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Jamie Lee Curtis cosplayed as an orc for 'World of Warcraft' premiere - new market square wichita The Mountain threatens to crush Cristiano Ronaldo - wichita, ks $FTM now tradable on the Binance DEX! - Wichita, KS Should be an interesting week in crypto and excited for the $COTI news. They met with $ADA this morning, meeting wi… - Wichita, KS @JLutz82 I will bring the whole office and their husbands for GNR - Wichita, KS @JLutz82 I’m messing with you. What’s the date of his concert? I had to get out of the car so only got to listen for a few minutes. - Wichita, KS @coinbase have you considered only using news sources that don’t require subscriptions in your app? Pathetic to lis… - Wichita, KS COTI joins Binance V Label for transparency. Only a matter of tome before listing. (In My Opinion). #crypto $bnb… - Wichita, KS @MichaelJamesNCA @tedcruz So he was supposed to comment on it 3 hours before it happened? - Wichita, KS @NathanHRubin Easy if you have the goods on the Clinton’s. - Wichita, KS @joegorga did I just see you in Vegas this morning? Lol - Paradise, NV @AOC Lol. You really don’t get it. Nice try though. - Paradise, NV @kirstiealley Thank you for standing up for humanity. Maybe it’s our Kansas roots that give us the ability to want… - Wichita, KS @RepJerryNadler Damn man. Do something, earn your pay. You have to be the most ridiculous man I have ever seen. What a joke. - Wichita, KS @BestBuySupport if you can’t get an appointment the same day with @GeekSquad and they tell you they wouldn’t even b… - Wichita, KS @BruceHaertl I believe LSU and Creighton are mentioned in the latest article - Wichita, KS @SurfaceSupport @surface have to say this support is beyond pathetic. Just look at the time spent on this phone cal… - Wichita, KS @SurfaceSupport @surface @MicrosoftHelps support has been horrible! Look at the time spent on this cal going throu… - Wichita, KS @KamalaHarris We are all now dumber from reading your tweets. - Wichita, KS @RepJerryNadler @RepJayapal @HouseJudiciary You are probably the last person that should be bashing people for disrespect. - Wichita, KS @FOXTV how come your Apple TV app hasn’t worked for weeks! Getting to be ridiculous. Do you guys even read the app reviews??? - Wichita, KS SEC just rejected Bitwise ETF #bitcoin #cryptocurrency - Wichita, KS @USMNT when will you ever learn what the common denominator of failures. Michael Bradley may be the worst player to… - Wichita, KS Michael Bradley obviously knows where the bodies are buried. I thought US Soccer Federation said things are going… - Wichita, KS @boblutz The name, logo and everything having to do with the branding are complete crap. Even the W font makes me angry. - Wichita, KS @seanhannity don’t you think Schiff is running his own impeachment hearing? He is clearly trying to influence the… - Wichita, KS @GoogleStadia What about people who haven’t even received shipping notifications? You have had plenty of time to g… - Wichita, KS @GoogleStadia Ordered June 6th to support you and yet you send people who ordered in July and September first? Fail! Extremely pissed. - Wichita, KS @cz_binance @binance Would be nice if you worried less about a Tesla truck and more about making your app work effe… - Wichita, KS This is what it’s like trying to trade on the Binance app lately. #fail #loading #stillloading #neverloads - Wichita, KS @BinanceHelpdesk @TheNautilusone @binance how do you plan on handling the bandwagon votes that jumped on board afte… - Wichita, KS @cz_binance Accusations??? It has been proven to be cheating, not accusations. Why does anyone have to hold your… - Wichita, KS @RickSantorum @SpeakerPelosi @AC360 Crazy that this tweet can’t be searched. Shame on you Twitter. - Wichita, KS @CoxHelp do you have an outage in 67204? - Wichita, KS @TTChilders we’re you just playing outside in key west? - Key West, FL @Foxyzilla Hope you are having a better day. Head up, be proud of yourself and just BE YOURSELF! - Wichita, KS @Foxyzilla I don’t think I ever got a follow. ;) - Wichita, KS @OpenPlatform Lol - Wichita, KS @brie_e_anderson I think you are wrong. You are an expert in many things. Tough to say someone is the best but if… - Wichita, KS @realDonaldTrump get your team in line. In what way is this considered getting funds to people quickly? This is b… - Wichita, KS @marcorubio where can we provide factual information regarding the banks not adhering to the mandates? Our loan wa… - Wichita, KS @marcorubio I know you aren’t in my state but so frustrated regarding the stimulus also. Three weeks of this status… - Wichita, KS @Charles_SEO any experience in the legal niche for lead gen? - Wichita, KS @MichaelSuppo And you will pay for the other 99.999% of it but selling the tip on what coin it is??? - Wichita, KS

This is what it’s like trying to trade on the Binance app lately.   #fail #loading #stillloading #neverloads The Mountain threatens to crush Cristiano Ronaldo Jamie Lee Curtis cosplayed as an orc for 'World of Warcraft' premiere
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