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Walking to Saint Michel ❤❤❤ - Saint michel Little Notre Dame scope ❤❤❤ - Paris Quick scope of the view outside Pantheon ❤❤❤ - 48.84628332528443,2.3460638523101807 @Johnlongson Happy happy birthday to you, la la la la la laaaaaa - Paris, France @Johnlongson Oh wow! Close birthdays indeed. Wishing you all the best - how very exciting - Paris, France Daily outrage is very exhausting, I have other things to do with my life thank you! #netneutrality - Paris, France @MilesSasser @ABC Stunning has two meanings, this use being the meaning of striking beauty or excellence, extremely… - Paris, France @KastKe Oh you’re chickening out now huh! - Paris, France I want to go on with things and live my life and avoid certain news.. that seems healthy. And then this s@&% happen… - Paris, France Little Leo and Claire cameo at 35:56 - Paris, France Proud to live in a country whose leader is determined to take action for the planet. As many world leaders are doin… - Paris, France @_Anthropoid @Midori_Mat Nice, what’s the species? - Paris, France @ChantalTV Happy happy birthday to you! - Puteaux, France @KastKe Wash rushing a boy with pneumonia and 40.2 fever from doctor to pharmacy to get meds! - Paris, France ❤️❤️❤️ - Paris, France @KastKe Leo has pneumonia, we’ve been to the doctor and it’s definitely that sound in the lungs. - Paris, France I love this, in New Zealand we know that there’s mince and there’s mince but it is confusing. So many examples of t… - Paris, France @Johnlongson Big big big congratulations!! - Paris, France @suntrine1 We found a moose waiting for us! - Paris, France @zorn_jill Thank you Jill - Paris, France @bloodhoundau What is, the move? - Paris, France @itambuka I’m not sure if this is your Twitter but to reply to your question on #Periscope earlier that sculpture w… - Paris, France @KastKe thank you so so much for Leo’s wonderful little surprise gift today! That put a big smile on his face - Paris, France @marcbernstein Thank you Marc - you too! - Paris, France Wishing everyone a beautiful holiday weekend with lots of love and cuddles and warmth and joy wherever you are - Paris, France @bloodhoundau It wasn’t the reception for once, comments were working and good network speed. May have been a Periscope issue this time. - Paris, France Evolution: Greater than the sum of its parts via @TheEconomist - Paris, France @rq57 Thank you so much Maria, you too - Paris, France @Hippie4rvr Thank you Julia ❤️❤️❤️ - Paris, France @cccjcw Thank you ❤️❤️❤️ - Paris, France @JWCCC51 Thank you John! A very Happy New Year to you - Paris, France @WilliamGeorge41 Thank you for sharing - and it’s super warm today, it just takes us a while to wear lighter clothes! 14C/58F - Paris, France @GSarafan - Paris, France @phouse123 Thank you so much Paul - Paris, France @harborjournal2 Yes sorry I’m aware of that - Tonga etc. Its been a fascination of mine for years, how neighbouring… - Paris, France @harborjournal2 And yes Samoa and Tonga were a full 2 hours before - Paris, France @bigdaddyjudo Sigh. There’s weather and there’s climate. There’s overall warmer temperatures on the planet right th… - Paris, France @bigdaddyjudo There is a fundamental difference in scale between what weather is and what climate is,” he said. “Wh… - Paris, France @bigdaddyjudo Aren’t you funny - Paris, France @michaelrockholt Hehe thank you - that was a battery low phone crash. I usually try to announce it! - Paris, France 13,500 and counting people have signed the petition to save our Parc Rives de Seine, sign if you agree the banks of… - Paris, France On the way to 15K signatures on the petition! #RivesdeSeine #BergesdeSeine Save our park! - Paris, France @Dorian_Watsby @wef Third world city? I’m afraid I disagree with you entirely - this is a constantly changing and m… - Paris, France Fantastic news that @seabubbles electric “flying” river taxis will be on the Seine river from May onwards - I’ll be… - Paris, France Not sure who to credit for this, my friend’s cousin I think #BeastoftheEast Irish humour - Paris, France Almost 22K people have signed petition to save #RivesdeSeine Someone signs every minute or two. Reopening to cars… - Paris, France @zippitydont He’s going to brush it off as a joke - people are going to think Ah that’s just Trump. I’m afraid noth… - Paris, France @RFioroto Thank you Rosemary - Paris, France @owka4u2 @Limportant_fr Wow - no, they are not refugees- it is an article you can read in English about 6 cities in… - Paris, France @VroumVroum75 @Anne_Hidalgo J’ai des centaines de photos en semaine plein de monde et de preuve vidéo sur Périscope… - Paris, France @Antoine71284847 @Anne_Hidalgo I could! Good