Tweeted Trips is popular with touring cyclists

11th July 2014, 14:50

Tweeted Trips is popular with touring cyclists

We first created Tweeted Trips whilst on a global cycle tour when we needed a way to keep friends and family up to date with our adventures.

Since then I've been quite surprised at how Tweeted Trips is particulary popular amongst cycle tourists and I was wondering why this might be.

Perhaps it's because touring bicyclists travel light and don't have room for a laptop to maintain full blogs. Tweeted trips maps can be quickly and easily maintained with a mobile phone, even when you've got no wifi.

There's certinly a word-of-mouth effect where people in the cycle touring commuinty see other people's trips mapped here and decide to try the tool out for themselves.

It might just be that cyclists tend to like to do things on the cheap and Tweeted Trips is still completely free to use.

Whatever the reason may be cyclists are very welcome, so make sure you pass the message on that Tweeted Trips is the tool to use for tracking your travels online via Twitter.

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