuguese galleon Flor de la Mar. Then came Dutch, Brits, Japs - Bandar Melaka, Melaka Tengah Out for drinks and a curry with the Dutch rtw couple Willem & Ellis - Bandar Melaka, Melaka Tengah Mine's a pint...of watermelon juice - Bandar Melaka, Melaka Tengah I've not tweeted bus shelter pics for a little while but must surely make an exception for this! - Peserai, Batu Pahat Entering the Johor province of southern Malaysia: a giant roadside homage to the humble bicycle rickshaw. - Sri Gading, Batu Pahat @steve_abraham74 @JudithSwallow agreed. Artistic velophile design but rather less value as a practical shelter. - Sri Gading, Batu Pahat @wobbly1 @CTC_Cyclists yes that same thought occd to me. It's mid-level post. Will the holder have any teeth? - Sri Gading, Batu Pahat @juliasylvie go for a bike ride! - Sungai Kluang, Batu Pahat @GreenJennyJones have a great w/e! Will you be the first Baroness at Glastonbury Fest? - Sungai Kluang, Batu Pahat @Phil_PJA @RachelAldred is the new post going to carry any clout? Relatively low paid and low ranking in the DfT heirarchy. - Pulai, Johor Bahru Watermelon juice stop on my last day in Malaysia... Singapore tomorrow! - Pulai, Johor Bahru Lovely lane into Johor Bahru this morning - Central Region, Singapore Then suddenly I'm flying past all the cars on the bridge with #space4cycling (and motorbikes)... - Central Region, Singapore ...into Singapore on a sleepy Sunday - Central Region, Singapore ...into Singapore on a sleepy Sunday - Central Region, Singapore Singapore City. End of leg 2. 8,627km. Bike is cleaned and boxed and ready to go down under. - Central Region, Singapore Out for tonkotsu ramen, a Japanese pork soup, with my Singapore host family Ivan Talia and Ethan... - Central Region, Singapore ...and Renata. They live in award-winning high rise social housing on 19th floor in CBD with stupendous views. - Central Region, Singapore Singapore on the 50th floor viewing level with walkways between 7 towers and landscaped gardens and play areas - Central Region, Singapore @roamingsloth I believe my brother in Perth has a plastic hat with my name on it :-( - Central Region, Singapore Another room with a view. Slept just fine at this altitude. - Central Region, Singapore Ivan is an enthusiastic barrista. Decent coffee at last! - Central Region, Singapore Bach in a box? Borrow a Brompton! - Central Region, Singapore Chinatown in Singapore where some streets have been put to better use. #streetsforpeople - Central Region, Singapore Stunning design - Central Region, Singapore @PhilEvans10 not for its design purpose. V effective reflector where it is. I think that's what betrayed my not so well hidden wild camping. - Central Region, Singapore @neightgreen no it's in a box ready to fly to Oz tomorrow. - Central Region, Singapore Liveable affordable high density high quality award-winning social housing: my berth in Singapore. 2,000 flats here! - Central Region, Singapore 26th floor: the "beach" - Central Region, Singapore 50th floor. Great views of course. And amazing landscape design. All flats affordable. What other cities could learn? - Central Region, Singapore Singapore sunset ride around Marina Bay with my new cycling buddy Ethan - Central Region, Singapore Flight TR2716 tomorrow to Perth for those who like to know these things. - Central Region, Singapore First glass of wine for over two months, making it a good one! Thanks little brother @1jonevans - Perth Special welcome from ozzie nieces. Good copy of @MrTrevett laid back logo - Perth Welcome 2 - Perth Welcome 3 - Perth Lunch in Mandurah with @1jonevans Good to be back on the road again. @AudaxUK using PAP route to Albany. - Parklands @casbar69 @1jonevans riding with me five days to Albany. Then solo again. Plan to up pace across Nullabor desert to Adelaide & Melbourne. - Keralup Haircut in Pinjarra! - Pinjarra @JenKelley10 @1jonevans we outrode the storm today and got into our motel ten minutes before it hit Wagin - Wagin Beaut mid-winter weather with @1jonevans on the Pinjarra-Williams Road on Monday. - Wagin ...or slow down? - Wagin Lovely historic accommodation at #Quindanning Inne yesterday. Free of charge for world cyclists...thanks! - Wagin Great article by Steve Coogan: I'm a huge fan of Top Gear. But this time I've had enough. PS I am not a big fan of TG - Wagin Alone again after lovely few days with @1jonevans and @JenKelley10 - Norseman This sign on road to Norseman riddled with bullet holes. Only two roos seen so far. Both dead :-( - Norseman @JenKelley10 @1jonevans thanks for riding with me it was great fun! - Norseman @casbar69 because there is even less wifi here than in kazakhstan! - Norseman Stocking up in Norseman for the Nullabor. No wifi for 2,000km. Normal service will be resumed asap. - Norseman @UprightTone yep right on the case now. Nullarbor is behind me. Fantastic place and experience. - Ceduna Is it art? Or litter? - Ceduna Cocklebiddy roadhouse welcome - Ceduna I'm keeping out of the way of these road trains of the desert. 