idea - Paris, France - Paris, France On the way to 30,000 signatures! Save our park - demonstration this Saturday 3pm on the #RivesdeSeine… - Courbevoie, France @LPO_IledeFrance Merci ! Email envoyé pour suivre la formation - Courbevoie, France @pouss7 On voit les choses avec des “lunettes” différentes, moi je vois des centaines de personnes le long des 3km… - Courbevoie, France @pouss7 Mais oui, je parle du nombre de gens qu’on croise en mouvement, distribué le long d’une promenade sur les r… - Neuilly-sur-Seine, France @zippitydont Love it - as long as we can prove it’s not a weekend day - in my opinion both sides are cheating - Paris, France @KastKe They have to keep road as is for emergencies - there’s a shop & in warmer days pop up bars & cafes. They’ve… - Paris, France @pouss7 Je vois ça tout à fait le contraire. Je respecte votre point de vue - j’ai des amis qui pensent exactement… - Paris, France @pouss7 - Paris, France @pouss7 Je suis dans un tout petit studio depuis 2007, je vis seule avec mon bébé. Les loyers ont augmenté et il ne… - Paris, France @plebraudbaobab @wimoov @Anne_Hidalgo Venez nous voir ! On est nombreux - Paris, France @pouss7 Vous voyez vraiment 12 ? Je vois la personne derrriere l’autre et je zoom pour voir toutes celles devant et… - Paris, France @HeslerCathy I didn’t give it but heard it and it’s published. That they separate parents from children to discoura… - Paris, France @bigdaddyjudo @danyexplorer @NetterM8 @pbyrond Oh my goodness!! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️ - Paris, France Find Waldo! #BergesdeSeine #SauvonsLesBerges #rivesdeseine - Paris, France @debfene ❤️❤️❤️ - Paris, France @pascaldeparis @Anne_Hidalgo @leJDD Cette photo c’est sur la rive gauche - il est question de réouvrir aux voitures… - Paris, France @YvesPDB @pascaldeparis Pourquoi montrer un dimanche comme exemple alors que les quais rive droite sont fermés les… - Paris, France @a_velo_en_ville Cool ! C’est moi et mon fils là à l’air de jeux - je pense que ses lacets étaient défaits - Paris, France Find me and Leo - Paris, France @LeslieFrodosmom Hehe much easier than the previous pic - Paris, France @Antoine71284847 @marty888nyc We can be outraged and live with love - I’m defending my city against what was said.… - Paris, France @Antoine71284847 @marty888nyc I’m sharing information and I’m staying outraged and I’m adamant that is healthier -… - Paris, France @Antoine71284847 @marty888nyc Which is precisely why I tweeted. Listen you’re not going to convince me to use my ac… - Paris, France @Antoine71284847 @marty888nyc And I’m not the only one who tweeted outrage at this - dozens of French British Ameri… - Paris, France @PanamStyle I’m aware you physically can, yes, I’ve taken photos myself - however in 2015 and 2016 I know for sure… - Paris, France @PanamStyle Oh my goodness I meant sacré cœur!! Sorry I’m very confused today! Definitely know you can in Sainte ch… - Paris, France @PanamStyle Sorry it’s my neighbourhood I’ve been there lots of times - I’m completely confused I thought I was tal… - Paris, France @PanamStyle What scope did I say this in? I’ll erase it - I totally had Montmartre on the brain - Paris, France @PanamStyle Darn it too many superhearts to erase - I’ll try to find the person who asked me - Paris, France @EKylecampbell Thank you - it’s what a lot have said to me, they can’t watch. I happen to have turned on TV to wher… - Paris, France @a9630 Oooo whoops sorry I thought I’d avoided that - Paris, France @bloodhoundau Yeeeeeah so as I was saying it’s spring not summer - Paris, France Thank you so so very much everyone for your generosity with super hearts. I got my payout and it was enough to get… - Paris, France @a9630 Thank you Andrew - as do you for your stunning, informative, funny scopes and your awesomeness - Paris, France @SeptJules Ugh I wish I was superwoman! This little boy will only walk upstairs when someone other than me is prese… - Paris, France @EdKrassen Grammatically it makes no sense, should be “Be better” or “Be the best” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - Paris, France @ninakemppi @suntrine1 @zippitydont @Pegly1 @catenasart @a9630 @JayLeal36 @gattgreg @freobeachcomber @SoCalGloria… - Paris, France @compania Haha, am I a rock star? - Paris, France @tencents77 Agree with you entirely - Paris, France @vincent25869958 @le_Parisien Pour qui fumer est une nécessité ? - Paris, France @heisensebz @vincent25869958 @le_Parisien Justement ! L’idée bien évidemment c’est plus c’est cher moins on fume - Paris, France @facile_trop @heisensebz @vincent25869958 @le_Parisien En effet ! - Puteaux, France @soutienem2022 @Haykeau @heisensebz @vincent25869958 @le_Parisien