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@CEMCQueens hmm hey @LoisLee11284969 check earlier feed in this tweet, another local church message on twitter.. fr… - Brooklyn, NY @CEMCQueens @Mikevid1989 cool we have service in bayside @LoisLee11284969 *see video - Brooklyn, NY @Mikevid1989 I prob pass by every week, looking toward that building.. I'm going to check the map - Brooklyn, NY @lenovo do u have support for the #phab2pro, I am not able to use headset for video like done with other phones for professional sound - Brooklyn, NY @KevinArrow lol wrong screenshot, but a friend in hk has it too, so I prob have it too but it updates saying a new… - Brooklyn, NY @KevinArrow when u try to share u only can share to twitter no option for periscope followers, cuz it's not in the periscope app, but it is2 - Brooklyn, NY @optimisticlee hmm was there. - Brooklyn, NY Test location @normanyung via @peterong - King's Cross Church @periscopehelp @jasonburglar - Brooklyn, NY 'Appearances are not what they seem" - @stevetomlinson_ @ShelterRockSM tech - Syosset, NY @clairewad in France here.. Test [48.84628332528443,2.3460638523101807] - 48.84628332528443,2.3460638523101807 @BKLYNlibrary @millbasinlob is the mill basin branch open? - Brooklyn, NY @AnitaWingLee on #Periscope: Walking around Paris at Christmas time! - paris @xoxoLizza @euromaestro it was a bit task heavy, but Lizza had it already set's a memory's harder… - New York, NY @Jacquel43817054 thanks - Brooklyn, NY @KevinArrow thanksfor sharing - Brooklyn, NY @JujyCakes found this app and adding interestingness sites.. - Brooklyn, NY @JujyCakes the first map is based on user retweets - Brooklyn, NY @JohnnyBgde @RonWaxman do u remember when u did a long scope last? was it more like eraly 2016.. nyc tour - Brooklyn, NY @grahamwdw cool pic - New York, NY @euromaestro - Brooklyn, NY @kirbstr @Tweetpaths hmm u sure? no locations come up with either of those options - New York, NY @toinou1375 great pic for u - Brooklyn, NY @DaveInOsaka found it 2 @sheradonjames - Brooklyn, NY @DaveInOsaka you didn't add location btw.. see tweet data - 京都 京都市 伏見区 @ilektrojohn gotcha, it didn't function at all at first, but got 1 thing to work after a bit, but was confused when trying a few options - Brooklyn, NY @ilektrojohn @cree_py ohh but specifically, location searches or looking for tweets in a specific area doesn't work? Only by user name works - Brooklyn, NY @BoopFashionista do u use golive from twitter - Brooklyn, NY @rosscaneva do u have a quick list of the last places you scoped from, i guess i can check replay - New York, NY @rosscaneva i'm tring to map out cool videos... using the twitter tag... ie - Milano, Lombardia @rosscaneva highlights - Milano, Lombardia Retweeting ny @ Brooklyn Museum - Brooklyn, NY Charging - Brooklyn, NY @brooklynpubliclibrary #feed - Brooklyn Public Library (Central Library) Live is NYCParks 2 blocks away.. on #Periscope: Ice Skating in Brooklyn's Prospect Park on the First Day of #Winter - Brooklyn Botanic Garden Chilling in ny 53rd street holidays tag - rockefeller center End of the year travels @MoMAmembers - Manhattan, NY @eagleedcemtrac hmm - MoMA Offices nyc rest place - Rockefeller Center @nextgenguy @cwilberge @Spectacles 5 min - Brooklyn, NY @nyactor @samsheffer @Spectacles @BHPhotoVideo got a 2nd pair works better now - Brooklyn, NY @austinkosin @Spectacles npae - Brooklyn, NY Walked by the security lines by trump tower, didn't really notice a fuss but pretty secure .. thought this is cute… - Brooklyn, NY @CaseyNewton cool #matty u said r.u in ny tho or san something - Brooklyn, NY #thelouvre 40min in - Paris, France becboop @BoopFashionista Christmas - Galway, Ireland @zedomax @Jayesh6P @YouTube short for me - Brooklyn, NY Hey @euromaestro in the house lol, here's my live feed of urs via Facebook live.. added urs - Brooklyn, NY @eagleed see below - Brooklyn, NY @JohnMho dows zora have Twitter - Brooklyn, NY @JohnMho btw when I auto tweet ur live, is there a way to add a location to them?.. - Brooklyn, NY @JohnMho when *u tween the periscope I ment - Brooklyn, NY @JohnMho found this so I can stalk u and ur travelin (app only for new trips tho)...tried @ZoraExplorer1 too #travel - Brooklyn, NY In Paris #world - Sacré-Coeur, Québec @MrASingh @periscopetv ahh found u! =) - Brooklyn, NY this seems appropriate..