34 wheels on this bad boy. Keep on Trucking! - Ceduna So I ride half way rtw for spot of peace n quiet n here's Shayne using noisy electric pump to check tyre pressures... - Ceduna ...still at least he was good enough to stop the racket and get this photo of me at Eucla. Thanks Shayne! - Ceduna First climb for about four days - Ceduna Dawn. A great time to ride. - Ceduna Emerging from the desert at Nundroo, Fri 27 June. Now holed up in motel at Ceduna while mega storm passes through - Ceduna 90 miles without a turn! - Wudinna In the dark I can see the few other vehicles approaching on these long straight roads from miles and miles away. - Wudinna Rapier Aussie wit? Or yet more evidence that evolution took a different turn here? - Wudinna Went through big km stone in the desert. Donations to @RoadPeace still welcome...just sayin' - Wudinna Briefly in Port Augusta. On a mission to get to Melbourne by in time for parkrun on Sat 5th July. Bonkers I know! - Port Augusta @BrentonCollas passing thru adelaide now probably camping tonight and hoping it stays dry... - Adelaide Adelaide was pretty. Briefly. But boy what a hilly exit towards Murray Bridge where I'm now having breakfast! - Murray Bridge Ice cold rain in Ballarat. 110k to Melbourne. Oz is more bereft of wifi than Kazakhstan. And no useful bus shelters. Some good bits...later! - Ballarat @casbar69 no but got similar arranged through work colleague - Ballarat @DrScottWatkins @albertparkrunau parkrun melbourne here i come i will be on a funny bike - Ballarat @DrScottWatkins @albertparkrunau dont forget to bring me some run shoes please! - Ballarat Arrived in Melbourne a few hours ago. Dinner now with my fab hosts Bill & Rosemary. And first beer for a week. - Melbourne @TweetedTrips thanks it was 10,000km actually. 12,374 now. 1/2 way round. - Melbourne Had to resort to kfc earlier today for wifi. Why was the waitress smiling as I ordered coffee? - Melbourne @JenKelley10 20 days actually :-) - Melbourne Travis the trucker at dawn yesterday. Our rigs ready to roll. We got us a convoy! - Melbourne It's midnight here. I'm watching Tour de France live stage 1 in Yorks. Gogogo @thejensie you legend! #shutuplegs - Melbourne @biciorejon at least Cav has quickly admitted his error and will apologise to Gerrans. Surely too painful to ride on though? - Melbourne Popped over to Tasmania to pay visit to my cousins Finlay & Eva. Rude not to. - Hobart @JenKelley10 yes indeed in as many weeks...but around 1/2 speed and no hills higher than 700m - Hobart @craigselkirk Eva Liz & Finlay. My cousins and wonderful hosts at Seven Mile Beach near Hobart in Tasmania. - Hobart Watching TdF coming into London live here at 1am. Vive le Tour! - Hobart Not despairing Down Under – I do not despair’s reflections on a cycling month in Australia via @MayneKevin - Hobart @MayneKevin great analysis. I just rode Perth to Melbourne and would concur. Hardly any utility cycling in towns/cities I passed through :-( - Hobart Stylish bike parking in downtown Hobart. And my cousin Finlay Selkirk. - Hobart Tour de France latest: Yorkshire folk 'adopting French ways' - - Hobart It's nonsense to say cyclists are scariest risk when cycling | Peter Walker - Hobart This is thrilling life-extension news – for dictators and the ultra-rich | George Monbiot - Hobart Welcome to London – the most toxic town on the planet | Zoe Williams - Melbourne 1/2 way round. 12,400km. Just landed in Wellington NZ. Rebuild bike tomorrow then ride Saturday. After parkrun, natch - Wellington City Essential carbo-loading with @PhilEvans10 before we hit the trails tomorrow...yes...he's planned an off-road route! - Wellington City our route out of Wellington tomorrow - Wellington City Out for last supper (before resuming the bike ride) with Rob my Wellingtonian host - Wellington City @PhilEvans10 on waterfront in Wellington. Lovely weather today while we were in cinema. Wet & windy forecast now :-( - Wellington City @Foxhed tad heavy but super reliable so yes! - Wellington City The going gradually got more extreme... - Masterton District @PhilEvans10 my nz navigator and little brother has developed fine sense of humour living here - Masterton District Sublime route today. Scenic in both senses. And all on the hard black stuff! Thanx @PhilEvans10 - Masterton District Cina & Fiona deliver our sticky ribs lunch at the Pongaroa Hotel. Thanks! - Masterton District @GlobeBent I should be in Vancouver early August. See you up the road Bruce! - Central Hawke's Bay District Great hospitality in Hastings from Vince & Claire. Cheers! - Hastings District Looking forward to meeting up tomorrow with @hardwayround at hot pools in Taupo. He's running round the world...pushing his kit in a pram! - Hastings District For info on the world runner I'm meeting tomorrow. Cycling is the easy way round! - Hastings District 100 days since I left London...if I worked it out right. 80 days to go. Better get on with it! - Hastings District Great to meet up with @hardwayround today when I finally arrived in Taupo after hilliest day yet: 2,235m climbing - Taupo District Julie & Jim our @warmshowers hosts tonight. Great welcome and dinner despite our tardy arrival after hot pools soak. - Taupo District @A_McCullagh and @SiaGrant our homebrewing @warmshowers hosts in Hamilton tonight. Cheers...hic! - Hamilton City Lovely sunny day for our ride to Hamilton today. Scenic again. 