Moi non plus jamais touché - Paris, France @Drantem Non je suis entièrement d’accord avec toi. 48 ans la semaine prochaine ???? Merci je fais jeune - Paris, France @chalonangele Tout à fait d’accord ???? - Paris, France @Drantem Merci :) - Paris, France Enfin ! J’ai bien été dans des situations plusieurs fois dans ma vie où je ne pouvais pas de tout me permettre d’en… - Paris, France @jdfly101 @Doozycards Haha! I love this!! Thank you so much Julee- Happy Valentines to you ❤️???????? - Paris, France @KatePalmer123 @nzherald Yes I completely understand that (but NZ do have the absolute best burgers ever and I’ve been around a few places) - Paris, France @VABVOX I had the blisters too! So weird and painful. And a strange sort of erosion of mouth cells - Paris, France @VABVOX Interesting! I didn’t know this was a thing at all until I read your tweet. I also had this bizarre selecti… - Paris, France @VABVOX Thank you for sharing this. In my case I’ve had an overall mild case compared to yours but it’s still been… - Paris, France @markmobility @TheDemCoalition Whaaaat? - Paris, France @ExtremeGardenin @ThornhillClub @gmcfarlane7 @ToddMcGolf @lizhoffman54 @golfrmom @in_the6ix @lisayoungdesign… - Paris, France @RawStory What the H? - Paris, France @fourwheelsbad69 Ah wonderful, I’ll look and watch again - Paris, France @fourwheelsbad69 It’s so cool! I need to go back - Paris, France @fourwheelsbad69 Thanks for watching! They’re old before the periscope app got so stable so wonky filming but there… - Paris, France @fourwheelsbad69 I never framed it- it stayed on my door for years and now it’s rolled up for when I have a bigger space one day - Paris, France @Nicole_saysLove @OshaDavidson How to people miss the point this much - and instinctively - and post that stuff and don’t regret it ???????? - Paris, France @theheavyjamz @steviegurr @SonghoyBlues Love love these guys! I got to watch them play in Paris at the summer jazz festival ???????????? - Paris, France @Anne_Hidalgo @ParisEnCommun @ecoloparis2020 Il faut absolument revoir le système de cotation qui laisse aucune cha… - Paris, France @ExtremeGardenin @ThornhillClub @in_the6ix @lizhoffman54 @LindaHerron7 @golfrmom @ChantalTV @TheGolfOntario… - Paris, France @steviegurr Agreed! Yes I’m a Kiwi! (I’m also French too and dad is British). Grew up in wonderful windy Wellington - Paris, France @steviegurr That sounds so nice. I love that you had such a good time and memories - Paris, France @Antoine71284847 Thank you! Beautiful screenshots - Paris, France “This is an “American Spring”” - Gloria Browne-Marshall - Paris, France @RixpixCt I will and want to! Things been hectic with deadlines and Leo finally having a care system set up then sc… - Paris, France @GAnalog ???? - Paris, France @Pegly1 Yes or no? I say she’s right - Paris, France @alison_iain It’s so different in my eyes so I’m in rather dazed wonderment. The flocking to outdoor terraces and t… - Paris, France @fourwheelsbad69 It’s true - just as I hung up I realised that and thought isn’t that funny - Paris, France @fourwheelsbad69 Happy birthday! - Paris, France @fourwheelsbad69 And yes it was really special seeing that - really new to me after 24 years here - Paris, France @GaleStormyga Most probably not - Paris, France Sending love and thoughts to Minneapolis, this is so awful #Minneapolisshooting - Paris, France @Maryroyal4E Yes! Waiting for it to be able to reopen - did exhaust him on park trampolines this morning but never enough - Paris, France @michaelrockholt We were home as we hung up - Paris, France @DeplorableChoir ???????????????????????? I can’t stop watching it’s so hideous and comically stereotypical - Paris, France @Louisepoppy @genuinedavid Yes - Paris, France I’m, there’s a word for that: “The friend told Macias that he was aware of the diagnosis when he attended the gathe… - Paris, France @Nidaba07 I never understand this notion that if you’re a hypocrite you should shut up and not call something out - Paris, France @Nidaba07 Ok all good then, speaking up is better than silence - Paris, France @CynleeF happy happy birthday Cindy ???????????????????? - Paris, France @GAnalog @lemondefr Indeed! - Paris, France

Find Waldo! #BergesdeSeine #SauvonsLesBerges #rivesdeseine Not sure who to credit for this, my friend’s cousin I think #BeastoftheEast Irish humour Wishing everyone a beautiful holiday weekend with lots of love and cuddles and warmth and joy wherever you are @marcbernstein Thank you Marc - you too!
Claire Waddington - Kiwi/French Periscoper in Paris, translator, tour guide, in awe of this planet & the species we share it with. Follow on #PariswithClair


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