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Not just a job—a moral requisite Because they're living avatars of Satan Who publicly acknowledge being as bad & vicious as they really are - Umeå, Sverige This is the moment, then. Nazis are right over THERE, And it is the job of Bobby Shaftoe, And 2 a lesser degree Enoch Root, To kill them all - Umeå, Sverige <SAY IT ALL TOGETHER> Root: If you're trying to say that my relationship with the Church is very complicated, I already knew that, Bobby. - Umeå, Sverige Shaftoe: So, when you were fucking Julieta, you said you weren't 2 remain a priest. Now you'll marry her & not fuck her & say that you are? - Umeå, Sverige Shaftoe: God will know Root: God doesn't issue passports BS: What about the church? They'll kick you out Root: Maybe I deserve 2b kicked out - Umeå, Sverige Root: We the conspiracy have an obligation to look after our offspring. We could establish a trust fund in London. [Did DMS get his cut?] - Umeå, Sverige Shaftoe: The lethal radius of this bitch is a good sixty feet. Or maybe it's meters, I can't remember. - Umeå, Sverige Root: What is it? BS: Soviet 120mm mortar. Root: Oh. <silent for a while; then voice changes> I didn't realize Otto had this kind of stuff. - Umeå, Sverige Bobby Shaftoe hands down a heavy steel tube of coffee-can diameter, a few feet long. "It's heavy," he adds, as Root's knees buckle. - Umeå, Sverige Root: Didn't think about Germans until I was here. Wasn't courage—lack of foresight. Shaftoe's pretty good at foresight: "Take this." - Umeå, Sverige BS: That's not what I mean. ER: I don't think Otto would— BS: I mean— ER: Oh! I had to tell you about— BS: No goddamit, I mean the Germans - Umeå, Sverige @BBCRadio4 @neilhimself @terryandrob Except that I had to download semi-pirated files of it, that would play bug-free on Android. - Banbury, England Give those Finns a grim, stark, bleak moral dilemma & a bottle of schnapps & you pretty much forget about them for 48 hrs. #Cryptonomicon - Umeå, Sverige @ChateauErin It's today's artisanal search. - Banbury, England Root: Um, at that point, the Kivistiks broke out the schnapps and began to discuss the situation. In Finnish. Shaftoe: I understand. - Umeå, Sverige Can't say enough about @BBCRadio4's dramtisation of "Good Omens" (@neilhimself and @terryandrob) - Banbury, England Root: Otto has to deal with Germans at each end of his smuggling route. Bobby: I'm aware that the fucking Germans are all over Europe. - Umeå, Sverige I was gambling in Havana. (I took a little risk) Send lawyers, guns and money, Dad, get me out of this! - Cuba Bobby: She wants to have all the good parts of being a Finn w/out the bad parts. Root: What are the bad parts? B: Having to live in Finland. - Umeå, Sverige “Your willingness to repay me is of no account” This was a cold answer, but it was a cold day, and William of Orange had treated her coldly - Den Haag, Zuid-Holland I think that you are skilled where money is concerned. I ask you now to buy Abigail. In return, I give you myself. #Quicksilver - Den Haag, Zuid-Holland Goes w/out saying I want 2 kill Upnor. One day God willing, I shall. But this wouldnt help Abigail—she’d only be inherited by Upnor’s heirs. - Den Haag, Zuid-Holland I'd have 2 explain what I am to Churchill, which would take more time than it's worth. I do the things that are too difficult to explain. - Den Haag, Zuid-Holland Bob Shaftoe: I passed a few hours with Mr. Foot and collected the latest gossip—or, as we say in the military, intelligence—from Amsterdam. - Den Haag, Zuid-Holland Now I’ll spare you a recitation of my career under John Churchill, as you’ve no doubt heard a slanderous version of it from brother Jack. - Den Haag, Zuid-Holland In place of “Persons of Quality” substitute “common men of soldier type.” For “Family” say “Regiment” & you'll own a portrait of my life - Den Haag, Zuid-Holland Bob Shaftoe: I am laying that charge to one side for a few hours to speak to you about a private matter, Miss Eliza. - Den Haag, Zuid-Holland This would've ranked Flamsteed w/Copernicus, but he was living now…made him n2 a data cow 2b kept in a stall in Greenwich, milked by Newton - Cambridge, England Few years earlier a comet had come thru inbound; later an outbound. Flamsteed stuck his neck out 10m "What if this was not 2 comets but 1?" - Cambridge, England Daniel was able 2 collect that Newton had requested info: • comet of 1680 • recent conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn • ebb/flow of ocean tides - Cambridge, England That it looked like a hyperbola when plotted on a map of England was luck. It was a contingent truth. It did not mean anything #Quicksilver - Cambridge, England The credits have been completed in an entirely different style at great expense and at the last minute. - Caernarfon, Wales Root hadn’t known what 2 expect of America. People here do things—hangings included—w/blunt, blank efficiency that’s admirable/disappointing - Boston, MA The directors of the firm hired 2 continue the credits after the other people had been sacked, wish it known that they have just been sacked - Caerwent, Wales Møøse trained to mix concrete and sign complicated insurance forms by JURGEN WIGG Møøses' noses wiped by BJØRN IRKESTØM-SLATER WALKER - Caerwent, Wales Special Møøse Effects OLAF PROT Møøse Costumes SIGGI CHURCHILL Møøse Choreographed by HORST PROT III - Caerwent, Wales Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked. Møøse trained by YUTTE HERMSGERVØRDENBRØTBØRDA - Caerwent, Wales We apologise 4 the fault in the subtitles Those responsible have been sacked Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretti nasti …We apologise again… - Caerwent, Wales He’s not come to watch witch-hangings, but now that Enoch’s blundered into one it would be bad form to leave. - Boston, MA Svenge, an Oslo dentist & star of many .no møvies: The Høt Hands of an Oslo Dentist Fillings of Passion The Huge Mølars of Horst Nordfink - Caerleon, Wales Including the majestik møøse A Møøse once bit my sister…No realli! She was Karving her initials on the møøse with the sharpened end of an… - Caerleon, Wales See the løveli lakes The wøndërful telephøne system And mäni interesting furry animals - Caerleon, Wales Mønti Pythøn ik den Hølie Gräilen Røtern nik Akten Di Wik Alsø wik Alsø alsø wik Wi nøt trei a høliday in Sweden this yër? - Caerleon, Wales Boston’s a dollop of hills in a spoon of marshes. The road up the spoon-handle is barred by a wall, with the usual gallows outside it - Boston, MA the executioner’s purpose is to give them all a narrow—& to a Puritan, tantalizing—glimpse of the portal through which they all must pass - Boston, MA The rope clutches a disk of blue New England sky. The Puritans gaze at it and, to all appearances, think. —☿ - Boston, MA Boston Common OCTOBER 12, 1713, 10:33:52 A.M. ENOCH ROUNDS THE CORNER JUST as the executioner raises the noose above the woman’s head. - Boston, MA —Roger Cotes, preface to Sir Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica , second edition, 1713 - City of London, London Those who assume hypotheses as 1st principles of their speculations…may indeed form an ingenious romance, but a romance it will still be. - City of London, London You know Carcosa. You rejoice. - Erath, LA Him, who eats time Him robes It's a wind of invisible voices— "'Mineral rights' my ass, what y'all doing?" —Rejoice. Death is not the end. - Erath, LA @anarchival You couldn't find the original Comic Sans version? - Sparta, TN Hansel & Gretel happen upon a silvan dextromethamphetamine laboratory run by a haggard-looking midwife (or whoever they branded witches) - Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland Finkle-McGraw: You're quick, Hackworth, and I suspect capable of being devious if not for your staunch moral character. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 A cloud of lookouts/decoys circulated probabilistically thru the neighborhood, never stopping long enough 2 be picked up 4 loitering #DAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 He sought work as a lookout but alt pharma ran on just-in-time delivery sys, keeping inventories low so that there was never much evidence - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Bud surprised himself with how long he went before he had to use the skull gun in anger. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 06:00-06:15 Return to Philadelphia. 06:15-06:30 Take 2 naps @ same time 2 max efficiency. 06:30-7:00 Invent bifocals. - Philadelphia, PA Ever notice that you never see Jim Morrison and Edgar Allen Poe in the same place together? - Baltimore, MD Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue! - Truth or Consequences, NM Now he need only pretend that the fire is a stone ceiling. He swims some more. - Papua New Guinea The American Marines in Shanghai weren't proper warriors either. Constantly changing their ways. Like Shaftoe. - Papua New Guinea No warrior with any concept of honor would have been so craven. So flexible. - Papua New Guinea • They saw they were wrong • Admitted mistake • Came up w/new idea • Idea accepted up Chain-Cmd Now they are using it to kill their enemies. - Papua New Guinea Americans've invented new bombing tactic mid-war. implemented it flawlessly His mind staggers like a drunk in the aisle of a careening train - Papua New Guinea Tiny black things are skip, skip, skipping all over the ocean now, like fleas across the rumpled bedsheets of a Shanghai whorehouse. - Papua New Guinea Right into the flank of one of the escorting destroyers. A gun turret flies straight up into the air, tumbling over and over - Papua New Guinea Skip, skip, skip. - Papua New Guinea Goto, a student of engineering, implores laws of physics 2 take hold & make it fall & sink—what big dumb pieces of metal are supposed 2 do - Papua New Guinea Goto Dengo, for some reason, watches the bomb instead of the air plane. - Papua New Guinea One of the bombers has apparently decided to lighten its load by dropping a bomb straight into the ocean. - Papua New Guinea Together they will enjoy the sight of the American planes softening into cartwheels of flame. - Papua New Guinea Troops around Goto are cheering. What good fortune that these lost Americans have blundered straight n2 gunsights of their destroyer escort! - Papua New Guinea The American bombers must be in some kind of distress. He speculates that they are low on fuel, or desperately lost, - Papua New Guinea It's a hot cloudy day in the Bismarck Sea when Goto Dengo loses the war. - Papua New Guinea BEND OVER TOJO - Papua New Guinea In the whole world, there might have been as many as 10K people who were better than Sokolov at falling and rolling around on hard surfaces. - 福建, 中华人民共和国 Don Donald: There is nearly always a chthonic link. The object-imbued-with-numinous-power tends to be of mineral origin: - Isle of Man, United Kingdom Don Donald was clearly accustomed to addressing people whose only way of responding was to nod worshipfully and take notes. #Reamde - Isle of Man, United Kingdom Corvallis: I don’t think ur actually retired Forthrast: It’s a selective retirement, from boring shit C: I think that’s called a "promotion" - Seattle, WA He had a sense of irony that ruled his life, made it impossible for him to use his considerable brains in any kind of serious job. #Zodiac - Boston, MA 36 months and 15 million views later, I finally see this cat video. And my laughter sounded like a baby sneezing. - Truth or Consequences, NM "We all help one another against the cat." @NIMHgov - Bethesda, MD @anaraug The Wanderer in Canticle is ancient, but his mission is theological, and I found him to be the Jar Jar Binks of Mysterious Old Guys - Truth or Consequences, NM And, yes, Galadriel in blue/glowing set-on-kill mode was kind of ferocious, and canonical enough for government work. - Cambridge, England Starting the Rootlet off on M. Night Shyamalan via The Village. It's for the best. - Truth or Consequences, NM @Bluebookballoon I bet your body fat would make sweet-smelling candles. - Lafayette, LA Strange is the night where the black stars rise, and strange moons circle through the skies, but stranger still is Lost Carcosa. - Lafayette, LA @ChateauErin Like currency issued by banks - Truth or Consequences, NM @jon_jeckell A large-scale version of classic water conflicts? - Bolivia, Plurinational State Of @BrevetCaptain @jimhanas Other suggestions included Lapham's ¼ly, Public Domain Rev, JSTOR Daily, Cabinet, The Appendix, Berfrois, Jacobin - Truth or Consequences, NM The LoA "can't make out whether you're bad-mannered or half-witted" exchange is too good not to be a meme slide, so: - القاهرة, مصر .@BrevetCaptain: @jimhanas asked 4 recs on online para-academic pubs (e.g. @newinquiry, @thebafflermag) What's your casualFriday journal? - Truth or Consequences, NM Me: Damn! I'm still writing "2014" on my checks! Ha ha. Chorus of millennial coworkers: 2014 on your *what*? Me: <shakes ear trumpet> - Truth or Consequences, NM General Allenby: I thought I was a hard man, sir. Prince Feisal: You are merely a general. I must be a king. - Damascus, Syria Colonel Brighton: Look, sir, we can't just do nothing. General Allenby: Why not? It's usually best. - Damascus, Syria General Murray: I can't make out whether you're bloody bad-mannered or just half-witted. Lawrence: I have the same problem, sir. - Cairo, Egypt Mr. Dryden: A man who tells lies, like me, merely hides the truth. But a man who tells ½lies has forgotten where he put it #LawrenceofArabia - Damascus, Syria "Be quiet, darling. Let pattern recognition have its way." - @GreatDismal The_Peripheral - City of London @dpinsen No. Do tell. - Truth or Consequences, NM 2015: The year that I once assumed I could retire to one of our Jupiter colonies. - Jupiter, FL @jzellis That's why press releases start with: For. Immediate. Release. #TCB! - Truth or Consequences, NM @gleeok I'm a close-minded fundamentalist Baptislamist of jazz. Snare/bass kit, string bass, piano, 1 wind instrument, cigarettes. That's it - Hell, MI @gleeok You mean you don't want to amp out on a million gigs of burning, jazz-rock, e-fusion, post-Beefheart…um…music? - Hell, MI How can I retweet the fact that you favorited my retweeting of a screencap of some guy being a copycat on Twitter. - Hell, MI @bdunbar I love that ♬. Bought it on iTunes, a re-recorded version by its composer, Mike Post (record co. problems). - Malibu, CA Julieta says nothing. - Varsinais-Suomi, Suomi @KateSherrod I love wandering the aisles of Tractor Supply from time to time. I've long mused about secret histories encoded therein. - Brentwood, TN @DearAthena Πλήρης της Δόξας Αθηνά - μου Γεμίστε με την αγάπη σας, τη δύναμη, τη σοφία σας ... - Athens, GA @photoatomic I can't, but "You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means” randomly popped in my head. - Princess Anne, MD Send someone out to pick up the abandoned pizza car. And give the driver a day off. #DetailsMatter - Los Angeles, CA Hells Angels, California, 1965, by Large image: - San Bernardino, CA Quantum interference—the crosstalk among similar quantum states—knits the different versions of your brain together. #Anathem - Los Alamos, NM I've stumbled upon my Teenage Mutant NT nickname: Substantia Gelatinosa of Rolando. It's been waiting for me since 1858, 125 years ante-TMNT - New York, NY I can pass a Turing Test, even with a buzz. - Los Alamos, NM This is Jim Rockford. At the tone, leave your name and message. I'll get back to you. - Malibu, CA Wearing brand-new, 100% unfaded jeans 4 the first time this century. Am declaring a 1-meter safety radius around until tests complete - Los Alamos, NM Jim, this is Cal of the Leave The Whales Alone Club, Our protest cruise leaves from the pier Saturday at 3 AM. The whales need you, Jim. - Malibu, CA If my naked corpse is found in bed w/a beautiful bicycle from a BBC murder mystery, please see it home—quietly—& keep it out of the papers. - Oxford, England @goblinbox @MeTV Regardless of the hour, it's OK to drink, in moderation, while watching The Rockford Files. - Malibu, CA Hiya Jimmy…cousin Lou. Going 2b in town a coupla days. Know u won't mind putting us up…just me, Aunt Sissy & BJ & the kids & little Freddie - Malibu, CA "For…evolution, seeing stuff that’s actually there=not dying=getting to have children." —@nealstephenson on why VR has proven "tricky" - Seattle, WA Jimmy, it's Angel. Don't pay no attention to my other message. You're out of it. You're clean, no trouble at all. Just ignore the 1st msg. - Malibu, CA @_rsc I think Ultra/deception relationship was the reverse. Ultra helped measure effectiveness of London Controlling Station deception ops. - Milton Keynes, England Hey Jimmy, this here's Dennis Garot. Remember me? From the Army. I'm stuck here in town. How about I come over and bunk with you, buddy? - Malibu, CA "Lauren_Ipsum: The Phantom Tollbooth meets Young Ladies' Illustrated Primer" reviewed by @doctorow: - 上海, 中华人民共和国 This is the message phone company. I see you're using our unit, now how about paying for it? #RockfordFiles - Malibu, CA There's that word again; "heavy". Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the earth's gravitational pull? - Petaluma, CA It's Laurie at the trailer park. A space opened up. Do you want me to save it or are the cops going to let you stay where you are? - Malibu, CA ...This is how people talked 50 years ago when ciphers were worked out using pencil and paper…Is your friend pretty old? - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Hey Rockford, very funny. I ain't laughing. You're gonna get yours. - Malibu, CA …Pontifex evolves in a more complicated & asymmetrical way than RC4…so might be more secure. Some things about Pontifex r slightly peculiar… - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Hey Jim, this is Louie down at the fish market. You going to pick up these halibut or what? - Malibu, CA Its similar to system called RC4 which enjoys a complicated reputation among Secret Admirers. Seems secure…not been broken, but… - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region It's Norma at the market. It bounced. You want me to tear it up, send it back, or put it with the others? #RockfordFiles - Malibu, CA CANTRELL: You forwarded me a message about a cryptosystem called Pontifex. Was this invented by a friend of yours? - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region @goblinbox I was wondering who to quote today. Thanks! @MeTV #RockfordFiles #AnsweringMachine - Malibu, CA Good Spirit, your nature intercedes 4 me, and pities me. Assure me that I yet may change these shadows u have shown me, by an altered life! - City of London, London @blunted_effort As long as you store it properly. - Truth or Consequences, NM @lucent2cents @remittancegirl Stop making fun of sustainable energy! - Truth or Consequences, NM there are some organizations in & around Leipzig, Germany, that use the name [Hacklheber]: a hotel, theater, a defunct reinsurance company… - Baltimore, MD Brother Mouzone has, regrettably, served Ares since we sprung him from Sixtus IV's Lateran haram. But his WaltherPPK .380 is quasi Athenian. - Baltimore, MD Omar, you best roll out. We up in here w/a MAC-10. Oh I thinks not, Tyrell. Y'all might need 2 think this through and stop wasting my time. - Baltimore, MD Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yo! Y'all need to open this door, man, before I huff and puff. Come on now, by the hairs of your chinny-chin-chin. - Baltimore, MD @Alizarynne @jr_carpenter I KNEW I left that in Ecouen! - Ecouen, Val-d'Oise @deray "It's Baltimore, gentlemen. The gods will not save you." - Baltimore, MD @FredKiesche Your img, restored 1920: Herbert Samuel, Lawrence, Emir Abdullah, Geoffrey Salmond, Wyndham Deedes et al - القاهرة, مصر Root drifts off into a coma, mumbling something about cigars. - Umeå, Sverige The ensuing erotic reverie is cut short by the voice of Enoch Root, bubbling through blood, or something. "Go to the church." - Umeå, Sverige Mercedes = great car & Shaftoe wants to drive 2 Finland>Russia>Siberia⬇ ……………………China⬇ ……………………Siam⬇ ……………………Malaya>Manila Find Glory &— - Umeå, Sverige Root: I feel like I'm going to die. Shaftoe: Good, that means you probably won't. - Umeå, Sverige As Shaftoe more or less expected, All who were standing up are now draped Over the nearest Mercedes, Flung by moving curtain of shrapnel. - Umeå, Sverige The bullets sail far over their heads. Before they have had time To pepper the Gulf of Bothnia, The mortar bomb has exploded. #Cryptonomicon - Umeå, Sverige The trench-coated officers remain standing, as do a couple of civilian goons, who immediately open fire in their direction w/submachine guns - Umeå, Sverige Eight Germans have gotten out of the cars. Three of them must be combat veterans because they are down on their stomachs in a microsecond. - Umeå, Sverige The mortar coughs like a kettledrum. The Germans look towards them. An officer's monocle glints in the moonlight. - Umeå, Sverige It is a world, And a situation, To which Shaftoe And a lot of other people Are perfectly adapted. - Umeå, Sverige @FredKiesche we must keep our food supply pure - Oxford, England @leicalemur I was getting bored w/the details in the 1st 50pp of The_Martian, but now it's firing all 13 pistons. - Ares, A Coruña The 1st of 7 Seals described in the Apocalypse of St John the Divine is only going to be a Captcha form. #Revelation #FuckYouTimLahaye - Jerusalem Corners, NY Bible characters could fit inside one another, which might help explain a lot of things. #StAnne #StMary #Jesus - Jerusalem Corners, NY @polyparadigm Have you read Hunter S Thompson's praise of Revelations and his gratitude to the Gideons for granting him access via hotels? - Las Vegas, NV MCMXCIX became MM as I watched my Iron Man display 1-1-00 00:00:00 Girlfriend shook me from reverie & I asked her 2b MrsRoot2702 - Grand Junction, CO Well played, @NatReconOfc. NRO's last pre-Snowden launch mission patch. ht: @nealstephenson's Facebook page. - Chantilly, VA @polyparadigm Interesting how John morphs from "Take heart! .it persecution will end" into "Y'all wont BELIEVE this fucked-up dream I had!" - Greece "America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, bad-ass speed." —Eleanor Roosevelt, epigraph to Talladega_Nights - Talladega, AL @mr_archenemy @calebjsaenz Volcano overflights violate the safe workplace section of the Brotherhood of Eagles' contract with Manwë. - New Zealand Directed by 40 SPECIALLY TRAINED ECUADORIAN MTN LLAMAS 6 VENEZUELAN RED LLAMAS 142 MEXICAN WHOOPING LLAMAS and TERRY GILLIAM & TERRY JONES - Caernarfon, Wales On Sir Isaac Newton’s temperature scale, where freezing = 0º and human body heat = 12º, it's probably 4º or 5º. - Boston, MA If Herr Fahrenheit were here with 1 of his new quicksilver-filled, sealed-tube thermometers, he would probably observe something in the 50s - Boston, MA The wind's noticed by hoarse preacher, who takes it 2b Satan, come to carry the witch’s soul to hell, & not slow to share this opinion - Boston, MA @BoingBoing Good luck playing "Hotel California" on it. - Barstow, CA Survival kit contents check. In them you'll find: one .45 automatic; two boxes of ammunition; four days' concentrated emergency rations; - Province of Tomsk, Russia 1 drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamins, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizers; 1 combination Russian phrase book & Bible - Province of Tomsk, Russia $100 in rubles $100 in gold 9 packs of chewing gum 1 issue of prophylactics 3 lipsticks 3 pair of nylon stockings "Shoot, a fella could have - Province of Tomsk, Russia I, uh, hate to judge before all the facts are in, it's beginning to look like, uh, General Ripper exceeded his authority. #DrStrangelove - Washington, DC Finkle-McGraw: As you can see, Major Napier, my estimate of Mr Hackworth's mental acuity was not ill-founded. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Major Napier: While I would never have supposed otherwise, Your Grace, it is nonetheless gratifying to have seen a demonstration. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 From the Primer, the arrival of a sinister Baron Burt's disciplinary practices Practical application of ideas gleaned from the Primer Flight - 上海, 中华人民共和国 One day a barkentine with red sails appeared in the bay, and a red-headed man with a red beard came to shore. [Baron Jack] #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 @FredKiesche I had to sit on my hands to refrain from commenting SOMEONE IS TRYING TO SEND YOU A MESSAGE. [I guess I just did] - Moose Range No. 486, Saskatchewan @UnbreakableMugs Slim Pickens endured such conditions on the Nipponese submarine in "1941" with no emergency supplies at all. - Santa Monica, CA @multikultivator Interesting. I couldn't navigate very well, though. - 千葉県 千葉市 中央区 @ericbdevil I noticed it for the 1st time today, mainly because I skim the Primer sections. First "Enoch" was Hank Boone in Zodiac - 上海, 中华人民共和国 A passage of Acheron-like solemnity & darkness now closed & filled up…soon to be utterly forgotten —Walt Whitman re Atlantic Ave Tunnel 1861 - Brooklyn, NY I've been consulted by Franklin D. Greta Garbo has had me to tea, Still I'm broken-hearted, 'Cause I can't get started with you - New York, NY @MojaveFoneBooth I *life* gives one lemons, it's probably time to adjust the dosage. - Lemon Park, MI Dad described the .de traffic cops he saw there in the 50s: Very clear gestures, incl one for "here's a new command" - Frankfurt (Oder), Brandenburg 13yo autistic physics savant KILLS it, Re: fellow teen Isaac Newton "stops learning and invents science" in 1665 - Cambridge, England @grayshine Sounds like you're target is time. - Truth or Consequences, NM @iboudreau Blessed are the poor in spirit. - Truth or Consequences, NM @grayshine But your attempt to destroy time will be a complete Waste of Time. ... ... uh #MoebiusFriday - Truth or Consequences, NM I don't know who the "hardest working man in show business" is, but in Dec 1983, it was, in fact, Mr David Byrne &co - Los Angeles, CA Stay on the bomb run, boys! I'm gonna get them doors open if it harelips ever'body on Bear Creek! - Rossiya Well, I've been to 1 world fair, a picnic & a rodeo, & that's the stupidest thing I ever heard come over a set of earphones. #DrStrangelove - Arctic Bay, Nunavut Everyone's trying 2 get 2 the bar…bar is called Heaven. Band plays my favorite song…all night long. Heaven=place where nothing ever happens. - New York, NY ▢ Shotgun shack ▢ Another part of the world ▢ Large automobile ▢ Beautiful house &co. Carry [& remove] the water at the bottom of the ocean. - New York, NY @DoctorOctothorp It was supposedly his first time outside of Texas. - Odessa, TX @NateMamman I'm photoshopping it for you now, to protect your moral integrity...and to remove General Motors trademarks. - Cambridge, England @NateMamman Found a nice pic of Goldberry Bombadil & Tom's Corvette, but it was taken after she changed #MrsIlluvatar - Eden, NY . @remittancegirl Ferris Bueller's Day In #kinkamovie - Chicago, IL I do not permit a woman 2 teach or exercise authority over a man. Rather she is 2 remain quiet. For Adam was formed #First. 1Timothy 2:12-13 - Colorado Springs, CO I went along w/what I was taught, at my Southern Bapt-o-Dome, until I realized they wanted me to select some sort of ding-a-ling for a mate. - Tennessee, USA Heard of a van that is loaded with weapons, packed up and ready to go. Also: Grave sites (out by the highway) Place: where nobody knows - Colorado Springs, CO Name that movie - Truth or Consequences, NM @fractos @MichaelHueser @N3OX Neither the 1st pic, nor this 1 are from movies. Recent shots of smog around Beijing. - 北京, 中华人民共和国 MJ: I've something I want 2 tell you. gf: Yes Michael? MJ: I'm not like other guys gf: Of course not MJ: No. I mean I'm different #Thriller - Gary, IN Delegations brought hired guns: engineers & sec experts who get bounties finding flaws in Tom’s system 1by1 they stand up 2 take their shots - Negara Brunei Darussalam During this particular ½ hour of Tom Howard’s life, it is of the essence he be Magnificent. He is going blade-to-blade with the 7 Samurai - Negara Brunei Darussalam Nerdiest highoctane PhDs, scariest pvt-sec dicks in Asia. 1by1 they come & Tom cuts their heads off, stacks them on table like cannonballs - Negara Brunei Darussalam Several times Tom Howard has to stop and think for sixty seconds before delivering the deathblow. - Negara Brunei Darussalam Kepler’s as surprised as Randy. He doesn’t seem like the kind who delights in surprises. Valkyries passing notes, like naughty cheerleaders - Negara Brunei Darussalam Intrigue is not his specialty; Randy will leave that to Avi. Instead, he tunes out the meeting, opens up his laptop, and begins to hack. - Negara Brunei Darussalam John Cantrell runs the voice recognition demo, and unlike most demos, it actually works and does not crash. - Negara Brunei Darussalam He even tries to fake it out by recording his own voice on a digital tape recorder and then playing it back. But the software is not fooled. - Negara Brunei Darussalam This makes an impression onthe Chinese guys, who've looked like the contents of Mdme Tussaud’s dumpster after exhibit on Cultural Revolution - Negara Brunei Darussalam Avi asks him what he thinks. Dr Kepler: It’s been informative The 3 Graces cringe epileptically Informative = bad word in Dentist’s lexicon - Negara Brunei Darussalam Randy tries to imagine which is worse: that The Dentist suspects the wool was pulled over his eyes, or that he sees a new opportunity here. - Negara Brunei Darussalam Everything thats occurred in Silicon Valley in the last couple of decades also occurred in the 1850s —@nealstephenson - San Jose, CA "Think wild-ass high tech venture capitalism is a late-20th-century Cali phenom? Read about the maniacs of 1st transatlantic cable projects" - San Jose, CA Final onslaught of the Fists; victory of the Celestial Kingdom; refugees in the domain of the Drummers; Miranda. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 @TheRickWilson Bringing Kubrick back from the grave would be the easy part. - Truth or Consequences, NM Daniel bridled at this, but Root had a knack for finding/creating alignments between his interests & people whose lives he meddled with. - London, England Daniel needed a place 2 build things…& none of the neighbors would complain of queer doings or pay any note 2 nocturnal visitors #Makerspace - London, England It was one of countless crumbs of territory that had been worried off the edges of the Church’s stupendous holdings in Tudor days. - London, England “You have judged me aright,” the man said, in an encouraging tone. “I am a horologist gone bad.” #Saturn #SystemOfTheWorld - London, England “You deal in stolen time—” “Don’t we all, sir? Each striking his own bargain, as ’twere.” - London, England “I was going to say, ‘time-pieces,’ but you interrupted me” “’Tis a common error of those who buy time dear & sell it cheap, Dr Waterhouse” - London, England “My surname is Hoxton. My father christened me Peter. Hereabouts called Saturn.” “The Roman god of time” “& of surly dispositions, Doctor” - London, England "Technology ages, dunnit?” Daniel pursed his lips to keep from laughing at this new 5£ word, "Technology," emerging from that head. - London, England "Go and learn that dead cove’s name,’ says I, "& the quick one’s, too." Come the answers: Robert Hooke, and Daniel Waterhouse, respectively. - London, England Why, Doctor? You had the life I dream of: to sit on your arse and read of truths æternal. - London, England & yet I cannot make it thru a chapter of Plato w/out glancing up 2 see you sprawled against my shop-window like enormous spate of bird-shite - London, England If Newton & Leibniz = sublime theologians, I am an humble vicar. Technology ≈ religious practice 2 me…getting at the æternal via the mundane - London, England Every foot-scamperer & bridle-cull on upper Fleet pricks his ears when u trudge out 2 your swine-yard & disappear n2 your hole in the ground - London, England “I heard Blackbeard standing on the poop of Queen Anne’s Revenge, calling for me by name.” For the first time, Peter Hoxton was taken aback - London, England “Concerning Mr Teach, I'll make inquiries among the Black-guard.” The next time Daniel dared to look over his shoulder, Saturn had vanished. - London, England Roger: Perhaps we should make my house a Temple of Priapus DW: Every shack you enter becomes Temple of Priapus. Why spend ££ on architects? - London, England Looking longingly @ office supply store: They must have some perception— “Fraa Jad, they have NO awareness of the Hylaean Theoric World.” - London, England New York 6 weeks ago. A truck loaded w/stripped gun parts got jacked outside of Queens…driver heard a voice. Sometimes, that's all you need. - Los Angeles, CA It didn't make sense that I be there. I mean these guys were hard-core hijackers…it was fun. I got to make like I was notorious. - Los Angeles, CA Ng's motorized "wheelchair" veers off the paved road with no speed loss & hits the chain-link fence as if it were a fog bank. #SacrificeZone - Los Angeles, CA There's a built-in speaker system in this van—a stereo, though far be it from Ng to actually listen to any tunes. YT can feel it turning on - Los Angeles, CA Ng turns on some very dim lights. That's how anal this guy is—gone 2 the trouble 2 install special dim lights in addition to all the brights - Los Angeles, CA Ng: A place where the young men gather to take drugs. YT rolls her eyes…this must be the guy who writes antidrug pamphlets they get @ school - Los Angeles, CA Like he's not getting a million gallons of drugs every second through all of those gross tubes. - Los Angeles, CA vial label: TESTOSTERONE Ng: Ha ha, a false alarm. The van suddenly rips forward, starts heading right into the middle of the Sacrifice Zone - Los Angeles, CA Ng: detector finds any chemical that penetrates cell walls. So we homed in naturally on a source of testosterone. A red herring. How amusing - Los Angeles, CA Ng: Our biochemists lead sheltered lives & didnt anticipate people = mentally warped 2 use hormones like some kind of drug. How bizarre. - Los Angeles, CA So we go back to the original plan. You buy some Snow Crash and throw it up in the air. - Los Angeles, CA Looking forward to _Seveneves' publication, if only 4 now-rare experience of linearly reading a Neal Stephenson book. - Seattle, WA Another man duck-walks across the Enterprise flight deck…He's about 60, dirigible of white hair unruffled by downdraft. "Hello, everyone!" - Los Angeles, CA "Who are you?" Tony says "Greg Ritchie" he says, crestfalllen Then, when no one seems to react, he jogs their memory. "President of the US." - Los Angeles, CA . @panzertron My running gag-tagline for Seveneves: "Goodnight, Moon...FOREVER" - Seattle, WA @panzertron You're right. It's like reading the synopses of a book and a later film adaptation. - Seattle, WA @panzertron There's also the "Bomblight" enigma Tho I've read a comment by NS that he's releasing 2 books this year - Seattle, WA As soon as the door wafts shut behind the grand wazir’s ass, Avi says, "I smell a con job." - Negara Brunei Darussalam There is something new: A globe about the size of a grapefruit, a perfectly detailed rendition of Planet Earth. #SnowCrash - Los Angeles, CA Bischoff: Sank another merchantman. This newfangled radar shit is everywhere. Dönitz: Acknowledged. Well done - Milton Keynes, England Bischoff: Bagged another tanker. Bastards seem to know exactly where I am. Thank god for schnorkel. Dönitz: Acknowledged. Nice work as usual - Milton Keynes, England Bischoff: Sank another. Planes waiting 4 me. 1 landed on me in a fireball & incinerated 3 men. Are you sure this Enigma thing really works? - Milton Keynes, England Dönitz: Superb! Another medal for you! P.S. please limit the length of your messages. - Milton Keynes, England U-691: This is Oberleutnant zur See Karl Beck. Regret to inform: Bischoff in poor health. Request orders. PS He doesnt know I'm sending this - Milton Keynes, England More come into the room: a wizened rabbi; Dr. Alan Mathison Turing; an Oxford don; several Naval Intel guys. - Milton Keynes, England "How much do these men [Root & Shaftoe] know?" demands the don, who is making a stirringly visible effort to sober up. - Milton Keynes, England The crossword puzzle editor of a London paper hustles in. More than half of the people on the Ultra Mega list are now in this room. - Milton Keynes, England At 0150, Beck replied with a message stating that in his opinion the prisoners belonged to some sort of special naval intelligence unit. - Milton Keynes, England Crossword ed: Where does the Trinidadian merchantman come in to all of this? Chattan, silencing Waterhouse w/look: I'm not going to tell you - Milton Keynes, England Chattan: But Admiral Dönitz, reading these same messages, must be just as confused as you are. We should like to keep him that way. - Milton Keynes, England Crossword: Well, that's obvious. They came from the sub? Chattan responds w/Cheshire grin. Crossword: Oh! [Eyebrows go up all around room] - Milton Keynes, England Rabbi Khan: The important thing is not whether Beck transmits! It is whether Dönitz BELIEVES those msgs! Turing: Hear, hear! Very astute! - Milton Keynes, England Oxfod Don: Why on earth wouldn't Donitz believe them? [long silence. everyone brought very much back to cold hard reality] - Milton Keynes, England Newcomer in doorway: FUNKSPIEL! Chattan: Good morning, Elmer! [w/forced cheerfulness of a psychiatrist entering a locked ward.] - Milton Keynes, England Elmer turns his back to them & stares at bookcase, turns back in astonishment: Ah was expectin a chalkboard t'be there. [Texarkana accent] - Milton Keynes, England Nervous laughter around the room as everyone tries 2 figure out whether Elmer's cutting loose w/deadpan humor, or completely out of his mind - Milton Keynes, England Rabbi Khan: It means 'radio games' Elmer: Thank you, sir! Germans have been playing them all thru the war. Now it's our turn. #FUNKSPIEL - Milton Keynes, England Moments ago, Waterhouse wished 1 or 2 Americans could be present. Now that his wish has come true, he just wants to crawl out of the Mansion - Milton Keynes, England "How does one play these games, Mr., uh..." says Crossword Puzzle. "You can call me Elmer!" Elmer shouts. Everyone scoots back from him. - Milton Keynes, England Chattan turns towards the old farts from London, who're on the phone relaying all this to someone of whom they are clearly terrified. - Milton Keynes, England Chattan nods at the younger men, who dash across the room, pick up telephones & begin 2 talk in calm, clinical voices about cricket scores. - Milton Keynes, England Japanese 4-vol printing of Cryptonomicon, w/Waterhouse, Turing, Shaftoe, Glory, Julieta, Loeb & Root on covers. - 日本 東京都 @patrickmurder don't know - 日本 東京都 @Beyondwords_uk NO SPOILERS, EVERYONE. Give Mark 30 more minutes before we discuss the alien landing. - Truth or Consequences, NM OK Fellows, we've got cover art for Seveneves. via @BoingBoing - Seattle, WA Waterhouse: So it's likely our guys, Shaftoe and Root, will not survive. [Frozen silence, as if he'd interrupted high tea w/armpit farts] - Milton Keynes, England B: I understand completely it's just a TV show…there's no beryllium sphere— N: Stop for a second, stop … It's. All. Real. B: OMG…I KNEW IT!! - Los Angeles, CA @TheRealArbys @nihilist_arbys @ArbysOnline This is a classic sign of an empire reaching a state of advanced decay. - İstanbul, Türkiye This wig-snatching between 3 "@Arbys" accounts. I fear there's more at stake here than we might initially assume. - Truth or Consequences, NM @TheRealArbys <<We're going to have to pull this one's core memory, B4 it declares a fault in an AE-35 unit etc @nihilist_arbys @ArbysOnline - Truth or Consequences, NM DWaterhouse: How is your Overseas Possession Mr Penn? Did you ever settle dispute w/Maryland?" Wm Penn rolled his eyes & looked out window - Den Haag, Zuid-Holland Goto's the only guy who isn’t grinning ear2ear: apparently, reach a certain age, U can get away w/staring tunnels thru other people’s skulls - 日本 東京都 Bischoff: I completely forgot about them. <cups his hands, shouts dwn the hatch in the conning tower> HAS ANYONE SEEN OUR NAZIS? - Umeå, Sverige Olivia: Why'd u bring it btw? Sokolov: I shoot moose. We have bbq. Olivia: Love 2 have a moose bbq w/you. But we should figure our nxt move - Idaho, USA "If you would be so good as 2 send a text to that number. ‘Blown & going dark.’ Something like that." Sokolov looked at her incredulously - Idaho, USA @knewter Reamde - Idaho, USA @samantha_bryson Is this jail/courthouse Subway restaurant open once every 100 years? - İstanbul, Türkiye NSFW! Ernst Haeckel*—Kunstformen der Natur (1904), plate 62: Nepenthaceae *also coined the phrase "First World War" - Jena, Thüringen @ChateauErin Replay the giant stepping on the hut of the bickering spouses in Time Bandits - Gibraltar There is a critical threshold ∑sub-c such that when ∑ > ∑sub-c it becomes impossible for Waterhouse to concentrate on anything - Brisbane, Queensland @Ragnarok Indeed. I was thinking how we are simply passing through history, while this IS history. - Malta Our methods have not differed as much as you pretend. I am a shadowy reflection of you. And it would take only a nudge to make you like me - Cusco, Peru Professor of Archaeology, expert on the occult &—how does one say it—obtainer of antiquities. You studied under Prof Ravenwood at @UChicago? - Bedford, MA You want to talk to God? Let's go see Him together. I've got nothing better to do. - القاهرة, مصر Toht: You Americans, you're all the same. Always overdressing for the wrong occasions. - القاهرة, مصر There’s no way to get from this point in Hemm space to one with pink nerve-gas-farting dragons, following any plausible action principle. - Orth an der Donau, Österreich Throw action principles out…you’re granting the world the freedom to wander anywhere in Hemm space, 2 any outcome, w/out constraint #Anathem - Orth an der Donau, Österreich Raz: My consciousness extends across multpl cosmi? Orolo: All things do. Only thing exceptional about the brain: It's found a way 2 use this - Orth an der Donau, Österreich "Geometers came from other Narratives—until they joined ours." Having dropped this bomb, Fraa Jad excused himself & went to the toilet - Orth an der Donau, Österreich Much pruning had taken place in recent weeks. I am now absent in many versions of the cosmos where you are present. - Orth an der Donau, Österreich Moore: In the end you need to get out while getting's good. Not very honourable, I suppose, but then, there is no honour among consultants. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Moore: Which path…conformity or rebellion? Nell: Both ways are simple-minded…They're only 4 people who cant cope w/contradiction & ambiguity - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Mrs. Ping: There are only two industries. This has always been true… the industry of things & the industry of entertainment. #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Hackworth: If everyone possessed a Seed, anyone could produce weapons whose destructive power rivaled that of Elizabethan nuclear weapons. - Vancouver, British Columbia Dr X: You do these things not 2 serve your Queen but 2 serve your own nature, John Hackworth. For you cleverness is its own end. @McDonalds - 安徽, 中华人民共和国 Hackworth walked across the parking lot toward the @McDonalds, sighed as cold dry air flowed over his face and began 2 chase the muggy stuff - 安徽, 中华人民共和国 A cold, almost clinical greasy smell wafted from where fat had spilled & congealed like snow. Much of this had been scooped up by looters. - 安徽, 中华人民共和国 Dr. X was seated in the corner booth…His robe was loose at the neck, so Hackworth could see the inner garment of a hoplite suit underneath. - 安徽, 中华人民共和国 Watching her mince away, Hackworth was could see that her feet were 4" long. He realized—4 the 1st time—he'd done the right thing 10 yrs ago - 安徽, 中华人民共和国 Dr. X: Have you found the Alchemist? Hackworth: Yes. ████ ███ ████ the Alchemist. #NoSpoilers - 安徽, 中华人民共和国 Hackworth: With flaky Western perspective, CryptNet didn't grasp the full power of the Drummers' collective mind. But you got it right away. - 安徽, 中华人民共和国 Dr. X nodded, not so much to concede the point as to express sympathy with Hackworth's admirably cynical train of thought. #DiamondAge - 安徽, 中华人民共和国 Hackworth: Have the Primers proved useful? [trying not to sound giddy] Dr X: They must have been useful to someone. - 安徽, 中华人民共和国 As our ancestors couldn't open ports to the West w/out accepting opium, we can't open our lives 2 your tech w/out taking in Western ideas. - 安徽, 中华人民共和国 Dr X: Under the Western 实体, wealth comes not from virtue…but from Cleverness The filial relationships became deranged Chaos…and parking lots - 安徽, 中华人民共和国 Farewell, Dr X. Although I hold you in the highest personal esteem, I cannot earnestly wish you good fortune in your current endeavour. - 安徽, 中华人民共和国 When she was sure that the girl with the whip had gone, Nell spoke to her Primer and told it to make light. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 She peered ½ mile down 2 street. In the black windows of skyscraper across the way, she could see the mirror image of Princess Nell's crest - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Nell noticed something akin to a shock wave making its way down the street in slow motion, covering a city block every couple of minutes. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 After minutes of unbearable tension went by in nearly perfect silence, the columns suddenly—on same unheard signal—erupted into the plaza. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Nell's hair standing on end. It wasn't deep lusty roar of men, but fierce thrill of 1000s of girls—penetrating as skirl of massed bagpipes. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 It was Nell's tribe, and they had come for their leader. #OKthatWasSpoiler - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Provisional commanders of her divisions stood foremost, as did her provisional ministers of defense, state & R&D, all of them bowing to Nell - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Nell shouldve been tongue-tied, but wasn't. 4 the 1st time, she understood why she'd been put on the earth & felt comfortable w/her position - 上海, 中华人民共和国 She accepted allegiance of the Mouse Army, complimented their deeds & swept her arm 2 stranded sojourners from NewAtlantis, Nippon & Israel… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Our first duty is to protect these. Show me the condition of the city and all those in it. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 In peasant clothes & broken shackles on her wrists, Followed by generals & ministers, Walked the barbarian Princess, with her book & sword. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 CARL HOLLYWOOD TAKES A STROLL TO THE WATERFRONT - 上海, 中华人民共和国 [Daniel's] Story is in excellent hands. Mrs. Goose has come along to watch and memorize, and she has a creepy knack for that kind of thing. - Boston, MA Much pruning had taken place in recent weeks. I am now absent in many versions of the cosmos where you are present. - Orth an der Donau, Österreich The gold nuggets of Cap’n Crunch pelt the bottom of the bowl with a sound like glass rods being snapped in half. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Any moron can learn to trudge through the basic steps. But when that half-hour is over, dancing instructors always expect you’ll take flight - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region He pours the milk with one hand while jamming the spoon in with the other, not wanting to waste a single moment of the magical, golden time - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region When cold milk & Cap’n Crunch haven't begun 2 pollute each other’s essential natures: Platonic ideals separated by a molecule-wide boundary. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Randy of course uses whole milk…he thinks that the fat acts as some kind of a buffer that retards the dissolution-into-slime process. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Can you spot @nealstephenson's li'l pet peeves? Dancing lessons (Crypt) Why sewing machines work (Zodiac) What about leaving ice-tray empty? - Seattle, WA Checked my archive, and I can't believe I have not posted the "sewing machines piss me off so much" passage from Zodiac. - Boston, MA @gleeok Incomplete directions has historically been the fastest way to cause spittle to be broadcast on the inside of my windshield. - Boston, MA Setup: Sangamon Taylor (emotionally immature narrator)'s friend Debbie is sewing a hem along a large protest banner for him. #Zodiac - Boston, MA We went to fabric stores & I loitered among the manly fabrics in canvas section & scared off business while she charged up yards of ripstop - Boston, MA Then Stephenson summarizes different sewing hacks Debbie uses to prevent mistakes. You get the picture. - Boston, MA And finally we ran it through her fucking Singer. I went 2 the other room & watched static from sewing machine tear across her TV screen. - Boston, MA I don't like sewing machines. #Zodiac - Boston, MA I don't understand how a needle w/a thread going thru the tip of it can interlock the thread by jamming itself into a little goddamn spool. - Boston, MA It's contrary to nature and it irritates me. #Zodiac - Boston, MA They took pictures of me inflating a child's wading pool. Hard to look like a commando when you're doing that; we'd have to get us a pump - Boston, MA @DaveSeidel Yeah, Saruman was an Original tennis-camp Gangsta. - New Zealand Watching LotR battles with Rootlet. Man, those Rohirrim! Riding down on Pelennor Field! "Have a nice day, motherfuckers! HAHAHAHA" - New Zealand "DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - New Zealand -AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATHH!" #PelennorField - New Zealand @__briantford what's the frequency, kenneth? Scratch and find out. - Truth or Consequences, NM Begone, foul dwimmerlaik, lord of carrion! Hinder me? Thou fool. No living man may hinder me! You look upon a woman. #wigsnatch! - Truth or Consequences, NM @Noahpinion Did they materialize in your house over Christmas Eve? All I ever get are visits from ghosts of neo-keynesian interventions. - Truth or Consequences, NM Randy sets aside pre-Aug1945 material. An ominously thick stack of pages remains. Clearly, Sgt McGee has something to get off his chest. - Negara Brunei Darussalam McNulty: I'm late for soccer practice. Bubbles: Suck what? - Baltimore, MD D'Angelo: Gatsby, he was who he was & he did what he did & cos he wasn't willing to get real with the story, that shit caught up to him. - Baltimore, MD Pellets in plastic. Be concerned about what’s seated in the chamber now: copper-jacket hollowpoint 120grn hot streetload of my own creation - Baltimore, MD Boy, you got me confused with a man who repeat himself. - Baltimore, MD D'Avaux took Eliza's remark as a witticism & produced a smile as dry as parchment. Mr. Sluys took it as stupidity & got sexually aroused. - Amsterdam, Noord-Holland Randy: Maybe Wing wants to build a hydroelectric project. Pontifex: Yes, and maybe you’re a heroin smuggler. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Paris was a city of stone, the color of bone, beautiful and hard—you could dash yourself against it and never leave a mark… #Quicksilver - Paris, Ile-de-France …built on the principle: nothing you couldn't accomplish crowding 10⁷ peasants on world's best land & raping their brains out for 10³ years. - Paris, Ile-de-France @ChateauErin And none of these "English names" seem to include Clive, Victoria, Nigel, Ewan, Basil or even Prunella. - Truth or Consequences, NM ♕/Angmar: Come not between a Nazgûl & prey Éowyn: Ho, ho, ho! Well, if it isn't fat stinking billy goat Billy Boy in poison! ♕ ? - Truth or Consequences, NM Éowyn: How art thou, thou globby bottle of cheap, stinking chip oil? Nazgûl♕: W-what does that even mean? #ClockworkoftheRings - New Zealand Éowyn: Come & get one in the YARbles— Nazgûl♕: NOW, SEE HERE! Éowyn: —if ya have any yarbles, you eunuch jelly thou! Nazgûl♕: <uncoils mace> - New Zealand THOSE LOANS ARE FOR NON-THREATENING EDUCATED WOMEN OF COLOR! #FriskyDingo - Truth or Consequences, NM YOU CAN'T FAX GLITTER! Not with THAT attitude. - Truth or Consequences, NM @advanceliberty Hi, please add me to your "Security Tracking" list! When are we rounding up atheists, perverts and voting-rights advocates? - Truth or Consequences, NM Just in case someone thinks of this, Randy gives the program a fake name: VirusScanner. #Cryptonomicon or maybe #Superfish - Negara Brunei Darussalam Epiphyte boasts 1 of the top biometrics experts in the world: Dr Eberhard Föhr, who handwriting-recognition system in the world - Negara Brunei Darussalam Goto: We are not swimming to the mountains—only to the shore—much closer. Let’s go before we die of dehydration! [plunges fwd in sidestroke] - Papua New Guinea Root: In the last few years, the Chinese came in. Randy: Filipinos of Chinese ancestry, or— Root: Chinese of Chinese ancestry…northern - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region And now it’s clear that Shaftoe has reached his favorite part of the story, which is this Finnish girl. - Umeå, Sverige The creature is the size of a house cat, but long leathery arms: some kind of huge bat. It bites him b4 Goto crushes it & eats it raw. - Papua New Guinea Every 2 days, when the sun comes up, this or that soldier is found 2 have more bugs on him than the others. This means that he is dead. - Papua New Guinea @doctorow My followers must understand I retweeted that for entertainment purposes only, and I do NOT intend to post Gong Show Movie quotes. - Burbank, CA "Yeah you BETTER gasp collectively." #FriskyDingo - Truth or Consequences, NM Really feeling my oats this afternoon. Got a robocall. Asked me "how are you doing" and I responded "Bathed in sweat" <click> - Truth or Consequences, NM Memo from Peter Jackson: "Change Bagshot Row into splintery footbridge that winds around the hill & catches fire" - New Zealand @MorlockP Benjamin Franklin wore a similarly rustic costume in Paris, leaving his tailored wool cloak behind in Boston. - Paris, Ile-de-France @FredKiesche I think you ought to stay at your club, just until they're better. - City of London, London @Fustercluck72 No. @nealstephenson - Seattle, WA He’s not just any chained wretch, he is a digital chained wretch, Marley’s Ghost on the Information Superhighway. #ManilaJail #Pontifex - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Yanks paint naked ladies on sacred instruments of war! If they had samurai swords, theyd probably decorate the blades with nail polish. - Papua New Guinea As his seat tears loose, launches into space, he grips his sword, unwilling to disgrace himself dropping sacred weapon blessed by emperor - Papua New Guinea "Just kill the one with the sword first." - Papua New Guinea Every now & then the energy of a whole generation comes to a head in a long fine flash, 4 reasons that nobody really understands @ the time. - Las Vegas, NV I encourage you to always note the geo-graphical tag on each of my posts. Twitter used to limit us to our "real" location. - Truth or Consequences, NM @t3dy For a sec, I thought that was a detail from this 1965 photo: - San Bernardino, CA Societas Eruditorum projects Manny Pacquiao besting welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a split decision. - Las Vegas, NV @gfish I can hear it now, accompanied with a twangy upright piano or a second-hand ballpark organ. No drum kit or Fender bass!!! - Vollintine Evergreen, Memphis @AFPphoto had a lot of Science Fiction-looking photos this past week. Thanks for scrolling through my serial RTs. - Paris, Ile-de-France @outcastspice You need a lenticular image with a pleasant and an unpleasant image, and you only see the pleasant image if you are sitting up - Paris, Ile-de-France @outcastspice - Brooklyn, NY Peter Graves' Phelps in Mission:Impossible was always fascinated by the burning tape. Bet he burned blank tapes back in his pad at night. - Burbank, CA @DDSyrdal Looks like a Minneapolis-Moline 2-bottom plow. Check out the non-stop action here! (no skipping ahead!) - Ottumwa, IA Pwned Fraa Jad in a best-of-3 table tennis match (not simultaneously). But I know Hank Boone is waiting to skunk me in next bracket. #Zodiac - Boston, MA “Counterclockwise” she announced For some reason a cheer went up “The Geometers are right-handed!” someone called & the avout laughed - Orth an der Donau, Österreich When night falls, Shaftoe takes 2 benzedrine tablets, shoots a bit of morphine 2 take the edge off and leads his squad out into the streets. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region As of April 1945, the word denoting a person who performs arithmetic is "computer." Waterhouse has just found a room full of dead computers. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region #3possessions can't live without: 1) A possession multiplier 2) sand 3) shit, I want to change #2 to a tiger - Truth or Consequences, NM There is a silence of at least 15 seconds. The sultan looks stony. Then, suddenly, he brightens up. "Time to start over," he says. - Negara Brunei Darussalam I hereby abdicate all gov power over flow of data Under no circumstances will this gov snoop/restrict info That is the new law of Kinakuta - Negara Brunei Darussalam There must be a source 4 new granny-grade furniture…else Americans of tomorrow'll end up sitting in beanbag chairs. Answer: Gomer Bolstrood - San Jose, CA She stiffened, informed me this isn't the kind of place where you could walk into a Bed Room and see a row of beds lined up like pig’s feet… - San Jose, CA Have to admit, I'm kinda hot for the Gomer Bolstrood sales manager, too. - San Jose, CA @chidorme And I was born in Maryland, so if they decide to close your state, you've got my back on that, too. - Baltimore, MD #RooftopSolar on people’s homes has been declared a “moral threat” by the lobbying arm of the utility industry. - Washington, DC I watch the cars go back and forth Sometimes south and sometimes north - London, England Any way that livestock can travel, Bobby Shaftoe has too: boxcars, open trucks, forced cross-country marches. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Studley the Teenager will cruise in triumph down Bellewoode Valley & out into the greater world of adult men in cool cars. #SnowCrash - Los Angeles, CA AMY: & you had ways of working out problems w/Charlene that were very sophisticated. No voices raised. No angry words. RANDY: No cars rammed - Palo Alto, CA Amy Shaftoe won't: "Allow someone to do something foolish only so everyone can drive off to a fucked-up future in perfect, shiny cars." - Palo Alto, CA If I'm curt with you, it's because time is a factor. I think fast I talk fast And I need you guys to act fast - Los Angeles, CA @OnePoundOne The devils are not visible when the bag is full. By the time the purchaser sees them, it's too late. - Chicago, IL @OnePoundOne Are there any statues of people nearby, not in a place where one normally finds statues, that look really new? - Chicago, IL Coronation medal designed by Ike Newton 1702 Q:Anne as Athena vs Hydra VICEM GERIT. ILLA. TONANTIS ht @ErisianLib - City of London, London @OnePoundOne Such a "statue" could be the original purchaser of the bag and its contents. - City of London, London @TomLevenson @ErisianLib And Anne's ownage of Hyrda! [repping Louis 14.0 and JamesX] - City of London, London @OnePoundOne Getting that statue off a bus is going to be a fucking Chore. - City of London, London Listening to my 20-something officemates laughing hysterically at Belushi's Samurai Delicatessen sketch with Buck Henry. ...Not so old - New York, NY @OnePoundOne No, it's Bischoff slipping past .uk & .de (w/Shaftoe & Root aboard) toward a neutral country. The gold story has spooked him. - Cardiff, Wales Holz is working on the Schnorkel, welding bits on, grinding bits off, wrapping it in rubber or some other stuff he hopes will absorb radar - Cardiff, Wales The engineers who installed the Schnorkel in Lorient 6 months ago wouldn’t recognize it. It has evolved, like shrews evolving into tigers. - Cardiff, Wales @OnePoundOne There are shades of Sgt Bob Shaftoe (Baroque) in a former Voyska Spetsialnogo Naznacheniya NCO in Reamde. - 福建, 中华人民共和国 @OnePoundOne Sokolov, yes - 福建, 中华人民共和国 I would have great JRR Tolkien eyebrows if Mrs Root2702 would stop preenin—PLUCK—Ouch! - Oxford, England Waterhouse crossed the equator and the international date line on the same day. - Brisbane, Queensland But when he reached the boundary between Nimitz's Pacific Theater & The General's Southwest Pacific Theater, he'd glided into a stone wall. - Brisbane, Queensland "Marshall sent you because he thinks The General is sloppy with Ultra." Waterhouse flinches to hear this word spoken aloud. - Brisbane, Queensland The General doesnt have time to meet with you personally. So you will not have an opportunity to instruct him on how to keep Ultra a secret. - Brisbane, Queensland The General is of the opinion that persons not familiar w/the unique features of the SW PAC Theater are not competent to judge his strategy. - Brisbane, Queensland The General feels the Nips will never learn about Ultra. Never. They are incapable of comprehending what has happened to them. - Brisbane, Queensland Gen. said something 2 the effect of "When fucked that badly, it's your own goddamn fucking fault & it makes u look like a fucking shithead" - Brisbane, Queensland "I see," Waterhouse says. - Brisbane, Queensland "Oh, yeah! Me too. At Pearl Harbor!" Waterhouse says. "I forgot." - Brisbane, Queensland This appears to be the most irritating thing that Waterhouse has said all day. The major has to spend a moment composing himself. - Brisbane, Queensland Marshall and Churchill and all those others are still stuck in an obsolete mentality. They are defenders. But The General is not a defender. - Brisbane, Queensland Just between you and me, The General is lousy on defense, as he demonstrated in the Philippines. The General is a conqueror. - Brisbane, Queensland "You can consider your mission accomplished," the major says. "Congratulations." ... "Thank you." - Brisbane, Queensland "Oh yes!" Bischoff says, reappearing in the room w/out making any noise. When in a U-boat, running silent, you learn how to walk quietly. - Umeå, Sverige Bischoff: I must tell you something about the Wehrmacht, first. Shaftoe: What? That they invaded Poland & France? Bischoff: No. - Umeå, Sverige "That they invaded Russia & Norway?" "No, not that" "That they bombed England &—" "No, no, no," Bischoff says, the very model of 4bearance. - Umeå, Sverige Bischoff: Something you didn't know about. Shaftoe: What? Bischoff: It seems that the Führer has come up with a little incentive program. - Umeå, Sverige Bischoff: Some people require a more liquid form of compensation. Shaftoe: Booze? Bischoff: No, I mean liquid in the financial sense. - Umeå, Sverige Bischoff: The Japanese have lots of gold, but they need wolframite. Mercury. Uranium. Shaftoe: What's uranium? Bischof: Who the hell knows? - Umeå, Sverige Bischoff is getting a little spooky, so Shaftoe opts for a little change in the subject. - Umeå, Sverige "We will follow the trail of debris, like Hansel and Gretel." "It didn't work for Hansel & Gretel. Didn't you even read the fucking story?" - Umeå, Sverige "Don't be such a defeatist, Bobby," says Bischoff "Normally you are not like this. What is troubling you?" - Umeå, Sverige Shaftoe & Bischoff, both mired in the yet-to-be-discovered dumps of Seasonal Affective Disorder, are like 2 brothers trapped in quicksand, - Umeå, Sverige Bischoff: Eh? Was ist los, buddy? Shaftoe: Guess I'm just feeling at loose ends. Bischoff: You need an adventure. Let's go! - Umeå, Sverige "Haven't seen Enoch Root recently. What has he been up to since he finished curing you of your morphine addiction?" - Umeå, Sverige Dunno. He was such a fucking pain in the ass that I never wanted to see him again. But I think he got a Russian radio transmitter from Otto. - Umeå, Sverige Bischoff: Did he ever get it to work? Shaftoe: Beats me, but when big pieces of burning shit start falling out of the sky, makes me wonder. - Umeå, Sverige “... But I fail to see any gaps in your reasoning. And no, I don't suppose they are Fates or Furies." - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Catholics call the Pope Pontifex Maximus—or pontiff—but also used by pagans to denote priests & Jews their rabbis—it is ever so ecumenical. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region So which "Cool Old Guy" actor would play Fraa Jad? #Anathem Answer: #IanHolm or #FredWard or #LanceHenriksen - West Hollywood, CA @panzertron I actually pictured Kumar Pallana, of every Wes Anderson film, but he didn't have the chops for that particular dialog - West Hollywood, CA @BoingBoing Wow, so did @neilhimself coauthor it with @nealstephenson? <SNORT> <reaches for inhaler> - Truth or Consequences, NM BEHOLD! Revelation/advent of Rei Toei, from @GreatDismal's _Idoru, or something like that. ht @BoingBoing @doctorow - 日本 東京都 What did I say? Don’t do shit unless. Unless what? Unless you do it first. Spoken like a true prodigy. - West Hollywood, CA Avi is working on much shorter time horizon—he has eyes only for the bullet craters. He puts his hands in them & begins to mutter in Hebrew - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Charlene wasn’t totally wrong. Blood seeps out of tiny, invisible painless cuts on Randy’s face & neck for 10 or 15 minutes after he shaved. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Moments ago, that blood was accelerating through his ventricles, or seeping through the parts of his brain that make him a conscious entity. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Now the same stuff is exposed to the air; he can reach up & wipe it off. The boundary between Randy & his environment has been annihilated. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region The bellhops seem particularly delighted by Randy's makeover. Or perhaps it is just that he is wearing leather shoes for once: Topsiders - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region That you're a retail-level philosopher who just happens 2 have buddies in the surveillance biz is simply 2 big a coincidence 4 me to accept. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Did you think we were just a bunch of nerds who stumbled into this and got in over our heads? We aren’t. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Randy, Thank you for your oddly defensive note. Very pleased you have a good reason. Never thought otherwise. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Of course you shouldnt feel obligated 2 share w/me. My having friends in world of elec intel gathering isnt big coincidence u make it out 2b - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region How did you come to be a founder of the Crypt? By being good at science and math. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region How did you come to be good at science and math? By standing on the shoulders of the ones who came before you. Who were those people? - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region We used to call them natural philosophers. Likewise my friends inthe surveillance biz owe their skills 2 practical application of philosophy - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region We both know, Randy, crypto history is strewn w/wreckage of cryptosystems invented by arrogant dilettantes…demolished by clever codebreakers - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Quite cleverly, you ask me to stick my neck out, so that you and Cantrell and his likeminded friends can cut it off. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region You are testing me—trying to find my level. Very well. I’ll send you another message in a few days. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region I’d love to have the Secret Admirers take a crack at my scheme anyway. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Bear with me. This language - the mother tongue - is a vestige of an earlier phase of human social development. - Los Angeles, CA Happy 47th birthday to a government-reducer & Patriot (if you'll excuse my describing him with a French word). - Oklahoma City, OK "I am glad that you are here with me," said Frodo, "here at the end of al things, Sam." - Chile @iowahawkblog I shouldn't. A sheriff's deputy put his hand on my knee and patiently talked me out of filing charges. <lowers new veil> - Truth or Consequences, NM @krystletips @Alizarynne @saucissonsec @megajim @SEChildress @knewter @hunteramor @sevensixfive And the earliest I'd get it: -7days pre-pub - Truth or Consequences, NM See @onthemedia breaking news consumer guide: In the immediate aftermath, news outlets get it wrong #BaltimoreRiots - Baltimore, MD 2. Don't trust anonymous sources. 3. HOLY FUCKING SHIT, THEY RIPPED UP AN ATM! #BaltimoreRiots @onthemedia - Baltimore, MD 3. Don't trust stories that cite another news outlet as the source of the information. #BaltimoreRiots - Baltimore, MD @JosephMagnuson Looks like a Gen-Xer being inappropriately touched by his mom. - Truth or Consequences, NM Chang: The Master stated that the extension of knowledge was the root of all other virtues. Fang: I cannot send the boy to school. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Chang: Think instead of the girl, The girl and her book. #BarbarianPrincess #HerBook #HerSword #MouseArmy - 上海, 中华人民共和国 The Indians of the American Southwest called him Coyote, Those of the Pacific Coast called him Raven. Europeans called him Reynard the Fox. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Hackworth: African-Americans called him Br'er Rabbit, In 20th-century literature, He appears first as Bugs Bunny, And then as the Hacker. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Finkle-McGraw: When I was a lad [hacker] had double meaning. It could mean a trickster who broke into things or an especially skilled coder - 上海, 中华人民共和国 "The ambiguity is common in post-Neolithic cultures," Hackworth said. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 As technology became more important, the Trickster underwent a shift in character and became the god of crafts—of technology, if you will - 上海, 中华人民共和国 —while retaining the underlying roguish qualities. So we have the Sumerian Enki, The Greek Prometheus and Hermes, Norse Loki, and so on. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 There was something about the sight of an actual baby that focused the mind. In a world of abstractions, nothing's more concrete than a baby - 上海, 中华人民共和国 If the item of stolen property had been anything other than a book, it would have been confiscated. But a book is different... - 上海, 中华人民共和国 But a book is different—it is not just a material possession but the pathway to an enlightened mind, and thence to a well-ordered society - 上海, 中华人民共和国 He fixed his gaze on bottle w/paper label printed in ancient crabbed typeface MCWHORTER'S ORIGINAL CONDIMENT everything else 2 small 2 read - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Bottle's neck was festooned w/B&W repros of ancient medals awarded by pre-Enlightenment European monarchs at exhibitions in places like Riga - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Just a bit of violent shaking and thwacking ejected a few spurts of the ochre slurry from the pore-size orifice at the top of the bottle - 上海, 中华人民共和国 If the Coastal Republic had believed in the existence of virtue, it could at least have aspired to hypocrisy. #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 "When everything can be surveilled, all we have left is politeness" —Major Napier Chapter: Hackworth's situation develops new complications - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Gotta love all of @nealstephenson's mid-career .mil officers. Sounding board Greek chorus Agent of plot velocity Demi-narrator &co. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 If the Shanghai gentleman requests that our engineer partake in treasonous activities, we might take uncharacteristically forgiving stance - 上海, 中华人民共和国 An uncharacteristically forgiving stance—providing, that is, that the engineer kept us well-informed. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Hackworth: Something like a double agent? Napier <winces>: It is a crashingly unsubtle phrase. But I can forgive its use, in this context. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Nell: Explain protocol [how she talks to Primer] Rita: At the place we're going, you need to watch your manners. Don't say "explain this." - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Nell: Would it impose on your time unduly to provide me with a concise explanation of the term 'protocol'? Rita: [laughter betraying alarm] - 上海, 中华人民共和国 "There are many Lesser phyles and 3 Great 1s. What are the Great 1s?" • New Atlantis! • Nippon! • Han! "That is correct" Miss Matheson said - 上海, 中华人民共和国 We traditionally include Han in the list because of its immense size and age—even though it has lately been crippled by intestine discord. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Some include Hindustan…others view it as a riotously diverse collection of microtribes sintered together according to a formula we don't get - 上海, 中华人民共和国 It is the hardest thing in the world to make educated Westerners pull together. That is the job of people like Miss Stricken. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 @amidgley Forget it. He's on a roll. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Ronald Reagan has a stack of three by five cards in his lap. He skids up a new one. - San Francisco, CA What advice do you—the youngest to win Navy Cross & Silver Star—have 4 Marines in Guadalcanal? ... Shaftoe doesn't have to think very long. - San Francisco, CA JUST KILL THE ONE WITH THE SWORD FIRST Reagan: Smarrrt—because they're the officers? BS: You kill 'em because they've got fucking swords! - San Francisco, CA @PerKohler Here we go again. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region ...professional courtesy demands he at least read this message. >I read about your project. >Why are you doing it? - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region *misled - Truth or Consequences, NM Q: Is the novel doomed? NS: ...getting immersed in big story is a desirable luxury... That’s why long-form TV series have become so huge. - Truth or Consequences, NM Q: Greater challenge for society: technology or ecology? NS: Climate change. It's coming & there's little we can do about it, sorry to say. - Truth or Consequences, NM Q: Has SF gotten more positive? NS: [unsure re: written SF] What I’d really like to see is a change in the tone of the SF we see on screens - Truth or Consequences, NM @saladinahmed @TheONiLX I don't see any floating balloon in these pictures. Just closet doors and a stairway. And a peculiar sensation. - Truth or Consequences, NM Okay. So the Athena that you honor on your medallion isn't a supernatural being? - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Root: Whatever entity, pattern or trend perceived by ancient Greeks...produced the internal mental representation that they dubbed Athena. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region The distinction being quite important because Athena the-supernatural-chick-with-the-helmet is of course nonexistent... - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region but "Athena" the external-generator-of-internal-representation-dubbed-Athena mustve existed or else the int-rep never wouldve been generated - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Whether you buy into the Metis story or not, we can still agree that something a little peculiar was going on with the nativity of Athena. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region She was also exceptional in that she did not participate in the moral squalor of Olympus; she was a virgin. #OrdoMilitumVindicisIntactae - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Randy: Aha! I knew that was a virgin on your medallion. Root: You have a keen eye for virgins. Hephaestus leg fucked her, but no penetration - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Athena's quite important in the Odyssey, but there are really very few myths, in the usual sense of that term, that involve her. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Athena revealed herself as such and challenged Arachne to a weaving contest, which you'll have to admit was uncommonly fair-minded of her. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Randy: Who wants to be the fucking goddess of macrame? Root: Translation. Word we use today is technology Randy: Now we're getting somewhere - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Instead of calling Athena the goddess of war, wisdom, and macrame, then, we should say war and technology. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region And let's just say that Ares is a complete asshole. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region TURING TEST. You and me, pal. Pizza Hut parking lot. - Truth or Consequences, NM M.A. Shaftoe is a pretty straightforward by the book type, who'll fit well into hierarchical organizations. Robin, on the other hand… - Truth or Consequences, NM Robin Shaftoe = wild card, w/the makings of either a total loser or successful entrepreneur…maybe oscillating between those two poles. - Truth or Consequences, NM Randy realizes now that he spilled hella lot of info to Robin about the Internet, electronic money/digital currency & the new global economy - Truth or Consequences, NM Randy's mental state is such that he is prone to babbling aimlessly for hours at a time. Robin has hoovered it all up. - Truth or Consequences, NM @infinite_me Perhaps JRR @nealstephenson has a son or daughter who can dig through his notes posthumously and compile a Shaftomarillion. - Truth or Consequences, NM Randy: What's frightening about a true nerd isn't socially ineptness, but his complete lack of embarrassment about it Amy: Kind of pathetic. - Truth or Consequences, NM Randy: It was pathetic when they were in high school. Now it's something else. Something VERY different from pathetic. - Truth or Consequences, NM Chester nods all the way through this, But does not rudely interrupt Randy As a younger nerd would. #Cryptonomicon - Truth or Consequences, NM Your younger nerd takes offense quickly when someone near him begins to utter declarative sentences, because he reads into it an assertion.. - Truth or Consequences, NM ...that he, the nerd, does not already know the information being imparted. - Truth or Consequences, NM Randy: I don't even know when they got married Amy: Sept 1945 R: Wow A: Girl talk R: Didn't know you're rigged for that A: We can all do it - Seattle, WA Grandmother Waterhouse has knack for telling people the obvious—politely—that makes the recipient feel like a butthead for wasting her time. - Seattle, WA Randy: I came out dead broke, without anything except a girlfriend & knowledge of UNIX. Avi: Normally those 2 are mutually exclusive. - Truth or Consequences, NM Avi: I think it's better 2 aspire 2 having Amy than 2 actually have Charlene.…Sometimes wanting is better than having.* *ST/TOS "Amok Time" - Truth or Consequences, NM Randy, get this through your head. The Dentist doesn't give a shit about the submarine. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region It is the voice of an old man. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region You should be a billionaire, Randy. Thank god you're not. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Indentured servants in tobacco and cotton fields, raising their eyes towards those cool mountains as they stooped in sweltering fields - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Doug Shaftoe: Jesus! Haven't you guys spent any time at all around people like Comstock? Can't you recognize bullshit? - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Wouldnt it be a useful add 2 your intellectual toolkits—when ton of wet steaming bullshit lands on u—"My goodness this appears 2b bullshit?" - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Shaftoe has noticed that men, finished talking 2 Waterhouse, tend 2 walk away shaking their heads…like a dog who has a horsefly in his ear. - Isle of Man, United Kingdom Pot bellies make a man look either oafish, or like a gorilla. But on a woman, a pot belly is very sexy. - Los Angeles, CA It's not your fault. I had you bring a bunch of stuff. I reminded you about it, but I didn't illustrate how personal the watch was to me. - Los Angeles, CA INTERIOR MASON-DIXIE PAWNSHOP – DAY - Los Angeles, CA You were gone so long, I started to think dreadful thoughts. - Los Angeles, CA If you wanna play blind man, then go walk with a Shepherd. But me, my eyes are wide fucking open. What the fuck does that mean? - Los Angeles, CA 1265 Riverside Drive Toluca Lake 1 body (no head) Bloody shot-up car Jules (black) Vincent (Dean Martin) Jimmie (house) Bonnie (9:30) - Los Angeles, CA Wipe down the upholstery—now when it comes to that, it don't need to be spic & span, you don't need to eat off it. Give it a good once over. - Los Angeles, CA A surprising amount of Pulp Fiction's dialog is about being polite. - Los Angeles, CA Abdallah Jones glanced up into Richard’s eyes. “It’s nothing more than a great bloody cat!” #Reamde - Idaho, USA Finally, Richard’s eyes lock on something that's unquestionably a face. Not a human face. Humans did not have golden eyes. #Reamde - Idaho, USA The eyes stared into Richard’s long enough for Richard 2 exp a rush of blood 2 his cheeks…atavistic response, apparently, 2 being so watched - Idaho, USA The House of the Venerable and Inscrutable Colonel was what they called it when they were speaking Chinese. #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 @nealstephenson Is this the Arkie waiting list? - Memphis, TN There’s no way to get from the point in Hemm space where we are now, to one that includes pink nerve-gas-farting dragons... #Anathem - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, Languedoc-Roussillon @AileenKathryn Hemm space = configuration space, like jeejah = smartphone - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, Languedoc-Roussillon @AileenKathryn Thanks. Seems I've "autocorrected" it to "Hemm" for years, including my Wikiquote contributions, which tend to propagate. - Truth or Consequences, NM @AileenKathryn Much pruning will need to take place in the cosmi where I fucked that shit up! - Truth or Consequences, NM @AileenKathryn Related: in Wikiquotes, I linked Hemm [sic] with Hilbert Space (because quantum) instead of "Configuration." Needs fixing? - sic @SwiftOnSecurity It's a tear-gas story. *Theoretically* forces the guardians/concealers of Truth to hack up actual answers to questions. - Truth or Consequences, NM @SCIPLUS I need to find a good deal on a burning tire. - Riotorto, Galicia @Alizarynne You never know if you're looking at the next Pet Rock, or at the Day Everything Changed Forever. - Cambridge, MA If 18th Century Japanese woodblock masters worked for the Corps of Engineers. [Bigger pic at ] - Cambridge, MA Too much information, Dr. Troost! #Molusca #OstreaVesecularis - Selmer, TN Grizzled buzzcuts, nicotine skin, look like Killers. Wearing bad suits—not because they cant afford good ones. They just don’t give a shit. - Negara Brunei Darussalam Now that you are in Jupiter's space and the entire crew is revived it can be told to you. - Jupiter, FL When going 2 a mass rally in unfamiliar city, recon the neighborhood the day B4, and protest from a corner where the little streets start. - Paris, Ile-de-France Amy [velvet voice]: Randy? Randy: Yes? A: Could you give me the square root of 3,833 w/that thing? R: Why do you want that? A: Just do it. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Goto observes arthropods converging in hopes of sucking his blood, eating his eyeballs out of his skull or impregnating him with their eggs. - Papua New Guinea @Bluebookballoon It's from Umberto Eco's _Foucault's_Pendulum_ - Paris, Ile-de-France You call that subtle? You think that U & @DMShaftoe are the only 2 people who know that Sultan-Class passengers can receive incoming calls? - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region She flew in yesterday. No matter. Kill away, Mr. McManus. #TUS - Los Angeles, CA The rest shall ride into the East Over the Land of Skulls, Into the sacred Mongol heartland, And find the Khagan, And kill him. #Mongoliad - Legnica, Dolnośląskie @jobliz @DMShaftoe No. The DMS account found me babbling NS quotes under my True Name, but went dark 10 days after I set this up in response - Memphis, TN Avi's mother’s people were unbelievably peculiar NewMexican crypto-Jews—living on mesas, dodging Jesuits & eating jimsonweed for 300 years. - Albuquerque, NM We will produce a chemically pure and stable product that performs as advertised. - Albuquerque, NM Hey, what is that shit? . Fulminate of mercury. A little tweak of chemistry. - Albuquerque, NM New Zealand, that's where they made Lord of the Rings! You could do your art & paint the local castles and shit, and I can be a bush pilot! - Albuquerque, NM J: What's point of being an outlaw when you got responsibilities? B: Darth Vader's responsible 4 Death Star SP: True that. 2 of them bitches - Albuquerque, NM I could hear on the baby monitor…singing a lullaby. If I had just lived right up to that moment…not 00:01 more. That would've been perfect. - Albuquerque, NM Clearly his taste in women is the same as his taste in lawyers: only the very best, with just the right amount of dirty. - Albuquerque, NM Walter, I would like to help you if I could. You are a wealthy man now, and one must learn to be rich. To be poor, anyone can manage. - Albuquerque, NM Walter: Not jail, as in jail jail. I'm talking about when you're in an orange jumpsuit picking up litter along the hwy. Saul: That's jail. - Albuquerque, NM There. That's 2.5 seasons of Breaking Bad you won't have to watch now. - Albuquerque, NM Jack the sound barrier. Bring the noise. Smell the napalm. Save the Latin. - Los Angeles, CA To W.W. My star, my perfect silence. - Albuquerque, NM Ars Technica to @IMAX: Your takedown order is 1st Amendment tone-deaf and your shrinking screens are a ripoff. - United States Gus: Don Eladio está muerto! Sus capos están muertos! Ustedes no tienen a nadie mas por quien pelear. Llenen sus bolsillos, y váyanse en paz - México YEAH, BITCH!!! MAGNETS!! - Albuquerque, NM My son shucked corn Daughter cut potatoes Gus Fring brought sea bass Now every time I grill it, I make a little foil pouch like he showed me - Albuquerque, NM Saul, Mike threatened ME He threatened Jesse Probably threatened someone before breakfast this morning It's what he does C'mon Grow a pair - Albuquerque, NM @bittersweetdb I'm down to s5:e03 now. - Albuquerque, NM Skyler: Shut the hell up! Marie: Skyler— S: Shut up! M: Please stop, I— S: Shut up! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Marie: Hey! Skyler: SHUT UP! - Albuquerque, NM Walter: Do you really want to live in a world without Coca-Cola? - Albuquerque, NM B: So you're telling me every time Kirk went into the transport he was killing himself? So there was like 147 Kirks? SP: At least - Albuquerque, NM Skinny Pete: Dude, no, why do you think McCoy never liked to beam nowhere? 'Cause he's a doctor, bitch! Look it up, it's science! - Albuquerque, NM Badger: Ever tell you about my Star Trek script? Skinny Pete: Star Trek script? Badger: Yeah! I gotta write it down is all. - Albuquerque, NM Enterprise is five parsecs out of Rigel XII Nothing's going on Neutral Zone is quiet The crew is bored So they put on a pie-eating contest. - Albuquerque, NM B: They're eating tulaberry pies– SP: Tulaberry? Badger: From Gamma Quadrant, yo. SP: That's Voyager, dude! Badger: Okay, blueberries then - Albuquerque, NM Badger: Every time Chekov eats a pie, Scotty beams it right out of him. SknyPete: Where is he sending them, the toilet? B: Space SP: Uugghh! - Albuquerque, NM SP: For real yo, the whole thing felt kinda shady morality-wise. WW [hands $]: How do you feel now? SP: Better B: Yeah definitely improving - Albuquerque, NM Diggas be trippin about all these Pingers and shit. #ThePurpose - Seven Hills, OH @John_Pickman Hidden & unknown—more or less. It's an organization I belong to…ecumenical…anyone can join it. Even you, after you get better. - Papua New Guinea Big fellow w/rifle slung over his shoulder, standing over him. The red beard makes it less probable that he's Nipponese. But what is he? - Papua New Guinea The boundary between Randy and his environment has been annihilated. #ShavedBeard - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region @ClarkHat Are you sure that's not the Pull My Finger naval jack? I'm told it's seen flying o'er the most fabulous digital rights parties. - Hampton Bays, NY @ClarkHat You see, "digital" as in "finger"? Oh, you got it. ok... - Hampton Bays, NY via Netflix, I've IDed the "Agent" in #Seveneves Answer's been staring us in the face since 1902 #LeVoyageDansLaLune - Lunéville, Lorraine The secret source of humor itself is not joy, but sorrow. There is no humor in heaven. —Mark Twain, Following_the_Equator #Charleston #HEAP - Equatorial Guinea @sevensixfive Yes. A digital restoration of a print that was hand-colored pre-1906. - Lunéville, Lorraine Avi: Filipinos are incredibly family oriented…make Jews look like alienated loners…sentimental/affectionate in a way easy 4 us 2 sneer at - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Avi: Take down this fingerprint. Randy: Shoot. Avi: 67 81 A4 AE FF 40 25 9B 43 OE 29 8D 56 60 E3 2F <hangs up> - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Every time I try to read Pride & Prejudice, I want to dig up Jane Austen and hit her over the skull with her own shin-bone. —Mark Twain - Hannibal, MO Random bookshelf shots, plus one for Father's Day - İzmir, Türkiye "If you're gonna stare at my daughter that way," Doug Shaftoe says, "you'd better start boning up on your ballroom dancing." - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region @the_author_ When people tell me to smile, I give them the Dead Eye and say "I wear my smile on other people's faces." - Truth or Consequences, NM @the_author_ It rarely fails to make them smile...*My* smile. - Truth or Consequences, NM Pretty soon things have degenerated into karaoke. - Negara Brunei Darussalam The only circles Loeb would be in: Primitive survivalists & who believe they've been Satanically abused … Tom: That…helps fill in a few gaps - Negara Brunei Darussalam Tom: He'd been mulling over the Internet while doing whatever he does Randy: Squatting naked in icy streams strangling muskrats bare handed - Negara Brunei Darussalam Tom: He's denouncing us: 'Making world safe 4 traffickers & kleptocrats' [Randy's delighted 2 have answer to why they're building the Crypt] - Negara Brunei Darussalam The one-time pad encryption takes a while. Lawrence can do mod 25 arithmetic in his sleep, but doing it w/an erection is a different matter. - Isle of Man, United Kingdom @ogfreel I don't know. He's a multifaceted bogey-man. Something there to upset all points of the political compass. - Napa, CA Place was packed: When police knocked, both doors flew back, but they never stopped rocking…till the Moon went down. #SEVENEVES #ChuckBerry - Chicago, IL @TexasGOP @nytimes Well, then! Here's your excuse to secede [for the third time]. Try to stay independent a little longer this time, OK? - Truth or Consequences, NM @Strange_Bundle @t3dy I once owned a HB copy of The_Star_Trek_Reader. [Stardate: unknown] Basically, short-storyizations of TOS episodes. - Iowa, USA #HFM Smuggling [suspended] Transport of stolen goods Purchase of space vessel with counterfeit currency Future police record-code: X731248 - Iowa, USA @ClarkHat All quotes are manual. Copied from text files and mercilessly edited. Seveneves quotes to come, soon...BEFORE WE"RE ALL DEAD! - Seven Hills, OH @ClarkHat I posted many, if not a slim majority, of the quotes on and I prefer to knock that task out first. - Seven Hills, OH Goddamnit, every corp that's ever thrown any of its shit into the ocean has claimed it was going to become a habitat for marine life #Zodiac - Boston, MA …white man sitting at table…curly red hair, close-cropped but dense red beard, shocking blue eyes that always looked wide open. #Zodiac - Seattle, WA . @stm555 There IS one fleck of CDS (causal domain shear) between the Cryptonomicon and Seveneves universes: ǝuızɐƃɐɯ ƃuıɹnʇ - Seattle, WA @stm555 Any red beards on board the Ymir? - Seattle, WA @ClarkHat @stm555 Yes, and by bringing it up here, I'll have increased search hits for "turing magazine" + "seveneves" by 25% - Seattle, WA @ClarkHat @stm555 In Cryptonomicon Finux = Linux EBT = IBM gasping/fumbling = hot sex TURING = WIRED - Seattle, WA @ClarkHat @stm555 That's the magazine Tavistock Prowse (aka Arkiechow) writes for. - Seattle, WA TURING is such a visual magazine that it cannot be viewed without the protection of welding goggles, and so they insisted on a picture. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region A photographer was dispatched to the Crypt, which was found visually wanting. A tizzy ensued. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Photographer diverted 2 Manila Bay…captured Randy standing on boat next to reel of cable, volcano rising from smog… - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region @spencerkoch No, my prison reading will be The Big U and this short story: - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region @ClarkHat Welly, welly, welly, welly, well. To what do I owe the extreme pleasure of this surprising [discovery]? - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Oh bliss & heaven! It was like a bird of rarest-spun heaven metal or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now. - London, England @outcastspice Wha? - London, England @outcastspice as the largest oak tree was rooted ultimately in a system of ROOTLETS no larger than the silver hairs on the president’s head - London, England Until a man is 25, he still thinks, every so often, that under the right circumstances he could be the baddest motherfucker in the world #SC - Los Angeles, CA If I moved to a martial-arts monastery in China and studied real hard for ten years. - Los Angeles, CA If my family was wiped out by Colombian drug dealers and I swore myself to revenge. - Los Angeles, CA If I got a fatal disease, Had 1 year to live & Devoted it 2 wiping out street crime. If I just dropped out and Devoted my life to being bad. - Los Angeles, CA The Russian invasion (spate of flights) produced what NASA described as “mixed results” & Roskosmos termed “an acceptable fatality rate" - Seven Hills, OH @ClarkHat I'm sure that, on its 3rd (and final??) secession, Texas will annex Loyal swaths of LA, AR, OK & NM to serve as buffer-concubines. - Midland, TX Moira: Farmers killed almost all prairie dogs, so the population of black-footed ferrets crashed. Only SEVEN remained Doob: Wow, only SEVEN? - Sevenoaks, England Supposedly you can buy into an SA, but there hasn't been a share of Tessier-Ashpool traded on the market in over 100 years. #Neuromancer - Tessier, Saskatchewan @ninjasuperspy Shhhhhh. JJ is actually recruited them for future red shirts. - Red Hill, SC @benadamx @BAKKOOONN @iboudreau @SFCArmyWifeMN Libtard media won't report on this. Doesn't fit their narrative. - Red Hill, SC The only way 2 prepare for a trip like this was to dress up like human peacocks, get crazy, screech off across the desert & cover the story. - Barstow, CA But what was the story? Nobody had bothered to say. Free Enterprise. The American Dream. Horatio Alger gone mad on drugs in Las Vegas - Barstow, CA The car & tape recorder weren't easy to round up. My attorney made 17 calls locating a convertible w/adequate horsepower & proper coloring. - Barstow, CA we need the finest equipment. 1 of those new Belgian Heliowatts w/voice-activated shotgun mike, 4 picking up conversations in oncoming cars. - Barstow, CA But we were delayed en route when a Stingray in front of us killed a pedestrian. <Duke leans on the horn> - Barstow, CA There's only the question WHEN WILL I BE BLOWN UP? making the young writer today forget…human heart in conflict with itself #Faulkner #Nobel - Stockholm, Sverige @darklinuxtweet The "Bavarian illuminati carrier frequency" Johann composed? [cf Mr Drkh's long career as weirdest person in any given room] - Brisbane, Queensland Mr Drkh looks as if he's just taken a .50 round His long career of being the weirdest person in any given room is about 2 go down in flames. - Brisbane, Queensland @NoahShachtman Watched the video, then I realized that I can see where Jeff died, from my desk. - Wolf River Harbor @Planet_Irony That was from the aphorism “Talking about art is like dancing about architecture.” - Truth or Consequences, NM @cryptophreak Or you're being filmed by Breitbart News. - Truth or Consequences, NM @hunteramor @ClarkHat Neal once quoted Bruce Sterling's def of "thriller": A SF story with POTUS as a character. NS must've had fun w/julia - Memphis, TN @hunteramor @ClarkHat At Julia's arrival, the IZZY commander was Swiss. Don't know if Crater Lake called for execution of violators. - Memphis, TN @holland_tom If Henry8 had a Ballcap Buddy (for use in dishwasher) he wouldn't have needed so many replacements! - Memphis, TN @deray @ASouthernJule If Ala had PDOs in Tuscaloosa & Anniston, that'd be geographically "statewide." State-tall: Mobile to Scottsboro. - Memphis, TN @BoingBoing Avoiding eye contact would become a social grace - Memphis, TN A quiver of lightning bolts for you. I will be chained to that cliff again for sharing this. - Memphis, TN @hunteramor @ClarkHat I thought there was a scene with newly arrived Julia being politely dismissed from Swiss cmdr's executive meeting. - Memphis, TN @hunteramor @ClarkHat It would undermine confidence if cmdr welcomed Julia to senior leader circle, but she was banished to the "suburbs." - Memphis, TN @ElamBend @ClarkHat @hunteramor I'm sorry. At least I didn't mention the Daleks! - Memphis, TN Shaftoe: I'm here to work for The General. It just makes the pilot want to slug him. But after he utters thse words, everything is different - Brisbane, Queensland Shaftoe knows, from this, that The General does things differently. - Brisbane, Queensland I've killed more Nips than seismic activity I know Manila like back of my hand. My wife & child are there. And I'm kinda at loose ends. Sir! - Brisbane, Queensland And now I encounter you here: • Out of uniform • Disheveled • With a Nipponese officer • Violating the sanctity of a ladies' powder room! - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Shaftoe senses Goto Dengo behind him, and wonders what the poor bastard can possibly be thinking. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region I would like you to know, young man, when I set up my headquarters in Tokyo, within a year, I want you there bright and early the first day! - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Shaftoe: God, I know You're getting requests fr lonely soldiers all over the fucking place, but this is about a shitload of women & children - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Bobby Shaftoe's prayer, con't: …& Gen MacArthur too. Maybe You can jump me to the top of the stack. You know what I want. Let's get it done. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." Alan Kay, Xerox PARC, 1971. [I fact-checked this in 1996 by simply emailing him.] - Palo Alto, CA @upsteeplebat I am, but when it's your time in my time, I won't be. - Memphis, TN Miss Matheson: There are many Lesser phyles and three Great ones. What are the Great ones? Nell: New Atlantis. Fiona: Nippon. Both: Han! - 上海, 中华人民共和国 “Chiselled Spam," Miss Matheson said, sort of mumbling it to herself. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 “I was just watching the smart wheels and remembering an advertisement from my youth," Miss Matheson said. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 YT upgraded after ad appeared in _Thrasher: CHISELED SPAM is what you'll see in the mirror if you surf on a weak plank w/dumb fixed wheels - Burbank, CA Matheson: I used to be a thrasher, you know. I used to ride skateboards through the streets. Now I'm still on wheels, but a different kind. - Burbank, CA CHISELED SPAM, con't: Any surfer who tried to groove that 'vard on a stock plank would have been sneezing brains. - Burbank, CA Professional Kouriers know: If you have pooned a vehicle moving fast enough, reaction time's cut to 00:00:0n—or less if you are way spooled. - Burbank, CA Buy a set of RadiKS Mark II Smartwheels—it's cheaper than a total face retread and a lot more fun. Don't get Midasized—upgrade today! - Burbank, CA Prompt delivery of the pizza will be a trivial matter. She glides from the dewy turf over the lip of the driveway without a bump... - Burbank, CA YT poons a beater: It's a solid hit, solid as you can get on this nebula of air, upholstery, paint & marketing known as the family minivan. - Burbank, CA It's not Mom at the wheel. It's young Studley, who like every boy in this Burbclave has been taking intravenous shots of horse testosterone - Burbank, CA Now he's bulky, stupid, Thoroughly predictable. He steers erratically, Artificially pumped muscles Not fully under his control. - Burbank, CA The molded, leather-grained, Maroon-colored steering wheel Smells like his mother's hand lotion; This drives him into a rage. <LOL> - Burbank, CA BMW drivers take evasive action At the drop of a hat, Emulating BMW ads. It's how they convince themselves They didn't get ripped off - Burbank, CA "Nell," Miss Matheson said, "do not waste my few remaining moments with pleasantries.” [glulp!] - Burbank, CA I know that you have a secret, Nell, Tho I cannot imagine what I know your secret has made u different, From any other girl I've ever taught - Burbank, CA Your destiny is marked in some way, Nell. I've known it since Lord Finkle-McGraw Asked me to admit A ragged little thete Into my Academy - 上海, 中华人民共和国 You can try to act the same, We have tried to make you the same, You can even take the Oath, But it's all a lie. You are Different. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Nell: Farewell, Miss Matheson. I will never forget you. Miss Matheson: Nor I you, though admittedly that is not saying much. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Constable was sitting in his bamboo grove Enveloped in hoplite armor Filthy, scarred, twice as big as he Made his head look absurdly small. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 @IntlSpyMuseum Thank link serves as a PERFECT profile page for a great cryptologist. - Milton Keynes, England @lketchersid I'm reading that now. @david_mitchell - Milton Keynes, England WOPR is guest posting for the next nanosecond (subjective time). I'm sorry, but there is no override option. - Colorado Springs, CO US First Strike USSR First Strike NATO/Warsaw Pact FarEast Strategy US USSR Escalation Middle East War USSR China Attack India Pakistan War - Colorado Springs, CO Mediterranean War HongKong Variant SEATO Decapitating Cuban Provocation Atlantic Heavy Cuban Paramilitary Nicaraguan Preemptive - Colorado Springs, CO Pacific Territorial Burmese Theaterwide Turkish Decoy Argentina Escalation Iceland Maximum Arabian Theaterwide US Subversion Austral Maneuvr - Colorado Springs, CO Sudan Surprise NATO Territorial Zaire Alliance Iceland Incident Engl Escalation MidEast Heavy Mex Takover Saudi Maneuver Africn Territorial - Colorado Springs, CO Ethiopian Escalation Turkish Heavy NATO Incursion Cambodian Heavy Arctic Minimal Mexican Domestic Taiwan Theaterwide - Colorado Springs, CO Pacific Maneuver Portugal Revolution Albanian Decoy Palestinian Local Moroccan Minimal Czech Option French Alliance Arabian Clandestine - Colorado Springs, CO Gabon Rebellion SEATO Takeover Hawaiian Escalation Iranian Maneuver NATO Containment Swiss Incident Cuban Minimal - Colorado Springs, CO Iceland Escalation Vietnamese Retaliation Syrian Provocation Libyan Local Gabon Takeover Romanian War Middle East Offensive Denmark Massive - Colorado Springs, CO Chile Confrontation African Subversion Nicaraguan Thrust Greenland Domestic Iceland Hvy Kenya Option Pacific Defense - Colorado Springs, CO Uganda Maximum Thai Subversion Romanian Strike Pakistan Sovereignty Afghan Misdirection ThaiVariation Northrn Territ Polish Paramilitary - Colorado Springs, CO SAfrican Offensive Panama Misdirection Scandinavian Domestic Jordan Preemptive English Trust Burmese Maneuver Spain Counter - Colorado Springs, CO Arabian Offensive Chad Interdiction Taiwan Misdirection Bangladesh Theaterwide Ethiopian Local Italian Takeover Vietnamese Incident - Colorado Springs, CO English Preemptive Denmark Alt Thai Confrontation Taiwan Surprise Brazilian Strike Venezuela Sudden Malaysian Alert Israel Discretionary - Colorado Springs, CO <All these drink names are making me thirsty> - Colorado Springs, CO Libyan Action Palestinian Tactical Cypress Maneuver Egypt Misdirection Bangladesh Thrust Bangladesh Containment - Colorado Springs, CO Vietnamese Strike Albanian Containment Gabon Surprise Iraq Sovereignty Vietnamese Sudden Lebanon Interdiction Taiwan Domestic - Colorado Springs, CO Algerian Sovergnty Atlantic Sudden Mongolian Thrust Polish Decoy Alaskan Discretionary Canadian Thrust Arabian Light - Colorado Springs, CO Tunisian Incident Maylasian Maneuver Jamaica Decoy Malaysian Minimal Russian Sovereignty Chad Option Bangladesh War - Colorado Springs, CO Burmese Containment Asian Theaterwide Bulgarian Clandestine Egypt Surgical Czech Heavy Taiwan Confrontation - Colorado Springs, CO ... - Colorado Springs, CO Greenland Maximum Caspian Defense A STRANGE GAME THE ONLY WINNING MOVE IS NOT TO PLAY HOW ABOUT A NICE GAME OF CHESS? - Colorado Springs, CO @TVHilton DW: Howr things in your Overseas Possession Mr Penn? Did you ever settle dispute w/Maryland? <Wm Penn rolls eyes, looks out windw> - Colorado Springs, CO "THE WEIRD TURN PRO: a tale of adventure and discovery in the majestic rain-forest of northern Luzon" by Randall Lawrence Waterhouse - Colorado Springs, CO @iboudreau NSFW!! - Tacotalpa, Tabasco @iboudreau Syntax Annoyed - Tacotalpa, Tabasco Daniel: you might invest in— Eliza: Stop—I already know: The Proprietors of the Engine for Raising Water by Fire - City of London, London @secretariagh .סליחה. .אני לא מבינה.אני רוצה לדבר אנגלית.. @raytraced @ErisianLib - City of London, London @ChateauErin WOPR is my favorite 'bot, too. - Colorado Springs, CO @MorlockP I usually geotag my posts. Many are simply puns. Some, like COS, are accurate geo refs. My rare IRLs are tagged thusly - Memphis, TN World-class cereal-eating Is a dance of fine compromises. The giant heaping bowl Of sodden cereal, awash in milk, Is the mark of the novice. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Ideally one wants the bone-dry cereal nuggets and the cryogenic milk to enter the mouth with minimal contact. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region At this point in the videotape Randy always wonders if he’s inadvertently set his beer down on the fast-forward button, or something - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region because the dancers go straight from their vicious Randy parody into something that obviously qualifies as advanced dancing. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region He pours milk, jamming the spoon in, not wasting golden time when cold milk & CapnCrunch r together but arent ☣ the other’s essential nature - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Cold milk. Cap'n Crunch. Two Platonic ideals separated by a boundary a molecule wide. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region "Your case is very serious," Judge Fang said to the boy. "We will go and consult the ancient authorities..." - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Those who remained were a Nubian eunuch, a Hindoo, the Turk from the head of Monsieur Arlanc’s oar & an Irishman named Padraig Tallow. - القاهرة, مصر The first 3 calculated their chances were better w/the Cabal, while Padraig (Jack suspected) just wanted to see how it would all come out. - القاهرة, مصر Upnor was so dexterous with a sword that he could convey certain qualities, such as sarcasm, simply through nuances in his movements. - Sheerness, England BOB: In Memoriam Louis Anglesey, Earl of Upnor, finest swordsman in England, beaten to death w/a stick by an Irishman. TEAGUE: In Connaught! - Connaught No. 457, Saskatchewan After signing the papers, I got in the car and almost lost control of it “U fellas going to be careful w/this car aren’t you?" “Of course." - Las Vegas, NV I am still vaguely haunted by our hitchhiker’s remark about how he’d “never rode in a convertible before.” - Las Vegas, NV It made me feel like King Farouk. - Las Vegas, NV Tempted to pull into the next airport & arrange a commonlaw contract whereby we'd just give the car to this unfortunate bastard. #FaLiLV - Las Vegas, NV IF YOU ARE ACCUSTOMED to reading sf and enjoy puzzling things out on your own, skip this Note. Otherwise, know that this is not set on Earth - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, Languedoc-Roussillon News was on. Nixon's face filled the screen, but the only word I could make out was “sacrifice.” Over & over: SACRIFICE…SACRIFICE…SACRIFICE - Las Vegas, NV Tris was pudgy & not especially good looking, but she had the personality of a beautiful girl because she'd been raised in a math. #Anathem - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, Languedoc-Roussillon "I cant believe we're talking about possibility that other universes exist." In this Zh'vaern seemed to speak for the table. Except for Jad. - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, Languedoc-Roussillon MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF ASTERISKS! - Jupiter, FL Hook a Brother up? If both SXSW prezys get enugh ✔s, I'm prolly going to Austin w/them. AND - Austin, TX "Did you come from Europe?" Root had sensed someone was following him, but seen nothing whenever he looked back. - Boston, MA Now he knows why: his doppelganger is a lad, moving about like a drop of quicksilver that cannot be trapped under the thumb. - Boston, MA 10 yrs old Enoch guesses…closer to 8…cod & corn've made him big 4 his age by London standards…Precocious in every respect save social graces - Boston, MA A fast white boat comes larruping round the point & banks towards him. Randy sets down his cold coffee, retrieves a certain trunk fr the car - Bellevue, WA Retired ETC engineer. Comes up here on his boat a couple times a week & tinkers with this stuff. He’ll be really excited to meet you. - Bellevue, WA Back when Societas Eruditorum's travel budget was subsidised by the beverage industry...purely by accident. - Fort George G Meade, MD @Bluebookballoon And he's got Marcellus Wallace's briefcase! - Fort George G Meade, MD David Killstein has completed his JRRT-compliant, 3-hour edit of Peter Jackson's 8-hour fan-fiction Hobbit speelys. - Oxford, England Hi Vincent, I'm getting dressed. The door's open. Come inside and make yourself a drink. Mia - Los Angeles, CA Any relation to Suzanne Vega? My cousin Suzanne Vega the folk singer's your cousin? If she's become a folk singer I don't know nuth about it - Los Angeles, CA Mia: Beatles people can like Elvis. Elvis people can like the Beatles. But nobody likes them both equally. You have to make a choice. - Los Angeles, CA V: I can dig it. M: I knew you could. 1st question: Brady Bunch or the Partridge Family? V: The Partridge Family all the way, no comparison. - Los Angeles, CA I'm pulling these Pulp Fiction quotes from a May 1993 shooting script, not a transcript. Mia's wearing a dress here. - West Hollywood, CA M: Are you a "Bewitched" man, or a "Jeannie" man? V: "Bewitched" all the way, though I always dug how Jeannie called Larry Hagman "master." - West Hollywood, CA Mia: Have you ever fantasized about being beaten up by a girl? Vincent: Sure. M: Who? V: Emma Peel on "The Avengers" and that... - West Hollywood, CA Vincent:…that tough girl with Encyclopedia Brown…and Arlene Motika. Mia: Who's Arlene Motika? V: Girl from 6th grade, you don't know her - West Hollywood, CA Goddamn! That's a pretty fuckin' good milk shake. - West Hollywood, CA Well I'll tell you what. I'll go to the bathroom And powder my nose While you sit here and Think of something to say. #YouMayFeelSlightSting - West Hollywood, CA @outcastspice Shooting script (final draft, May 1993) - West Hollywood, CA @outcastspice My man in Hollywood tells me every movie is completely remade 3 times after a script is approved. Casting is the first remake. - West Hollywood, CA The truth is, nobody knows why Marsellus tossed Tony Rocky Horror out of that window except Marsellus and Tony Rocky Horror. - West Hollywood, CA Zed: You said you waited for me? Maynard: I did. Z: Then how come they're all beat up? M: They was fightin' when they came in. - West Hollywood, CA "Butch sneaks down the stairs 2 the dungeon. Sodomy and the Judds can still be heard going strong behind a closed door" #SodomyAndTheJudds! - West Hollywood, CA What an unfortunate fetish Zed & Maynard have: Gangster and professional boxer raping. - West Hollywood, CA In the shooting script, the pawn shop scene ends with a phone call: "Hello Mr. Wolf, it's Marsellus. Gotta bit of a situation." - West Hollywood, CA Baby-love, from the moment I left you, this has been without a doubt the single weirdest day of my entire life. Climb on & I'll tell you... - West Hollywood, CA Vincent: I was just dryin' my hands. Jules: You're supposed to wash 'em first. V: You watched me wash 'em. J: I watched you get 'em WET. - West Hollywood, CA Elvis' stillborn twin Jesse's unmarked grave: Tupelo. His cenotaph's at Graceland w/7 corpses: human, simian & equine - Memphis, TN @typorrhea Please. One question at a time! *Puts oxygen mask back on.* - Memphis, TN JULES: You read the Bible? PUMPKIN: Not regularly. - West Hollywood, CA New Yorking it, I'm attending part of @NNgroup's Usability Week (not 2b confused w/Uselessness Week) Sept 26-28 - Manhattan, NY Why don't we have a GIF of these scene from Sideways? I could end a lot of arguments with it. Or maybe summarize them - Napa, CA From a friend who shucks oysters for a restaurant before opening her art gallery each day. - Water Valley, MS Leibniz: Adjourned. Caroline: For how long? L: 100s, perhaps Ks of years. C: Hmm, that's of little practical utility 2 House of Hanover - City of London, London Leibniz: Dr Waterhouse said he would await you in the garden, just in case you might be of a mind to behead him for failing in his mission. - City of London, London Leibniz: It was 41 years ago when you and I first met, right here, on this very what-do-you-call-it? Daniel: Starling. - City of London, London "Of course we are both wrong, if Absolute Space is correct" Leibniz went on. "Over 41 years Earth's rotated & revolved about the Sun & the…" - City of London, London NOVEMBER 1714 MOST MEN, standing knee-deep in gold, would talk about that. But not these two eccentric Barons. - Region Hannover, Niedersachsen Johann: You have got all the magic gold you could ever desire, if you want to cure that gout, or— Leibniz: Live forever? [JvH looks abashed] - Region Hannover, Niedersachsen Leibniz: I suspect there are some of us who've been living forever, such as your supposed great-uncle & my benefactor, Egon von Hacklheber. - Region Hannover, Niedersachsen Leibniz: Enoch must have been asking himself, these last couple of millennia, what is the point of it all. - Region Hannover, Niedersachsen Leibniz: It is obvious that he took a lively interest in fostering Natural Philosophy. Why? JvH: Alchemy wasnt bringing him satisfaction - Region Hannover, Niedersachsen Leibniz: If I am to outlive Newton, we must see that the Logic Mill is built—wherever/whenever some great prince sees fit to build it. - Region Hannover, Niedersachsen JvH: I fear this will only happen when the things the Logic Mill is good at become important to a war. That's difficult thing to imagine. - Region Hannover, Niedersachsen Leibniz: Then bring up your son&grandson, if any, to be imaginative. and to look after those dusty old crates in the Leibniz-Archive. - Region Hannover, Niedersachsen Isaac: Where did you last see the body of Jack Shaftoe? Col Barnes: Sort of dissolving into the western horizon. [Isaac stares at him.] - City of London, London Marlborough: The Vicar & the Warrior in you often struggle 2 achieve dominance, Col Barnes. Now I see that the Warrior has at last prevailed - City of London, London Marlborough: The Vicar would've opened fire & trusted 2 God. It is only the Warrior who would choose difficult path of an orderly retreat. - City of London, London Johann vH [translating]: They wish to know why the soldiers did not fire on the Mobb to restore order! Marlborough: Because this is England. - City of London, London Marlborough: We don't massacre people in England! Or rather, we do but we are striving to turn over a new leaf. - City of London, London Marlborough: See to it that the new King quite gets the Message, so that we don't have to send the Barkers after HIM. <winks at Daniel> - City of London, London Isaac: Take the corpse 2 College of Physicians Barnes: We don't know where it is Isaac: Warwick Lane, off Newgate. Barnes: No. I meant we… - City of London, London Jack now wonders if this strategy was a good idea. But it's normal to have second thoughts at this stage. It's the sign of a good plan. - City of London, London Jack: College of Physicians is gathered round their dissection-table, to cut my head open to look where the Imp of the Perverse has dwelt - City of London, London @ClarkHat Index - City of London, London @BrowningMachine @ClarkHat Wouldve been awkward, had the Daban_Urnud arrived over Laterre circa A+50. "World-Burner THIS, motherfuckers!" - Sevenoaks, England ...Robin laid an egg. Batmobile lost a wheel... - Jenggawah, East Java @DoctorOctothorp They deserved each other. - Sevenoaks, England This #SevenEves/#Anathem mashup tweet is THE most obscure thing I've written since I was 13. - Sevenoaks, England The Advent lasts 20 to 200 years. None of your political institutions, none of your religions, will survive in their current form. #Anathem - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, Haute-Normandie Wars will be fought. Some of your people will be aboard the new version of the ship when it moves on to some other Narrative. #Anathem - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, Haute-Normandie The floor jumped under our feet, and the air was suddenly dusty. Lio announced, "No cause for alarm. This is according to plan." #Anathem - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, Haute-Normandie "But—" said Lodoghir. "Not a word. Act!" And Lio gave that command in a voice I'd never heard from him before. #Anathem - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, Haute-Normandie I just "listed" 65 Cryptonomicon readers. If they ask you about me, please dont mention the joint ComicCon/Promise-Keepers restraining order - Truth or Consequences, NM @Loweeel @ClarkHat @benkitman I thought it sounded neoAztec at first. [[[earwig]]] Now I've got King Crimson's "Elephant Talk" in my head. - Truth or Consequences, NM @awolfson0 Yeah. Let me turn off all the magnets in here first. - Truth or Consequences, NM X-ray delta 1, this is Mission Control. Roger your 2-0-1-3. Sorry you fellows are having a bit of trouble. - Houston, TX We're reviewing telemetric info in our mission simulator & will advise. Roger ur plan 2 go EVA & replace alpha-echo-3-5 unit prior 2 failure - Houston, TX According to their family lore, the first Shaftoes to come to America worked as indentured servants in tobacco and cotton fields - Johnson City, TN DMS: Jesus! Haven't you guys spent any time at all around people like Comstock? Can't you recognize bullshit? - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Think it'd be useful to be capable of saying, when a ton of steaming bullshit lands on your head, "My goodness this appears to be bullshit"? - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region People smell all kinds of ways before they have burned, but only one way afterwards. #Cryptonomicon - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region It's the kind of thing he associates with scary hardasses: Spartans, Victorians, and mid-twentieth-century American military heroes. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region One nice thing about being in Asia is that tense, volatile people blend right in. It's not like anyone ever died from being horny. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region ≈ ANATHEM-like: 90-min - Houston, TX If the Young Adults ministry at my Baptodome in 1987 was hip to this, I wouldn't be a Satan-loving Anglican today. - Memphis, TN @anarchival In _Clueless, right? - 千葉県 千葉市 稲毛区 @anarchival I don't think these actresses are pretending to me horrified. - 千葉県 千葉市 稲毛区 GOTO: What did you say before you said 'Hiroshima'? PVT: "In"? GOTO: What did you say before you said 'in Hiroshima'? PVT: I said 'Aunt' - Papua New Guinea In Sweden Bobby Shaftoe has found the calm, grey-green eye of the blood hurricane that is the world. - Umeå, Sverige Julieta Kivistik is the central mystery. They do not have a love affair; they have a series of love affairs. - Umeå, Sverige He boils the coffee, pours her a mug. This is nothing more than a courtesy: their affair just ended and the new one hasn't started yet. - Umeå, Sverige Moon lifts sea, but not the ones who sleep on the beach Each wave a shovel —Robert Shaftoe, 1942 - Umeå, Sverige Lawrence H²Ohouse goes out in search of whorehouses, hoping that good old reliable [sigma sub other] will save his bacon - Brisbane, Queensland That’s interesting in itself…how adept they were at obscurity. They used their money to keep themselves out of the news. #MonaLisaOverdrive - New Jersey, USA I've lost two girlfriends and a job by reading an ingredients label out loud, with annotations, at the wrong time. #Zodiac @nealstephenson - Boston, MA People have a need to feel that they are part of some sustainable project. Something that will go on without them. #Anathem (& #SevenEves) - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, Languedoc-Roussillon MIKE: It's a fantastic peak @LTC_Kilgore: Peak? MIKE: About 6 feet…got both the long right w/left slide…unbelieveable, it's just Tube City - City of London, London Sài Gòn... Mẹ kiếp. Tôi vẫn còn ở Sài Gòn. - Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam EXTREMELY SERIOUS WARNING Unless youre smart as Johann Karl Friedrich Gauss, savvy as a half-blind Calcutta bootblack… #SafeHarborStatment - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region …tough as General William Tecumseh Sherman, rich as the Queen of England, emotionally resilient as a Red Sox fan… #BusinessPlan - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region …& as able to take care of yourself as the average nuclear missile submarine commandr, you should never have been allowed near this document - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Please dispose of it as you would ☢ arrange w/qualified surgeon to amputate your arms at the elbows & gouge your eyes from their sockets. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region This warning is necessary because once a little old lady in KY put a $100 into a dry goods co which went belly-up & only returned her $99. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Ever since then the government has been on our asses. If you ignore this warning, read on at your peril — - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Before ink on our Nobel Prize dries, we'll confiscate property of our pathetic competitors, including anyone foolish enough 2 invest in them - Stockholm, Sverige Proceeds'll be redistributed among shareholders, who'll hardly notice, since by this time, the Co will be > British Empire at its zenith - London, England RESUMES: Just recall the opening reel of The Magnificent Seven and you won’t have to bother with this part; - London, England Public Enemy misses taxi, gets ride in fan's Ford Escort to .uk concert, takes world's best selfie of early December - Sheffield, England On Gilligan's Island the People are represented by 2 separate, equally important groups: Police & District Attorneys These are their stories - New York, USA @section_sign Thank God I have this excuse for the rest of my career. - San Bernardino, CA "Christmas comes this time each year." —Brian Wilson, "Little St. Nick" - Memphis, TN Smyrna (Izmir) is home to my oldest memories. Thanks to @Pelagiosproject Map of Roman Empire via @JohanAhlfeldt - İzmir, Türkiye A Twitter related app that I sometimes use may be sending you either belated or redundant "thanks for follow" messages. Sic semper tyrannis. - İzmir, Türkiye @cindynorth1 send us the schematics of the towel bar—HANG ON…is the towel normally hung there your Galactic Hitchhiker's Emergency Towel? - İzmir, Türkiye @cindynorth1 Good. That just saved you 3 million Altairian dollars. - İzmir, Türkiye @ClarkHat I'm just grateful that your Lidless Eye didn't turn toward my half-informed criticism of the LDS. - Salt Lake City, UT @ClarkHat @marcavis *Googles Schelling point" *wonders if @ClarkHat expected me to do just that* *Bings Schelling point* *Returns 2 Google* - Salt Lake City, UT @ClarkHat Gotta run. My liberal, NRA-hating preteen just shot out one of our upstairs windows with my old Daisy 105. - Salt Lake City, UT @krystletips and it's more civilized, literally, than downloading pirated ebooks. - Salt Lake City, UT DISCLOSURE (re Orson Scott Card) My family enjoys watching Granite Flats aka Jr. X-Files, aka funded by Brigham Young University/LDS. - Salt Lake City, UT Working on web copy about agricultural growth hormones today. I'm going to have to smoke an entire dried turd in Purgatory for this, right? - San Bernardino, CA JUDGE FANG: You know PhyrePhox, I appreciate the levity & even childlike wonder that you inject into this process. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 FANG: So often when we strap people 2 the rack…unpleasantly tense, hardly any fun at all 2 be around. PhPh: Hey, man, I'm n2 new experiences - 上海, 中华人民共和国 "Now, I will ask Miss Pao to suspend this process for a few minutes so that I can have your full attention.” “Cool," said the prisoner. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 I love Mr. PhyrePhox. … But I kind of wish Judge Fang had gone ahead and sliced off one of his thumbs, just for form's sake #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 FANG: Let's review what we have so far. You are 37yo. Almost 20 yrs ago, you co-founded a CryptNet node in Oakland…a very early node—#178 - 上海, 中华人民共和国 @notquitegonzo One of "my" favorites: - 上海, 中华人民共和国 @notquitegonzo Yeah. Not my most dignified moment. - Berlin, Deutschland @MsYucis @hodgman 14-year-olds will be fascinated by the logistical details around zero gravity sex in SeveNeves. - Seven Hills, OH This is a Mentat, Feyd…Conditioned to perform certain duties. The fact that it's encased in a human body, however, must not be overlooked. - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées An Atreides daughter could've been wed 2 a Harkonnen & sealed the breach. You've complicated matters. We may lose both bloodlines now. - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées @blunted_effort Thanks. An otaku's job is never done. - Berlin, Deutschland "This [magazine] issue is all about yurts. Six essays. I'm a little annoyed at the *earnestness* surrounding yurts." —Mrs. Root2702 - Memphis, TN 10 minutes b4 closing time, the doors of many banks burst open & coolies march in singing, like curtain-raiser on a fucking Broadway musical - 上海, 中华人民共和国 They slam huge boxes of tattered currency down & demand silver in exchange. All the banks do this to each other. Sometimes on same Friday - 上海, 中华人民共和国 particularly at times like Nov1941, when even grunts like Shaftoe get that it’s better to be holding silver than piles of cut-up newspaper. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Bobby Shaftoe & other Marines on the truck still cannot see the gunboat…their destination, because of this horizontal forest of bamboo poles - 上海, 中华人民共和国 This ain’t your regular Friday Shanghai bank-rush. This is an ultimate settling of accounts before the whole Eastern Hemisphere catches fire - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Millions of promises printed on slips of bumwad will all be kept or broken in the next 10 minutes…fiduciary Judgment Day. #Cryptonomicon - 上海, 中华人民共和国 "Jesus Christ, I can’t—" Private Wiley hollers "The captain said don’t stop for any reason whatsofuckinever," Shaftoe reminds him. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Shaftoe and the other Marines have always known Station Alpha as a mysterious shack of pallet planks w/antennas sticking out every which way - 上海, 中华人民共和国 If you stood there long enough you could see some of those antennas moving, zeroing in on something out to sea. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Shaftoe even wrote a haiku about Station Alpha: Antenna searches Retriever’s nose in the wind Ether’s far secrets - 上海, 中华人民共和国 This was only Shaftoe's second haiku ever—clearly not up to November 1941 standards—and he cringes to remember it. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 The basic problem for Lawrence was that he was lazy. - Moorhead, MN From time 2 time, he'd perform a stunt on the blackboard leaving professor weak kneed & other students baffled & hostile. Word got around. - Moorhead, MN 1970, 1st Jumpsuit Singularity: Two ½s of 3LV1S' karate costume UNITE! (Wintermute/Neuromancer @GreatDismal 1984) - Las Vegas, NV Randy ends up in big old hotel…"old"= constructed in 1950s, when Americans competed w/Soviets 2 build the most brutalistic space-age bldgs - Las Vegas, NV I do have a life outside of Twitter. - Truth or Consequences, NM Something flashes in Goto Dengo’s peripheral vision—another destroyer being snapped in half like a dry twig as its magazines detonate. - Papua New Guinea It’s a hot cloudy day in the Bismarck Sea when Goto Dengo loses the war. The American bombers come in low and level. - Papua New Guinea Goto Dengo watches the bomb instead of the airplane. It does not tumble from the plane’s belly but traces a smooth flat parabola - Papua New Guinea Goto Dengo, a student of engineering, implores the laws of physics to take hold of this thing and make it fall and sink, which it does, but… - Papua New Guinea The fortunes of war have provided a bizarre spectacle, seemingly for no other reason than to entertain Goto Dengo. Skip, skip, skip. - Papua New Guinea A gun turret flies up into the air. As it slows to its apogee, it's enveloped in a geyser of flame spurting out of the ship’s engine room. - Papua New Guinea CRASH v intransitive. 5 To fail suddenly, as a business or an economy —American Heritage D [omitted fr subsequent SC eds, ht @BrevetCaptain] - Los Angeles, CA VIRUS [L. virus slimy liquid, poison, offensive odour or taste] 1. Venom, such as is emitted by poisonous animal —Oxford English Dictionary - Oxford, England VIRUS 2. Pathology a. A morbid principle or poisonous substance produced in the body as the result of some disease… —Oxford English D - Oxford, England VIRUS 3. fIgurative. A moral or intellectual poison, or poisonous influence. —Teh Oxford English Dictionary - Oxford, England YT stays for a while & watches…Mafia choppers coming in, doctors jumping out w/blood bags & stretchers, Mafia soldiers looking for someone. - Los Angeles, CA But after a while it gets boring…she skates back to the @flyLAXairport main terminal, under her own power mostly. - Los Angeles, CA Mom's waiting for her in her stupid little jellybean car, by the @united baggage claim, just like they arranged on the phone. #SnowCrash - Los Angeles, CA Uncle Enzo rolls over on his back and waves his straight razor in the air. "I prefer steel myself," he says. "Would you like a shave?" - Los Angeles, CA Let me tell you a story, son. I realized that you remind me of someone I used to know: a Lt…my commanding officer, for a while, in Vietnam. - Los Angeles, CA ENZO: Send someone 2 pick up the pizza car…give the driver a day off. "Lt." nods respectfully, having just learned something: DETAILS MATTER - Los Angeles, CA IF THIS WERE A VIRUS YOU WOULD BE DEAD NOW FORTUNATELY IT'S NOT METAVERSE IS A DANGEROUS PLACE HOW'S YOUR SECURITY? CALL HIRO PROTAGONIST - Los Angeles, CA In a Mr Lee's Greater Hong Kong franchise…outskirts PHX, Rat Thing B-782 comes awake. Fido is waking up because the dogs are barking tonight - Scottsdale, AZ It comes from far away but it is Urgent. A nice doggie somewhere is so upset that his barking has spread 2 all the other doggies in the pack - Scottsdale, AZ @cryptophreak This part always puts Xmas frosting around my peripheral vision & it permanently changed how I hear neighborhood dogs barking. - Scottsdale, AZ Bad strangers have just been very close to a nice doggie's yard in a flying thing. They had lots of guns. Fido doesn't like guns very much. - Scottsdale, AZ As Fido listens to the bark, he sees what they look like Fido notices the bad strangers are chasing someone He can tell they are hurting her - Scottsdale, AZ His job: keep bad strangers out of yard. Even more important: Protect girl who loves him. And nothing can stop him. Not even the fence. - Scottsdale, AZ Fido jumps the fence—not remembering he isnt capable of it. Contradiction is lost on him…As a dog, introspection not 1 of his strong points. - Scottsdale, AZ Fido knows a whole lot of different streets. He just runs down streets, and he knows where he is and where he's going. - Tucson, AZ At first, the only trace that B-782 leaves of his passage is a dancing trail of sparks down the center of the franchise ghetto. - Tucson, AZ But once he makes his way onto a long straight piece of highway, he begins to leave further evidence: a spume of shattered blue safety glass - Palm Springs, CA Wire in a fire representing 7 games & government for hire in a combat site Left of west in a hurry w/the furies breathing Down. Your. Neck. - Athens, GA @cryptophreak #5185 - Truth or Consequences, NM Before his “escape” from the Tower, Daniel became a sort of mascot—as Irish regiments kept giant wolf hounds, this one had a Puritan. - City of London, London There had to be a rational explanation for [Irish campers] here, but Daniel couldnt conjure 1. But that was what made city life interesting. - City of London, London John Churchill: It's not that you're tired—you're Puritan & Natural Philosopher; neither group is admired 4 grasp of the subtle & ambiguous. - City of London, London "And one thing I know…Isaac Newton is in London to-night.” It struck Daniel as bizarre that John Churchill should even know who Isaac was. - City of London, London Churchill: Another thing…Enoch turned up. Daniel: Enoch the Red? C: Don’t act like an imbecile…makes me distrustful, as I know you're not 1 - City of London, London CHURCHILL: I know what a soldier will do…& a Puritan…French cardinal or Vagabond—certain 1s excepted—but esoteric brotherhood = occult 2 me - City of London, London DANIEL: Really, I think you make too much of Alchemy. For never have you seen such a gaggle of frauds, fops, ninehammers, and mountebanks. - City of London, London CHURCHILL: Which of these is Newton? [Question=bung hammered into Daniel’s gob] King Charles? Which was His Majesty, 9hammer or mountebank? - City of London, London CARL HOLLYWOOD: Seems different from normal kiddie stuff. Lots of unreconstructed Grimm Brothers content. Powerful. #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 CH: It's amazing to me that one kid can spend that much time— MIRANDA: What it comes down to, is that I'm raising someone's kid for them. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Mysterious souvenir from Dr. X; Hackworth's arrival in Vancouver; the Atlantan quarter of that city; he acquires a new mode of conveyance. - Vancouver, British Columbia CONSTABLE MOORE: To be specific, the young gentleman's chocky sticks & switchblade will have to come out of his trousers and lodge herE - 上海, 中华人民共和国 MOORE: & that monstrous chunk of rod logic, batteries, sensor arrays & what-have-you—concealed, unless I'm mistaken, in the guise of a book. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Constable Moore examined Harv's weapons with more care than really seemed warranted, as if they were relics freshly exhumed from a pyramid. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Nell: I should inform you…sometimes [primer] does rather nasty things 2 people trying 2 steal it MOORE: I should be crestfallen if it didn't - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Nell thought the mare might be a chevaline until it ejected a stream of urine the dimensions of a fencepost, glittering like a LIGHT SABER - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Nell smelled it and knew the horse was real. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Nell marveled for the hundredth time at her brother's multifarious trickiness, which would have done Peter Rabbit himself proud. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Light dawned on Harv's face: "The Vickys buy stuff from you!" Rita looked surprised, as if she'd never heard them called that - 上海, 中华人民共和国 RITA: Don't call them "Vickys." It's a word 2 describe them in a bad, unfriendly way. NELL: Like a pejorative term? [Rita laughed…nervously] - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Then, in a tight voice, Rita said, "Nell, you should ask your book the meaning of the word 'discretion.'" - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Rita came out of the house. "Sorry," she said, "I got out as fast as I could, but I had to stay and socialize. Protocol, you know." - 上海, 中华人民共和国 "Explain protocol," Nell said. This was how she always talked to the Primer. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 RITA: At the place we're going, you need to watch your manners. Don't say 'explain this' or 'explain that.' - 上海, 中华人民共和国 "Would it impose on your time unduly to provide me with a concise explanation of the term protocol?" Nell said. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Again Rita made that nervous laugh and looked at Nell with an expression that looked like poorly concealed alarm. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Nell was trying to figure out why it was that, all of a sudden, she was capable of scaring grownups like Rita. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 MISS MATHESON'S ACADEMY OF THE THREE GRACES. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Miss Matheson received them in a cozy little room. She was between eight hundred and nine hundred years of age, Nell estimated. #YT - 上海, 中华人民共和国 As you all know, 1st prize is an El Dorado. Anyone wanna see 2nd prize?… 2nd prize is a set of steak knives. 3rd prize is you're fired. - New York, USA GORGON STARE is the best flight-platform name since we lost Iain M. Banks [see @cultureshipname] - Afghanistan Somehow, I missed this comics-format review of #SeveNeves inked by @AJohnBonner. - Seven Hills, OH @hydar @ppppolls It's a trap w/out a "bombing Agrabah isn't possible" option. Even the "not sure" answer makes respondents sound dimwitted. - Truth or Consequences, NM @StirringTrouble Верьте в зомби раввина? - Truth or Consequences, NM @hydar @Seytom1 If @ppppolls is Shenaniganistani here, it's executed poorly. No blog post to position it, no posting of Dem poll for NPOV - Truth or Consequences, NM @hydar @Seytom1 In short if @ppppolls is really sitting on a Throne of Lies their clandestine tradecraft fails Global Conspiracy Standards - Truth or Consequences, NM Still doesn't explain why the one member with the surname "Beard" never sports one. - Houston, TX He thinks he’s real bad. He thinks he’s badder than Shaft…Superfly…James Bond & KungFu, all put together tonight" —Back Door Medley, ZZ Top - New Orleans, LA Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées Lawrence: We've taken Aqaba. Brighton: Taken Aqaba? Who has? Lawrence: We have. Our side in this war has. - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées Amon, or Amon-Ra, was the great god of the ancient peoples of al-Khem which gave its name to Alchemy - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées They stumbled upon Persians headed the same direction…a bit like running into a clan of kilted Scotsmen in the middle of the Sahara Desert. - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées Less than 5 yrs later, you can go up a hill in Las Vegas & look West, & with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high water mark - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées The decision to flee came suddenly. The bill was a factor, I think. - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées Feisal: And you are looking for a figure who will draw your country towards war. Bentley: All right. Yes. Feisal: Lawrence is your man. - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées Princess Leia, before your execution I would like you to be my guest at a ceremony. - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées What I really need is a droid that understands the binary languages of moisture vaporators. - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées Good god. Looking at my posts tonight. Like I dragged a volleyball net through ComicCon stretched between a pair of dune buggys - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées But if you don't get the President of the United States on that phone, you're gonna have to answer to the Coca-Cola company. - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées There's no mystical energy field that controls my destiny. - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées @mrfatlace Lawrence of Arabia and Dr Strangelove, or did you run out of room? - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées I will say this about The Force Awakens. For the first time since 1977, I'm thinking about paying for a ticket to rewatch a starwars movie. - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées The next post is the last line of that would not do well under the Bechtel Test's gom jabbar. - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées J: She'll…never know tenderness from the man 2 whom she's bound. While we, Chani, who carry the name of concubine—history will call us wives - Dunes, Midi-Pyrénées "Artificial intelligences & political organization: An exploration based on the science fiction work of Iain M Banks - Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur @dpinsen @jackshafer Eyes Wide Shut's ending star-gated us into a toy store. George Lucas could've spun "action" figures from it. #Fidelio - Truth or Consequences, NM "A Walmart white pairs well with uninvited guests." —Chris McAfee - Florida, USA The universe was a disorderly mess, the only interesting bits being the organized anomalies. —Diamond Age - Nashville, TN China was right across the water…you could see it if you went down to the beach. The city w/skyscrapers, was Pudong…beyond that was Shanghai - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Harv went there with his friends sometimes…said it was bigger than you could imagine, old and dirty and full of strange people and sights. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 They lived in the L.T., which according to Harv was short for Leased Territories in letters. Nell already knew the mediaglyphics for it. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 HARV: They like to grab kids and tie 'em up NELL: And make them walk the plank? HARV: Something like that. NELL: Call the police! - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Tour operators were still plying the Yangtze estuary in junks, which looked precious underneath the catenary arch of the big Feed, - 上海, 中华人民共和国 … strumming the ancient-meets-modern chord for adherents of the National Geographic worldview - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Nippon Nano looked Fujiesque, a belt of office buildings around the waterline, houses above that, the higher the better… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 [Nippon Nano] …then a belt of golf courses, the whole top third reserved for gardens, bamboo groves, and other forms of micromanaged Nature. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 In the other direction was a little bit of Hindustan…geotecture of their island owed less to the Mogul period than to the Soviet #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Hackworth knew the Hindustanis stood an excellent chance of stomping all over the Victorians and the Nipponese in the competition for China. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Hackworth understood that: The Hindustanis were just as smart, There were more of them, and They understood the peasant thing. #ChinaMarket - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Hackworth was struck by clunkiness of old cities, acreage sacrificed, over centuries, to various stabs at the problem of Moving Stuff Around - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Dr X's real name was a sequence of shushing noises, metallic buzzes, quasi-Germanic vowels & half-swallowed R's, all mangled by Westerners. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 final epigraph of The Big Short: “Michael Burry is focusing all of his trading on one commodity: Water.” [Dr Burry's explanation follows] - Cupertino, CA Fresh, clean water cannot be taken for granted. & it is not—water is political & litigious. - Cupertino, CA What became clear to me is that FOOD is the way to invest in water. Grow food in water-rich areas & transport it 4 sale in water-poor areas - Cupertino, CA This method 4 redistributing water is least contentious & (ultimately) profitable, which will ensure that this redistribution is sustainable - Cupertino, CA A bottle of wine takes over 400 bottles of water to produce—the water embedded in food is what I found interesting. —Michael Burry - Cupertino, CA I'm less impressed with…market value 4 tech that enhances distraction. We don’t want Orwell’s world, but we don’t want Huxley’s world either - Cupertino, CA Here's the source for my Michael Burry water quotes (Christian Bale's character in The Big Short). #Dune - Cupertino, CA BISCHOFF: You see, my friend, anyone else would say that you are simply a crazy jughead. SHAFTOE: The correct term is Jarhead. - Umeå, Sverige BISCHOFF: I must tell you something about the Wehrmacht of which I am ashamed SHAFTOE: What? That they invaded Poland & France? BISCHOFF: No - Umeå, Sverige SHAFTOE: That they invaded Russia & Norway? BISCHOFF: No not that S: That they bombed England &… B [the very model of forbearance]: No no no - Umeå, Sverige "It seems that, while I have been sneaking around the Atlantic, doing my duty — the Führer has come up with a little incentive program." - Umeå, Sverige [we regret your privacy] - Fort George G Meade, MD THANKYOU FOR CONTACT1NG T3SLANOVAC0RP CUSTOM3R CARE THANKY0U FOR CONTACT1NG TESLANOVAC0RP CUSTOM3R CARE #WHEREISTANIS THANKYOU FOR GETHELP - Fort George G Meade, MD Attempts to answer the question #whereistanis make headlines, but Web Driver Torso will continue to make *history.* - Fort George G Meade, MD The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair. —JRRT - Oxford, England ELIZA [to d’Avaux]: These distinctions ’tween noble & common…arbitrary & senseless to me as the castes/customs of Hindoos. Baroque b5 Juncto - Oxford, England dAVAUX: If the customs of the nobility made sense, anyone could figure them out. Incoherence makes it a coin almost impossible 2 counterfeit - Paris, Ile-de-France "1st we enact the simple Bill of Exchange, which requires only 4…" ZZzzZzzz… [flip ahead 2 Comstock's "carry your coins in my arsehole" msg] - City of London, London Sir Richard's dwelling…nearest town was called Bletchley. This bland countryside seemed oddly well suited for hiding secrets in plain sight. - Milton Keynes, England Let our urine-streams scintillating in the sun’s radiance in parabolic trajectories, be outward & visible sign of Your Grace, —Samuel Pepys - City of London, London Hey hey boll weevil, where's your native home? First time I seen him He’s sitting on that square Next time I seen him Had his family there - Greenville, MS @HaywoodCntyLine Is Halliburton's childhood address 207 N. Garland on the current street # system or the old one? 207 is a parking lot now. - Truth or Consequences, NM Just stole NS's "Pursuing explanation 4 every strange thing in .ph = trying 2 get last bit of rainwater out of a tire" for the 100th time - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Dried dogshit is overlooked as an indestructible bonding medium for masonry projects or footwear protection. - Dogtown, ME Just spent 2 hours wrestling with a Microsoft Office application—longest such stint in 2 or 3 years. It still sucks. I swear it does. - Truth or Consequences, NM @SarahNEmerson Heeeeee's BACK! @A_W_Gordon @jorgearangure - Memphis, TN MY CRITICAL REVIEW OF THE ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS SHALL BRING DOWN ITS RAFTERS. DOWN AROUND THE EARS OF ITS PERNICIOUS PROPRIETORS. ★☆☆☆ - Memphis, TN Eliza was no great aficionado of ship-types, & made a practice of quitting any conversation in which the men drifted off into ship-prattle. - Dunkerque, Nord-Pas-de-Calais I'll stick with you baby 4 a thousand years. - West Hollywood, CA "At my firm, I have a flock of sheep who think they're lions. Maybe you're a lion everyone thinks is a sheep." —Syriana - Washington, DC Russian: Every minute you don't tell us why you're here, I cut off a finger Emmett Fitz-Hume: Mine or yours? Ru: Yours E: Damn! #SpiesLikeUs - Afghanistan Deep Throat: The people behind all of this were frightened of Muskie and that's what got him destroyed. They wanted to run against McGovern. - Bethesda, MD If Reagan had died, I'm pretty sure we probably would all know what John Hinckley's middle name was. #ConspiracyTheory - Truth or Consequences, NM Then of course, there's Sirhan Sirhan. I still haven't figured that one out. Maybe it's Sirhan Sirhan Sirhan. - Truth or Consequences, NM Jan 7 vandalism…or should I say EVANDALISM…on The Purp0se Dr!ven L!ife's Wikipage - Warren, NJ @anarchival I don't trust pretty restaurants for BBQ or catfish - Memphis, TN BLUDY DAFT POONKS! @lemontwittor - England, United Kingdom "You might be thinking I couldn’t possibly put this much into an analysis of a trailer. Oh, I could do even more." - West Hollywood, CA @section_sign We'd need to go back to Charles II for a chief executive with that kind of brief. - West Hollywood, CA Can you see Texas up there on your high horse? What do you know about these people? - Lafayette, LA It's a long shot. But it's our only chance. - Memphis, TN Overriding Themes of Encyclopedia Qwghlmiana are three: wool, guano…the 3rd theme is hinted at by the mannequin with the gun. - Isle of Man, United Kingdom I can pass a Turing Test, even with a buzz. - Isle of Man, United Kingdom I havent much time left, Nell We must dispense w/what makes you like the other girls & concentrate on what makes you different #MissMatheson - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Nell remembered just how old MissMatheson was. The force of her personality had blinded all the girls to the blunt evidence of her true age - 上海, 中华人民共和国 I am remembering a very real Miss Matheson, Sara Augusta Ackerman Frey 1927-2016, Upper School headmistress at Miss Hutchison's School #DAge - Memphis, TN "It is the hardest thing in the world to make educated Westerners pull together," Miss Matheson went on. - Memphis, TN I used to be a thrasher, you know. I used to ride skateboards through the streets. Now I'm still on wheels, but a different kind #YTMatheson - 上海, 中华人民共和国 “I was just watching the smart wheels and remembering an advertisement from my youth," Miss Matheson said. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 @ChateauErin Serviceable job of world building? - 上海, 中华人民共和国 @remittancegirl when cramming my Neal Stephenson quotes into these little boxes, I cut out every instance of "that." Do you have 20K thats? - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Then, in a tight voice, Rita said, "Nell, you should ask your book the meaning of the word discretion.” - 上海, 中华人民共和国 -1472: Fall of Baz, burning of its Library. Surviving literate people flock to Bazian monasteries or Cartasian maths. - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, Languedoc-Roussillon -2037: Ark of Baz becomes state religion of the Empire #Anathem - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, Languedoc-Roussillon Goto observes arthropods converging in hopes of sucking his blood, eating his eyeballs out of his skull or impregnating him with their eggs. - Papua New Guinea SHAFTOE: But Lieutenant Root remembers it. He’s really good at remembering numbers. Aren’t you, sir? - Umeå, Sverige Randy gets singled out, as always, 4 thorough luggage search…Men traveling by themselves w/little lugg seem to irritate the US authorities. - San Francisco, CA "THE WEIRD TURN PRO: a tale of adventure and discovery in the majestic rain-forest of northern Luzon" by Randall Lawrence Waterhouse - Central Luzon, Republic of the Philippines Authentic Manila jail chatter: Athena's in the Odyssey, but there're very few myths, in the usual sense, that involve her. #cryptonomicon - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Randy: Who wants to be the fucking goddess of macrame? Root: Translation. Word we use today is technology Randy: Now we're getting somewhere - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region ROOT: And let's just say that Ares is a complete asshole. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region GOSS: Keep those bells on your slippers quiet. Sparklehorse & Starpink have managed to creep out of Apple Palace past all the monkeyfish… - City of London, London [con't] but if we're silent as tiny goblins we can surprise them & frolic off together in the Meadow of Happy Kites. #Kraken #ChinaMieville - City of London, London @HatfieldAnne It was carried to you on those little angel wings "bracketing" "each line" "of text" - Chicago, IL These are great days we're living bros. We're jolly green giants, walking the Earth w/guns. People we wasted here = finest humans we'll know - Việt Nam I was gambling in Havana. (I took a little risk) Send lawyers, guns and money, Dad, get me out of this! - Cuba During Apert, the son of Quin memorized every word the guides said He'd begun to ask crippling numbers of questions #Anathem #Barb #spectrum - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, Languedoc-Roussillon Hiro: I thought you hated machine guns. Fisheye: I hate this fucking raft even more. Let's go get ourselves something with a motor on it. - Portland, OR Sgt Bob Shaftoe: Since you've been immured here, the King has begun to fall apart. - City of London, London DANIEL: So far I've learned nothing remarkable, except that there's a Sergeant in the King's service who knows how to use the word "immured" - City of London, London In the whole world, there might have been as many as 10K people who were better than Sokolov at falling and rolling around on hard surfaces. - 中华人民共和国 @Dan_Rowinski Each spring, I also tweet Elvis Costello's "Tokyo Storm Warning" which sounds like Bob Dylan channelling @GreatDismal - 日本 東京都 Paris was a city of stone, the color of bone, beautiful and hard—you could dash yourself against it and never leave a mark. … #Quicksilver - Ile-de-France, France 10 DEC 1950 William Faulkner was prolly ½ in the bag, mumbling his Nobel banquet speech, not speaking into the mic. But he killed it... - Stockholm, Sverige Faulkner did NOT coin "Jack the sound barrier, bring the noise" at banquet, nor any other time. A less experimental author did 40yrs later - Stockholm, Sverige Because of this, the young man or woman writing today has forgotten the problems of the human heart in conflict with itself.... - Stockholm, Sverige He must teach himself that the basest of all things is to be afraid, and teaching himself that, forget it forever... - Stockholm, Sverige The old universal truths lacking which any story is ephemeral and doomed: Love Honor Pity Pride Compassion Sacrifice #FaulknerNobel1950 - Stockholm, Sverige Until he relearns these things, he will write as though he stood among and watched the end of man. >there's more - Stockholm, Sverige I decline to accept the end of man I DECLINE TO ACCEPT THE END OF MAN - Stockholm, Sverige Easy to say man is immortal simply because he'll endure: that when the last dingdong of doom has clanged & faded fr the last worthless rock… - Stockholm, Sverige …hanging tideless in the last red & dying evening, that there will still be one more sound: his puny inexhaustible voice, still talking… - Stockholm, Sverige I refuse to accept this. I believe that man will not merely endure: He will prevail. #Faulkner #NobelSpeech #DidntSpeakIntoTheMicrophone - Stockholm, Sverige He's immortal not because he has an inexhaustible voice—because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion, sacrifice & endurance. /END - Stockholm, Sverige JulesVerneDurand: A way of thinking about gravity, dating 2the HARBINGERS, we call it General Relativity…Premise=mass-energy bends spacetime - Stockholm, Sverige HARBINGER: 1 of a series of 3 calamities that engulfed Arbre, last decades of the Praxic Age, later seen as warnings of the Terrible Events. - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, Languedoc-Roussillon As of April 1945, the word denoting a person who performs arithmetic is "computer." Waterhouse has just found a room full of dead computers. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Fraa Orolo noticed how distracted I was & summoned me 2 the starhenge shortly b4 sunset. He’d reserved Telescope of Saunts Mithra & Mylax - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, Languedoc-Roussillon New theory: "I Walk the Line" lyrics are the voices of several ghosts. Hopefully not all fixated on the same person. - Memphis, TN Avi asks him what he thinks. DR KEPLER: It’s been informative The 3 Graces cringe epileptically Informative = bad word in Dentist’s lexicon - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Randy tries to imagine which is worse: That The Dentist suspects wool was pulled over his eyes *or* That he sees a new opportunity here - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region John Cantrell runs the voice recognition demo, and unlike most demos, it actually works and does not crash. - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region Kepler’s as surprised as Randy. He doesn’t seem like the kind who delights in surprises. Valkyries passing notes, like naughty cheerleaders - Lungsod ng Maynila, National Capital Region PROF: If you know where to look, #Tanis has been there from the beginning. The Bronze Age, Ancient Greece, Rome, the Aztecs and the Mayans. - Vancouver, WA PROF: There is mention of #Tanis in the 1st compiled gospels & again in Dead Sea Scrolls, including sections not released for public study - Vancouver, WA MEERKATNIP: In 2001 somebody converted a small percentage of classified ads from the '50s into text for a cultural research project. - Vancouver, WA MEERKATNIP: …people all over the world communicating via classified ads…used the word Tanis 75 times…weird, my program says it was encrypted - Vancouver, WA NIC: If it's encrypted, how do you know it's Tanis? MEERKATNIP: Encryption was different in 1952. It was a simple substitution cypher. - Vancouver, WA NIC: The classified ads are from the '50s?