@MrASingh hey thaks for showwing the world this is a quikc summary of recent reaches to the. - Brooklyn, NY .@Travel_Visions on #Periscope: Christmas Lights in Mexico!! - mexico .@Louisepoppy on #Periscope: Fossil Forest New Zealand - new zealand @FireTheCanon tires check - Brooklyn, NY 360 @Timcast pool - Myanmar @NYCParks @bobber4143 is this accurate? #bowling green - Manhattan, NY @Spectacles @flushing meeting - Brooklyn, NY @bobber4143 thanks it's supposed to be a 3 minute process, you have to define walls and intersection with the floor. Pretty good tho, - Brooklyn, NY @TODAYshow how do i sign up for the 360fly giveaway - Manhattan, NY @uploadvr #using3dpaint and 3d walkthrough software to recreate the social... experiment - New York, NY @periscopeco 360 tours #dubai @literallyanika - New York, NY @periscopeco @literallyanika looking good on the way to beach? - New York, NY trip to dubai #palm - New York, NY @CNBCSuperRich where is it located - Manhattan, NY @LuriaPetrucci but the garlic bread and enjoy for now - Brooklyn, NY @altonbrown #periscope360 feed for replay - New York, NY @altonbrown @JohnMho I've been trying to do these with them... not really clean but I think it's useful to learn or… - Brooklyn, NY @JohnMho @dininghappy lol not sure, this was penguin six's try at the mall right before @dininghappy stopped by vir… - Manhattan, NY @Alexpettitt periscope just updated but don't see 360 in mine.. - Brooklyn, NY @Alexpettitt it does say fixed bug - Brooklyn, NY @world2_ed - Brooklyn, NY Test will st w@nycparks - Brooklyn, NY @ThisIsMyCurse @brandee_anthony taken by @dancristobal - Brooklyn, NY @Bob_W41N @brandee_anthony "a joke " I win - Brooklyn, NY @NannaGreising @brooklynmuseum do u find it - Brooklyn, NY @Alexpettitt game - New York, NY @lex - Brooklyn, NY @Alexpettitt - New York, NY @YouTube @PenguinSix clip with me on the logo board - link above is viewable in 360 recreated from an android broad… - Brooklyn, NY thanks @rosscaneva nice area #selfie stick - Manhattan, NY @DariusAryaDigs thatnks @euromaestro btw, i ment archeologist... and here's a photo from fb's @museobilotti #rome - Italia @NYCParks vr - Italia @hhtnyc @NYCParks @MerchantsHouse @periscopeco cool immersive visit including the 2 major bedrooms and the lower fl… - Brooklyn, NY @periscopehelp any news when the 360 feature will be available, or if I can get approved for beta. I submitted a request as prescribed - Brooklyn, NY @JohnMho @Lisa_noregretz @periscopeco u know ur featured right, just noticed recently - Brooklyn, NY thanks Jen - Brooklyn, NY @NYCParks @periscopeco thanks - Italia @ReflectorApp not sure why both my devices are not casting any issue on ur end? - Italia freedom for all #newyear #ourhouse - Brooklyn, NY @brooklynmuseum thanks Brooklyn - Brooklyn, NY @brooklynmuseum - Brooklyn, NY @BoopFashionista @CallumMacBeth widescreen lens there - Brooklyn, NY @LoisLee11284969 - Brooklyn, NY @eagleedcemtrac 360 - Brooklyn, NY @jenelledagres looks good to me - Brooklyn, NY Hey @geoffgolberg I'm glad u were present and interactive in the convo yesturday.. I want to ask u not share thexrated scope or create a grp - Brooklyn, NY @BrGround thanks @dhsnyc - Brooklyn, NY @Rocky_Nash @theta360 