1,786m to be precise. There are no flat roads in NZ. - Hamilton City @RoadPeace what a civilised idea... treat other road users like family! - Hamilton City @hardwayround oh dear...I'm going there too! - Hamilton City This is my kind of place yeeeeeah! - Waikato District @PhilEvans10 says today's route to Auckland is flat. Apart from the hills. - Waikato District Just arrived in Auckland to fantastic welcome from my nieces Olive & Lucille. And SiL Jane made me this cake! - Auckland City @UprightTone @PhilEvans10 @1jonevans chalked driveway and LBR ticker tape finish line. Photos to follow when daylight permits. - Auckland City @RoadPeace @CHAIRRDRF some innovative road safety campaigns in NZ... 1/3 - Auckland City @RoadPeace @CHAIRRDRF and another 2/3 - Auckland City @RoadPeace @CHAIRRDRF ...but are they working? RIP Jane Ann Farrelly 3/3 - Auckland City I'm at airport checked in for NZ008 to San Francisco after stressful moments panic buying the onward flight NY to Lisbon. #infrequentflyer - Auckland City Stress levels falling thanks to beer and pies. Bye bye NZ and massive thanks to @PhilEvans10 Jane Olive & Lucille. - Auckland City Just arrived in USA. No grief at customs and cycle track from airport into city. Yeehah! Have a nice day! - San Francisco, CA More great @warmshowers hosts tonight for my first ever visit to USA. Kev & Kat. They like bikes and beer. Perfect! - San Francisco, CA No prizes for guessing where I was this morning... - San Francisco, CA Lovely quiet coastal route north up Hwy 1 via Tomales. Drivers are patient and courteous so far. Thanks Yanks! - San Francisco, CA @Foxhed not yet seen any other laid back riders. Quite a few cycle tourists on Hwy1 using sticky bikes. - San Francisco, CA @PhilEvans10 Hwy1 here, the "Shoreline Highway" is very scenic in both senses. No hills yet tho to rival NZ's Hwy5. - San Francisco, CA @bahnsteigkarte yes my friend he did! - Fort Bragg, CA @JenKelley10 this old rasputin stout with brisket and chilli beans is just the ticket after 100 miles of hills :-) - Fort Bragg, CA Hey @juliasylvie look where I was earlier today! - Fort Bragg, CA Beaut of a ride today. Astonishing views at every turn. And 2,200m of climbing rivals NZ for scenery! - Fort Bragg, CA I like to get fresh every day ;-) - Fort Bragg, CA Have the Yanks taken their fondness for drive-thru a bit too far? - Fort Bragg, CA If you can't beat 'em... - Fort Bragg, CA Huevos rancheros at Rio Dell with @bearbanditbug Claire & Adam who are riding down to Tierra del Fuego. - California, USA In the land of the giant redwoods - California, USA Nice bike Fritz from Swizerland! - Arcata, CA So that's why the light plane was buzzing above me...better slow down! - Arcata, CA @bearbanditbug are from Devon by the way and started their ride in Alaska. They will cover about same distance as me. - Arcata, CA @MertonAndrewLCF I'm in Oregon. Keep up with me on this handy map! - Brookings, OR Charles & Marie Fairbanks from Santa Barbara on vacation in their motor home aka RV rec vehicle or land yacht. - Brookings, OR Not so much motor home as motor palace really. Awkward to drive round town for shopping hence the little 4x4 in tow. - Brookings, OR Met Jim & Cindy on their Harley near Gold Beach. Fellow laid-back Kings of the Road :-) - Oregon, USA Jim me Cindy Margaret & Richard. Sadly all in silhouette. Riding their HDs down from Coos Bay to Brookings. - Oregon, USA @1jonevans no wine yet but excellent local Pistol River pale ale with my 16 inch pizza! - Oregon, USA @StephenJoseph7 enjoy the chain ferry crossing! - Oregon, USA Fantastic breakfast at Tasty Kate's @ktking101 in Port Orford. Thanks Kate! - Oregon, USA @nuttyxander yep you got it! Some tow trailers the same size as the RV ie bus size. Contents incl. boats sand buggys motorbikes jetskis etc - Oregon, USA @CHAIRRDRF dont go on holiday! Try to avoid politics and religion too. Then we get along just fine! - Oregon, USA In oz I tweeted lament for litter-strewn highways around the world. I spoke too soon. US Hwy 101 is almost spotless. - Oregon, USA Not sure they got their priorities right though...fine for hand held cell phoning while driving is only $500 - Oregon, USA Met up again with HD bikers Jim & Cindy in their home town Coos Bay. They bought me pizza and beer. Which was nice! - Oregon, USA More stunning views today. After week wild camping since SF I've splashed out on motel in Newport OR. Useful shower! - Oregon, USA Really good Benedict with sautee mushrooms at MacaDangDangs in Lincoln City. Thanks @RollRandy - Lincoln City, OR Rollin' along, listening to Shang-a-Lang & Bye Bye Baby - Oregon, USA 14,400km. 2nd puncture. Not too shabby @SchwalbeUK - Oregon, USA Also today: only the 2nd time since SF I heard "get off the road asshole" shouted from passing car. Replied with cheery wave. - Oregon, USA @RoadPeace @CHAIRRDRF powerful roadside message to