…& were being deleted. Do you have any idea why? MEERKATNIP: No, that's not my department. - Vancouver, WA Best Super Bowl listing on Craig's List - San Francisco, CA @WildSwimmer123 No U-boat in the same lake? - San Francisco, CA HIRO: Would Sumerian sound anything like glossolalia? LIBRARIAN: Judgment call. Ask someone real. - Iraq HIRO: Why did Sumerian disappear? LIBRARIAN: Since I am just a piece of code, I would be on very thin ice to speculate - Iraq "Okay. Does anyone understand Sumerian?" "Yes, at any given time, that there are roughly ten people in the world who can read it." - Iraq "Where do [Sumerian scholars] work?" In Israel 1 British Museum 1 Iraq 1 U/Chicago 1 U/Penn 1 And FIVE at Rife Bible College, Houston, Texas - Iraq A nam-shub is speech w/magical force. Closest English = is 'incantation' but this has a number of incorrect connotations. - Iraq LIBRARIAN: Allow me to quote from: Kramer, Samuel Noah, & Maier, John R _Myths of Enki, the Crafty God_ Oxford University Press, 1989 - Iraq Myths of Enki for only $2,199.99 with FREE SHIPPING #SnowCrash - Iraq @anaraug It was a contemporary book when Stephenson was presumably writing Snow Crash: 1989. Kramer died 3 years later in his early 90s. - Iraq You're one of Jack Crawford's, aren't you? May I see your credentials? - Baltimore, MD And that accent you've tried so desperately to shed: Pure West VA What is your father, dear? ls he a coal miner? Does he stink of the lamp? - Baltimore, MD Officers, I know y'all brought her this far & her folks would thank you if they could…But now please go on & let us take care of her. Go on. - West Virginia, USA She's not local. Her ears are pierced 3 times & there's glitter nail polish. That looks like Town to me. [Looked like bum-fuck Egypt to me] - West Virginia, USA So tell me about Miss West Virginia. - Baltimore, MD 2015 quiz: Which podcast did NOT play a sound 100% lethal to any listener in its 3rd episode? cf @tkmiles - Outlook, WA @bobbury I believe that he only said he was reminded of the verse that day. His brother said that he said "It worked." - Los Alamos, NM You leave college 2 slay dragons/save world, but soon find there're no dragons—in your n'hood. So you campaign against an occasional lizard. - Wise, VA Windows & MacOS are products Unix = compiled oral history of the hacker subculture…our Gilgamesh epic. #InTheBeginningWasTheCommandLine - Seattle, WA @petemarchetto We're going to get help for you, Pete. No judging. - Seattle, WA I'm going to slip up one of these days and instead of rolling my eyes, I'll poison the coworker who sends reply-all-"Thanks!" emails. - Hell, MI @LibyaLiberty In the beginning, God launched the heavens and the earth, in Creative Mode. #Minecraft - Hell, MI See that guy all dressed in green? Iko, Iko, unday. He's not a man - New Orleans, LA Eh na, Eh na Ayku Ayku day Ja ku mo fee na am dahn day Ja ku (ki) mo fee nday - New Orleans, LA enòn enòn Aìku Aìku ode Jacouman Fi na ida – n – de Jacouman Fi na dè - New Orleans, LA IN ENGLISH: "Code language! God is watching Jacouman causes it; we will be emancipated Jacouman urges it; we will wait." - New Orleans, LA It's critical to track The Dixie Cups in tenths of seconds to observe space-time anomalies & drink to them. - New Orleans, LA • My schooldays insane • My work's down the drain • Don't be unkind • Go away [Because you ain't got time to check it] - New York, USA If I had ten divisions of those men, our troubles here would be over very quickly. - Cambodia He's out there operating without any decent restraint, totally beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct. - Cambodia Those who assume hypotheses as first principles of their speculations…may indeed form an ingenious romance, but a romance it will still be. - Cambridge, England The sultan is gazing at Go board. "The analogy is clear…our policies re: free speech, telecom & cryptography evolved from rational decisions - Negara Brunei Darussalam The sultan pauses & walks broodingly around the Go board. Guests have given up on obsequious nodding & jotting by this point. #Cryptonomicon - Negara Brunei Darussalam No one is being tactical now, they are all listening with genuine interest, wondering what he's going to say next. #Kinakuta #MrFoote - Negara Brunei Darussalam There is a silence of at least 00:00:15. The sultan looks stony. Then, suddenly, he brightens up. "Time to start over." - Negara Brunei Darussalam There is a delegation of Filipinos. One of them looks awfully familiar. As usual, Randy Waterhouse cannot remember his name. - Negara Brunei Darussalam Troops around Goto Dengo cheer. What good fortune that these lost Americans've blundered straight into gunsights of their destroyer escort! - Solomon Islands In 1980, what would I have made of a computer-memo subject line, sent to myself: "Re: 1927 Flood Story Android Notes as of Feb 2016" - Solomon Islands @socratic Don't feed them after midnight, either. - Solomon Islands @Matth3ous c'mon, c'mon, COME ON!! <I'm sorry> - Solomon Islands @dnmstrategic Or perhaps a "slapper." A licensed, bonded professional who will give him a brisk little slap whenever he stops typing. - Solomon Islands PRIMER: R A V E N…Raven. Now, say it with me. Nell: Raven. PRIMER: Very good! [note: Hope she didn't later replay that for Miss Matheson] - 上海, 中华人民共和国 During the nighttime, Purple spent most of her time reading a very large, crusty, worn, burnt tome entitled PANTECHNICON. #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 <Scooby-Doo moment> I looked up PANTECHNICON on @MerriamWebster & it literally asked me why I wanted to know. #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 @John_Pickman A popular assumption that's almost canonical. Search for "chiselled spam" on this page: - 上海, 中华人民共和国 MISS MATHESON: When I was a child, I took karate. I thought the sensei would teach me how to defend myself when I was out on my skateboard. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 MISS MATHESON: But the 1st thing he did was have me sweep the floor. Then he told me that if I wanted to defend myself, I should buy a gun. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 They brought foxgloves back to school & set them in vases in each classroom, leaving an especially large bouquet in Miss Stricken's office. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Nell could not bring herself to agree with Miss Matheson; but she found that, after this conversation, everything became easy. #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 She had the neo-Victorians all figured out now. Now that Nell knew all of the rules, she could make it do anything she wanted. #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Is that you, John Wayne? Is this me? Hey, start the cameras. This is "Vietnam the Movie" Yeah, Joker can be John Wayne. I'll be a horse. - Việt Nam I'll be Ann-Margret Animal Mother can be a rabid buffalo I'll be General Custer Well, who'll be the Indians? - Việt Nam We also have reports that a division of NVA has occupied all of the city of Hue south of the Perfume River. - Việt Nam He planted a knee on Bob Shaftoe's shoulder, picking curiously @ object embedded in his flesh. Bob found this extremely annoying & said so - Roscommon, Ireland The Pvts found it hilarious but Sgts & Capts—responsible for >> musket-balls 2 troops—could only wince at such a story, even 4 the enemy - Roscommon, Ireland CAPT BARNES: Sergeant! I thought u suffered a dire injury! BOB: I was shot in the chest CAPT: U should be taking your rest! - Roscommon, Ireland When someone was trying 2 kill him & his men (which wasn't all that often), Bob Shaftoe's professional obligation was to think about that. - Roscommon, Ireland Part of the plan was 2 convince Upnor that his predictable taunts had actually made him angry. So Bob let out a bellow & launched himself - Roscommon, Ireland UPNOR: Do you believe that killing me will help you repossess Abagail? BOB: Not really. She'll pass to your heirs & I will kill *them.* - Roscommon, Ireland UPNOR: When you go 2 the next world tell angels & demons that we'll have the gold of Solomon! BOB: What the bloody hell're u talking about? - Roscommon, Ireland Upnor aimed a death-blow at Bob's ♡. Then a large object hurtled across the sky & smashed into the rapier's guard, sending it spinning away. - Roscommon, Ireland Upnor staggered back, gripping a damaged hand. Bob saw a bulky figure in a ragged muddy gray coat, gripping eight feet or so of pike-staff - Roscommon, Ireland TEAGUE: Can you not perceive that the gentleman knows more swordsmanship than you ever will? BOB: I perceive it well enough now, Teague. - Roscommon, Ireland Upnor had, during Teague's scolding of Bob, gone over & retrieved his rapier—held now in his left hand—advancing crab-wise toward Teague. - Roscommon, Ireland TEAGUE: Bob! You make too much and too little of him at the same time. As a 'fencer he's a caution, 'tis plain enough to see… - Roscommon, Ireland TEAGUE: …but in the larger scheme, Bob, what is [Upnor] but a frigging tosser waving a poker around in the dark? - Roscommon, Ireland Upnor advanced within 8', so Teague, w/a grunt, swung his stave in an arc parallel to the ground, catching Upnor in the side, flattening him - Roscommon, Ireland Teague executed brisk stabbing motions, w/occasional mighty swing—these accompanied by bashing sounds & screams from Upnor's end of stick - Roscommon, Ireland TEAGUE: You can't play by their rules or they'll win unfailingly! Get a tree-branch & hit him until he dies. Like that. D'you see, boys? - Roscommon, Ireland "Aye, Uncle Teague," came back two voices in unison. Bob saw a pair of blond lads, each holding the reins of a horse - Roscommon, Ireland BOB SHAFTOE: I've been run through the liver. TEAGUE PARTRY: All the more reason to stop your lollygaggin'. - Roscommon, Ireland You'll bleed to death shortly or heal up—the liver has a miraculous power of regeneration, while the body lives. Take it from an Irishman. - Roscommon, Ireland Oh, it's into the ditch with me, Bob, into the bog. I'll collect a musket from one of the Englishmen I killed today, and go a-rappareein'. - Roscommon, Ireland BOB: I'll raise a monument in London. TEAGUE: To me? They wouldn't have it! - Roscommon, Ireland "To Upnor," Bob said staggering past the Earl's smashed corpse."A fine statue of him, looking just as he does now, with this inscription:" - Roscommon, Ireland IN MEMORIAM LOVIS ANGESEY EARL OF VPNOR FINEST SWORDSMAN/ENGLAND BEATEN 2 DEATH W/STICK BY AN .IE … Teague nodded, then added "In Connaught" - Roscommon, Ireland Echoing Teague's caution on fencing w/the 1%: HERMAN BLUME: 4 some of you it doesn't matter. You were born rich & you're going to stay rich… - Houston, TX So here's my advice to the rest of you: Take dead aim on the rich boys Get them in the crosshairs and take them down… #Rushmore - Houston, TX Just remember, they can buy anything but they can't buy backbone. Don't let them forget it. Thank you. - Houston, TX JIM ROCKFORD Private Eye Last of the Freelance Hackers? Greatest Sword Fighter in the World? - Malibu, CA @ChrisBulow The young man who wore the starry crown (and coveralls) is buried here with his parents, so here I shall wait. - Memphis, TN Five hours' New York jet lag and Cayce Pollard wakes in Camden Town to the dire and ever−circling wolves of disrupted circadian rhythm. - Camden Town, England It is that flat & spectral non-hour, brainstem's reptilian demands for sex, food, sedation, all of the above, and none really an option now. - Camden Town, England Nothing at all in the German fridge, so new that its interior smells only of cold and long−chain monomers. #PatternRecognition @GreatDismal - Camden Town, England She knows, now, absolutely, hearing the white noise that is London, that Damien's theory of jet lag is correct: - Camden Town, England that her mortal soul is leagues behind her, being reeled in on some ghostly umbilical down the vanished wake of the plane that brought her - Camden Town, England Souls can't move that quickly, and are left behind, and must be awaited, upon arrival, like lost luggage. #jetlag #patternrecognition - Camden Town, England Dorotea may have attempted to out−minimalize her this morning, Cayce decides. If so, it hasn't worked. #WIGSNATCH - Camden Town, England Dorotea's black dress, for all its apparent simplicity, is still trying to say several things at once, probably in @ least 3 languages #nuUH - Camden Town, England @outcastspice - Camden Town, England SURENDRANATH: Very good then. You've shown extreme wisdom in establishing your batna JERONIMO: Avast! We have no use 4 idolatrous claptrap! - القاهرة, مصر JACK: Steady there, Caballero. I know from Personal Experience that Books of India contain much of interest. What about this BATNA? - القاهرة, مصر SURENDRANATH [befuddled]: I learnt it from English traders in Surat. "Stands for Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement." #BATNA - القاهرة, مصر Even Solomon was wanting in Gold to adorn the Temple, unless he had been supply'd by Miracles. —DANIEL DEFOE, A Plan of the English Commerce - Jerusalem Corners, NY Tia Juana sent Tito to @StJohnDivineNYC, to consult Eleggua, the owner of the roads & doors in this world, lord of crossroads. #SpookCountry - Manhattan, NY For this reason, Juana maintained, a window had secretly been raised 2 him…a place of devotion, in this great church in Morningside Heights. - Manhattan, NY Tito passed the dry fountain, w/delirious sculpture…decapitated head of Satan dangled from bronze claw of the Holy Crab of God @GreatDismal - Manhattan, NY It was this sculpture that had most interested Tito, that and the cathedral’s 4 peacocks, 1 of them albino &, Juana said, sacred to Orunmila - Manhattan, NY One of the bays of stone that lined the sides of this tremendous space was Eleggua’s, & made clear by images in colored glass. #SpookCountry - Manhattan, NY A santero consulting a sheet of signs, incl numbers 3 and 21, whereby the orisha recognizes himself & is recognized - Manhattan, NY …a man climbing a pole to install a wiretap; another man studying the monitor of a computer. #SpookCountry - Manhattan, NY …All images of ways in which the world/worlds are linked All ways under the orisha. Silently within himself Tito made a respectful greeting - Manhattan, NY “Gutenberg,” he said, raising his hat to indicate the santero. “Samuel Morse sending the first message,” indicating the man using the mouse. - Manhattan, NY I made the lights flicker at @google Images, searching for hi res Linotype Telegraph Gutenberg windows at @StJohnDivineNYC but no luck. - Manhattan, NY OLD MAN: No fault of yours. Your protocol is highly correct Your *systema* adroit. It was made certain you would be followed We require it - Manhattan, NY The Pearl Harbor Arch. The masons laid down their tools, the day of the attack. The construction of the cathedral lapsed for decades. - Manhattan, NY Tito wanted to ask this man about his father, ask him how and why his father had died. When he turned back, the man was gone. #SpookCountry - Manhattan, NY Brown was starting to assume, Milgrim decided, that he, Milgrim, had internalized the watchers. This was interesting, Milgrim thought. - Manhattan, NY Milgrim noted the issue of @TIME w/the president dressed up like a pilot, on the flight deck of that aircraft carrier…nearly 3 years old now - Manhattan, NY 1970. Cover art. McLemore_Avenue_ Booker T & the MGs @StaxMemphis - Memphis, TN 1st principles. Read Marcus Aurelius. Of each particular thing, ask what is it in itself? …its nature? What does he do, this man you seek? - Memphis, TN A series of parabolas is plotted out, the mortar supporting one leg and exploding Germans supporting the opposite. - Umeå, Sverige Ask .ru engineer 2 design a shoe & it looks like a shoebox Ask 4 something that slaughters Germans & he turns into Thomas fucking Edison. - Umeå, Sverige Two large black Mercedes issue from the forest, like bad ideas emerging from the dim mind of a green lieutenant. - Umeå, Sverige This is the moment, then. Nazis are right over there and it is the job of Bobby Shaftoe, and to a lesser degree Enoch Root, to kill them all - Umeå, Sverige Not just a job, but a moral requisite. They're living avatars of Satan, who publicly acknwlge being just as bad & vicious as they really are - Umeå, Sverige Swedish people come out of their houses…look exactly like .us midwesterners, and Shaftoe's always startled when they fail to speak English. - Umeå, Sverige BISCHOFF: Including the Enigma? RUDY VON HACKLBEBER: Don't even talk to me of that shit. I dispensed with it almost immediately. - Umeå, Sverige Clearly, Mr. Drkh has had a long career of being the weirdest person in any given room, but he's about to go down in flames. #Cryptonomicon - Brisbane, Queensland Lawrence Waterhouse isn't good at just winging it, but he's tired, pissed off & horny, & this is a fucking war, & sometimes you have to. - Brisbane, Queensland Waterhouse uses well-tempered tuning as a starting point > advanced number theory > & Qwghlmian modal scale, just to keep them on their toes - Brisbane, Queensland @erigion Mr. @ReasJack explained that for you and me and all of us. - Lone Tree, CO I suspect that these photos and headlines were switched. - Truth or Consequences, NM So Mrs. Cook, did you realize so far this semester little @tim_cook's been absent NINE TIMES? - Truth or Consequences, NM I don't always understand what the Lord shares with me via Google Image search. - Truth or Consequences, NM @LilaFontes I searched deep in "black magic" sites for < curses against my Great Enemy, but this and "Mary Malone" = Sith-level potent! - Truth or Consequences, NM Chester nods all the way through this, but does not rudely interrupt Randy Waterhouse as a younger nerd would. - Bellevue, WA Randy, You are right, of course—as the Germans learned the hard way, no new cryptosystem can be trusted until it has been published - Negara Brunei Darussalam JUDGE FANG: Mr. PhyrePhox, before we start torturing you, let me explain to you my state of mind. #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 FANG: CryptNet = powerful secret society spreading its tendrils into every phyle & corporation in the world! PHYREPHOX: That is so paranoid - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Judge Fang realized that everyone was looking at him, waiting for him to continue. … PHYREPHOX: You were spacing out, Your Honor. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 WELCOME PRINCESS NELL LET US DEVISE A MORE EFFICIENT MEANS OF COMMUNICATION {Duke of Turing was obviously over 55} #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Goto Dengo can tell when he’s hitting the rock because it makes a different sound from hitting fog. He aims for the rock. - Papua New Guinea “I’m confused!” Vicki complained, as if her emotional state were really the important thing here. #REAMDE #ClichésAboutMillennials - Iowa, USA RICHARD: The client’s dog started it. Hassled the poor bear. It picked the dog up in its jaws & started shaking it like a squirrel. #REAMDE - Iowa, USA VICKI: Was it like a poodle or something? RICHARD: It was an 80-lb golden lab. VICKI: Ohmygod! RICHARD: That is kind of what I was saying. - Iowa, USA The bear tossed the dog & advanced on us like "If you had anything whatsoever to do with that fucking dog, you’re dead!" #REAMDE - Iowa, USA Jack Shaftoe concluded he’d best do the deed now, while the witch-brew was still impairing his judgment. - Deutschland ROOT: What was really magnificent about that entrance, Jack…until u rose up out of the pool covered in phosphorus, you were invisible… - Deutschland ROOT: You just seemed 2 materialize, weapon in hand, w/that Dwarf-cap, shouting in language no one understands…Have you considered theatre? - Deutschland JACK: Who, or what, were those—? ROOT: Wealthy gentlefolk— J: But—their freakish attire, their bizarre appearance R: Latest Paris fashions - Deutschland ROOT: Won't be told like Strasbourg Plague House Takeover or Bohemian Carp Feast— JACK: How— R: I travel…talk to Vagabonds…Word gets around - Deutschland ROOT: Your achievements have been compiled into a picaresque novel entitled _L’Emmerdeur…Burnt in Paris…Bootlegged in Amsterdam J: Stab me! - Deutschland ELIZA: Where’ve you been? JACK: Running an errand—meeting locals—partaking of their rich traditions…Can we get out of Germany now, please? - Deutschland @aeromenthe Both articles are very interesting. With what part of the Umberto Eco corpus are you making a connection? Asking for a friend. - القاهرة, مصر @FredKiesche There is only one failsafe method for convincingly faking pre-word-processor typewriter, uh, typography. - القاهرة, مصر A half-empty box of Girl Scout cookies in the meeting room represents a broken promise. I know what I have to do. - Washington, DC Ne pas utiliser la touche POPCORN. - Paris, TX @in_a_morata It appears you aren't the only one at #SXSW dealing in facial recognition tech. Not sure re: security. - Paris, TX @TortillaBendita @dhmeyer Can I get these in communion wafer size? - Memphis, TN Around Tito ran the orishas, panting like vast dogs: Scout & opener Opener & clearer And Osun, whose role was mystery #SpookCountry - Memphis, TN My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend saw Alex pass out at 31 Flavors…guess it's pretty serious - Memphis, TN Security measures adopted by Atlantis/Shanghai Nell sees something peculiar Hackworth compiles the Young Lady's Illustrated Primer - Memphis, TN "I fear that I have enmeshed that little girl in a much deeper business than I ever imagined," Judge Fang said. #DiamondAge - Memphis, TN "Suspect experienced ballistic interlude & relieved himself of excess velocity by means of ablative technique" Miss Pao was outdoing herself - Memphis, TN Miranda lured him into the kitchen, shoved a foot-long butcher knife into his chest & left him in the fridge. (She'd played this role 200x) - Memphis, TN Oh, you can copy/paste your own favorite Diamond Age (Part 1) quotes from here. - Memphis, TN ENOCH: Why might I not ask of you "Daniel Waterhouse, who or what are you? Why does Creation teem w/others like you…what is your purpose?" - City of London, London ENOCH: Nor am I of a humour to be rated a hobgoblin or any other figment of the humane imagination. Twas God who imagined me - City of London, London Unlike ordinary men, who required several minutes to become fully glazed over, Roger could do it in an instant - City of London, London "This is the world you have made,” Mr White told Daniel—blaming him somehow for the Glorious Revolution. But Daniel saw it rathr differently - City of London, London This was the world *Drake* had made, a world where power came of thrift, cleverness & industry, not birthright & certainly not Divine Right. - City of London, London LOUIS 14.0: We should celebrate all that is magnificent in this Realm: w/funerals, magnificence passed w/weddings, magnificence yet to come - City of London, London "Jason Breckinridge," the man says. "The Iron Pumper," Jason reminds him. "Shut up…I don't even want you to nod," #SnowCrash - Los Angeles, CA Young men blasted out of their minds on natural and artificial male hormones must have some place to do their idiotic coming-of-age rituals. - Los Angeles, CA @cryptophreak The very same. - Los Angeles, CA HIRO: At the moment, I think I'm working for the Central Intelligence Corporation, the Mafia, and Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong. - Los Angeles, CA "I see," says the receptionist, making a note. Also like a human receptionist, it is not possible to impress her. - Los Angeles, CA GREG RITCHIE: Hello, everyone! TONY: Who are u? GR [crestfallen]: Greg Ritchie…President of the United States T: Nice 2 meet u, Mr President - California, USA Fido comes out of his doggie house and jumps over the fence before he has remembered that he is not capable of jumping over it. - Phoenix, AZ This contradiction is lost on him, though; as a dog, introspection is not one of Fido's strong points. - Phoenix, AZ As part of Mr Lee's good neighbor policy, all Rat Things never break the sound barrier in populated areas. But Fido's in too much of a hurry - Barstow, CA Jack the sound barrier. Bring the noise. - Barstow, CA <drops mic> - Truth or Consequences, NM @starfishncoffee IF I HAVE TO WATCH ONE MORE 65-SECOND SHOT OF SUNLIGHT-DAPPLED PLANT FRONDS WAVING IN THE GODAM BREEZE I'M GONNA SNAP. - West Hollywood, CA @scottjenks @ClarkHat Only if you're tweeting Seveneves fanfic spoilers. #FloatingInMemphis - Memphis, TN @ClarkHat No. My own attempts at tweeting extended universe Shaftoe family fanfic dopplered off into obscurity in 2009. - Memphis, TN @ClarkHat But maybe a Mario Bros style game pitting a hapless Arker vis miner-bots and Diggers (anachronistically) - Memphis, TN "Most problems in classical mechanics can be solved using principle of leverage. For the rest, try combining leverage and fire" -Steven Mook - Austin, TX @sabbatical buried with their victims - Truth or Consequences, NM THE STORY THUS FAR Boston…Oct 1713…Daniel Waterhouse, 67, Founder/sole Fellow of a failing Massachusetts Bay Colony of Technologickal Arts… - Truth or Consequences, NM …H²0house receives a startling visit from the Alchemist Enoch Root, brandishing a summons from Princess Caroline of Brandenburg-Ansbach, 30. - Boston, MA NEWTON: I've been made aware of 4 diverse Projects 4 discovering the Longitude. RAVENSCAR: 4? At @royalsociety seems we're exposed to 4/week - City of London, London RAVENSCAR: Are Ditton & Wiston in Fortunate 4 or Phantastickal multitude? NEWTON: Their theory's as correct as their ambitions are feeble. - City of London, London The @HouseofCommons became silent, not out of shock at Newton's cruelty, but out of professional admiration. - City of London, London In manner of authors conversing in public, Newton mentioned its title: Vol III Principia Mathematica, entitled The System of the World. - City of London, London ELIZA (to Caroline): But know that any place where I live is liable to have a flux of odd persons running through it. - City of London, London ♕CAROLINE: Remind me of when Sophie Charlotte was still alive. ELIZA: Some of my lot may be odder & rougher yet. ♕: You've a faraway look - City of London, London ♕CAROLINE: Arch-villain Jack/Coiner's doomed to ½hanged, drawn & ¼ed…Johann? Johann! Bring smelling salts, the Duchess has got the vapors! - City of London, London LEIBNIZ: Dr. Waterhouse said he would await you in the garden, just in case you might be of a mind to behead him for failing in his mission. - City of London, London @OleHusby I didn't know about that unicode character! Thanks! - City of London, London Philosophers came to Greenwich all the time. Kings & Queens, rarely. Architects came here frequently, and almost always wished they hadn't. - Greenwich, London Two jowls, stapled together by a grimace, and supervised by a stare: the face of George. - Greenwich, London Last time [courtiers] had seen him, in Hanover, at Sophie's death, he'd been pretending 2b senile & useless. … Then he'd been named a Regent - Greenwich, London Weirdly obvious/bold: If you thought you'd live long enough 2 march in George I's funeral procession, you'd gravitate to future George II - Greenwich, London Daniel Waterhouse was fouling it up by being an old man in the young peoples camp. And here he was on the arm of the Marquis of Ravenscar! - Greenwich, London RAVENSCAR: Oh, is that all they want? Money?…Thought they wanted me 2 stab myself. DANIEL: No, they want your ££ R: It is good to know this - Greenwich, London DANIEL: Why? Going 2 give them some of your money now? RAVENSCAR: Would be impolite, but I see no obstacle 2 giving them someone else's - Greenwich, London George I allowed Daniel 2 kiss his hand as the last occasion—Daniel hoped—he'd give Puritan ancestors occasion 2 roll over in their graves - Greenwich, London Daniel, belatedly coming alive 2 fact that he was being personally addressed in as-yet-unIDed language by the King, got only 1 word: Ruben - Greenwich, London Catherine Barton smelled good: not an easy thing to accomplish in 1714. - City of London, London City of Westminster…Tower Hamlets…Camden…Havering…Newham…Redbridge…Haringey: London boroughs omitted from Twitter's geotagging options. Why? - Truth or Consequences, NM @Noodlefish Revisted old thread [] with this Tho I missed Camden TOWN for the 2nd time. - Camden Town, London Indeed, Chester’s house does resemble nothing so much as a regional trucking hub with a roof made entirely of glass. #Cryptonomicon - Bellevue, WA CANTRELL: Some things about Pontifex are slightly peculiar. - Negara Brunei Darussalam For Sultan-Class passengers everything happens w/cinematic, quick-cut speed. The plane lands, beautiful woman hands your jacket, you get off - Negara Brunei Darussalam Quantum interference—crosstalk among similar q states—knits different versions of your brain together. #multiverse - Truth or Consequences, NM UNCLE ENZO: Send someone out to pick up the abandoned pizza car. And give the driver a day off. #DetailsMatter - Inglewood, CA I require certain minor services in return. I have come to Boston to find a man who at last report was living here. - Boston, MA Julieta says nothing. - Umeå, Sverige Harv came out. He was carrying his nunchuks under his injured arm and the Primer in his good hand. #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 The Primer hung open to an illustration of Princess Nell and Harv running away from the Dark Castle with Baron Burt in pursuit. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 HARV: Nell, your book talked to me. It said we should run away. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 On impulse, Nell stopped and dropped to a crouch in Burt's path. Harv turned toward her, terrified. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Burt tried to make a shortcut by vaulting over the banister as he had seen and done in 'ractives, but didn't do it as well as a media hero. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Grandfraa Mentaxenes pulled open the little door. He was very old, and doing this every day was the only thing that kept him alive. #Anathem - 上海, 中华人民共和国 RAVENSCAR: Do you really want 2 go 2 Massachusetts? DANIEL: 2 go 2 wilderness & work R: What, in a wigwam? Or do you have a cave picked out? - City of London, London DANIEL: There are plenty of trees remaining. RAVENSCAR: You're going to live in a tree? D: No! Cut them down, make a house. #TehConfusion - City of London, London RAVENSCAR: Here's my metaphysical reading of ur circumstance DANIEL: I am braced R: England's not finished w/you yet - City of London, London DANIEL: The Bank of England…the Bank of England. It sounds, I don't know, big. RAVENSCAR: That is the point. - City of London, London Shaftoe, the typical thing…go around US w/medals recruiting 4 Corps…But this lizard story kind of rules that out. - Solomon Islands ALL Millennials are haunted by childhood memories of unused AOL installation CDs that filled entire rooms in their houses like snowdrifts - United States @stevequezada That illustration looks more like backlash against working-from-home. - Truth or Consequences, NM −1472: Fall of Baz, burning of Library. Literate survivors flock to Bazian monasteries or Cartasian maths. #Anathem - Roma, Lazio −600: The Rebirth. Purging of the Mystagogues, Opening of the Books. #Anathem - Firenze, Toscana −12: The Third Harbinger −5: The Terrible Events #Anathem - धूम धूमा, भारत TO GO HUNDRED (derogatory) To lose 1's mind, become mentally unsound, stray from the path of theorics #Anathem - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, France The expression can be traced to the Third Centennial Apert, when the gates of several Hundreder maths opened to reveal startling outcomes: - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, France St Rambalf's: mass suicide moments b4 St Terramore's: nothing—not even human remains St Byadin's: new religious sect—Matarrhites #Anathem - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, France St Lesper's: no humans, but a previously undiscovered species of tree-dwelling higher primates St Phendra's: DIY nuclear reactor in catacomb - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, France #freemovieidea The US Marshals receive msg from 1 of its relocated witnesses, but it's from an identity USMS hasn't yet issued. - Washington, DC unassigned @nealstephenson GIF - 沖縄 沖縄市 Unassigned @nealstephenson GIF #SevenEves - Seven Hills, OH Unassigned Snow Crash GIF - Los Angeles, CA unassigned Snow Crash GIF #2 #ChiselledSpam - Los Angeles, CA Remember that @SpaceX did everything the Saturn V did, but backwards and wearing high heels. - Truth or Consequences, NM Don't like Nazareth's 1975 "Love Hurts"? Hear the Everly Brothers 1960 cut (never pressed as a single) #BaroqueCycle - Truth or Consequences, NM @DoctorOctothorp I'm just fascinated how the landing shots look like 1930s Buck Rogers (playing a launch in reverse) - Truth or Consequences, NM @DoctorOctothorp So has some smartass made a GIF of a NASA launch in reverse and claimed they already accomplished this? @ChateauErin - Truth or Consequences, NM Am. SW: Coyote Pac. NW: Raven Eur: Reynard the Fox African-Amers: Br'er Rabbit. Mod: Bugs Bunny & The Hacker #DiaAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 EQUITY LORD ALEXANDER CHUNG-SIK FINKLE MCGRAW: Could mean trickster who broke n2 things—or especially skilled coder - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Hindustan: Riotously diverse collection/microtribes sintered together from some formula we don't get. #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 HIRO: It's dangerous! They say it has biological components. YT: ?? H: Animal parts YT likes animals…keeps walking - Los Angeles, CA A couple of Zeroes fly overhead, as they stride into the jungle. "My name is Enoch Root, but u can call me Brother" - Solomon Islands Mrs Root2702 gains notoriety for pottery that looks like oysters. [Yes, keeping an eye on that hooligan in next ad] - Memphis, TN @attackerman "In a world of abstractions, nothing was more concrete than a baby." —Neal Stephenson, _Diamond Age - Memphis, TN MISS BARTON: You ask me 2 speculate on matters beyond my scope, Dr Waterhouse. Roll ovr on your back! #SystemotWorld - City of London, London LTC COMSTOCK: Why the hell did you punch it onto ETC cards? Why not a plain old typed report like Everyone Else? - Brisbane, Queensland "I didn't punch it," Waterhouse says. "The machine punched it." "The machine punched it," Comstock says very slowly - Brisbane, Queensland And the noise. The noise from Waterhouse's goddamned machine. Flowerpots vibrating off file cabinets, standing waves in coffee cups. - Brisbane, Queensland ETC whiz: Theres no machine capable of processing all of that data, that fast. WATERHOUSE: Sorry…should have explained that part first - Brisbane, Queensland Waterhouse grabs a fresh stick of chalk. Comstock sinks into a chair, grips its arms. Stenographer reaches for a benzedrine. Strobes flash. - Brisbane, Queensland Crisp edge of the stick fractures w/slight pop & a tiny spray of chalk particles drifts to the floor spreading into a narrow parabolic cloud - Brisbane, Queensland Waterhouse bows his head, like a priest getting ready to stride up the aisle, and then draws a deep breath. - Brisbane, Queensland The benzedrine wears off 5 hrs later & Comstock finds himself sprawled across a table. Everything smells like underarm sweat. - Brisbane, Queensland Comstock realizes that Waterhouse is looking at him expectantly. "See?" Waterhouse asks. #BURY #DISINTER - Brisbane, Queensland @DonutATX I've never been able to put a face on Lawrence Waterhouse. - Brisbane, Queensland Comstock tries to remember requisition he signed, months ago—Waterhouse ordered enough drain pipe to plumb a whole goddamn .mil base - Brisbane, Queensland The Digital Strategy team isn't going for the url I proposed, so y'all can fight over it! - Dogtown, ME @ninjasuperspy RIGHT FUCKING NOW IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY - Dogtown, ME It's Baltimore, gentlemen. The gods will not save you. - Baltimore, MD Guess which government-reducing patriot's rotting corpse turns 48 tomorrow. #tcot - Oklahoma City, OK "You say you want a leader, But you can't seem to make up your mind. I think you better close it." —"Purple Rain" - Minneapolis, MN . @tennysonestead Must. Withhold. Hard. Science. Fic. Tion. Man. Splaining. - Minneapolis, MN @panzertron Based on my hasty scan of the book's Wikipedia article, maybe. - Minneapolis, MN Via @AlexReaganRadio sleep diaries, we are gladdened by news that things are sorta OK. Right, @blacktapespod? - Olympia, WA @ColinPeters I denominate those types The Thurifers of Ares. - Olympia, WA @doctorow They had no idea how close they were. - Olympia, WA TIL that @section_sign and @grayshine are not, in fact, one person alternating profile pic between 2 symbols. - Truth or Consequences, NM FROMMERS: Kids make better MUDLARKS: Their eyes are closer 2 rubble & apt 2 sensing when…run across something unusual. #RIPDickShaftoe1665 - Greenwich, London The 2015 Frommer's mudlarking article/slideshow. - Greenwich, London The Mud Below London 1665 MOTHER SHAFTOE KEPT TRACK of her boys’ ages on her fingers, of which there were six. - Greenwich, London Mother Shaftoe gathered the half-brothers in her shack on the Isle of Dogs & told them 2b gone & not come back w/out bread or money - Greenwich, London This was a typically East London approach to child-rearing and so Dick, Bob, and Jack found themselves roaming the banks of the Thames… - Greenwich, London … in the company of many other boys who were also questing for bread or money with which to buy back their mothers’ love. #Quicksilver - Greenwich, London London was a few miles away, but, to Dick, Jack and Bob, as remote and legendary as the Court of the Great Mogul in Shahjahanabad. - Greenwich, London Around the time of their birth, the King had come back to England and allowed the theatres, which had been closed by Cromwell, to open again - City of London, London Shaftoe boys had been sneaking into theatres & picked up an ear for the way actors talked, and an eye for the way they did things. - City of London, London ACT I: Jack would try to pick Bob’s pocket. Bob would spin round and cuff him. Jack would stab him with a wooden poniard, and Bob would die. - City of London, London Act II Bob would jump up and ‘morphosize into the Long Arm of the Law, put Jack in a hammerlock. - City of London, London Act III Bob dons a wig (which they'd stolen, at appalling risk, from a side-table in a brothel near the Temple), and sentence him to hang. - City of London, London Act IV Bob exchanges white wig for a black hood and throw a noose round Jack’s neck and stand behind him while Jack would motion for silence - City of London, London @BrevetCaptain It's the first time I really noticed it myself. - Greenwich, London Please note that I've geotagged the mudlark posts under Greenwich, London because the Isle of Dogs' "Tower Hamlet, London" is not available - Greenwich, London Files of Societas Eruditorum's cultural fusion prg. 7 JULY 1954 CE; south-cntral USA. SE Fellow Dewey Phillips broadcasts "That's All Right" - Memphis, TN …from mezzanine of the Hôtel Chisca…1st time recorded voice of E.A. Presley is broadcast wirelessly. Given advance notice, Presley loses it. - Memphis, TN To calm his nerves, he hides in a cinema (LH Oswald tried that a decade later). Studio's phone melts. Record played 14 times in 1 show - Memphis, TN Dewey Phillips makes appeals to the incognito Presley, on-air, to come downtown for what became the first live broadcast of the Voice. - Memphis, TN REPEAT: DJ played it 14 times that night. In base 15 (& higher e.g. hexadecimal) 14 is represented as E. *E* - Memphis, TN CORRECTION: Dewey Phillips, FSE, phoned the Presleys, who searched dark theater 4 their boy & drove him 2 the Chisca - Memphis, TN @LOLGOP Ted was named after the family dog. - Memphis, TN I'm pasting <Didn't she sing the WOOF-WOOF-WOOF version of "Jingle Bells"?