nice pic. - Brooklyn, NY Jumping on the map #bklynlibrary - Brooklyn Public Library (Central Library) @Natalie4NY @Snapchat @NBCNewYork @StormTeam4NY no lenses - Italia @LayneToo hey forgot to ask, did u see santini today.. she was on with her update - Brooklyn, NY @webgirltj just testing - Brooklyn, NY @marty888nyc do u mind if I attend the get together on Sunday, I'm a 360 video scoped hehe - Manhattan, NY @dankueck it's live - Manhattan, NY @periscopehelp whenever I blocked a user in their stream, i.e. The broadcaster, my app freezes. Vita - has been do… - Brooklyn, NY @dininghappy @JohnMho see beloe - Brooklyn, NY @JohnMho it might be only select users now they put something on a twitter blog too.. it's hard to figure but it's part of their old ad prog - Brooklyn, NY @euromaestro about 2 hrs ago - Italia @Alexpettitt @SamsungMobile 15 sec inherent delay for stitching - Queens, NY @JohnMho @periscopeco @periscopehelp did u try? Should it's the same analytics u get in the app but organized - Brooklyn, NY #nyclive @periscopetv sample⚡ Nyc live moment by @eagleed - Brooklyn, NY @bklyn_67 Little italy by @eagleed sample on periscopetv @marty888nyc - Brooklyn, NY Test run #minitures exhibit - Riu Plaza Times Square Hotel ⚡️ “streaming at gullivers _gate in nyc” - New York, NY @periscopehelp @smartfilming It's available now - Brooklyn, NY @jj_CLE27 @RobynSchall Try it - Brooklyn, NY @Gulliversgate I visited - Brooklyn, NY @ritalaw @lokcheung @insta360 @periscopetv Try it now.. since 1 day ago should be able to - Brooklyn, NY Asia in minitures - Brooklyn, NY @ashaleo can u try in periscope @periscopeco it goes live in 360 to Twitter too try it.. - Brooklyn, NY @austinwonghk Link..? - Brooklyn, NY @FernandaRomeroo did u try live 360 - Brooklyn, NY Hey @JohnMho if u get a chance, breeze through this video reel, last section was from the clip from last night, I might reorder it.. using - Brooklyn, NY .@JohnMho It plays better on iOS twitter moments - Brooklyn, NY John visited a tourist location in Thailand ⚡ Parts of thailand in 360 mixed by @eagleed - Brooklyn, NY @mobackInc @ARealityEvent I'm using the mobile app and uploading a 3D file through the MoBackAR site... it stopped on Sunday - Brooklyn, NY @MuseumofCityNY Is it a closed event - Brooklyn, NY @BKLYNlibrary #bikethebranches central lib on #Periscope - Brooklyn, NY coney island - Brooklyn, NY @Alexpettitt have you tried search on snap - Brooklyn, NY @ElizabethLiz60 @Jonathanjk Can u tell jonathan he has limited chat - Brooklyn, NY discover Coney virtual - Coney Island Beach & Boardwalk @magic_bert How many did uMake - Brooklyn, NY @nataliecarterNY Did anyone get a repky - Brooklyn, NY @BUILDseriesNYC @SpiderManMovie @TomHolland1996 What's ur snap - Brooklyn, NY @DemiLeighXD @StaffsUni Is it still high? - Brooklyn, NY Location based breaking news feeds - Bronx, NY @nysummerconferece #nysc17 - Ewing, NJ @PeriscopeHelp do time stamped links still work, I can’t get it to apply when copying the link from like 3 seconds in via desktop link - Brooklyn, NY @webgirltj audio issue on periscope - Brooklyn, NY @Ilivesky @PeriscopeHelp Why am I on this thread lol - Brooklyn, NY @yokey_pokey are u snap Chatting? Found this on the discover page with a good amount of hits - Brooklyn, NY @euromaestro on the wheel.. - Brooklyn, NY Took some video on #minipro on periscope near @NathansFamousPH - Coney Island Beach & Boardwalk Coney plotted out for video map - Brooklyn, NY Watching Creative Takes on Ice Cream @zchin3950 I think this is it - Brooklyn, NY @bcarlton727 @orbapp Can u add a photo texture option :) - Brooklyn, NY @tomwarren Are u tweeting th event - Brooklyn, NY @marcodellacava @Microsoft Are u tweeting it - Brooklyn, NY @FutureBoy October3event - Brooklyn, NY @summitlive Today - Brooklyn, NY @surrealapp can u edit a post - Brooklyn, NY View a globe on vr - Queens, NY Queens museum ar.t - Queens, NY Mob crush brings live streaming to any iOS app #cool I’ll do a live soon - Brooklyn, NY I’m now #live on Mobcrush enabled #live-streaming iOS - Brooklyn, NY @nyactor - Brooklyn, NY Perfect for my ar vr... broadcasting via iPhone screen on #ios11 - Brooklyn, NY @periscopehelp ios11 has the ability to stream via any app via screen capture and can do broadcasting similarly with replaykit2.. periscope - Brooklyn, NY @samsheffer Did u know u can stream iPhone screen twitch btw - Brooklyn, NY @samsheffer It’s built in to iOS.. #omletarcade I just used it - Brooklyn, NY Interesting - Brooklyn, NY @BubbleBobble @WebEx Done - Brooklyn, NY @boinxsoftware When I stream via periscope and rtmp, the required bitrate is 800 or max at 3000 I think but the aut… - Brooklyn, NY @boinxsoftware Well in periscope it gives me an error that it wouldn’t accept the rtmp but the stream does go out from the app - Brooklyn, NY @SnugHarborCCBG can I bring bikes or is therit vallet for the festival - Brooklyn, NY - Manhattan, NY if i'm looking for a car for tomorrow any chance i can still register today and get it? - Brooklyn, NY Times Square on a #minipro - Brooklyn, NY @MylesMill Who is he? Just a random person? - Brooklyn, NY @amdamiron come back its clear - Brooklyn, NY @ryan_a_bell it's back on - Brooklyn, NY globalcitizen festival updates a fence fell - Brooklyn, NY some inside info shows back on - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn, NY via - @GlblCtzn Update: Thank you everyone for staying calm. A barrier fell at the Global Citizen Festival in Centr… - Brooklyn, NY @simone__party hope you had a good time "please visit the Community Affairs Tent at the southern part of the lawn f… - Brooklyn, NY @adorama what time are u open to on friday - Brooklyn, NY @ojillio Thanks! Thanks so sweet - Brooklyn, NY @LAURENICKYLIVE ninja is on the late show with jimmy Fallon.. just - Brooklyn, NY @Jamie_G13 I tried yesturday.. got that and used streamlabs to go live - Brooklyn, NY @PeriscopeHelp do you know will periscope be able to connect to dji pocket - the gimbal camera - Brooklyn, NY Wedding on the beach on #FleetWeekNYC during lunch #nathans - Coney Island Beach & Boardwalk day with crossfit #Murph - Brooklyn, NY Last round #crossfit - Brooklyn, NY Pushpress - Brooklyn, NY @nyactor Bancakes - Brooklyn, NY @arealweirdbitch It was in the newd - Brooklyn, NY @eanubis89 @DanYelliElli It's in the news - Brooklyn, NY @Lauren_Sorge @CrunchGym That’s weird.. I use crunch, they were celebrating a 30years as a business yesturday and c… - Brooklyn, NY @EspeonFriandise Forgot who they are but they are popular - Brooklyn, NY @JRASTIC_NYC @NYCTSubway Actually they seem pretty specific on this page and I saw the cops at Utica - Brooklyn, NY @itisimilo Which platform was he on? Might have seen him - Brooklyn, NY @albn @Peugeot @Sketchfab Did u see the new Samsung phone - Brooklyn, NY @eurovermeer @NYCTSubway ???? - Queens, NY We - Brooklyn, NY i - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn, NY @TaylorTwoTails @Spectacles @nyactor where's the line - Brooklyn, NY @R3Phoenix @NYPDnews @NYPDTips 2 cookers found oddly placed - Brooklyn, NY @NightNurseSteph @WillieT4u @R3Phoenix @NYPDnews @NYPDTips - Brooklyn, NY @NightNurseSteph It's a busy station they're investigating the reason - Brooklyn, NY @bellisswell @taylorswift13 How come he deoesnt have id or anything identifying - Brooklyn, NY 2018 - Brooklyn, NY @ubiquity_6 @DisplaylandHQ @Forbes How do you add hyperlinks in the comment/description - Brooklyn, NY Legs Feeling better after 2 days sore, stretched rolled out, walked, theragun.. then back out w just 1 day rest off… - Brooklyn, NY