drivers on US Highway 101 - Oregon, USA Met Zach riding Surly to Mexico. Using Brooks saddle. #surgeofpride - Raymond, WA @GlobeBent I'm looking forward to you towing me across the Rockies! - Raymond, WA A morning's cycling in Invercargill, New Zealand. Not despairing in the deep, deep South via @MayneKevin - Raymond, WA McAfee unveils first homeopathic antivirus software - - Raymond, WA Only in America? Heated storage units for your RV motor palace. CO2 emissions all year round! - Washington, USA Drive-thru bank in Elma... - Washington, USA Me: so you don't have to get out of your car any more? James: hell no! You can drive-thru get married in Las Vegas! - Washington, USA Gettin' my kicks Havin' some fun Writin' the lyrics Highway 101... - Washington, USA Its bin a lot a fun Hwy 101 Im nearly done on 101 Caught some sun on 101 Coulda bought a gun on 101 Sure had some fun Dadoorunrun US hwy 101 - Washington, USA Awesome eggs benedict at Flippin' 50s Diner in Elma. Rock on! - Washington, USA Tommy riding from San Diego to Seattle. And back. He's using @warmshowers too. - Shelton, WA Wow! Oyster bacon cheese omelette at Halfway House in Brinon. Enough fuel here to get to Canada! - Washington, USA Just arrived in Port Angeles and got ticket for 17:20 sailing to Victoria BC. Canada here we come. Bye bye 101. - Port Angeles, WA Arrived safely in Canada. Island hopping now via Saltspring to Gabriola...where more family members await! - Victoria, Capital Haven't Saltspring kids got x-boxes or ipads to keep them busy and off the roads? Bet they don't even pay road tax... - North Cowichan, Cowichan Valley @4keeners good to meet you too Jeff and thx for taking this photo - North Cowichan, Cowichan Valley @4keeners good to meet you too Jeff and thanks for taking this photo! - North Cowichan, Cowichan Valley 3rd ferry of the day and arrived Gabriola. It's very hot. Fortunately local beer is excellent :-) - Nanaimo B, Nanaimo My Canadian cousins on Gabriola Island prepared a veritable feast for my arrival - Nanaimo B, Nanaimo Couple of days off on beautiful Gabriola. Island tour today...just swam here - Nanaimo B, Nanaimo And met George Georgiev. Inventor of the Varna. At 83mph the fastest bike in the world...a laid-back bike of course! - Nanaimo B, Nanaimo George also invents and builds semi-recumbents, trikes, and hand-cranked machines for paraplegics. All from back yard - Nanaimo B, Nanaimo Back on the road again via 2 ferries to Nanaimo & Horseshoe Bay then hwy 7 twds Hope. Today riding with @GlobeBent - Coquitlam, Greater Vancouver Great ride today to Hope with @GlobeBent it's nice to ride with another low-life - Fraser Valley B, Fraser Valley cycle tourist I met in Washington has posted pic of my feet on facebook! - Hope, Fraser Valley Wildlife sightings today: osprey catching fish and feeding young in nest on pole in river; and later up river a black bear cub! - Hope, Fraser Valley @JibberJim @biciorejon @kingstonwheeler I should do that Im so much stronger and lighter Id be sure to win - Hope, Fraser Valley Mere foothills yesterday. Serious climbing has now begun. - Fraser Valley B, Fraser Valley Hauling 40kg over the rockies. In serious training for @kingstonwheeler hill climb TT - Princeton, Okanagan-Similkameen @AsEasyAsRiding that'll be the easy LCN we can expect a longer wait for anything involving taking #space4cycling from car lanes - Kootenay Boundary E, Kootenay Boundary 32degC in shade...bit warm for me...seeking shade for siesta. Still scenic! - Osoyoos, Okanagan-Similkameen I don't think I'm destined to meet @hardwayround in Canada. He's further north of Vancouver than I am east. - Osoyoos, Okanagan-Similkameen @RideBeautiful good luck bike racing Lodon to Istanbul. Awesome! - Osoyoos, Okanagan-Similkameen Met Paul running down from Anarchist pass. He'd run up earlier. From Arizona so used to heat. Agreed we're both crazy - Okanagan-Similkameen C, Okanagan-Similkameen Crazy Paul got this selfie of us both on the Anarchist Pass road. It was a crazy climb too! About 1,000m in full sun. - Okanagan-Similkameen C, Okanagan-Similkameen Coffee stop in Greenwood. Overcast today. Which is a great relief! - Okanagan-Similkameen C, Okanagan-Similkameen @AndySiero & Chris on the 30k climb up Paulson Pass. They are riding Halifax NS to Vancouver. Their first long ride! - Castlegar, Central Kootenay Crazy Paul put a vid of me on his facebook - Nelson, Central Kootenay Utterly sublime day awheel yesterday by the lake. Great route advice from @GlobeBent - Central Kootenay B, Central Kootenay Longest free ferry ride in the world! 