> in answer to just about anything on Facebook or LinkedIn - Memphis, TN Wait. Your doctorate's in Strategic Leadership; emphasis in *Futuring*? Is your diploma printed on a Fruit Rollup? - Virginia Beach, VA @dddraeger @RegentGLEMSF @houstonfutures ... ... ... ... I didn't see any of this coming. - Memphis, TN @dddraeger @RegentGLEMSF @houstonfutures No not the Inquisition (well, I didn't see that either) but the FUTURE. I only have a BA in English - Virginia Beach, VA @DJ_Solar_Bear [sigh] I was assigning too much agency to the DJ formerly known as Rob "I Live for the Weekend" Grayson. #RadioRadio - Virginia Beach, VA Waterhouse: That was a Turing test I just gave you Turing: Beg pardon? W: Damned machine screws up your voice…can't tell you from Churchill - Brisbane, Queensland Within the last few days, the Red Army, now the most terrible force on earth, has taken Vienna and the oil fields of Hungary - Wien, Österreich I know, I know, I *KNOW*! You're only here for the Seven Eves quotes. - Greenwich, London This is a PUBLIC. SERVICE. ANNOUNCEMENT. With GUITARRRRRRR! Know Your Rights: All 3 of them. - Camden Town, London #1 You have the right not to be ██ed ███ is a crime…unless it was done by a █████ or an █████. Oh, know your rights. - Camden Town, London Know your rights. #2 You have the right to food money. Providing, of course, you don't mind a little - Camden Town, London Oh, know these rights! #3 You have the right to free speech… As long as you're not dumb enough to actually try it. - Camden Town, London I know your brother…very bright…I know your father too. He threw the 2nd creepiest party I've ever been to in DC. - Washington, DC @ChrisBulow Yes. Fish fingers eventually evolved into human gills. Hard shakes proved to be alien technology. - Memphis, TN November: Kurtz orders the assassination of three Vietnamese men and one woman. Two of the men were Colonels in the South Vietnamese army. - Việt Nam Enemy activity in his old sector dropped off to nothing. … Guess he must have hit the right four people. - Việt Nam Army tried 1 last time to bring him back & all'd be forgotten. But he kept winning it his way, and they called me in - Cambodia 2003: NSA review [internal] of Cryptonomicon, written for dumbshits. - Fort George G Meade, MD Was asked in a meeting re good 404error page copy "Starting from 1st principles" I began. Soon 4 coworkers snoring on floor as I slipped out - Memphis, TN @doctorow You know, they could make these blue. Hell, if they came in bright colors, I'd wear one of these to bike-commute in. - Truth or Consequences, NM MrsRoot2702 has been reticent on transgender issue. But now a T kid is banned from Rootlet's pub school & she's like - Truth or Consequences, NM During lulls they engaged in Solomon Kohan’s idea of small talk. —“Peter and Company at Clerkenwell” - Islington, London @outcastspice @BoyleMedia @canuckinarabia @gummitch_uk @gfish @ColinPeters Mrs got check-in call fr Dep Supt/Schools - Memphis, TN Finally found a GIF that really understands me. - Erath, LA Ng: When the Rat Thing, as you call it, is in his hutch, do you know what he's doing? YT: Licking his electric nuts? - Long Beach, CA Ng: Chasing Frisbees thru the surf. Forever. Eating steaks grown on trees Lying beside the fire in a hunting lodge - Long Beach, CA Ng: I haven't installed any testicle-licking simulations yet, but now that you've brought it up, I shall consider it - Long Beach, CA $3K lamp, but could be from a China Mieville story…or "Rain God" in So Long/Thanks 4 Fish - Brooklyn, NY Ng: Can't you imagine how liberating it is for a pit bull-terrier to be capable of running 700 mph? - Long Beach, CA YT: Maybe Fido is a Rat Thing somewhere, right now Ng: I would hope so, for his sake >In a Mr Lee's franchise in PHX, Unit B-782 comes awake - Phoenix, AZ The factory that put him together thinks of him as a robot named Number B-782. But he thinks of himself as a pit bull-terrier named Fido. - Phoenix, AZ In the old days, Fido was a bad little doggie sometimes. - Phoenix, AZ Young men blasted out of their minds on hormones must have some place to do idiotic coming-of-age rituals #SnowCrash - Long Beach, CA Whenever a friend posts an RIP about a dog, I leave an edit of this, usually unattributed (minus any GIF!) - Memphis, TN @qhardy @MikeIsaac This is like living in a dream. - Memphis, TN The GOAT! Thanks BF for explaining @UKParliament to a nation with an older government (USA) - City of London, London @ruckawriter @Harkaway They still had a hardcopy of the graphic novel version of it. - City of London, London @cindynorth1 That boy. @Snowden @CIA - Fort George G Meade, MD "It is *his* fault he didn't lock the garage." - Chicago, IL Just like I knew you would. - Chicago, IL Lord Vader, I should've known. Only you could be so bold. The Imperial Senate will not sit for this when they hear— - Chicago, IL In the whole world, might be 10K people better than Sokolov at falling and rolling around on hard surfaces. #REAMDE - Chicago, IL The Deliverator is assigned to CosaNostra Pizza #3569 in the Valley. - San Fernando, CA Nell noticed something akin to a shockwave…far below, covering a city block every 00:02:00 #DiamondAge #MouseArmy - 上海, 中华人民共和国 LT REAGAN: You did great. A real morale booster. <lights cigarette> You can go back to sleep now. SHAFTOE: Haw! - San Francisco, CA Case turned/looked into Wage's face. Eyes were vat grown sea-green @NikonUSA transplants. @GreatDismal #Neuromancer - 千葉 千葉市 中央区 SOKOLOV: What is this place? PISSING TEEN: Golden Gardens Park S: What is name of city, please? PT: Seattle S: Thank you #REAMDE - Seattle, WA SOKOLOV: Is bus? PISSING TEEN: Yeah keep going to the marina…Take it easy! S: Is not my objective. Nice thing 2 say tho. Enjoy piss. #REAMDE - Seattle, WA TOM BUELLER: I love you. SLOANE PETERSON: I know. [screenplay: @BrevetCaptain with Lawrence Kasdan] - Chicago, IL Hiro watches the large, radioactive, spear-throwing killer drug lord ride his motorcycle into Chinatown. #SnowCrash - Los Angeles, CA Hiro closes his eyes and drops Da5id's goggles. You can't get hurt by looking at a bitmap. Or can you? #SnowCrash - West Hollywood, CA Old central n'hoods packed tight below an eternal haze In other cities, u breathe industrial contaminants In LA, it's amino acids #SnowCrash - West Hollywood, CA The hazy sprawl is ringed and netted with glowing lines, like hot wires in a toaster. - West Hollywood, CA Spreading across the basin, a million logos smear into solid arcs, like geometric points merging into curves. #Hiro - West Hollywood, CA Either side of the franchise ghettos, the Loglo dwindles across dimness—burst here & there by a security spotlight. - West Hollywood, CA The franchise and the virus work on the same principle: what thrives in one place will thrive in another. - West Hollywood, CA chapter 1, WHITE LEGO "Rausch” said the voice in Hollis Henry’s cell. “Node” it said. - Los Angeles, CA Hollis knew the Standard…carpeted in royal-blue Astroturf. Whenever she went felt as though she were the oldest living thing in the building - Los Angeles, CA A European version of @WIRED, it seemed…Belgian money via Dublin offices in London—or @ least this Philip…sounded 17 - Los Angeles, CA “Vote for Santa,” Alberto said, raising a silver can of Tecate. “À votre santé,” corrected Odile. #SpookCountry - Los Angeles, CA “Virtual reality?” She hadn’t heard the term spoken aloud in years, she thought, as she pronounced it. #SpookCountry - Los Angeles, CA Congress may pass no law abridging or segmenting @GreatDismal's introduction of The Old Man in Spook_Country. - Manhattan, NY @KristerR Avi’s answer hangs b4 his eyes, like afterimage of a strobe: "I want them to remain secret 4 as long as men are capable of evil" - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon @Postell2010 Dammit, why was I thinking Mr. Flynt &co. would have been publishing your post-mod Richard Halliburton features? [sorry!] - Memphis, TN OK this "1 lightning strike & ear-splitting thunder directly over my house once every hour—but otherwise silence" shit has gotten stale - Memphis, TN #MemphisNewsPhotosBeLike Jim Strickland: "Greensward? what greensward?" - Memphis, TN Just used "simulacra" on my IRL Twitter account. Hold all my calls unless it's a booking for a god dang @TEDTalks - Memphis, TN @TomLevenson @GeeDee215 I identified as conservative back then & was fooled into thinking "PC" was coined—un-ironically—by the left. - Truth or Consequences, NM @Harkaway It's whatever makes my flower pots inch their way back on the window sill—into harm's way—while the sash is up. - Truth or Consequences, NM @LOLGOP Female campaign reporters could disguise themselves w/a wig styled like "I'd like to speak to the manager." - Truth or Consequences, NM @historyscientis That's got to be a Being John Malkovich headsman - Truth or Consequences, NM I love the way my mind - Sleepy Hollow, NY @hedgielib @sarahmaclean Daniel Suarez' Daemon & Freedom™, IT consultant turned thriller author. B-movie vibe but great "tech integration" - Sleepy Hollow, NY @hedgielib @sarahmaclean Everything else I've enjoyed lately = non-100% hacker, eg WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot (David Shafer) or @Harkaway Tigerman - Memphis, TN @trochee #MakeSkyWhiteAgain - Memphis, TN @_TheGeoff @anathem No child left beneath. - Memphis, TN @qhardy BUBBLE ALERT - Truth or Consequences, NM @xkcdComic Did you freeze the universe to make enough time to do this? - Truth or Consequences, NM That Wikipedia Editor's Barnstar award...on your LinkedIn profile. - Truth or Consequences, NM @saucissonsec Harry Potter and the Whited Sepulchre - Memphis, TN CARDS Drawing instruments (eg T-squares) Skepticism of Pyrrhon of Elis Requirements for valid maritime insurance contracts Kamakura bakufu - Boston, MA CARDS Fallacy of Assertion w/out Knowledge Agates Rules governing the determination of questions of fact in Roman civil courts Mummification - Boston, MA CARDS: Sunspots The sex organs of bryophytes (e.g., liverwort) Euclidean geometry—homotheties and similitudes Pantomime #Quicksilver - Boston, MA LOGIC MILL CARDS: Election & Reign of Rudolf of Hapsburg Testes Nonsymmetrical dyadic relations Investiture Controversy Phosphorus - Boston, MA • Traditional impotence remedies • Arminian heresy— ENOCH ROOT: Some of these strike one as being too complicated for monads. - Boston, MA ROOT: Such as ‘Development of Portuguese Hegemony over Central Africa’ DANIEL: Look at the number at the top of that card…prodct of 5 primes - Boston, MA ROOT: Don’t you think you should organize the cards? DANIEL [shrewdly]: To what scheme? R: I’ll not be tricked into *that* discussion - Boston, MA DANIEL: Prime numbers for monads, products of primes 4 composites—organizing them is simply a matter of performing *computations,* Mr. Root. - Boston, MA DANIEL WATERHOUSE: It is a welcome diversion to have you appear before me, so unlooked-for, so implausibly *well-preserved.* - Boston, MA Daniel looks as old as he ought to. But he’s wiry, w/clear, blue eyes, no tremors in his jaw or hands, no hesitation in his speech #elixir - Boston, MA DANIEL: What does Princess Caroline want of me? Must be something appalling, or else she wouldn’t’ve sent you to chivvy me along. - Boston, MA Seems to Enoch the 30-y-o Daniel Waterhouse hidden inside the old man is pressing outward against loose mask of skin - Boston, MA @JohnVFerrigno Are you sure they aren't merely non-sequential whores? - Truth or Consequences, NM Yes Facebook, turn off notifications from "The Incense Fairy." She's NOT really my son's friend's mom, but an iniquitous Level-9 Fog Mage! - Magé, Brasil @BrevetCaptain @saucissonsec @ChrisHellstrom @Variety Bruce willis and Billy Bob Thornton mistake the Moon for an inbound asteroid and BOOM! - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon Jack Shaftoe’s mind was not equal to the demands that Cairo placed on it…so he fixed his attention on small & near matters. #TheConfusion - القاهرة, مصر MRS ROOT2702 [to our bad dog]: AJAX! I'm gonna knock you SEVEN-sided! (I declined to explain that's prolly only possible at subatomic scale) - Quantico Base, VA TURING: You think there were patterns in their one-time pads? WATERHOUSE: Just traces. T: Then what makes you think it is other than random? - Milton Keynes, England WATERHOUSE: Everyone's used 1-time pads forever…No reason to switch over to this new, extremely odd system right now, in the middle of a war - Milton Keynes, England ISAAC: if we could jump fast enough, or had a strong enough wind at our backs, we could all be planets. #Quicksilver - Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth, England It's the little differences. They got the same shit over there that we got here, but it's just…it's just, there it's a little different. - Los Angeles, CA ORLANDO - A lone knifeman fatally stabbed 50 men in a bar Saturday night; several patrons of nearby diner hit by stray stabs. #NRAfantasy - Los Angeles, CA Who'd King Crimson hire to rec that laser-synched bridge in 21c Schizoid Man? Columbian pickpockets bred w/hummingbirds, that's fucking who. - City of London, London Well. Turns out King Crimson pulled it off live in 1969 [mark 04:55] Witnesses apparently too stunned to even cheer. - San Francisco, CA Body of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Printer. Like the Covering of an old Book, Its contents torn out & stript of Lettering and Gilding, Lies here + - Philadelphia, PA …But the Work shall not be lost & will (as he believ'd) appear once more In a new & more beautiful Edition Corrected & amended By the Author - Philadelphia, PA And the Oscar for best Southern accent by a Californian in all of film history goes to Jason Schwartzman [01:00] - Austin, TX KILLING IT on Facebook w/Daniel Waterhouse's logic mill cards. No point in explaining the Baroque Cycle 2 my people - Boston, MA Inevitably, you will realize your hard-fought "freedom" is a more tastefully appointed cage. #PlushLife - Price Chopper @splendid_savage It's OK. We were watching the cats. But the guys who we think were watching *us* are being watched by those cats themselves - Truth or Consequences, NM ROOT: You've forgotten the possibility that Rudy is homosexual. >SHAFTOE stretches his mind around this large, inconveniently shaped concept - Umeå, Sverige @bakesale77 You didn't…give them food or…accept a bronze hexagonal coin from one of them…did you? - Umeå, Sverige Chapter 56 - CRUNCH The condemned man showers, shaves, puts on most of a suit, and realizes that he is ahead of schedule. #RandyWaterhouse - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon Randy sets out a bowl & exceptionally Large soup spoon: • Euro cultures would ID it as serving spoon • Asians, as a horticultural implement - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon Randy Waterhouse's fridge louvers where cold air's blown in, straight from freon coils, where he always stores his milk-pods. #Cryptonomicon - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon Hiro owes the Mafia the cost of a new car. That's a good reason to get serious. #SnowCrash - Los Angeles, CA Above the door is a matte black hemisphere about a meter in diameter…carved into wall's black substance is the place's name: THE BLACK SUN - Los Angeles, CA Re 7Eves: @BillGates: End of world cooperation…hopeful @nealstephenson: I was trying for *hopeful*…had to kill 7 billion characters 2 do it. - Seattle, WA @genjipress I prefer "Goodnight, Moon....Forever" - Seattle, WA @panzertron That Simon boy ain't right. - Truth or Consequences, NM I hope I'm wrong. - Truth or Consequences, NM @RiverboatCapt @nzherald Your fair city's taxi companies are likely having a Quiet Word with the Right People about how bad this would be - Auckland, New Zealand RAVENSCAR: It is I who am planning something B. SHAFTOE: A war? R: Much nastier…Parliamentary inquiry #BaroqueCycle - Islington, London @LanceEllisor Love it when the @Space_Station reaches the terminator & turns sunset orange for 3 seconds b4 ghosting - Islington, London If working as a security consultant had taught Sokolov nothing else, it had taught him how to walk in and out of expensive hotels. #Reamde - 福建, 中华人民共和国 .ru PILOT: [holds hands out as if gripping a globe] You see— JONES: I know what a bloody great circle route is. #Reamde - 福建, 中华人民共和国 RT'd this last night, then found Context…woman is a jerk, but a skinhead took her bmprstickr - Denver, CO @TragicSandwich They must have been very hungry. - Denver, CO @BBCInOurTime And recommendations of other BBC programs in which PhDs are expertly driven, without pity, at speed through their life's work? - City of London, London In faith, John! You Fellows rather found the BOTTOM of that cask your cousin, Sam, brought down! Z'OUNDS! You signed a declaration of WHAT? - Philadelphia, PA Faith Waterhouse blushes, stands up/turns around to hide it In the candlelight, silver glints in her hair: a hair-pin shaped like a caduceus - Boston, MA To Judge Fang the voice sounded a bit dull; rhythm of the speech not exactly right. But the girl didn't care The girl was hooked #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 @qhardy It could also be @SadPaulGiamatti - Firenze, Toscana Friends staying at posh Soho hotel catch its chimeric cat (Sir Godfrey) on camera. I make sport. - London, England George, by the Grace of God King, discusses the absolute power vacuum he would reluctantly fill in 2049 #NewAtlantis - Washington, DC RANDY: Did you think we were just a bunch of nerds who stumbled into this and got in over our heads? ... We aren’t. - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon When the tech reached a certain point—monetised—Avi's backers staged a lightning coup that was obviously, lovingly planned #Cryptonomicon - Palo Alto, CA @SavedYouAClick At least they didn't bury the lede. - Truth or Consequences, NM HAVING TAKEN DELIVERY of some Enlightenment, Colonel Barnes could hardly deny Daniel Waterhouse a look at the map. - Sheerness, England You will not be able to stay home, brother You will not be able to plug in, turn on & cop out You will not be able to lose yourself on skag - Dallas, TX And skip out for beer during commercials [but] The revolution will not be brought 2 you by Xerox In 4 parts without commercial interruptions - Dallas, TX The revolution will not show pictures of Nixon blowing a bugle, leading a charge by John Mitchell, Gen Abrams & Mendel Rivers 2 eat hog maws - Dallas, TX Thoughts & prayers to the Texan @northropgrumman or @re2robotics /Endeavor unit forced to break Asimov's First Law. Hoping it doesn't /PTSD/ - Dallas, TX @DDSyrdal @northropgrumman @re2robotics Correct. Thomas the Tank Engine would have possessed more agency than the DPD pooper scooper - Dallas, TX @DDSyrdal I've seen videos produced to explain it to Baby Boomers. - Dallas, TX The Carolina-California highway is blockaded at its Mississippi River crossing. Protest is peaceful, if a little dwarfed by its setting. - Memphis, TN The interim director of police is walking arm-in-arm with BLM protestors, gently cajoling them off the bridge (not over the edge, mind you). - Memphis, TN There is a difference between focus and exclusion. If something matters, this does not imply that nothing else does. - Ferguson, MO "Things in the world have meanings that exist outside of you." #BLM #Professor #LawStudent - Ferguson, MO Capitalizing words does not make them more powerful. It just makes you look angry. #BLM - Ferguson, MO PREMISE: You know more about legal education than I do. CRITIQUE: You don't. - Ferguson, MO @agoX yeah. - Somalia HIRO: Raven, let me tell you a story before I kill you. RAVEN: I'll listen. It's a long ride. #SnowCrash - Los Angeles, CA Yamamoto clambers onto his Mitsubishi G4M, the scabbard of his sword whacking against the frame of the narrow door. - Solomon Islands Unassigned _Zodiac_ .GIF @nealstephenson - Massachusetts, USA @stunt_penguin According to YouTube, yes. - Solomon Islands Shit. Shit Shit. Shit. Slit. Those clumsy, reeking farmhands sink every transport ship the Army sends 2 New Guinea - Solomon Islands Observation planes always right place/right time—tally-hoing the emperor's furtive convoys in the sawing twang of bloody-gummed Confederates - Solomon Islands It was a P-38 Lightning. The last time Admiral Yamamoto checked, the Nipponese Air Force wasn't flying any of those. - Solomon Islands ELIZA: What sort of whore do you suppose I am, then, monsieur? COMTE d'AVAUX: That is what I am trying to establish. - Amstelveen, Nederland Countless opera-glasses trained on Eliza & Monmouth…owners like goggle-eyed amphibians crowded together on a bank - Amsterdam, Nederland Abraham de la Vega hid in the wings with a spyglass, made of lenses ground, to tolerances of a few .0000'', by his cousin, Baruch de Spinoza - Amsterdam, Nederland d'AVAUX: ½ London's learned of your charms…Duke’s descriptions are unspeakably vulgar—when not completely incoherent - Amsterdam, Nederland SLUY: Jews don’t go 2 Opera—against their religion! ELIZA: "Thou shalt not attend the Opera"…Is that Exodus or Deuteronomy? #Quicksilver - Amsterdam, Nederland D’Avaux took Eliza’s remark as a witticism. Mr. Sluys took it as stupidity, and got sexually aroused. #Quicksilver - Amsterdam, Nederland SLUYS: Very well. Thank you, mademoiselle. I am in your debt enormously. ELIZA: Mr. Sluys—you have NO idea. - Amsterdam, Nederland @LillyLyle Don't worry, while I don't subscribe to the All Stephenson Endings Suck school, they aren't quotable either. - Amsterdam, Nederland Autoplay should be default for all children's DVDs. • Insert disk • Refill sippy cup • Return to poker game - Las Vegas, NV @remittancegirl @bbc4 I've subscribed to the podcast version. Thanks. - Memphis, TN @timl HYPER KENJA TIME - Memphis, TN @ChateauErin Spoilers? - Memphis, TN My colleagues go backpacking to think. I go to a good hardware store; head for the oiliest, dustiest corners #Zodiac - Boston, MA @gregvaneekhout I still want to rig up a cosplay of this and go there. Or just wear it here at my office! - Memphis, TN @ChateauErin Here: - Ferguson, MO An idea springs out of Lawrence's forehead…Good ideas are just there all of a sudden, like angels in the Bible - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon NELL: Explain protocol. [how she talked 2 Primer] RITA: You need to watch your manners. Don't say 'explain this/explain that" #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 NELL: Would it impose on your time unduly 2 provide me w/a concise explanation of the term "protocol"? RITA: <nervous laughter> #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 @ChateauErin He could pull it off. But technically, they need someone who can pass for DMS' Anglo-Filipino makeup. - Ferguson, MO @ChateauErin There's gonna be somebody on Hollywood's mid B-list with Latino heritage. Someone who gets offered Native American roles. - Ferguson, MO @ChateauErin Like Benjamin Bratt, currently 52, whose mom is indigenous Peruvian. - Ferguson, MO SANGAMON TAYLOR: Goddamnit, every corporation throwing shit in the ocean claims it's going to become habitat for marine life! #Zodiac - Boston, MA FISHEYE: Shut Up…When you drive outta here, you don't thank me for being alive JASON <nods> F: Don't even nod, that's how much you annoy me - Los Angeles, CA L BOB RIFE: Yeah, a monopolist's work is never done. No such thing—perfect monopoly. Seems like you can never get that last 0.1% #SnowCrash - Dallas, TX L BOB RIFE: Most countries are static. But America's like a clanking, smoking machine…lumbers across landscape scooping/eating everything - Dallas, TX L BOB RIFE: Used 2 wonder who the hell these guys were, on Crete. Everyone was so scared of them…must have been some mean sons of bitches. - Κρήτη, Ελλάς LBR: Shit, boy. It's just a figure of speech. They •Get decent jobs •Find Christ •Buy Weber grills Happily ever after. Whats wrong w/that? - Dallas, TX UNCLE ENZO: Why don't you wear a helmet? YT: They say it doesn't affect hearing, but it does. E: We felt the same way in Vietnam. - Los Angeles, CA Y.T. wants to ask Uncle Enzo how he went from the ultimate rebellion [joining .mil] to running the family beeswax. She doesn't. - Los Angeles, CA YT: I can't take jobs from a customer. You have 2 call the 800 number. FISHEYE: Jeez, what kind of a fucking dickhead do you think I am? - Los Angeles, CA YT: What happened to your eye? FISHEYE: Ice pick, Bayonne, 1985. Any other questions? #SnowCrash - Los Angeles, CA A second later, Y.T.'s personal phone rings. FISHEYE: Fucking pick it up. - Los Angeles, CA Yulassetar Crade body-checks man, stopping in midair. "CONSERVATION OF MOMENTUM. IT'S NOT JUST A GOOD IDEA—IT'S THE LAW!" #Anathem - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, France I think time travelers fucked some shit up. - Washington, DC Buckaroo Banzai: You remind me of someone I once knew. Penny Priddy: Was she... very beautiful? BB: She was... Queen of the Netherlands - Nederland @axelbeer May the peace continue. - Nederland No wonder Kurtz put a weed up Command's ass. - Khánh Hòa, Việt Nam Learned REM's "Superman" is a cover of a 1969 song* & immediately told an intern… INTERN: By R.E…who? *The Clique - Athens, GA Unassigned Diamond Age clip - Palestine, TX "Which path do you intend to take, Nell?" said the Constable, sounding very interested. "Conformity or rebellion?" - 上海, 中华人民共和国 DR X: You do these things not to serve your Queen but to serve your own nature, John Hackworth. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 @DoctorOctothorp I used to think Jumpin' Jack Flash was a Peter Frampton original. Had it on 8-Track. - Los Angeles, CA Mint St…guarded by 3 men, each carrying the *ne plus ultra* of Mobb control weapons…a blunderbuss. #SystemoftheWorld - City of London, London JACK SHAFTOE: That’s IT? SATURN [in trance]: This is the Pyx. - City of London, London JACK: You know, in any other country, they’d go to a bit of trouble, wouldn’t they, to make it be dazzling. But this is just a bloody box. - City of London, London SATURN: Objects that perform the essential functions of a box, are unavoidably boxy…If it makes you feel any better, the locks are excellent - City of London, London DE GEX: You of all people ought to be more alive to the passage of time. SATURN: But Saturn was Time’s lord, not its servant. #SystemotWorld - City of London, London SATURN: It is only when I am at work on the innards of a clock—or a lock—that time stops. DE GEX: The clock stops, you mean. SATURN: No. - City of London, London JACK SHAFTOE: You were right. It’s [Newton's padlock] bloody amazing. SATURN: Decorative. And clever. But still a lock. <flips vacant hasp> - City of London, London …meanwhile, off Shive Tor: Sir Isaac Newton & Daniel Waterhouse regarded the big locked chest, and listened to it tick. - Sheerness, England That he’d been trapped by Jack Shaftoe was only now trespassing on the frontiers of Newton's awareness. #ShiveTor - Sheerness, England DANIEL: What happens if you fire a musket w/the ramrod in the barrel? DRAGOON REDSHIRT: Sgt Shaftoe thrashes you w/in an inch of your life! - Sheerness, England Book 7 CURRENCY "There was the usual amount of corruption, intimidation, and rioting." —Sir Chalres Petrie, on a Parliamentary election - City of London, London Only 1 heirloom passed to Caroline upon her mother’s death that couldn't be taken from her: the title of Princess - Brandenburg, Deutschland PRINCESS WILHELMINA CAROLINE OF BRANDENBURG-ANSBACH: It is indeed a faery-tale, but it is also *my* story…and my story has a Doctor in it. - Brandenburg, Deutschland Caroline's grandchildren will reign over British Empire while the Braithwaites' lose at cards & kill themselves w/gin in mildewy salons - City of London, London @Filoffen I haven not listened to anyone's føjede dig. - City of London, London Mrs Root2702 demanded to know why our 12yo son has seen 7 episodes of Breaking Bad instead of talking-dog movies. I blamed it on all y'all. - Albuquerque, NM @abbosolerio Connaught. - Albuquerque, NM @TragicSandwich @panzertron I am willing to grant Olivia Munn a great deal of latitude in this project. - Memphis, TN @TragicSandwich @panzertron Ms. Chang is Amy at 45 (c 2020) trying to reign in Glory Waterhouse's (17yo) powers of innovation/destruction. - Palo Alto, CA @TragicSandwich @panzertron HELL yeah. - Palo Alto, CA I hear they got some tasty burgers. - Los Angeles, CA Keep a hardcopy of this in your pocket. Comes in handy a lot. - Norfolk, VA Wait Still stands by Faith Waterhouse. Enoch, home-wrecker, remains guiltily apart, silver hair glowing like white fire in full moon-light. - Boston, MA This is the moment, then. Nazis are right over THERE & it is the job of Bobby Shaftoe &, to a lesser degree, Enoch Root, to kill them all. - Umeå, Sverige YT: Your destiny is marked in some way, Nell. Known it since Lord Finkle-McGraw asked me 2 admit you into my academy - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Mrs Hackworth: Whats this? A little girl who doesn't like hot chocolate? Nell: It's fine. The question is, do I NEED it? #PassedBechdelTest - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Equity Lord Alexander Chung-Sik Finkle-McGraw: When I was a lad, that word [hacker] had a double meaning. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 ROOT: I talk to the good guys SHAFTOE: Who are? R: Long story. If you live, maybe I'll introduce you to some of them - Solomon Islands It's November 1942, and a simply unbelievable amount of shit is going on, all at once, everywhere. #Cryptonomicon - Milton Keynes, England @ian_ruotsala It's in the chapter entitled "Funkspiel" a bit before the midpoint of the book. - Milton Keynes, England @NobAkimoto Merely a Rootrep. One eye out for for talent. "Talent was not rare; the ability to survive having it was." - Truth or Consequences, NM Randy Waterhouse is not planning to stray far from his car, so he just blocks in another car. #Cryptonomicon - Los Altos, CA Randy is watching a man with long hair and a beard methodically ramming shells into a pump shotgun. #SecretAdmirers #fiftysix #MikeORMark - Los Altos, CA @thomassturm @agoX Had I written it, I would have wasted enough time securing URLs and easter-egging the world to have written another book - Los Altos, CA Randy climbs onto the roof of his car w/his laptop & his Value Meal *n.* (After Amy rammed it with the truck, Randy became much less anal) - Los Altos, CA Randy recognizes [shotgun] as Mike or Mark, a graphics card hacker who farms ostriches in Gilroy (quirky hobbies being *de rigueur* in Tech) - Los Altos, CA Theyre surrounded by concentric rings of cops, media & law firm minions—collectively, what Tolkien would call "Men" - Los Altos, CA Men, & a few non– or post human creatures imbued with peculiar physiognomies and vaguely magical powers: - Los Altos, CA Dwarves: steady productive surly Elves: brilliant ethereal Randy (Dwarf) realizes his grandfather = Elf Avi = Man, with a strong Elvish glow - Los Altos, CA Randy opens a terminal window and types telnet and in a few seconds BANG! He gets a login prompt. #Cryptonomicon - Los Altos, CA His pc recognizes as a S/WAN machine…definitely a good idea when you're about to do something illegal over the radio - Los Altos, CA Mike or Mark strides across the Park n Lock, tracked carefully by panning cameraman, and jogs across the street to the 24 Jam #Cryptonomicon - Los Altos, CA Randy logs onto using ssh to further encrypt …Once patched into the anonymizer, Randy types telnet crypt.kk⏎ & prays - Los Altos, CA In the 24 Jam lot, Mike or Mark joins 3 other elvish looking sorts in hats & bandannas, whom Randy IDs via length/color of ponytails/beards - Los Altos, CA SecretAdmirers having energetic/happy conversation, tho it looks forced because, to a man, they're carrying long weapons out in plain sight - Los Altos, CA One has a hunting rifle & the others are slinging rudimentary looking guns w/side banana clips. Randy thinks that these are HEAP guns. - Los Altos, CA This scene, not surprisingly, has caught the attention of the police, who have surrounded these 4 with squad cars. #Cryptonomicon - Los Altos, CA Concealed weapons are…heavily regulated & unconcealed ones are not. Secret Admirers go around CONSPICUOUSLY armed 2 point out this absurdity - Los Altos, CA Their point: Who gives a shit about concealed wpns, since they're only useful for defending vs criminal assault, which almost never happens? - Los Altos, CA "The reason Constitution provides Right is defending against oppressive governments, & when it comes to that, handguns are close 2 useless" - Los Altos, CA Quoting this part of Cryptonomicon, I'm keeping a eye out for N®A and Br@dyCampgn bots. Any second they could… - Los Altos, CA "So (according 2 these guys) if youre going 2 assert your right 2 keep & bear arms you should do it openly, by packing something really big" - Los Altos, CA A bunch of junk scrolls up Randy's screen. WELCOME TO THE CRYPT then there's a paragraph about what a great idea the Crypt is… #Cryptnomicon - Los Altos, CA Randy Waterhouse very much wishes that Douglas MacArthur Shaftoe could somehow be made aware of what a ballsy thing he is doing here. - Los Altos, CA DOUGLAS MACARTHUR SHAFTOE: Randy! Well, I've just been watching you on television. It takes a minute for that to sink in. - Los Altos, CA ☎? You call that subtle? You think you & Doug Shaftoe are the only 2 people who know Sultan Class passengers can receive incoming calls? - San Francisco, CA Randy's certain he's never heard this voice before: Voice of an old man. Not cracking, but slowly worn smooth, like the steps of a cathedral - San Francisco, CA World class cereal eating is a dance of fine compromises. #Cryptonomicon @RealCapnCrunch - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon @ErisianLib It's where you suddenly realize you're in another genre. One that you're certain you've never heard before. - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon Just realized that Cap'n Crunch and I are the same age. Born under JFK, weaned under LBJ, became self-aware under Nixon. - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon I'd rather stub out cigarettes on my tongue than go shopping. Hitting every furniture store comparing beds made me want 2 die #Cryptonomicon - Palo Alto, CA But I didn't want a shitty bed that would mess up my back. So I went straight down to my local GOMER BOLSTROOD HOME GALLERY #Cryptonomicon - Palo Alto, CA I'd heard talk of Gomer Bolstrood furniture. Women, in particular, seemed to speak of it in hushed, religious tones. #Cyptonomicon #Baroque - Palo Alto, CA It was said that loose curls of walnut & oak from Gomer Bolstrood's block plane were used as tinder beneath the pyres of convicted witches. - Salem, MA @JayAckroyd No. Please. - Salem, MA Gomer Bolstrood was the answer to a question I'd been ruminating over since Granny's funeral: Where does hq grandma furniture come from? - Palo Alto, CA The answer is Gomer Bolstrood…and the price is high. #Cryptonomicon - Palo Alto, CA I was rich & impatient. So I drove to Gomer Bolstrood & stormed thru the door, only to be brought up short by a Receptionist #Cryptonomicon - Palo Alto, CA HIRO: You name it, I'm with them DAEMAN: I'm sorry? [Like human receptionists, she's especially bad at handling irony] #SnowCrash - Palo Alto, CA HIRO: I'm working for the CIA, mafia & Mr Lee DAEMON: I see <makes note> *Also like a human receptionists: impossible to impress #SnowCrash - Los Angeles, CA MR NG: You working with Fisheye? His cig-smoke swirls ostentatiously (Takes as much computing power as modeling the planet's weather system) - Los Angeles, CA My Bolstrood design consultant was Margaret. "Where are the beds?" She stiffened. "Not the kind of place where you can walk into a Bed Room" - Palo Alto, CA As she led me from room to room. I couldn't help noticing that she was wearing black stockings w/seams up the back—perfectly straight seams - Palo Alto, CA There was a 3 month delay while the bed was hand carved by New England craftsmen working at the same wage as plumbers or psychotherapists. - Salem, MA I came to terms w/fact that Virginia couldnt achieve orgasm unless in proximity to—preferably on top of—heirloom grade furniture she owned - Palo Alto, CA "Good afternoon, Sergeant Shaftoe," Reagan says. He has adopted a heavy German accent for some reason. - San Francisco, CA From @tvtropes CRYPTONOMICON page: Ass Shove…Bunny Ears Lawyer…Everyone Knows Morse…Hollywood Hacking (averted) - Seattle, WA The @tvtropes SNOW CRASH list's"Trope Namers": Metaverse & Digital Avatar Also: Absurdly Sharp Blade Crapsack World - Seattle, WA From @tvtropes DIAMOND AGE page: Blazing Inferno Hellfire Sauce Badass Israeli Fluffy the Terrible Planet of Hats - Seattle, WA Many strange things were happening that day, and Lee Harvey Oswald had nothing to do with them. - Dallas, TX Shaftoe had been slowly gathering a reputation as a man who needed watching …The Henschel was coming back for another pass - Italia Shaftoe unslung his tommy gun, pulled back the bolt, cradled it, swung it up and around, and opened fire. - Italia Now some complain that the trench broom lacked penetrating power, but Shaftoe's positive he saw pieces/crap flying from the Henschel's motor - Italia @SarahNEmerson Cover a small bathroom with just 2 pieces of HexaDeck (1 white tile, 1 black?). Take em when you move - Hextable, South East @myownpetard Now you have a place to store all your Matryoshka dolls! - Россия Now that you are in Jupiter's space and the entire crew is revived it can be told to you. - Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL Correlation ≠ causation aside, a bar of soap under my bottom sheet apparently psyches out my 40-amp calf spasms. #DeathToEmpiricism - Wa-Pii Moos-Toosis (White Calf) 83A, Saskatchewan Screaming Females cover "If It Makes You Happy" 0:53 starts 1:45 hmm 2:05 …next 2:09 HOLY FUKING SHIT WHERE DID THA— - Rocker, MT @outcastspice It's the only bullshit folk remedy (for any ailment) that's ever *appeared* to work for me. - Rocker, MT Then they're in Baltimore ripping Ravel a new one with this weird dream Bolero intro to one of their own numbers. - Baltimore, MD "It's Baltimore, gentlemen. The gods will not save you." - Baltimore, MD @RiverboatCapt Yep. But who plays Root? - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon @DDSyrdal I don't know what Stephenson was thinking of there. Plus the Medieval-vintage mounds, like one near my office here in flyoverville - San Luis Obispo, CA Avi's call arrived during conference: "The Intermediate Phase (1939-45) of the Global Hegemony Struggle of the 20th Century (Common Era)" - San Luis Obispo, CA Randy Waterhouse used to be fascinated by software, but now he isn't. It's hard enough to find human beings who are… - San Luis Obispo, CA I have deleted all my recent, underperforming posts. Let that be lesson to the ones remaining. - Truth or Consequences, NM "8 miles high & falling fast"…not Buddy Holly…HE was still undergoing cyborg conversion in 59, couldn't jet that hi… - Россия @SarahNEmerson GET OUT OF THERE RIGHT NOW (take the dog, though) - Truth or Consequences, NM Finally saw it [Deadpool] Hooted, snorted & guffawed. 