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Paris walk and talk #news chat with Euro #travel France #golive #worldtravels Luca Scatà hero kills ISIS daesh terr… - Fontaine Saint-MicheL Great dance show on the Champs Elysées Paris - Champs elysees Paris museum tour with Euro #euroscope #fb #travel Paris France #golive #worldtravels #teach #art Mona Lisa the Lou… - Paris, france @raehering Thanks. Happy new year to you as well! - Paris, France Best passports to hold in 2019 are: 1. Japan (190 countries) 2. Singapore, South Korea (189) 3. France, Germany… - Paris, France @29708keko Not for 2019 but I tweeted out something similar for 2018. - Paris, France @marty888nyc @ChantalTV @clairewad I’ve actually talked about in a few scopes but I haven’t filmed inside. - Paris, France @divajamaica Yes. This study indicates the number of countries to which a given passport allows visa free travel. - Paris, France @divajamaica Exactly. - Paris, France @TamaraBakx Yes, I’m awesome. Thanks. How are you ? Why do you ask? - Paris, France @TamaraBakx Thanks. Yes. The explosion was in the 9th. At least 20 injured including 2 requiring urgent care and 7 seriously injured. - Paris, France A must read on the never ending story of the train wreck that is Brexit. - Paris, France “I’m not saying I’m a Trump fan, I’m just saying, it’s bad in America, but it’s a thousand times worse in Britain.”… - Paris, France Check out the treasure chest of quotes from Jeremy. @scarycath - Paris, France @scarycath We need more young people to vote. - Paris, France

Great dance show on the Champs Elysées Paris
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