35 minutes to Kootenay Bay. - Central Kootenay B, Central Kootenay Possibly the quietest road on my trip so far... - Central Kootenay B, Central Kootenay Rob from Nelson BC riding British ICE trike on doc's orders following crash on road bike #surgeofpride - Central Kootenay B, Central Kootenay Neil cancer survivor still cycling with paralysed left arm lives creston orig alberta. Way to go Neil! - Central Kootenay B, Central Kootenay Following less than universal acclaim of my US101 songwriting efforts, ode to Highway 3 this space! - Central Kootenay B, Central Kootenay @Foxhed no they don't go big on buses or trains here...all got their own ATVs don't you know - East Kootenay C, East Kootenay @SirWobbly no that's his sunshade! Could be modified to dual purpose probably... - Cranbrook, East Kootenay Cycled into new time zone yesterday. One hour closer to home! End of the mountains soon...then the long flat prairie. - East Kootenay A, East Kootenay I crossed the continental divide...downhill all the way now. Yeehah! - Lethbridge, Division No. 2 Stunning entry into Alberta - Lethbridge, Division No. 2 just uploaded rides to strava, here's today's ride to Lethbridge in Alberta - Division No. 2, Alberta Pic for @bahnsteigkarte and other train spotters! Not seen any sign of passenger services on this line yet though - Division No. 2, Alberta @HealthyAirUK @CHAIRRDRF this message bears repeating but has been known for decades - Lethbridge, Alberta Food's been nothing to write home about recently. But this 2nd breakfast in (menonite) Grassy Lake was stupendous! - Medicine Hat, Alberta After 4,000km of NZ, US & Canadian "scenery" I'm back on wide straight flat roads. 165km by 4pm. Still rolling along. - Medicine Hat, Alberta They say here that it's so flat you can watch your dog run away for two days! - Medicine Hat, Alberta @RideBeautiful good going Paul. Sorry to hear about atrocious it's scorching :-) - Medicine Hat, Alberta @AndySiro now all I need to worry about is twisters and killer thunderstorms! - Cypress County, Alberta @RideBeautiful @roamingsloth hate to state the obvious Paul...should've gone faster! - Cypress County, Alberta @AndySiro did you see you got honourable mention in my ode to hwy 3 ? - Cypress County, Alberta @PhilEvans10 it's poetic to round up you know! Av speed yestdy was 30! - Cypress County, Alberta @DadMichael met Doug yestdy invited me to his all you can eat Caseys Dining Room restaurant in Swift Current :-) - Swift Current, Saskatchewan Saskatchewan road safety message. Could be usefully applied elsewhere too. - Swift Current, Saskatchewan I wonder what @IMcMillan would think of my ode, should he deign to read it... - Morse No. 165, Saskatchewan Result! @IMcMillan RTd my ode. Made my day! - Morse No. 165, Saskatchewan @AndySiro did you like the ode? You are fondly remembered in Chaplin! - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Political taboos leave politicians unwilling to take steps to cut transport emissions via @ConversationUK - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan First rain I've seen since Oz. With added headwind. And storms forecast. Mmm :-) - Regina, Saskatchewan Wimped out of the storm, got motel room. Catching up with RideLodon84 & Bertha Nice n sunny when I rode it last year! - Regina, Saskatchewan Hwy1 got boring. So I took Hwy48 to Montmartre "Paris of the Prairies" - Regina, Saskatchewan Good to see locals have embraced the Paris theme... - Regina, Saskatchewan ...and embraced my theme too! - Regina, Saskatchewan @RoadPeace Good road safety message but shocking grammar! - Glenwood, Manitoba Highway 48 is turning out to be so much more interesting than Hwy 1 - Glenwood, Manitoba Monday...must be Manitoba. One province and one time zone closer to home! - Glenwood, Manitoba They take "moving house" rather literally here - MacGregor, Manitoba Congrats to @AllegaertK on winning #tcr2014 London to Istanbul in <8 days. Riding >400k/day... >double my daily distance. Awesome! - MacGregor, Manitoba It's flat but missing the fietspads and canals - MacGregor, Manitoba Daniel & Rachel my awesome @warmshowers hosts in Winnipeg. - Winnipeg, Manitoba James at the local liquor store was a passionate advocate for this Jamaican real ginger beer. Helluva kick! - Winnipeg, Manitoba Neighbours joined us for a few beers. - Winnipeg, Manitoba 1/2 way across Canada. It's quite big. - Winnipeg, Manitoba Just pulled into truck stop for breakfast at Anola and these drivers bought my breakfast. Thanks guys! - Winnipeg, Manitoba Into my 5th and final Canadian province. Oi rat no! - Kenora, Unorganized, Ontario @ABD_Sussex @KeithPeatsDog easy to avoid these courses: drive within legal speed limits! - Kenora, Ontario Out of the prairies. Into the lakes. - Kenora, Ontario When I said lakes of course I meant lakes and hills. Lots of lakes. Lots of hills. - Kenora, Ontario @smaryka can confirm roads are rolling here...good training grounds I should say for a national hill climb champion! - Kenora, Ontario Flatter roads yesterday. But with headwind again :-( Who said it would be westerlies all across Canada? - Kenora, Ontario Arrived in Thunder Bay on Lake Superior. Into Eastern time zone. Another 1/24th round the planet closer to home! - Thunder Bay, Ontario Visited the Kakabeka falls - Thunder Bay, Ontario Northern shores of Lake Superior. Very scenic ;-) - Thunder Bay, Ontario Lincoln & Jeannine @trouble_1963 have passed me 4 times since USA and just bought me breakfast. Thanks guys! - Schreiber, Ontario Despite these frequent reminders driving stds are worse here than rest of Canada. Some Russian quality overtaking :-( - White River, Ontario Nice to meet another Trans-Canada rider: Marie-Claude from Quebec City riding from St Johns NFL to Victoria BC - White River, Ontario @joejolyon have a great ride and stay safe! - White River, Ontario @TweetedTrips nearly there! - White River, Ontario #ontariotruckers please give me a bit more space when passing and let me get through your beautiful province in one piece. Thanks! - Wawa, Ontario Still riding round Lake Superior. Biggest lake in the world. Could hold water of the other four. 4,385km shoreline. - Wawa, Ontario @smaryka not been paddling yet it's not the weather for it this week. Bit chilly and overcast :-( poor excuse I know... - Wawa, Ontario Ken Sweezey. 