House Impeaches President Trump in Historic Vote: A Closer Look about that time #via @YouTube - Brooklyn, NY @peddieddie @issyr_ This tweet was in a news article lol - Brooklyn, NY Recovery - Manhattan, NY @FunwithVee Just ordered a whoop band hope its insightful - Brooklyn, NY Whoop - Manhattan, NY @whoop why is my heart rate showing high when its 89 - Manhattan, NY @LauraMay171 @whoop Aren’t the memberships 6 months - Brooklyn, NY @nemlah @whoop Interesting, I’m curious, if you adjust ur sleep time in app, maybe u’ll get a lower reading. Maybe… - Brooklyn, NY @whoop Thanks sent - Brooklyn, NY Paul Laursen on the Power and Pitfalls of HIIT - Brooklyn, NY @whoop how can I order a new battery - Brooklyn, NY Rreference Two Men Breaking Into Home (Flatlands, Brooklyn) ???? Live on @CitizenAppNYC - Brooklyn, NY @getburly @whoop Does it work for accessories - Manhattan, NY @whoop if I have 2 whoop straps, does the data overlay. I'd put one on wrist and one on arm to see the difference. - Brooklyn, NY @connortryan Is there something in writing? - Queens, NY @euromaestro - Brooklyn, NY @euromaestro Np, saw you in the other feed through Nowthis, also tried watching some of the YouTube you mentioned i… - Brooklyn, NY @euromaestro That's the one I heard you mention yesterday and watched - Brooklyn, NY @euromaestro was there much concern over coronavirus for those in good health/younger besides the spreading of the… - Brooklyn, NY @FunwithVee Find a hat to match - Brooklyn, NY @euromaestro I watched but did he have a weak immune system - Brooklyn, NY @Taylorwithan_A Maybe not a good idea - Brooklyn, NY @365datingme @GilmaAvalos @NYCMayor Any specific ones? I mean chain ones - Brooklyn, NY @relaxtress @Equinox Did u see the tweet about flatiron - Brooklyn, NY @_regina33 @NYCMayorsOffice @NYCMayor Done - Brooklyn, NY @Angelmanon1 Problem solved - Brooklyn, NY @yellowducktv when I copy the rtmp key obs gives me a server error - Brooklyn, NY @kdcoursebuilder @yellowducktv Me neither did u get the rtmp address - Brooklyn, NY Workout while effective somewhat extreme social distancing slash shelter in place in effect - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn, NY @zoom_us how do you fix the roboti audio I hear sometimes - Brooklyn, NY #timing job almost not secure but open last minute - Brooklyn, NY #timing key 19 - Brooklyn, NY @eeesong I don’t hink u need an ID for zoom, not on the phone - Brooklyn, NY @TrainingMask Is the 3.0 strap compatible - Brooklyn, NY @mesuara @NYCMayor @NYGovCuomo @MTA Was it crowded today - Brooklyn, NY @cajunmetro @mailman3162 Soon tho they will but not sure its effective - Brooklyn, NY @ImprimisNetwork Not sure if they legit - Brooklyn, NY @jnmervin @itisimilo its real - Brooklyn, NY @KingdaleSpliff @robmar520 @TWULocal100 @AFLCIO @CentralLaborNYC @NYGovCuomo @transportworker @TwuSamuelsen Did the elastic straps seem old - Brooklyn, NY @malteseh @DogFacePonyLady @PaulaReidCBS Is he back? - Brooklyn, NY @malteseh @DogFacePonyLady @PaulaReidCBS - Brooklyn, NY @USPSHelp hey, I was home and got an Amazon package but my usps package said they had trouble reaching the door because no access - Brooklyn, NY @PIX11News do you have a link to the video with a mask protecting visual with laser lights showing the travel - Brooklyn, NY @cava are the locations in NYC required of staff to work with masks? - Brooklyn, NY @cava Hi thanks, I was inquiring b4 going. Pleased that workers were wearing masks, however the 1 customer was ord… - Brooklyn, NY @cava Off mask to tell her something, then I saw a 2nd person serving with one glove finish packing my food as the… - Brooklyn, NY @TweetThisBabe @Periscope @PeriscopeHelp I just Uninstalled then it worked, though it was just me - Brooklyn, NY @TweetThisBabe @Periscope @PeriscopeHelp You just link it back to ur account or use password its fine - Brooklyn, NY @FunwithVee I'd pay for a virtual haircut - Brooklyn, NY @cava Ok thanks, also person was adjusting mask right before putting my dish into bag. Perhaps more informational… - Brooklyn, NY @EcoloxTech do you have stock of the consumer verdion - Brooklyn, NY @tullster21 @Latebird2013 @naval Not sure why but another study showed only 4 percent of about 100 positive were as… - Brooklyn, NY @JMCrafty1 @naval Same ina Korean study of 100 positive in an office 4% - Brooklyn, NY @CitiBikeNYC Hi I heard about this from today’s news, I checked my company site and the link says expired but last… - Brooklyn, NY @sashavono How do they look - Brooklyn, NY @julemieux1 @Fueledbyair Were they nice? Any photo? Of masks - Brooklyn, NY @bcuziamjoe @MeetThePress @MSNBC @SamBrockNBC Thats a good fitting mask tho no? - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn, NY @Febreze_Fresh is the odorclear a new addition, or is it the same as before - Brooklyn, NY @progressiveact @JHaydenBAGSK @ElizardoValdez @danrivoli @fox5ny @ABC7NY @NY1 @nypost @NYDailyNews @NBCNewYork… - Brooklyn, NY @ChipotleTweets I had a meal today thinking proper safety has been in effect already, but the policy of wearing mas… - Brooklyn, NY @USPSHelp hi, I haven't seen any usps trucks day or yesterday in my area, 11234. Is there no deliveries? Waiting for package - Brooklyn, NY @SageeDuzit @TrainingMask Hey thanks, I did try it and got the mask to fit . I think I added the head strap that p… - Brooklyn, NY @Xarallei @imatmywitsend84 @EMore0914 @AndrewSolender @waltb31 Oddly there are also some kids that get influenced a… - Brooklyn, NY @KirstiKarttunen @AAFederation How come no one aRound was being arrested - Brooklyn, NY @TobySalFP Was that Thursday? - Brooklyn, NY @SOLOSHOTupdates any info on the indoor sensor I originally bought as a preorder - Brooklyn, NY @matt_birkins @SOLOSHOTupdates @HardyWes Any updates? - Brooklyn, NY @Camisa_Doce Did they tell u anything? - Brooklyn, NY @LauraFlores217 @BalnceAm @UturnsW I’m curious too but I believe they said he pointed it, not fired and not sure ho… - Brooklyn, NY @enclave2020 @JohnGer24430535 @UturnsW It’s possible the officer wasn’t happy his weapon was stolen, didn’t want to… - Brooklyn, NY @KwikKwong @UturnsW Good video, I didn’t know how the man resister arrest and can see it looked rather threatening… - Brooklyn, NY @sleepy_suga_ @brettreges @HTTP_Lovecraft He failed sobriety test and resisted arrest and pointed taser that he too… - Brooklyn, NY I don’t agree 100 percent, but ppl do have to be accountable and not just revolt against police.. Cops in Atlanta w… - Brooklyn, NY I believe I was wrong. I hope police would not have to encounter thosE situations, but when faced with a violent po… - Brooklyn, NY @thebachdiaries Me too, terrible feel and not sure if they stuck a filter inside and what type considering the feel - Brooklyn, NY Dining - Brooklyn, NY @FedExHelp my package from Germany hasent been uodated for a few days, dm sent - Brooklyn, NY @DHLeCommerce Followed - Brooklyn, NY @DHLeCommerce Please follow bCk so I can dm - Brooklyn, NY

@Angelmanon1 Problem solved @whoop why is my heart rate showing high when its 89 Recovery @NightNurseSteph @WillieT4u @R3Phoenix @NYPDnews @NYPDTips Last round #crossfit Wedding on the beach on #FleetWeekNYC during lunch #nathans @samsheffer It’s built in to iOS.. #omletarcade I just used it I’m now #live on Mobcrush enabled #live-streaming iOS Queens museum ar.t Took some video on #minipro on periscope near @NathansFamousPH @euromaestro on the wheel.. @yokey_pokey are u snap Chatting? Found this on the discover page with a good amount of hits
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