84. Has cycled all over Canada USA Europe. Helped me negotiate free dry accommodation tonight. Thanks! - Wawa, Ontario Grim day today. Rain. Headwind. Hills. Reduced to finding amusement in selfies. - Wawa, Ontario Lake Superior is 4x size of Wales. I think it's obligatory to make this point. Must be Wales for such comparisons. - Wawa, Ontario Rain stopped play at just 95km today. Time to kill. Just worked out approx 6m pedal revs to do RTW. Fascinating! - Wawa, Ontario Tragedy shows that gun skills should be taught in kindergarten, if not the womb - - Wawa, Ontario Apart from Caspian. Lake or sea? 5x bigger than Superior. Or 20x Wales! - Algoma, Unorganized, North Part, Ontario @chschs306 @Collins_PJ planning re-entry into UK for 1st this space for further details! - Huron Shores, Ontario @hardwayround wow you are putting in some big days Kevin...running round the world at 70km/day! - Blind River, Ontario Lake Huron is dumping itself on me today - Blind River, Ontario @joejolyon haha serves me right for similar #smug tweet I sent recently following wet #ridelondon - Blind River, Ontario Good to leave trans-canada hwy. About 1/2 of truckers here need to go back to driving school. #TCHsurvivor - Espanola, Ontario @MertonAndrewLCF you can install it in your recumbent :-) - South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario @matthewkh73 is another laid-back King of the Road. - South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario Good to see the sun again after a week of grey skies and rain - Lincoln, Ontario Lake Ontario. Smallest of the Great 5. About the same size as Wales! - Lincoln, Ontario @JibberJim yes that's the plan - Niagara Falls, Ontario Some waterfalls here. Quite impressive. - Niagara Falls, NY The town however is a disneyesque nightmare. - Niagara Falls, NY @smaryka yes indeed Niagara Falls much more peaceful and pleasant on the US side...much less, er, American - Lockport, NY This puts some perspective on the distance I have ridden since April - Lockport, NY Chris & Suzanne out for lunchtime jog on Erie canal towpath. Great bike route to bypass Rochester city centre. - Macedon, NY Not flying the stars & stripes on your front lawn here is I think tantamount to treason. - Lyncourt, NY Also on front lawns: New Yorkers passionate about their rights to go on shooting each other - Lyncourt, NY Big milestone today. Well kms that is. Got to be worth a few bob for @RoadPeace Thanks! - Lyncourt, NY @neightgreen been on road exactly 5 months. So 4,000km/month. Excluding about 30 days off bike, about 160km/day. 4 more days to NYC! - Marcy, NY Great hospitality recently from hosts at Awesome bike touring community. Thanks Justin, Jan, Nancy, Jenny & Olin! - Marcy, NY Wonderful cakes & coffee in Amsterdam NY. Thanks @Lisav0721Lisa - Amsterdam, NY Lovely off-road route today by the Mohawk river. Heading for another @warmshowers in Hudson. - Amsterdam, NY 1 hour 3 coffees & 7 cakes later...let me go Ed & @Lisav0721Lisa !! - Amsterdam, NY ...and finally... Pat Jennifer Harper & Henry paid my rather substantial cake bill. Thanks! - Amsterdam, NY Me: where can I get breakfast round here? Antiques dealer: do you like gardening and would you like to see my garden? Any cause for concern? - New York, US I like this anti-dd road safety poster - Lorenz Park, NY Into the Hudson valley. 200km to NYC! - Lorenz Park, NY James & Hank my @warmshowers hosts last night in their Airstream caravan - Lorenz Park, NY Fellow low-life, lounging about, catching some rays on the shoulder of Highway 9 - Fishkill, NY @neightgreen thanks...about 1/2 the daily 320km average ridden by @Normally_Human in 2012. RTW in 3 months! - Fishkill, NY Watching drive-thru q at Dunkin Donuts. Some customers so large perhaps they cannot get out of their cars. Do they have drive-thru toilets? - Ossining, NY How to ensure a good welcome @warmshowers hosts - Manhattan, NY My final @warmshowers hosts on this continent: Loren & Peter...who rides Cruzbike front wheel drive! - Manhattan, NY Peter led me right into NYC on this brilliant bike trail - Manhattan, NY Over the bridge from Bronx to Manhatten - Manhattan, NY Not at all the stressful entry into NYC that I had anticipated :-) - Manhattan, NY A few days off the bike doing the tourist thing with @pascaleae long time no see! - Manhattan, NY Visited 9/11 memorial site on 13th anniversary. Moving. - Manhattan, NY Sunset over Hudson river and New Jersey - Manhattan, NY @JBouessay good news! I will email over the details. A bientot! - Manhattan, NY Lazy times and fabulous weather here with @pascaleae - Manhattan, NY Brooklyn Bridge: great #space4cycling and walking for the best views of downtown Manhatten - Manhattan, NY Like the Forth road endless job. Not for the faint-hearted. - Manhattan, NY @AlanParkinson2 enjoy your 1200k to Verona! Hope to see you and others back at @bikefixlondon 5pm Wed 1st October - Manhattan, NY Crazy Paul made a 90 second video of his run up Anarchist Pass in BC. I feature for about a second. Great fun! - New York, NY Final lazy day yesterday in Harlem & Central Park. Fly back to Europe today. Lisbon. Rain forecast all week. - Manhattan, NY @biciorejon I'm flying to Lisbon & riding from there to London eta 5pm 1st October at bikefix. See blog for details. - Queens, NY 16:00 Arrived in Lisbon at last. Bonus: so has bike. Now just reassemble and ride home :-) - Fingal Good to be...finally...back out on the road home. Took longer than usual reassembling bike. I think baggage handlers forgot kid gloves today - Fingal Fortunately no serious show-stopping damage. So the show goes on! Heading NE out of Lisbon. Nighty-night! - Fingal Good to be back in a land of decent coffee! - Alpiarça Crossing Rio Tejo. Sunny at the moment but more storms forecast. Good S wind :-) - Alpiarça Good to be back in a land of decent bus shelters! - Castelo Branco Portugal turns out to be very scenic. And stormy. <2 weeks to the arrivée. - Castelo Branco Good luck today to @thejensie going for the hour record. And to Scotland whichever way they choose to go... - Castelo Branco Something new to train for when I finish this perhaps? - Castelo Branco Jens Voigt breaks cycling’s hour record and then retires Fantastic! Way to go @thejensie - Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca Into Spain. Weather as bad as it looks. Varying between light heavy torrential and biblical. Going to ask for refund. - Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca Tapas. Spain has redeemed itself. - Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca @spmrider im in the wrong bit of spain :-( - Sancti-Spíritus, Salamanca Weather outlook here for coming week: rain. Then more rain. Looking brighter in France from Monday. Hope it hangs on till I get there... - Sancti-Spíritus, Salamanca Hey @thejensie ignore the UCI dictators! Laid back hour record is 90km! Beat that! - Aldehuela de la Bóveda, Salamanca Oh I do love Spain...despite the rain...but will it move me to poetry? - Aldehuela de la Bóveda, Salamanca @casbar69 no. The N620 is right beside it. - Aldehuela de la Bóveda, Salamanca This afternoon was dry Though clouds filled the sky - Carrascal de Barregas, Salamanca Was planning to camp again tonight...till I spotted hotel room for €26. Seemed rude not to. Tapas & beer too! - Carrascal de Barregas, Salamanca Bull fight on TV though :-( Can't we send out some Fawlty Towers or Dad's Army? - Carrascal de Barregas, Salamanca Splendid diagonal road NE across Spain. Parallel autovia - almost 0 motor traffic. But too many tempting tapas bars! - Tordesillas, Valladolid But like all good things the N620 came to an end. Then autovia...or this: - Villahoz, Burgos So I rode a few kms on autovia till Guarda Civil booted me off into the hills - Villahoz, Burgos Valladolid. My second antipodean checkpoint. (First was Wellington NZ.) - Villahoz, Burgos @MayneKevin you following me round the planet? First oz now Spain! - Villahoz, Burgos @hardwayround did you run 128k in one day?! - Villahoz, Burgos @JudithSwallow @Sunniethehoob classy bag! (not you that is) - Villahoz, Burgos Spain now producing weather I expected. Sunny and warm. And I can see the Pyrenees! 1500k to go... - Burgos, Burgos @MayneKevin no...riding back to London then back to work. End of my world tour :-( - Miranda de Ebro, Burgos @hardwayround cool. I'm almost home. In pyrenees. 1400km to go. #easywayround - Miranda de Ebro, Burgos Ana in Rubena gave me coke and snacks and €10 for @RoadPeace - Miranda de Ebro, Burgos Into the mountains. Into the wind. Into the rain. #rule5 - Miranda de Ebro, Burgos Best recovery drink by far. Germans are better at making it than Spaniards. IMHO. Just sayin'... - Miranda de Ebro, Burgos From Melbourne to Manhattan: thousands join global protests for action on climate change - Miranda de Ebro, Burgos @TomEdWhite @JenKelley10 some people get all the best jobs! - Miranda de Ebro, Burgos Not easy avoiding motorways here. Ironically I feel safer, with good shoulder, than on this bike legal GI627: - Getaria, Gipuzkoa Good tapas & beer in Soraluze with Eulo of policia municipal & Ekaitz the barman. - Getaria, Gipuzkoa Onto the scenic coast road at Deba. Not quite out of the hills yet. France tomorrow! - Getaria, Gipuzkoa Outstanding #space4cycling & walking in San Sebastian. - Hendaye, Pyrénées-Atlantiques One side of this dual carriageway reallocated to #space4cycling & walking. Well used. Greatly improved urban realm. - Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Aquitaine Adios España! Bonjour la France! - Hendaye, Pyrénées-Atlantiques Breakfast with Thibault in Mimizan. He's walking chemin de compostelle Paris to Pyrenees. - Mimizan, Landes In Cestas for lunch with Nicole & Jean-Jacques. Practically family. Rude not to! - Cestas, Gironde En famille avec mes belles soeurs à Bordeaux.... - Pessac, Gironde avec le beau frère! - Pessac, Gironde @MertonAndrewLCF no! Family! Known them for 33 years! - Pessac, Gironde Passing through some of the best vineyards... - Les Billaux, Gironde Bike is now 2 bottles of 2001 Pomerol heavier :-) - Les Billaux, Gironde Dégustation de Pomerol. Sérieux. Merci Vincent! - Saint-Aulaye, Dordogne Bordeaux. Jolie ville! And good #space4cycling and walking. Trams too! - Saint-Aulaye, Dordogne Making strenuous efforts here to support the local economy. St Emilion Grand Cru 2006. Merci Denis le beauf! - Saint-Aulaye, Dordogne @meadowend it won't be travelling very far ;-) - Saint-Aulaye, Dordogne @casbar69 no sorry it's all fixed up for 1st October 5pm at Bikefix then move into the Lamb for beer - Isle, Haute-Vienne Beaut of a ride today in perfect weather across Dordogne and into Limousin. - Burgnac, Haute-Vienne Selfie with great hosts tonight Jean et Monique in Limoges. Merci! - Isle, Haute-Vienne La Souterraine. Another glorious day. About an hour now from Issoudun RDV with @UprightTone - Châteauroux, Indre Route planning and Ricard in Issoudun with @UprightTone - Issoudun, Indre Dinner in Les 3 Rois at Issoudun with brother and final few days planner-in-chief @UprightTone - Issoudun, Indre Only the best will do tonight! - Issoudun, Indre Simple but fine menu du jour in Aubigny-sur-Nère - Aubigny-sur-Nère, Cher A table in Ouzouer with Pa-in-law @JBouessay et Michelle. Bon apetit! - Ouzouer-sur-Trézée, Loiret Great welcome in Briare le Canal earlier today - Ouzouer-sur-Trézée, Loiret Even the Mayor of Ouzouer came out to meet me at the Pont Canal - Ouzouer-sur-Trézée, Loiret I just popped out for a bike ride - Ouzouer-sur-Trézée, Loiret Made the local paper! - Pithiviers, Loiret Slow news day here! - Pithiviers, Loiret Pain aux raisins stop earlier today with @UprightTone - Rambouillet, Yvelines Flying across the French a stately 20kph. - Rambouillet, Yvelines Entente cordiale with restaurateur in Pithiviers. Bonne addresse...highly recommended! - Rambouillet, Yvelines Getting really close now! Arrivée planned for 5pm on Wed @bikefixlondon then into the Lamb for swift half or two... - Rambouillet, Yvelines @joejolyon er no! Tomorrow! - Dieppe, Seine-Maritime Final glorious day awheel in France crossing Normandy. This is Les Andelys: - Dieppe, Seine-Maritime No prizes for guessing where we just arrived. Or for guessing what'll be on the menu tonight. - Dieppe, Seine-Maritime Spectacular final French dinner absolutely had to involve oysters - Dieppe, Seine-Maritime Coming home! - Seaford, East Sussex @JibberJim pipe and slippers for me now ;-) - Seaford, East Sussex Good effort @MrTrevett of @kingstonwheeler rode down from Morden at 5am to meet me off the ferry - Maresfield, East Sussex @MertonAndrewLCF @MrTrevett @kingstonwheeler not this space - Maresfield, East Sussex Great reception committee at The Bell in Outwood. Thanks Andy Dave Dom & Tony! - South Godstone, Surrey Fantastic welcome in London thanks everyone! More photos to follow no doubt... - Camden Town, London @MertonAndrewLCF Bikefix in Lambs Conduit Street - Camden Town, London Thanks @CHAIRRDRF for this official finish photo! Any others to share tweeps? Thanks all for such a lovely welcome! - Merton, London @TweetedTrips job done! - Merton, London Tweeps looking for another world circumnavigator to follow now I'm done, I recommend @hardwayround who forgot his bike. He's running round! - Merton, London @haayman I have no other twitter account...this one likely to keep going and probably mostly about bikey stuff - Merton, London

Fantastic welcome in London thanks everyone! More photos to follow no doubt... Great reception committee at The Bell in Outwood. Thanks Andy Dave Dom & Tony! Good effort @MrTrevett of @kingstonwheeler rode down from Morden at 5am to meet me off the ferry Coming home! Spectacular final French dinner absolutely had to involve oysters No prizes for guessing where we just arrived. Or for guessing what'll be on the menu tonight. Final glorious day awheel in France crossing Normandy. This is Les Andelys: Getting really close now! Arrivée planned for 5pm on Wed @bikefixlondon then into the Lamb for swift half or two... Flying across the French a stately 20kph. Pain aux raisins stop earlier today with @UprightTone I just popped out for a bike ride Even the Mayor of Ouzouer came out to meet me at the Pont Canal Great welcome in Briare le Canal earlier today A table in Ouzouer with Pa-in-law @JBouessay et Michelle. Bon apetit!
Richard Evans - planning to bike round the world, feet first and laid back on a recumbent bike, setting off from London in April 2014

Laid Back Around the World

A six-month recumbent bike ride from London to Auckland and back