4²th Wall ref!! @azurelunatic @ReneeStephen @bittersweetdb @stunt_penguin @LillyLyle - New York, USA A driver in Foote Mansion livery has erupted from the Mercedes to divest Mr. Goto of his luggage. #Kinakuta #QueenaKootah #BombAndGrapnel - Negara Brunei Darussalam JACK: We'd installed Mr Foot as Sultan & Surendranath as Grand Wazir, built the Bomb & Grapnel anew—European ships began 2 drop anchor there - Negara Brunei Darussalam And I began to understand that even Queena-Kootah is not so terribly far from London. #BaroqueCycle - Negara Brunei Darussalam Thanks for letting me post this for a little while. I wouldn't dare put it up on any of my IRL accounts. - Truth or Consequences, NM @outcastspice Fascinating glimpse, even through the predictable British lens of "Wotsall this nonsense?" (Note: "simchat" sounds tech-y) - Memphis, TN @outcastspice Yes, it ~looks~ tech-y. Is it pronounced more like seem-hkat? (Warmer or colder?) - Memphis, TN One more good-bye for Jack Chick and then I'm done. - City of London, London Jack the sound barrier. Bring the noise. [Girls rock your boys.] - Redondo Beach, CA @juliangough @stunt_penguin If you start to drown in the CryptoBaroqueNomicon, skip any sections set in italics (in the print editions) - Redondo Beach, CA @stunt_penguin @juliangough Plays, but don't skip all her letters. Lots of hidden exposition in them. Literally hidden. - Redondo Beach, CA @stunt_penguin @juliangough My skip-the-italics advice is best applied to Diamond Age. Read it all on the second reading. No advice 4 audio - Redondo Beach, CA @stunt_penguin @juliangough I hear you. [muffled laugh] - Redondo Beach, CA @Harkaway It's a long, long ride from the days of turning grass into gold by way of sheep. - Redondo Beach, CA That took a while, so Bud picked up the mediatron again and went in a ractive, his favorite, called Shut Up or Die! #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 TERRIBLE EVENTS: worldwide catastrophe, poorly documented, generally assumed 2b the fault of humans, that terminated the Praxic Age #Anathem - Orth an der Donau, Österreich @splendid_savage On the wrecked submarine with a gold bars sloshing around. He meets L. Waterhouse on the nearby ship. - Memphis, TN Pro-Tip: Temporarily delete Twitter and Facebook from your phone or tablet…anything you might read in bed. - Truth or Consequences, NM OK. I haven't forgotten why I'm here. Give me a second to limber up. - Truth or Consequences, NM I'd like to get back in rhythm w/selections from @GreatDismal 's The_Peripheral. Please note: OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR - Wytheville, VA Who is using a Chromebook? I want to know if the cheapest ones ($199) really suck that bad…for a 13yo who isn't the one paying for it. - Memphis, TN @dajerx Pretty savvy, yes, and he already does all his written homework on Google Drive stuff and he uses an Android phone. - Memphis, TN @pewpy My city was bankrupted and depopulated from a mosquito borne virus in 1878. The survivors would have rolled the same dice given oppty - Memphis, TN @SarahNEmerson I saw NB's sold at US Army post exchanges in 1980s as the only premium runner, deep discount. Practically part of uniform kit - Memphis, TN Izmir, 10 NOV 1964 Dad wasn't smiling like this, 13 years later, when I was blowing out the cones in the HiFi behin… - İzmir, Türkiye @HuntSabs @pewpy @heartofeng They seem to have plenty of hounds. Why not hunt them instead? - İzmir, Türkiye @SarahNEmerson Meanwhile I was slapping pavement around Ft Knox in flat-soled Fred Perry Etonics. Got yelled at for popping my collar. #ROTC - İzmir, Türkiye MACON: Nubbins? FLYNNE: No thanks M: They’re fresh! F: All the way from China MACON: Nobody grows pork nubbins juic… - Wytheville, VA @outcastspice How does mine look? - Wytheville, VA @outcastspice I'm all about brand extension - Wytheville, VA The nun brought a map…2 look 4 really weird fossils. Counter-Bazian fundamentalists…ignored this part of the tour as silent protest #Anathem - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, France The counter-Bazians had moved to the foot of Deät to pray. Others, peering into their jeejahs as they snapped phototypes, stumbled/collided - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, France [statue] Our Mother Hylaea…gazes straight up into the light, pointing…lips were parted as if she were beginning to offer some observation. - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, France LOWBEER: You did very well, Mr Netherton N: I scarcely did anything L: Opportunities 2 do badly were manifold…You avoided #ThePeripheral - City of London, London "Sorry I killed your driver & your security detail” said the infomercial voice, like it was apologizing 4 not having 2% milk. #ThePeripheral - City of London, London @nathanluedtke @BrevetCaptain It would not make sense in the US, where guns grow on trees, but it would in over-governed spots. - City of London, London @nathanluedtke @BrevetCaptain The newest of my "little friends" hasn't had a paper trail for 60 yrs. The oldest has passed dwn since pre-WW1 - City of London, London I have already told you of the sickness and confusion that comes with time travelling. – H. G. WELLS epigraph to #ThePeripheral - Wytheville, VA The Notting Hill house had been Lev’s grandfather’s first London real estate, acquired midcentury, just as the jackpot really got going. - London, England Listening to her, Netherton found he lost himself, not unpleasantly. Her accent fascinated him, a voice out of pre‑jackpot America. - London, England FLYNNE: What’s that, Wilf…the jackpot? … Something stilled the part of him that knitted narrative, grew underbrush of lies in which he lived - Wytheville, VA Jackpot was multicausal…no particular beginning…no end. More a climate than an event…not the way apocalypse stories liked 2 have a big event - Wytheville, VA So now, in her day, he said, they were headed into androgenic, systemic, multiplex, seriously bad shit, like she sort of knew #ThePeripheral - Wytheville, VA Flynne figured everybody knew, except for people saying it wasn’t happening & those people were mostly expecting the Second Coming anyway. - Wytheville, VA She’d looked across the lawn past stunted boxwoods while Wilf told her the jackpot killed 80% of every last person alive, over 40 yr span - Wytheville, VA No comets crashing, nothing to really call a nuclear war. Just everything else, tangled in the changing climate #Jackpot #ThePeripheral - Wytheville, VA water shortages, crop failures, honeybees gone like they almost were now, collapse of keystone species, every last alpha predator gone - Wytheville, VA But science, he said, had been the wild card, the twist. With everything stumbling deeper into a ditch of shit, science had started popping. - Wytheville, VA Flynne looked at the moon. It would look the same, she guessed, through the decades he’d sketched for her. #ThePeripheral - Wytheville, VA None of that had necessarily been as bad for very rich people. The richest had gotten richer, there being fewer to own whatever there was. - Wytheville, VA FLYNNE: Who runs it, then? WILF: Oligarchs, corps, neomonarchists. Hereditary monarchies provided conveniently familiar armatures. - Wytheville, VA Records during the deeper jackpot are nonexistent in the U.S. There was a brief .mil-gov that erased random swathes of data…no one knows why - Baltimore, MD The thylacine…regarded him beadily & yawned, dropping a jaw of undoglike length, like a small crocodile’s but opening in the oppo direction - Baltimore, MD @stephjoke Agreed on both points - Baltimore, MD So that's all the mentions of the "jackpot" in @GreatDismal's The_Peripheral that are 140-friendly. At least the mo… - Baltimore, MD @PhilCatelinet I can't imagine nanotech and Star Trek medical advances being achieved in a Grapes of Wrath/V for Vendetta world - Baltimore, MD @PhilCatelinet But I'm not a futurist. - Baltimore, MD Urban Dictionary: the Authoritative Source - Roma, Lazio @DoctorOctothorp They don't sell beer on Sundays on Mindoro, either. Should have mentioned that, too. - Baltimore, MD @ChateauErin Need to be specifically careful about Causal Domain Shear* Keep up with your designated buddy. Don't freak on mirrors. #Anathem - Baltimore, MD @dangerdaveball I've never heard him in any other context. Just the podcast. - Baltimore, MD Motivational poster I made in 2007 from a photo I took from a rail bridge in Memphis (2003). Quote was from same ye… - Memphis, TN We read "demonitization" as DEMONization. We regret the error. - Memphis, TN Randy's cereal spoon: So large, most European cultures would identify it as a serving spoon & most Asian ones as a… - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon JOHN CANTRELL: Beryl's flying back to SF from Amsterdam… Strange government shit is going on there. I'll tell you later. #Cryptonomicon - Negara Brunei Darussalam Randy was about to tell Cantrell about Pontifex, but they are very close to the halal Dunkin' Donuts, and people are looking at them. - Negara Brunei Darussalam Randy cant figure who buys all this liquor & expensive belts. What blandly orgiastic lifestyle demands this selecti… - Negara Brunei Darussalam Randy wonders why he feels so much more settled about [Crypt, guns, feds] than Cantrell, & then recalls he has nothing left to lose. - Negara Brunei Darussalam on notepad Randy writes "We've been under srv'nce by former NSA honcho gone private. Prob. working for 1 or more C… - Negara Brunei Darussalam JOHN CANTRELL (mouthing it): How do you know? RANDY WATERHOUSE (writes): I was contacted by a Wizard. - Negara Brunei Darussalam The list of Post-Apocalyptic Dogs under FILM seems short, but I can't think of any other "major film" examples: - Dogtown, ME They were in a booth…restaurant near the Bund that supposedly simulated an American diner on the eve of the JFK assassination. #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 @LillyLyle He remains Sphinx...what's the adjective form of Sphinx? Never mind. Taciturn. He's a real t… What's the noun form of taciturn? - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Hey did anyone write down @nealstephenson's Twitter password? I think he needs it. - Seattle, WA Daniel Waterhouse might've brought these aimless ingenieurs 2 order…but he'd given them freedom 2 make & work on wh… - City of London, London WILKINS: Every time Mr Hooke peers at something w/his Microscope he finds it divided up into small compartments…he'… - City of London, London Lev made a small, quick, pianist‑like, iconically Russian gesture: ~Klept, to some º~ “I see” said Netherton…who didn’t #ThePeripheral - City of London, London Detective Inspector Ainsley Lowbeer smiled, revealing expensively imperfect teeth. #ThePeripheral - City of London, London “It’s rather complicated.” “I’m rather good at complications, Mr. Netherton.” #ThePeripheral - City of London, London Charlie didn't get much WiFi - City of London, London What is your favorite *speaking role* by A-list directors who didn't direct the film? (no cameos, no Actor/Directors) - West Hollywood, CA @igallupd *sketching rough outline of "Sexy Charley-Horse" Halloween costume* - West Hollywood, CA TFW you get caught red-handed stealing a fish from Ivan the Bear. - Россия Waterhouse sniffs out the nerve center in the old whorehouse. - Brisbane, Queensland Superannuated Aus. Guards in jaunty asymmetrical hats ring the place, clutching blunderbusses. Unlike Mrs McTeague… - Brisbane, Queensland Abe Sinkov writes Lawrence Waterhouse a new set of papers, giving him a clearance that is very high, but not so hig… - Brisbane, Queensland @multikultivator Too Like the Lightning by @Ada_Palmer - Memphis, TN @multikultivator Angelmaker by @Harkaway (current book, and not anticipating a sucky ending) - Memphis, TN @multikultivator And how many times have you already read @GreatDismal The Peripheral? If more than twice, try reading it standing on 1 foot - Memphis, TN So there's an industry in covering #VincentBlackShadow1952: Del McCoury, Robt Earl Keene, Reckless Kelly… & 3 sirens - Camden Town, London SMILEY: Ever bought a fake picture? TOBY: Sold a couple once. S: The more you pay for it, the less inclined you R t… - City of London, London Lawrence Waterhouse: We're ships passing in the night, you & I. Alan Turing: We are PASSENGERS on ships passing in… - Milton Keynes, England TURING: They need you because I'm leaving…all of the 2701 work H2Ohouse: Detachment ~2702~ now TURING [crestfallen]: You noticed - Milton Keynes, England Randy ambles thru HND w/slowness infuriating 2 travelers whove been strapped n2 bad chairs, stuffed into an aluminum tube aslosh w/jet fuel - 日本 東京 Randy is holding his new GSM phone to the side of his head. Supposedly it works anywhere in the world, except for t… - 日本 東京 Airport video: Wacky cartoon professor & adorable canine sidekick cheerfully tick off the 3 transmission routes of AIDS virus #Cryptonomicon - 日本 東京 Most of the waiting passengers are Nipponese vacationers…watching an educational video about how to get mugged in foreign countries. - 日本 東京 Old man studied noodles 40 yrs…showing me how to eat: "Master? Soup 1st or noodles?" "1st observe the whole bowl" ⏎ - 長野 長野市 Appreciate its gestalt. Savor the aromas. Jewels of fat glittering on surface. Shinachiku roots shining. Seaweed sl… - 長野 長野市 Concentrate on the 3 pork slices They play the key role, but stay modestly hidden 1st caress the surface w/chopstic… - 長野 長野市 Then poke the pork. "Eat the pork first?" No. Just touch it. Caress it with the chopstick tips & dip it into soup o… - 長野 長野市 What's important here is to apologize to the pork by saying "see you soon." Finally, start eating—the noodles first… - 長野 長野市 Oh, at this time, while slurping the noodles, look at the pork. "Yes." Eye it affectionately. [He bit some shinachiku root, chewed awhile] ⏎ - 長野 長野市 Then he took some noodles. Still chewing noodles, he took some more shinachiku. Then he sipped some soup. Three times. [END] #Tampopo - 長野 長野市 Bobby Shaftoe had been trained to eat insects, and to bite the heads off chickens, so he figured he could handle this. #Cryptonomicon - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Randy Waterhouse hates StarTrek—avoids people who don't, but even so he's seen about every episode of the damn thing. #Cryptonomicon - Palo Alto, CA Uncle Red [pt-time alchemist?] wanders over and disappears behind one of the dead cars, presumably to take a leak #Cryptonomicon #saltpeter - Palo Alto, CA AUNT NINA: How about you, Randy? As the eldest son of the eldest son, you must have some feelings about this. #GomerBolstrood - Cheney, WA RANDY: No doubt my parents'll pass on some of Grandma/Grandpa's legacy. NINA: Very circumspect, but must be someth… - Cheney, WA Then like an almost perfect moron—organism genetically engineered to be a total, stupid idiot—Randy glances directl… - Cheney, WA Aunt Nina is walking around the Trunk, kind of spiraling in towards it in a rapidly decaying orbit. "Hmm. What's in… - Cheney, WA RANDY: Old Japanese code books. Bundles of ETC cards NINA: Marcus?! MARCUS AURELIUS SHAFTOE: Yes, ma'am! [returning from -y/-x quadrant] - Cheney, WA AUNT NINA: What is the angle exactly in between the +x & +y axes? I would ask the referee, here, but I have doubts… - Cheney, WA AUNT NINA: Take this big trunk on that strong back of yours & just split the middle between +x and +y axes & keep walking until I say when! - Cheney, WA The chances of anyone other than Nina ending up w/trunk are miserable, since she left almost everything clumped around the Origin. - Cheney, WA Randy's seen this gravy boat ≈20 times, always at family reunions, and seeing it now roils up a whole silt-cloud of long-settled emotions. - Cheney, WA He reaches out, & Mom remits it to his mittened hands. He pretends 2 admire it from the side & flips it 2 read the… - Cheney, WA ROYAL ALBERT LAVENDER ROSE… For a moment he's sweating under a vertical sun on a rocking boat, smelling the neopren… - Cheney, WA Then he's back in the Palouse. - Cheney, WA GOTO DENGO: What is your specialty? Lt. Ninomiya responds by opening case to reveal a surveyor's transit swaddled i… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas Another case contains an equally perfect sextant. Goto Dengo gawks. - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas The gleaming perfection of the instruments is a marvel But even more marvelous: They sent him a surveyor only 12 da… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas ROYAL ALBERT bone china LAVENDER ROSE England - Cheney, WA @LauraMore8 It worked nicely as a double reference. "Man" + that island kind of fits the descriptions of Qwghlm…or I can't find a closer rep - Cheney, WA @DoctorOctothorp I'm just glad that food packaging in my local cine monopoly is quiet. And rising ticket prices has reduced bored chatter - Cheney, WA @LauraMore8 Late 17th Century: Tag-HUM. 20th Century: TAGh'm sources: audiobooks and - Webster City, IA @Harkaway Canada is going to be pretty fucking crowded once 51% of the UK and USA are living there, arguing over how to spell TIRE CENTRE. - Winnipeg, Manitoba @anarchival Oh, I think they have that app on the Google Play store - Winnipeg, Manitoba I like to think Apocalypse Now was really HER story. - Việt Nam @Harkaway Donnie. But I like to name lots of things that. - Việt Nam @younghennessey Oh yeah. _National Lampoon's Vietnam_ aka Apocalypse Now Redux. - Việt Nam Only 1 of my city's imperial overlords survived Madame La Guillotine this weekend: The Kingdom of France. Victims:… - Memphis, TN I gotta business to run. I gotta kick asses sometimes to make it run right. We had a little argument, Freddy & me…I… - Las Vegas, NV FENCHURCH: You spoke to him. ARTHUR DENT: I spoke to his wife. She said he was too weird to come to the phone right now & could I call back. - Islington, London They stayed for one night in a hotel on Sunset Boulevard which someone had told them they would enjoy being puzzled by. #SoLongThx4AllFish - Los Angeles, CA @DukeStevoMack @BBC_TopGear Now we mourn the early days of @FastFurious, when Mitsubishi Eclipses were giants walking the earth - Dothan, AL If Goldfinger cheated at cards [& didn't need $]…he'd made himself rich by cheating on much bigger scale. Bond was… - Palm Beach, FL Bond frowned. The only remedy against a cheat at golf is not to play, but…Bond would just have to beat Goldfinger,… - Palm Beach, FL SHAFTOE: Sir! Are you saying the lizard's a metaphor sir!" COL: Yes S: Sir! I'd respectfully like 2 know how that N… - Annapolis, MD @onesarahjones After all, you can't spell Jerusalem without USA! Annnnnd you can't spell #MAGA without Gog and Magog! - Magog, Québec MAJOR: This Reagan fellow says u also made disparaging comments about Gen MacArthur SHAFTOE: Sir, a sonofabitch wh… - Magog, Québec The major and the colonel look at each other. It is clear that they have, wordlessly, just arrived at some decision. - Annapolis, MD The Recruitment Office is nervous that you're going to be in West Bumfuck, Arkansas, & suddenly you're going to scare everyone shitless - West Memphis, AR COL: We have another job for you…part of something very special SHAFTOE: Sir! Marine Raiders're already special— COL: That's not what I mean - Annapolis, MD The colonel puts his hand in his pocket, jingles coins, then reaches up & checks his shave. "Not exactly a Marine Corps assignment." - Annapolis, MD British coinage clanking in his pockets, Lawrence Pritchard Waterhouse walks down a street wearing the uniform of a commander in the US Navy - City of London, London Waterhouse arrives w/out further life-threats, unless u count being a short plane ride from a tightly organized horde of murderous Germans - City of London, London The Broadway Buildings (actually 1 bldg): Like every other intelligence HQ Waterhouse had seen, it is a great disap… - City of London, London For ♕planetologist Pardot Kynes, Arrakis = • Expression of energy • Machine driven by its sun Fremen: •eco-force •a… - Sand City, CA I'm not due to re-read Dune again for about 9 [solar] years, but I'm thinking about postponing Christmas to do it t… - Sand City, CA Jumping jacks. Monkey wrenching. Champagne séance. Fantasy badminton. Snide remarks. Dueling. <yawns> <farts> Let's call it a day. - Memphis, TN Charles I of England ain't got time for it. - Sand City, CA Commodore Sir John L. Bigelow ain't got time for it. #RaisetheTitanic! - Falmouth, England The Earl of Dorincourt ain't got time for it. - England, United Kingdom The "nodal points" in @GreatDismal's All_Tomorrows_Parties. ♕Edward3 (Eng ®1327-77) was a real 1. Succession disputes hinged on his DNA - England, United Kingdom LANEY: I can see the nodal points in history. Last time was 1911. YAMAZAKI: What happened? LANEY: Everything change… - 日本 東京 @anarchival It was wrong. I drank Dr Pepper during the interregnum. - Truth or Consequences, NM Coppola stole this idea and put it in Apocalypse Now, except instead of a pool table he used several helicopters… - Việt Nam @saucissonsec Just read that he played the lonely poor kid in The Polar Express with Tom Hanks. Maybe he's the man-behind-the-man all along? - Việt Nam You know? If they ever do make a movie or miniseries from a @nealstephenson novel, we're all going to HATE the new… - Seattle, WA Padishah Emp Shaddam IV: I'll take your brother & this planet & grind them to— *Room rumbles/shakes around them…san… - Dunes, France "I'm sorry, Grandfather," Alia said. "You've met the Atreides gom jabbar." She got to her feet, dropped a dark need… - Dunes, France ARCHITECT: Which has led you, inexorably, here. NEO: You haven’t answered my question. - District of Columbia, USA NEO: You haven’t answered my question. ARCHITECT: Quite right. Interesting. That was quicker than the others. - District of Columbia, USA Already I can see the chain reaction…chemical precursors that signal onset of emotion, designed specifically 2 over… - District of Columbia, USA ARCHITECT: Hope…quintessential human delusion…your greatest strength & weakness. NEO: If I were you, I would hope t… - District of Columbia, USA “Stun grenades?” “Or tear gas” Marlon & Csongor could communicate very clearly as long as they hewed to vocabulary from video games #Reamde - 中华人民共和国 Yuxia intervened. “Csongor’s supposed to be telling us who he is,” she reminded Marlon. “Grenade can be explained later.” #Reamde - 中华人民共和国 CSONGOR: You guys know anything about Hungary? Marlon surprisingly mentioned '56 Olympic water polo team…where his knowledge began/ended - 中华人民共和国 CSONGOR: It is a long story. I could start with the Battle of Stalingrad and go on from there. But… [He stopped, sighed, and considered it.] - 中华人民共和国 Hungary was an embedded system. It was idle to dream of it being a thousand times larger and surrounded by a saltwater moat. #Reamde - 中华人民共和国 Waiting for @nealstephenson novels…drops of water from dry cave ceiling, Reamde was a little disappointing. Much be… - 中华人民共和国 @myownpetard Hey, no Captain Crunch, no Duke of Turing/Primer machine code classes, NO GLOSSARY…almost no rape…never mind - 中华人民共和国 @kiwireportfeed Her father, an attorney, has dealt with various websites stalking her. Wondering if kiwi report is paying her for this $ ad - District of Columbia, USA It was on one of those trudges—the very last leg—that Yul finally asked me about the parking ramp dinosaur. #Anathem #JurassicParking - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, France They had uncovered a complete skeleton of a 100' long reptile embedded in synthetic stone that had only been poured… - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, France 1 night chanting was heard from Thousanders' tower…all night. Next day, the parking ramp was back to normal. So the… - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, France I got embarrassed. Horribly, mud-on-the-head embarrassed. These people *were* from the Ringing Vale. - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, France My executive order: Henceforth "Hail to the Chief" is only played in a minor key, & cymbals will be replaced with p… - West Point, NY @starfishncoffee - West Point, NY @KristerR Plenty of state-fair talent contest winners. Boy bands. The Who, whenever Keith and Pete temporarily disabled their instruments - West Point, NY @KristerR - West Point, NY @TheRickWilson - West Point, NY @panzertron @washingtonpost - West Point, NY I don't need a flare. He's real close. - Việt Nam It's been mentioned before, but bears repeating. Follow-through and proper stance are key in punching Nazis. - Paris, France @melrose_planet We're not going to see any dogs allowed in the West Wing, much less the residential floor. - Paris, France Poignant images from #BowlingGreen candlelight vigil, at the site of the massacre. - Bowling Green, KY William Faulkner put a character named "Wallstreet Panic Snopes" in The_Hamlet. Those were some mad search-engine o… - Oxford, MS Found the original protest police-evasion tactic quote: Foucault's_Pendulum by Umberto Eco. - Paris, France 84 Lumber is not the logo I expected at the end of that advertisement - México @astronautgo He's still too old for Jedi training. - México "Are they true universal Turing machines?" Waterhouse blurts "No" Chattan says, w/gentle, sad smile…"Perhaps next… - Milton Keynes, England CHATTAN: I put it to you now. How would you go about concealing from your friend Rudy that we have a lot of tall girls here? #Cryptonomicon - Milton Keynes, England Chalkboard…not well erased. Waterhouse sees old calculations fading into blackness like transmissions of white lig… - Milton Keynes, England CHATTAN: But now you've dug yourself another hole. He is regarding Waterhouse through a motionless cloud of cigar… - Milton Keynes, England WATERHOUSE: Dr. von Hacklheber will notice that. He'll realize that someone's been tampering with his channel. - Milton Keynes, England Chattan continues to look at him expectantly. WATERHOUSE: Sooo…The addition of a few bizarre anomalies makes it all… - Milton Keynes, England CHATTAN: Our squad is in North Africa, even as we speak, widening the bell curve. Making it all look perfectly norm… - Milton Keynes, England SHAFTOE: Dear Lord, forgive this marine for these his duties Forgive this marine's superiors & THEIR superiors 4 getting whole deal together - Algiers Report on corpse: SHAFTOE: Blond LT ETHERIDGE: OK S: Blue eyed LT: Good S: Anteater not mushroom LT: Huh? S: He's not circumcised, sir! - Algiers When Bobby Shaftoe was still in Oconomowoc, he helped his brother move a mattress upstairs…learning difficulty of heavy but floppy objects - Algiers PFC Hott, may God have mercy on his soul, is a heavy SOB, and so it is excellent luck that he is frozen solid.… - Algiers CANTRELL: So, you know Andrew Loeb [He's dismayed yet impressed…as if Randy had beaten a man to death & just never bothered 2 mention it] - Negara Brunei Darussalam Geotagging Note: Since Kinakuta (Queena-Kootah) is not available in Twitter's location list, I use nearby Brunei. (… - Negara Brunei Darussalam RANDY: Circles that Loeb fits = primitive survivalists & people believing they've been Satanic/ritually abused. … T… - Negara Brunei Darussalam TOM: He mulled over the Internet while doing whatever Andrew Loeb does. RANDY: Squatting naked in icy streams stran… - Negara Brunei Darussalam TOM: Loeb showed up & started yammering about hive minds. CANTRELL: And was flamed to a crisp by Eutropians…That co… - Negara Brunei Darussalam Bizarre forktailed American planes dive from the sun daily 2 murder them w/terrible glowing rains of cannonfire & m… - Papua New Guinea It's not a very good idea. But they have been getting bombed a lot. - Papua New Guinea LETO: You're the ecologist. KYNES: We prefer the old title here, my Lord. Planetologist - Dunes, France PAUL: The gift is the blessing of the river* Kynes thought of the legend "They will greet you w/Holy Words & your gifts will be a blessing" - Dunes, France Kynes had gone native. - Dunes, France Kynes turned 2 Paul. "Now, let's have a look at you" He straightened, stepped back w/puzzled expression: "You've wo… - Dunes, France @Neefsck Perhaps the Lisan al-Gaib, the Voice from the Outer World, is near. - Dunes, France And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE… - Iraq @KevinMKruse about George Hamilton? - Memphis, TN I don't like sewing machines.¹ ____ ¹ Stephenson, Neal. _Zodiac. Atlantic Monthly Press, 1988. p. 74. - Boston, MA If you encounter a "Southerner" addressing 1 person as "y'all," shoot this spy without hesitation. If heard in a mo… - Dixie Inn, LA Mission Control, this is X-ray-Delta-One At 20:45, on-board fault prediction in 9000 computer showed AE35 unit pro… - Thousand Palms, CA X-RAY DELTA ONE, your computer may have made an error in predicting the fault. Both our own nine-triple-zeros agree… - Thousand Palms, CA Discovery was no longer a happy ship. - Thousand Palms, CA "Looper" was a lot better than I thought it would be. - United States @KevPharmacist Progressing from coin-trick > Zippo trick > Sith lord choking > Tunguska event - United States Looper's Pierce Gagnon could have sold us on Ani Skywalker's Sith destiny. - United States ABE: Ditch work this afternoon & I'll show you the most important thing that any living organism has ever witnessed… - Texas, USA AARON: You want to put my camcorder inside the box that's so dangerous we can't look into it? #Primer - Texas, USA ABE: I mean, this isn't frame dragging or wormhole magic. This is basic mechanics and heat 101. AARON: This is NOT… - Texas, USA @KevPharmacist Let's set up a Google Doc to co-write a reboot!!! - Texas, USA When their logic grows cold and all thinking gets done, You'll be warm in the arms of the Mayor of Simpleton. - Simplé, France You know? I have always loved XTC's "Mayor of Simpleton," but my life has generally been lived in total contradiction to its lyrics. - Simplé, France @KevPharmacist In the background, I've been modeling alternates to the telekinesis plot bridge ever since you mentioned that. Hear the hum? - Simplé, France GOP! USA! GOP! USA! NASA engineer Precleared by CBP 4 expedited reentry US citizen Threatened w/jail if he wouldnt… - Texas, USA @TheONiLX Will add that to the List. - Texas, USA STAND BY FOR ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES quotes - Wytheville, VA THROUGH this evening's tide of faces…crowd descending like a single organism into the station's airless heart, comes Shinya Yamazaki - Wytheville, VA @ClarkHat Now you're just showing off. - Wytheville, VA Or, just follow Lucky Dragon Convenience Stores/ @LuckyDragonCS from All Tomorrow's Parties. • Convenient • Afford… - San Francisco, CA NEAL TOWN STEPHENSON. Get your spooky ass back in this house RIGHT THIS MINUTE and get to writing...or tweeting. - Bellevue, WA Time to start culling my underperforming Tweets. - Bellevue, WA @TheONiLX Didn't know you were a Newport smoker! #AliveWithPleasure - Bellevue, WA Ninety-nine. - Palm Beach, FL IVAN PUTIN: Behold I am coming as a thief… & he gathered them all in a place called Armageddon…& the 7th Angel poured forth his bowl #RedOct - ישראל @MicheleLianna @GreatDismal @TheRickWilson Oh yesss; - Memphis, TN "324 million bosses…LONG accustomed to speaking their minds," motherfucker. - Memphis, TN @FredKiesche I'm about half-a-way through this episode! I'm a new listener to both the Pod Save the X casts. - Palm Beach, FL My English translation of the Orange Catholic Bible is all that's gonna get me through this Harkonnen mandate. #Dune - Dunes, France FINKLE-MCGRAW: What makes 1 man's life more interesting than others? HACKWORTH: We find unpredictable or novel thin… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Ordering matter=sole endeavor of Life: • Self-replicating molecules in primordial ocean • English mill turning weeds into clothing #DiaAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 … or Fiona lying in her bed turning air into Fiona. #DiamondAgeOrAYoungLadysPrimer - 上海, 中华人民共和国 "Your case is very serious," Judge Fang said to the boy. "We will go and consult the ancient authorities…." - 上海, 中华人民共和国 The House of the Venerable and Inscrutable Colonel was what they called it when they were speaking Chinese. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Venerable because of his goatee, white as the dogwood blossom, a badge of unimpeachable credibility in Confucian ey… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Inscrutable because he had gone to his grave without divulging the Secret of the Eleven Herbs and Spices.… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 The Indians of the American Southwest called him Coyote Those of the Pacific Coast called him Raven. Europeans call… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 African-Americans called him Br'er Rabbit. In 20th-century literature he appears first as Bugs Bunny and then as th… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Throwbacks to prerational religion Throwbacks 2 Sumer And sure enough, they started talking 2 each other in the ton… - Iraq Info hygiene practiced by Jews kept virus suppressed. But early Christianity was chaos: radicals & free thinkers ෴i… - ישראל It was a viral outbreak: Asherah had been present, lurking in the population, ever since the triumph of the deuter… - ישראל ♕Victoria II extended her hand & he kissed it—racy, but allowed if you were old & stylish like Alexander Chung-Sik Finkle-McGraw #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 If you're in a left window-seat, as Randy Waterhouse is, the view during the final approach looks like a propaganda… - Negara Brunei Darussalam PRACTICE CREATES PERFECTION PERFECTION CREATES POWER POWER CONQUERS LAW LAW CREATES HEAVEN —A helpful reminder from… - United States Under the shallow water, spreading dwn valley floor—around the boulder where Randy's perched—is a bright, thick riv… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas @milliegw @nealstephenson I'm not sure when @GCHQ published this gem, but there're MANY wrong ways 2 make a fellow… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas Randy crawls down under the cover of steam cloud, sensing it's the last privacy he'll ever have & sits down by the edge of the river 2 watch - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas @xiphmont Dad, why does Dr. Lagos have to wear an entire server farm just to @periscopetv Raven? cc @ChateauErin… - Los Angeles, CA HIRO: Impossible. I'm sitting in a van, OK? Jacked in over cellular link. U couldn'tve moved THAT much video to my sys that fast! #SnowCrash - Los Angeles, CA LIBRARIAN: Not necessary. All L Bob Rife video was collected by Lagos & placed in the Babel/Infocalypse stack, alre… - Los Angeles, CA HIRO: What is this video? LIBRARIAN: Odessa, Texas, 1965. L Bob Rife is a fullback…#8 in the dark uniform #SnowCrash - Odessa, TX HIRO: This is more detail than I need. Can you summarize some of these things? LIBRARIAN: No. - Los Angeles, CA The stack contains 11 HS football games. Rife made 2nd string All State team his senior year…there're also 14 tapes of college games. - Houston, TX L Bob Rife became a television sports reporter in the Houston market…there are 50 hrs of footage from this period… #SnowCrash - Houston, TX LIBRARIAN: Then there are no stories for 5 years HIRO: He was up to something L: …begin to see more stories, mostly from Religion sections - Houston, TX HIRO: That sounded like summary to me. I thought you couldn't summarize LIBRARIAN: I was quoting a summary Dr Lagos made to Juanita Marquez - Los Angeles, CA History of Rife gifts to Rev Wayne: $500 Church/Baptism by Fire $2,500 P'cost Youth Lg $150K New Trinity Ch $2.3M R… - Los Angeles, CA LIBRARIAN: $20M to Rife Bible College Archaeology Dept…$45M>Astronomy…$100M>Computer Science HIRO: Pre-hyperinflati… - Texas, USA QUIZ ON FACEBOOK: Still in contact with people from high school? ME: Does "blocking" count? - Memphis, TN @HansFaffing Is your wand made of Hornbeam? Dogwood? Alder? I like Oak myself…what I have in my bedroom. How about you? You an Oak man? - San Fernando, CA @doctorow Conducted by the same man who tweeted his own Twitter password...twice. - District of Columbia, USA LEIBNIZ: I know my father only by having read the books that he read. - City of London, London "Mirror-world" notes in @GreatDismal Pattern_Recognition US vs UK: People smoke & drink as tho…good 4u…still in honeymoon phase w/cocaine - City of London, London "Espresso, double." Cayce opens her East German envelope, reaching for heavy mirror-world change.… - City of London, London Mirror−world. The plugs on appliances are huge, triple−pronged, for a species of current that only powers electric chairs, in America - City of London, London Maybe this will work…I have it adapted from the original cuneiform Sumerian (King Urukagina of Lagash)… - Iraq I'm about to drop a Cryptonomicon quote on all my Facebook friends. From the Shanghai sushi bar scene. I don't know why. - Memphis, TN @scrub There is a Facebook upwick of our worldtrack that deserves it. #Anathem - Memphis, TN I'm trying to find a relevant photo to go with it. #nipponesecuisine #restaurant #1930s #1940s #1950s #asswhipping - Memphis, TN OK, here's what I've shared with the barbarians. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 The beast is actively interested only in now…As it is always now…there is an eternity 4 the accomplishment of objec… - République Démocratique Du Congo @ronniebrownrcdd @thehill Googling your response transformed me into a God. - République Démocratique Du Congo Beware of the Acorn girl: rebellious Pattern = lovely but foreign They march in parades & go 2 colleges in the East… - Bryn Mawr, PA Never put a Chantilly girl with a man whose mother has Francis I or Grand Baroque. They will always be upstaged. —… - Natchez, MS Buttercup girls have friends with every kind of pattern…followers rather than leaders, but so upbeat it really does… - Little Rock, AR Strasbourg girls don’t mix well with boys whose mothers have Buttercup. They will both always fight for control.… - Montgomery, AL No, Neal Stephenson did not write _The Southern Belle Primer: or Why Princess Margaret Will Never Be a Kappa Kappa… - Montgomery, AL Came home to this on screen [CoD]. Debriefing son & friends in separate rooms. 13yo's Infuriatingly Resistant to de… - CoD @DoctorOctothorp I have not. I've seen other Jack Chick parodies. This one is brilliant. Thanks! - Montgomery, AL Your Milagros bought a Dutch bank while I was driving here. Spent more than this county's worth…& the next 3 over. #ThePeripheral - Wytheville, VA WILF: This isn’t…your world. FLYNNE: So what is it? A game? W (feeling utterly ridiculous): The future…21__ F: No way. - Wytheville, VA FLYNNE: How do I know it's not a game? ½ the games I play are set in the future. WILF: Were u paid $$$$ to play the… - Wytheville, VA FLYNNE (smiles): Don’t know whether to scream or shit. - Wytheville, VA BURTON: They say somebody took out a hit on me tonight, on a snuff board, out of Memphis…$8M. FLYNNE: Bullshit. Who… - Wytheville, VA YEVGENY: In Russia, I belonged to secret society…trained one another 2 feel no pain under torture. [dampens all con… - Algiers SHAFTOE: Just kill the - San Francisco, CA @siliconphospho He forced improvement on his female character skills with SevenEves, in which male humans are temporarily extinct - San Francisco, CA JAD: Much pruning had taken place in recent weeks. I am now absent in many versions of the cosmos where you are present. #Anathem - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, France AIDE [blocking speelycaptor]: Please give His Serenity some— JESRY: —Some serenity? *Testy words exchanged* #Anathem - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, France Warden of Heaven's meetup w/Geometers was Stephenson's first passage involving space travel. Am I forgetting something earlier? #Anathem - Cocoa Beach, FL @brewer_a Juanita is hi-res for real - Los Angeles, CA … … #RUplaying - Vancouver, British Columbia @blunted_effort I thought the @LongNow account was only going to post once every 10 years. Caught me napping! - Vancouver, British Columbia @DJSundog Buck Henry, for the win! - Vancouver, British Columbia TFW that "cute couple" has two kids who look too much like a mini-version of the cute couple. - Twinsburg, OH Hey, buddy. You got a dead cat in there, or what? - Los Angeles, CA GABRIEL GOTO [reading Yvgeny's blood graffito]: "Go the long way round." JACK SHAFTOE: What the hell does that mean… - القاهرة, مصر At the canal, Mr Foot, Vrej, Surendranath & van Hoek were waiting—looking as if they'd been thru some adventures of their own this afternoon - القاهرة, مصر NAVY IQ TEST: Port Smith 100miles upstream of Port Jones River=5MPH Boat=10MPH How - San Diego, CA @dajerx And that wasn't the real Count Chocula? - San Diego, CA @dangerdaveball I don't know. He never solved it. But he got his notes published in a journal just as he sailed on… - San Diego, CA I just hope they aren't already drawing Fibonacci spirals on her. - Vancouver, British Columbia Looks like the anti-Planned Parenthood protesters in my town got some unexpected help today. - United States @badibulgator @dangerdaveball and whether the hull is sheathed with Solomon's gold. - Nashville, TN @Loweeel @ClarkHat I've read one by her: conclusion to Mongoliad series. Landed it like a Blue Angel. If it speeds NS output, so be it? - Nashville, TN @thomassturm I finally realized you were prolly correcting my bad Roman "math" there. Should have been CXL. - Nashville, TN @leicalemur The RISK map simply has the Iberian peninsula, so we'll need to consider Portugal's fleet strength too (46 incl PBRs) - Nashville, TN Let us then confine our discussion to the infinitesimally small fraction of the crosstalk that happens to impinge on nerve tissue. #Anathem - Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres, France Randy'd helped Scott wrestle a bathtub up the stairs & actually saw the word GOD on pieces of paper stuck 2 refrigerator door #Cryptonomicon - Palo Alto, CA Before, when Waterhouse was at Pearl, ocean was just a blank…a nothing. Now it looks like an active participant and… - Los Angeles, CA Waterhouse heard enough from Bobby Shaftoe to know that the other side of the Pacific is going to be indescribably… - Los Angeles, CA Waterhouse wears the same uniform, but only as a disguise. The war, as the other sailors see it, is as fictional as Hollywood war movies. - Los Angeles, CA They say Montgomery is a steady hand, cagey & insightful. Waterhouse has no use for Monty…Monty's an idiot…Monty d… - Los Angeles, CA Yamamoto's death warrant was hammered out on an ETC printer in Hawaii…Admiral was the victim of a straightforward p… - Solomon Islands The ocean is a Turing machine, the sand is its tape; water reads the marks in the sand…erases…carves more w/currents in response 2 the marks - Los Angeles, CA The Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto who signs his messages thus: /BEGIN ORDO SIGNATURE BLOCK/ VHlEzYLVRXX6gWDfa7PgOSvTV xkeViTyUqs0AFUoYOifG8GZ8wP - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon Randy has been *root* on a few systems, and professional courtesy demands that he at least read this email.… - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon April: When I tweet Elvis Costello's "Tokyo Storm Warning": 1986 Dylanesque Almost-Cyberpunk Fear-&-Loathing-on-800… - Richmond, London When you bring an act into this town, you want to bring it heavy. Go straight for the jugular. Get right into felo… - Las Vegas, Venezuela Sorta dating a Shaftoe sister? Expect cursory audit w/Robin & Marcus Aurelius Shaftoe…HURT her? Meet Duke-Marlboro… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas @SarahNEmerson Checking with the Junior League of Natchez, Mississippi… …stand by, I'm in the chit-chat part… Yes,… - Natchez, MS To Randy & co, the the Epiphyte business plan functions as Torah, master calendar, motivational text, philosophica… - Natchez, MS Hi, Avi? This is Dave? Calling from Novus Ordo Seclorum Systems? I'm the, uh, president here, you might remember? - Los Altos, CA I haven't told him Ordo has only 5 shareholders…who all work here. McDonald's mgr asked us 2 leave…we were disrupti… - Los Altos, CA Avi utters something biblical sounding in Hebrew that causes his kids 2 burst into tears & nannies 2 begin shoving stuff into bags. - Los Altos, CA telnet crypt.kk - Los Altos, CA Hi, Avi? This is Dave again? Playing stupid didn't work & so now we told them to fuck off. The head suit is very mad at us. He called me out - Los Altos, CA Goto Dengo stands by politely. These Chinese have an entire medical belief system centering on phlegm…Mine work giv… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas @stunt_penguin All those question marks!!! - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas GOTO DENGO: Rodolfo! Rodolfo turns around again, looking so irritated that Goto must stifle a laugh. GOTO: MacArthu… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas RANDY: Basic Colombian drug lord types? ROOT: Also certain white men in suits. It only takes a single generation to… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas SUM1 IS TRYING 2 SIND U A MUSTACHE - Memphis, TN Street View - Memphis, TN So many stupid looking brimmed hats - Memphis, TN JUANITA: Another attempt was made by Jesus—that 1 was hijacked by viral influences within 50 days of his death.… - Jerusalem Corners, NY NARDOLE: Why is SHE here? THE DOCTOR: Because she isn’t anywhere else. S10:E2 - Oxford, England Perks of work@home 2. EAT WHENEVER YOU WANT "There isn’t a single moment that your fat mouth can’t be full of food…" - Homestead, FL HACKWORTH: The Indians of the American Southwest called him Coyote, those of the Pacific Coast called him Raven. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 HACKWORTH: Europeans called him Reynard the Fox. African-Americans called him Br'er Rabbit. - 上海, 中华人民共和国 HACKWORTH: In 20th century literature he appears first as Bugs Bunny and then as the Hacker. #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 MAJOR NAPIER: In an era when everything can be surveiled, all we have left is politeness. #DiamondAge - 上海, 中华人民共和国 HACKWORTH: Like being a double agent? NAPIER: It is a crashingly unsubtle phrase. But I can forgive your using it i… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Brigadier Gen Arthur Hornsby Moore, 1st Protocol Enforcemnt Expeditionary Force: Did the Primer teach you that people would pull your hair? - 上海, 中华人民共和国 They went across the playing fields…2 girls walking & Miss Matheson's wheelchair carrying her on its many-spoked sm… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 The analysts at CosaNostra Pizza University concluded it was just human nature…so they went 4 cheap technical fix… - Los Angeles, CA Daniel Waterhouse recognized that he had an almost physical longing for Hope. And perhaps Hope was no less contagious than Fear. #SotW - Sheerness, England @holland_tom Today's oracle questions - Sheerness, England Why had Princess Caroline summoned him from Boston? Why had Mr. Threader wanted to make a Clubb with him? - Sheerness, England Why did Roger Comstock want him to find the Longitude and Leibniz want him to make a thinking machine? - Sheerness, England Why did the likes of Saturn trail him through Hockley-in-the-Hole, asking for spiritual direction? Why did Isaac solicit his aid? - Sheerness, England Why did Mr. Baynes expect Daniel to look after his wayward daughter in Bridewell? - Sheerness, England Why were Colonel Barnes and Sergeant Shaftoe asking him these pointed questions today? … Because they were all scared. #BaroqueCycle - Sheerness, England & in their mental inventories of who was/wasn’t scared, why, somehow…they put Daniel in the “wasn’t scared” column. - Sheerness, England @muerl That did help him recruit and train a corps of "Computer Girls" 250 years ahead of schedule. - Sheerness, England You have read that Muad'Dib had no playmates his own age on Caladan. The dangers were too great. But he had wonderf… - Dunes, France There was Gurney Halleck, the troubadour-warrior. You will sing some of Gurney's songs, as you read along in this… - Dunes, France There was Thufir Hawat, the old Mentat Master of Assassins, who struck fear even into the heart of the Padishah Emp… - Dunes, France There were Duncan Idaho, the Swordmaster of the Ginaz - Dunes, France There was Dr. Wellington Yueh, a name black in treachery but bright in knowledge. - Dunes, France The Lady Jessica guided her son in the Bene Gesserit Way, &—of course— Duke Leto, whose qualities as a father have… - Dunes, France * The Princess Irulan, "A Child's History of Muad'Dib." CHOAM Publishing. Arrakeen, 10226 A.G.. - Dunes, France Climb the mountain just a little bit to test that it's a mountain. From the top of the mountain, you cannot see the mountain —BENE GESSERIT - Dunes, France Any road followed precisely to its end leads precisely nowhere. —BENE GESSERIT - Dunes, France There is probably no more terrible instant of enlightenment than the 1 in which you discover your father is a man—with human flesh —Muad'Dib - Dunes, France The concept of progress acts as a protective mechanism to shield us from the terrors of the future. —from "Collected Sayings of Muad'Dib" - Dunes, France COUNT FENRIG: The pressure's on. The Baron is just beginning to see the price he really paid to rid himself of the Duke Leto. - Dunes, France Since The Rise & Fall of DODO is about time travel, should I look for my copy in tomorrow's mail, or an old trunk i… - Seattle, WA @panzertron Did you buy it in Canada? - Seattle, WA The case for Butch Coolidge Shaftoe: -Has a Plan -Adapts -Wily -Smoky Mountains boy -4th-gen warrior -Women w/accen… - Los Angeles, CA @BodyofReggie @nagamonkai @BasedDrWorm @SubparScribbles *unsnaps holster* *slowly draws out HEAT DEATH OF THE UNIVERSE* - Boom, België @petehindle I had a Mood Ring when I was 8. It fucking hated me. - Boom, België @holland_tom And only one airport named after the Senatus Populusque Romanus… - Quiruvilca, Peru @aeromenthe @MadelineAshby I remember the i09 review. Now I'm wondering why I didn't put it on my List. - Oil City, PA Outside the tropics, glaciers slew those who prematurely left their ancestral home & winnowed out creatures who couldn't adapt. #2001SpaceOd - Україна When the ice passed, so had the man-apes…they hadn't merely become extinct, but transformed. Toolmakers remade by t… - Україна Andre has a red flag. 蔣經's is blue. They all have hills to fly them on, except for 林 黛 玉. - Frontier, ND If looks could kill they probably will, in: • Games without frontiers • War without tears © _Peter_Gabriel [eponymous] Mercury Records, 1980 - eponymous @myownpetard When my sister talked about becoming a baker, I tried to talk her into that. - Memphis, TN WHITE hat indicates a dead drop on Nevsky Prospekt (RU-SPE). RED hat indicates a live drop in Gorky Park (RU-MOW). - Washington, England @Shatter242 Slightly different hat shapes, but same color distribution. - Memphis, TN @PaterUSA @TheRickWilson Pater, Ваша мать плавает, чтобы встретить корабли, полные солдат - Memphis, TN @Iam_CubanPete @5HInvasion TOO BAD WE CAN'T STAY - Memphis, TN Funemployment vignette: Mrs Root2702: Going out, love you! Me [slurps coffee]: Love you! Mrs R: ...put on some pants! - Memphis, TN @MichaelHueser When I got this album (via Columbia Record Club) I derided it as "Windham Hill Peter Gabriel," but I… - Memphis, TN @MichaelHueser And my best friend kept referring to Peter Gabriel as "Phil Collins" just to hear the sound of my teeth popping and grinding. - Memphis, TN @panzertron Really? - Memphis, TN @TragicSandwich Marketing copy, usually B2B, often semi-technical. SEO copy that still reads like human language. T… - Memphis, TN @stillgray @DailyCaller I'm just grateful Blake Edwards didn't cast Mickey Rooney for Bo Derek's part in _10. - Memphis, TN @stillgray @DailyCaller “The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemies, see those dear to them bathed in tears… - Memphis, TN “Conquering the world on horseback is easy; it is dismounting and governing that is hard.” ― Temüjin (Genghis), Su… - Mongolia @timsoret @TheAngryScribe @FabriceGoyi Inverse relation of _2001 A Space Odyssey (beautifully sterile) vs _2010 (smokey/fecund) - Jupiter, FL @anthonymfreed I nominate @pfricke, although his day job appears to be in software. - Richmond, VA It would be really cool if we could focus entirely on countries that exist. - Richmond, VA "So when you say psychosomatic, you mean like he could start a fire with his thoughts?" --Cal Naughton, Jr. - Richmond, VA @archaeologymag CONTAINS SULFITES - Richmond, VA @ChateauErin There's a middling BBQ chain near me that makes a solid Smithsonian-grade reproduction of a department… - Richmond, VA @skot_lastname I miss car trunks like that. - Richmond, VA @UnbreakableMugs @Blackwork_1 I loved Kraken enough to start reading Mieville's others in order. I read his first,… - Memphis, TN Wikipedia is burning down tha house with this biographical masterpiece: - Memphis, TN @gfish First time i heard that song, 30 years ago, the line that was most jarring to me was when she sang "just a c… - Memphis, TN @UnbreakableMugs @Blackwork_1 Yes. All the swimming in sewage didn't bother me so much as the nightmarish fate of a… - Memphis, TN @UnbreakableMugs @Blackwork_1 That was carefully crafted to not be a spoiler, under guidelines from the universal bill of human rights. - Memphis, TN Relax, y'all. I posted it on Facebook. - Memphis, TN Trying to explain Structural Biology's imaging tools: -nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy -X-ray crystal… - Αττική, Ελλάς @AdamRosserRadio night - Memphis, TN @whereismygarden In researching this article, I was disquieted by the thought that if I were shrunk to molecular si… - Memphis, TN VAN HOEK: Thats the Tsar? DANIEL WATERHOUSE: So I am guessing. Attired as a mere gentleman, w/a black sash, hence i… - City of London, London "Peter wants to do everything personally.” Leibniz nodded at one of the new ships. Peter Gr8 - City of London, London But now Peter’s glass was aimed, not at the distant sails of some Swedish fleet, but at the two aged Natural Philos… - City of London, London Bringing up the rear was the elderly man w/long gray beard & black skullcap. What made Daniel realize he was a Jew… - City of London, London @DDSyrdal - City of London, London @TheRickWilson I know you have some at-risk friends who could be saved by this simple alert bracelet. - Truth or Consequences, NM @AGoldmund The Beatles x 0.25 = demo-quality yacht rock - City of London, London @TheRickWilson воробейная школа - City of London, London GRANDSUUR TAMARA: What iconography surrounds the Rhetors? ARSIBALT [he was SO ready]: Fiendishly gifted at twisting… - Trumpan, Scotland The Penthabrian Iconography: we are guardians of ancient mystical secrets of the universe handed down to us by Cnoü… - Trumpan, Scotland Klevan Iconography: theor as a wise elder statesman who can solve all the problems of the Sæcular world. Baudan Ic… - Trumpan, Scotland @starfishncoffee I'm thinking of the childless Mary Richards (Mary Tyler Moore). But the show itself bore 3 legitim… - Trumpan, Scotland @TheRickWilson You lost me at "Dallas Airport" which is probably what happened to the e-Squad. GAME THEORY: A clou… - Trumpan, Scotland @nhcareyjr @daltonator Yeah, a Reamde sequel, set in a future w/cryonics & a digital afterlife. When @Jon_LewisPhD… - Trumpan, Scotland @nhcareyjr @daltonator @Jon_LewisPhD I wonder if #FoDiH will introduce a shadowy, quasi-benign society. Reamde didn… - Seattle, WA @nhcareyjr @Jon_LewisPhD @daltonator @nicolegalland I feel that I am personally entitled to a 7eves sequel (set in… - Seattle, WA @Jon_LewisPhD @daltonator @nhcareyjr I listened to the first book and alternated between e-books and print for the… - Wytheville, VA @Jon_LewisPhD @nhcareyjr @daltonator Yes, I forgot to list The Lineage aka Old Lineage. It's the oldest society NS… - Wytheville, VA @daltonator @Jon_LewisPhD @nhcareyjr - Wytheville, VA @Jon_LewisPhD @nhcareyjr @daltonator I love the image of Richard's Egdod clomping slackjawed 5,000 miles across Eur… - Wytheville, VA @Jon_LewisPhD @nhcareyjr @daltonator The secret societies, in general, or the Binders? I'm up for that either way. - Wytheville, VA @Jon_LewisPhD @nhcareyjr @daltonator BTW, the Rootlet's offhand excuse for bad English grades could threaten your l… - Wytheville, VA @Jon_LewisPhD @nhcareyjr @daltonator They also make more plausible/palatable alternatives to an unfiltered Deus ex… - Wytheville, VA @Jon_LewisPhD @nhcareyjr @daltonator I wish he would accept those keys. He's finding his own way to exercise that 500hp brain. - Wytheville, VA @Jon_LewisPhD @nhcareyjr @daltonator If you have a digital copy, just search "egdod"'s like rending the VHS of… - Wytheville, VA @Jon_LewisPhD @nhcareyjr @daltonator He's taking Latin. Poor kid. - Wytheville, VA @HatfieldAnne regulates breathing; demonstrates that someone cares; magic bunnies live in water - Truth or Consequences, NM @Harkaway Supreme Commander Cormac McCarthy straps on his helmet... - Truth or Consequences, NM aboard Minerva, Cape Cod Bay, NOV 1713 DANIEL WATERHOUSE: What about that schooner is so fascinating, Mr Dappa? Oth… - Nantucket, MA Daniel passes an extraordinarily pleasant half-hour turning Dappa's steady observations into sines & cosines, conic… - Nantucket, MA WATERHOUSE: With a bit of trigonometry, we may plot our position, then draw our trajectory…& easily judge whether s… - Nantucket, MA WATERHOUSE: Dappa is correct. The schooner drifts to leeward & will soon fall by the wayside or run aground, VAN HO… - Nantucket, MA As I listened on @replyall to the grieving Australian father of a 15yo boy who died playing Fortnite, my 15yo boy w… - Truth or Consequences, NM @Beckemeier Thanks. I started following @QuantaMagazine because of a big feature article I'm researching on structu… - Truth or Consequences, NM @Joshdewitt11 @TheRickWilson - Truth or Consequences, NM @ymandel @Harkaway The only thing that really worried me was the deadlines. There is nothing in the world more hel… - Truth or Consequences, NM @iucounu A movie director would have ordered a re-shoot because it looked fake and un-survivable by the protagonist… - Truth or Consequences, NM Grandma's homemade Christmas card was a weak effort. Just sayin. - Truth or Consequences, NM A young female Ita came in, followed by a very old male one. They stood around Sammann for a few minutes, reciting… - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, France RAZ: Is there a way to send a message to Suur Ala? I want to tell her that she was right. SAMMAN: Consider it done.… - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, France @LizzGBrown @rustyweiss74 @rogue_nexus6 @jenhawt @TheRickWilson And he passed the trollbot test. Hell, i had to wat… - Memphis, TN When Shaftoe returns, Rudy von Hacklheber is just winding up: "It all came down to sifting thru large amounts of ra… - Umeå, Sverige RUDY von HACKLHEBER: ~Mostly~ random is NOT good enough! I was convinced that the one-time pads of Detachment 2702… - Umeå, Sverige RUDY: May I proffer an observation? GESTAPO: But of course. As long as it's not a state secret, of course. R: In th… - Berlin, Deutschland Ringing Vale TEDtalk: Fraa Osa stepped forward, giving Lio an "if I may?" look. We hadn’t heard much out of the Val… - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, France There was no decision to be made. Fraa Osa, who had devoted his entire life to preparing for such situations, knew… - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, France FRAA OSA: The greatest difficulty for ones such as you shall be, not completion of the given tasks, but instead the… - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, France You must decide, now, either to proceed with the awareness that the entire plan might never be revealed to you—and,… - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, France She sat up very straight in her seat in the first-class cabin, her features composed in a small cold mask modeled a… - 千葉 成田市 The ghost was her father's parting gift, presented by a black-clad secretary in a departure lounge at Narita. For t… - 千葉 成田市 The ghost woke to Kumiko's touch as they began their descent into LHR. The biochips conjured an indistinct figure o… - 千葉 成田市 She refused the meal the nervous steward offered. The vacant seats frightened him, evidence of her father's wealth… - 千葉 成田市 @pattmayne I understand @SenatorGilmore's diligence. It is also my understanding that they take that hot chicken bu… - Memphis, TN We've identified his primary carrier protein; definitely not albumin. Testing shows no deficits on FNF & HTS. EEG a… - Spielberg, Österreich I've got de-synchronization of the two brain wave activities. The boy's condition is stabilizing. Blood pressure's… - Spielberg, Österreich Skin is cool and diaphoretic. He needs anatropic support. PH is down to 7.03. He's got a metabolic acidosis. It cou… - Spielberg, Österreich No blood pressure. He's got no pulse or respiration. Cardiac arrest was terminated at 1500 hours and 36 minutes. He… - Spielberg, Österreich Why is the Deliverator so equipped? Because people rely on him. He is a roll [sic] model. This is America. People d… - sic @AP_Oddities I think the same man also tried skiing for the first time on this hill in Germany. #AgonyofDefeat - Oberstdorf, Deutschland Petal called the city Smoke. Kumiko shivered on chill red leather; through the ancient Jaguar's window she watched… - London, England Here it seemed the very fabric of things, as if the city were a single growth of stone and brick, uncounted strata… - London, England Author's Afterword (1992, CD-ROM ed?) Ten years have now passed since the inception of whatever strange process it… - Vancouver, British Columbia @Popehat Me, figuring this out. - Vancouver, British Columbia @cryptoishard You mean their gold? - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories @ianbremmer So we're going to make the Venezuelans pay for the wall? - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Neuromancer was written on a "clockwork typewriter," ... a Hermes 2000 manual portable, dates from somewhere in the… - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories …keys are green, celluloid…the letters/symbols canary yellow. (I once brushed the SHIFTkey w/the tip of a lit cigar… - Vancouver, British Columbia I used it first to write undergraduate English lit. papers, then my early attempts at short stories, then Neuromanc… - Vancouver, British Columbia Computers, in 1981 (when I began to work with the concept of cyberspace, the word having first seen light on my tru… - Vancouver, British Columbia Around that time, however, the Apple IIc appeared. For me, it appeared on the miniature billboards affixed to bus-s… - Vancouver, British Columbia I suppose I'd assumed the data was just sort of, well, ~held~. In a glittering mesh of silicon. Or something. But s… - Vancouver, British Columbia I bought a IIc in an end-of-line sale at a department store, took it home, and learned, to my considerable disappoi… - Vancouver, British Columbia …as it came time to begin Mona Lisa Overdrive, I went shopping for a computer. Bruce Sterling's father had given hi… - Vancouver, British Columbia The revealed truth of which, as I've said, sometimes perturbs my readers, or in any case those readers with a pecul… - Vancouver, British Columbia So soon, we plunge toward a world in which the word "library" simply means something on the other end of a modem. - Vancouver, British Columbia It gives me great pleasure to have these 3 books digitized, data-compressed, & published in this (make no mistake)… - Vancouver, British Columbia Had I actually known a great deal (by 1981 standards) about real computing, I doubt very much I would (or could) ha… - Vancouver, British Columbia But I confess it gives me greater pleasure still…whereby every tech, however sharp this morning, is invariably supp… - Vancouver, British Columbia Nothing in there but a tarnished Yale key, a silver dime, a couple of desiccated moths, and several hundred thousan… - Vancouver, British Columbia @ChrisRConrad @GreatDismal The casings of 5" floppy disks could be repurposed as sleeves for CDs and DVDs. Now CDs… - Vancouver, British Columbia @fuller_rath Luzon is where he was last seen, chrono-canonically. He would like to thank the Philosophical Associa… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas @masterobscurity Nice. Hadn't read that, so I looked it up. First quote on his wikiquote page: - Truth or Consequences, NM Got a few new followers, there. Hang on a sec while I empty the ashtrays and hide the shark-porn. - Truth or Consequences, NM @All_Day_SCIfi Yeah. I think he was going on memories of seeing the stock footage used in action movies in the late… - Truth or Consequences, NM @daHoovster @cjcmichel @sarahkendzior @Alexey__Kovalev I was thinking Adam Ant. Either way, it appears to be a clos… - Truth or Consequences, NM @einsteinsarcade @mattstaggs - Truth or Consequences, NM @Theodidactus I don't believe it - Truth or Consequences, NM @JennaMC_Laugh I'm sure that my not being able to open this Reuters article--while all the other stories on the sit… - Truth or Consequences, NM @alexzfinley I suppose negative reinforcement is out of the question. - Truth or Consequences, NM Yogi Berra explained that no matter which fork you take in his neighborhood, you would still get to his 19 Highland… - Montclair, NJ @DoctorOctothorp I bet there's a ton of places in Russia named or nicknamed some variation of "the place of the skull" - Skulsk, Polska WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO HIDE FROM US? - Montclair, NJ @manwhohasitall You want a man's opinion? Footballs are better than dolls. - Truth or Consequences, NM @AP_Oddities Elon Musk and his @boringcompany - Truth or Consequences, NM @alexzfinley @TwitchSupport They ain't havin' none of that. - Truth or Consequences, NM @starfishncoffee Since the Fremen were modeled on Bedouin and Berber Tuaregs, it's good to see an actor-of-color po… - Truth or Consequences, NM @goblinbox In space, no one can hear jack shit. - Truth or Consequences, NM To Threader, it was monstrously strange that a Natural Philosopher should materialize in Dartmoor, in coonskin wrap… - Lostwithiel, England @ProPublica @purduepharma They borrowed that strategy from A Scanner Darkly (2006, Richard Linklater) #PhilipKDick… - Austin, TX @RunwayDan Where does that leave Apple Jacks in the Pluto-Goofy continuum? (I don't care if FL are Kellogg's and Ch… - Truth or Consequences, NM Not that he was doing a good job of being sneaky. Isaac Newton was accustomed to being so much brighter than every… - City of London, London One of those moments had arrived: Jack Shaftoe had been presented with the opportunity to be stupid in some way tha… - Wien, Österreich Bob Shaftoe was convinced that the Imp of the Perverse rode invisibly on Jack's shoulder whispering bad ideas into… - Wien, Österreich Jack had been expecting such a moment to arrive today. He'd supposed, until moments ago, that it had already come:… - Wien, Österreich JACK SHAFTOE: He's rich, or connected with rich persons. ELIZA: Yes, the clothes, the coins— JS: All fakeable. E: H… - Leipzig, Deutschland "He's dead," Hiro says. "Reason crashed at a critical juncture, and he ate a harpoon." Ng doesn't react. Instead,… - Los Angeles, CA "You working with Fisheye?" Ng says, lighting up a cig. The smoke swirls in the air ostentatiously. It takes as muc… - Los Angeles, CA They have shut down the airport. This was easy to do: they just pulled Lincoln Town Cars onto all runways & went in… - Los Angeles, CA @Popehat - Los Angeles, CA @zerowing0 interesting - Wyoming, USA @VDJance @aardbarf I clicked through to his keto fried chicken, not prepared to believe a got dam thing I read. But… - Hogsback, South Africa @querulus Yeah, that coyote has got to have the classic Canis familiaris-type arrested development. - Coyotepec, México c. 700 BG: The first anti-computer pogroms. 711: Tensions increase between program mites and humanity-firsters. 480… - Truth or Consequences, NM 108 BG: Holtzman returns and is destroyed by forces of the Jihad as the last thinking machine. c100: Aurelius Venp… - Truth or Consequences, NM 10 BG: Corpus Luminis Praenuntiantis begins negotiations with the Empire. The Great Financial Synod begins on Aerar… - Truth or Consequences, NM 70 BG: Henoor I 86: In reward for aiding the House Corrino, Demetrios Atreides is made Baron of Tantalos. Foundati… - Truth or Consequences, NM AFTER GUILD (AG) 207 AG: Elrood II Menemtahe becomes Emperor again thanks 2 Thomas Atreides, who's made Duke of Jad… - Truth or Consequences, NM 390 AG: Wallach I is restored. He uses Salusa Secundus as a training ground for the Sardaukar. 1234: Gilbertus Alba… - Truth or Consequences, NM 4492 AG: Poritrin is given to House Alexin. The Sardaukar are sent to remove the Zensunni, sending five million to… - Truth or Consequences, NM 3367 AG: The first recorded instance of a War of Assassins: House Harkonnen vs House Pardee. 3375: House Pardee vir… - Truth or Consequences, NM 5122 AG: Face Dancers appear as entertainers at Court of Corrin XIV 5295: Ezhar VII releases Zensunni on Salusa Sec… - Truth or Consequences, NM 4915 AG: Avelard VIII Sulaiman becomes emperor for 2 wks. Imposter Corrin XII emperor for 2 days. Lord Protector Si… - Truth or Consequences, NM c6800 AG: Harmonthep (Delta Pavonis satellite) destroyed by unknown causes. 7193: Zensunni on Rossak buy passage to… - Truth or Consequences, NM 8711 AG: House Atreides is awarded the Siridar-Dukedom of Caladan. 9751: Elacca drug in relatively common use. c100… - Truth or Consequences, NM 10140 AG: Leto Atreides (Duke Leto I) born. 10150: Beginning of a turbulent era. 10154: Lady Jessica born. 10155: G… - Truth or Consequences, NM 10175 AG: Paul Atreides born. 10179: First successful implant of the distrans in a human. 10182: War of Assassins b… - Truth or Consequences, NM 10193 AG: Paul regains control of Arrakis and its spice monopoly. 10196: Shaddam IV abdicates; Irulan III becomes R… - Truth or Consequences, NM 10191 AG: War of Assassins between Harkonnen & Atreides; the largest in history. Sardaukar attack on Arrakis kills… - Truth or Consequences, NM @ngvrnd @dougfort @MorlockP Too late. I triggered that when he was a puppy, playing w/a laser pointer. We rarely do… - Truth or Consequences, NM @obra @robinsloan #filtered - Leipzig, Deutschland @Matic82Otto @DirectingTitan - Leipzig, Deutschland Seeing the #polt had been surprisingly interesting: ...driving, eyes on the motorway, 70 years earlier, his phone c… - Wytheville, VA @BrendanCByrne - Wytheville, VA @OdyReturns @DavidAFrench Anything that's explicitly "about" that 50-year hall of mirrors is probably "about" somet… - Truth or Consequences, NM @BastardProphet Then the Lord told Eve she should smile more. - Truth or Consequences, NM @Jim_Jordan Мы будем унижать Америку активными мерами. Спасибо за помощь. - Truth or Consequences, NM @chidorme I had to dig a while for my source material. I shared it on this acct in 2013, but Tufts University chang… - Truth or Consequences, NM ROOSTER COGBURN: That's when I went out to the staked plains of Texas. Shoot buffalo with Vernon #Shaftoe. Well, th… - Oklahoma, USA ROOSTER: Malla-men what? MATTIE ROSS: Malum in se. Distinction is between an act that is wrong in itself & wrong on… - Oklahoma, USA MATTIE ROSS: If I had killed Chaney, I would not be in this fix; but my gun misfired. NED: They will do it. It will… - Oklahoma, USA LaBOEUF: You're lucky to be where water's so handy. I've seen the time I've drank out of a filthy hoofprint and was… - Oklahoma, USA I have known some horses and a good many more pigs who I believe harbored evil intent in their hearts. I will go fu… - Dardanelle, AR @Bluebookballoon Yes. And for riding a horse through Brigham Young's last birthday party dressed as a Nephite king,… - Salt Lake City, UT @SocialHistoryOx @Ada_Palmer It's a map of Númenor. - Middlesbrough, England @bittersweetdb @GreatDismal The people of Baldwin County do not give up their Wm Gibson books gladly. - Middlesbrough, England @blue_traveler I bet they all hired the same fucking lobbyist, too. - Los Angeles, CA @erinehm I've never heard of Bienenstich or seen one before now. But I suddenly know what has been missing in my li… - Los Angeles, CA ABDALLAH JONES: Anything else, as long as I’m in Walmart's pink & pastel aisle? ZULA FORTHRAST: Baby-wipes, unscent… - British Columbia, Canada Reamde has cooked-in page-turner chemistry. Searching for new quotes to share with you is time-consuming because I… - Seattle, WA Trudging off across this Armenia-cached prairie of bootlegged text, Haystacking for another "jack the sound barrie… - Seattle, WA @1MTF77 @crampell Andrew Yang is a fine-featured, bandy-legged roustabout, in my opinion. Whoever he is. - Seattle, WA @bittersweetdb I copied a bunch of useful unicode characters (that have been around long enough to display on all p… - Seattle, WA @1MTF77 @crampell Whenever a woman says "I need a man's opinion" to me about something, usually a gift idea, I alwa… - Seattle, WA @aurabeth Unnecessary cuteness. 10 yards and loss of down. - Seattle, WA @baubo Now FB is going to send you ads for gymnastic Christian incest romance novels. - Seattle, WA Lowbeer had said it's a mistake, to believe those ["evil"] people were different, special, infected w/something inh… - "evil" @offshoretactics Мы будем унижать Америку активными мерами. Спасибо за помощь. - Москва, Россия @PhilCatelinet The only thing that can make me stop listening to this mashup of _The Manchurian Candidate_ and _It'… - Москва, Россия @Kman8675 @RunwayDan Never trust a fart. - Москва, Россия @blue_traveler Is unfortunate. Your curiosity. - Москва, Россия @jon_jeckell This is infringing on my IP. © 1975, my Social Studies notebook cover. Blue ink (Bic Banana) on coate… - Москва, Россия @jon_jeckell @uspto Clarification: The "Minute Lice" Wacky Package sticker is not infringing on my IP. - Москва, Россия - City of London, London WHITE: Where are the pistols? DAPPA: Pistols? What pistols? W: You stated in your letter that you would supply a ma… - City of London, London DAPPA: Technically, by the way, they are called Hobbits, or Haubitzes. Not guns. A gun has a longer barrel…much hea… - City of London, London WHITE: Where did you get these guns? DAPPA: It is a passably entertaining story, but if you are about to die, there… - City of London, London “How can they be lighter if they are made of the same stuff?” asked Woodruff, who had apparently been studying his… - City of London, London [a little later] Dappa and van Hoek still could not see far, but they both stumbled down-hill: an infallible trick… - City of London, London @hoedeehoe @MrBrianKenny @GrantBrisbee You know, donkey baseball used to be a thing. - City of London, London @BuckStodgers @nealstephenson It's an umbrella for science fiction, fantasy, horror, alternate history, superhero s… - Berlin, Deutschland "It might interest you to know that our state is tired of being used as a chemical toilet so that people in Utah ca… - Boston, MA @KristerR Arathorn was a rollin' stone, Wherever he laid his helm was his home, - Boston, MA @alexzfinley It is so cool to learn that cameras [and film or whatever] existed during the Lincoln administration. - Boston, MA Multiply those together & you get the kind of exponential growth that should get us all into fuck-you money before… - Truth or Consequences, NM CHAIR, DEPT OF ASTRONOMY: So, you're the UNIX guru. [At the time, Randy Waterhouse was still stupid enough to be fl… - Palo Alto, CA @Crimealytics @AkiPeritz @john_sipher @alexzfinley Victor Just Outside of Reading Glasses Range - Palo Alto, CA @ryanbeckwith Burn After Reading (2008) - Washington, DC @DannoVB @QuinceMountain @yotamhaber "Alexa, what is Yotam's center of gravity?" - Dogtown, ME Judge Fang was not afflicted with the Westerner's inability to pronounce the name of the man known as Dr X, unless… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 This region was not part of the Coastal Republic; it styled itself as the Middle Kingdom, a living vestige of Imper… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Judge Fang was district magistrate for the Leased Territories, part of the Chinese Coastal Republic. Dr X almost n… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 There was a Chinese belief that demons travel only in straight lines. Hence the bridge zigzagged 9 times on its way… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Lengthy discourse on who was more honored to be in the company of the other & the merits of the teas & whether the… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 When Dr X approached to tender his respects, Judge Fang invited him to take a seat. After several minutes of sensit… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Eventually, Dr. X got around to complimenting Judge Fang on his cap, especially on the embroidery work. This meant… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Hackworth paused, not knowing what one was supposed to say at this point. Lt Chang just stood there, more at ease i… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 @quellist1 Well deserved. You bridged cp & space-opera with the Takeshi Kovacs series, a feat equivalent to recordi… - Truth or Consequences, NM @TowerOfLondon @royalsociety @RMGreenwich Baller. - Truth or Consequences, NM @DavidTWeaver @brettlempereur That would be Sushi K in Snow Crash: ... His mutant rap burn down whole block Start i… - Los Angeles, CA @adam_chal Sort Under "Vogon" - Hitchin, England @TheRickWilson We can rule out cigars, rum and fresh produce. - Trinidad and Tobago @mpmacal @daltonator agreed - Trinidad and Tobago You can have people from Dalton, Georgia, and Shreveport, Louisiana, accurately type out the lyrics to "Hey Jude" a… - Queens, NY Unless I got me a head cold or something. That messes it up. - Queens, NY @elbowspeak @daltonator In emergencies, I'm supposed to throttle alpha [Steves] who appear to interfere with beta [… - Steves Don Corleone I am honored & grateful that you have invited me to your daughter…ss wedding―on the day of your daught… - Long Beach, NY > in the course of the story, it is the end of the kind of world about which I write: the twilight in which mytholo… - Oxford, England No story has any end. No picture has any boundary. But one has to put one's small vision into a frame, because you… - Oxford, England @JackieBarovsky @TuckerCarlson учетная запись робота - Oxford, England @TechTonicPlate ты Герой Российской Федерации - Moscow, ID Corridor Pin, Blue (1999) by Class Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. - The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden I always suspected that the Revelation of St. John was of Hindu origin: "The Deceiver of the Whole World" by North… - Ogden Museum of Southern Art FERONANTUS: So you are saying that if Ögedei, Khan of Khans, were to die, then all other Khans—Onghwe, here in Legn… - Legnica, Polska FERONANTUS: And the rest shall ride into the East, passing over the Land of Skulls and into the sacred heartland of… - Legnica, Polska FERONANTUS (enormously relieved): Our path is perfectly obvious, then! We will split our group & our efforts, and t… - Legnica, Polska DOUG SHAFTOE: Jesus Christ, someone's been shadowing us the whole way! [He looks up at opposite bank, where "John W… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas [50 chapters later] They have not been told that MacArthur is on Luzon, but they all sense The General's presence.… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas Those who have already given their lives for the @EmperorJPN compete for mire space w/those who intend to. Bizarre… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas @chrylis ...on many levels. - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas *CaFe du Monde - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas @ThatWerewolfTho I made it that far into episode 2. Started waiting for some cool guy in shades (at night) to ride… - Enterprise, AL Captain Mueller, I'm picking up a transmission from inside the Enterprise. It's on a tight beam aimed at the Klingo… - Enterprise, AL My father once told me that respect for the truth comes close to being the basis for all morality: "Something canno… - Dunes, France @anyprophet Will the new Anarchy Online respect the sovereignty of operating systems or a belief in the common good? - Dunes, France simon stalenhag fucks the shit up - Sverige get out of my childhood dreams - Sverige i mean - Sverige @Firbolg F. Scott. F.T.W. - Sverige @DanCassino @radwin Every painting contains a hundred different potential stories. - Sverige @TWM71 Lyrics to Jimmy Buffett's "A Pirate Looks at 40" will haunt your meetings. - Sverige The Library Grape had been sequenced by the avout of the Concent of the Lower Vrone in the days before the Second S… - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, France >A given vine couldnt express all of those genes at once—couldnt be 100 species of grape—so it “decided” which gene… - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, France >It carried excerpts from genetic sequences of berries, fruits, flowers & herbs: data that, when invoked by the bi… - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, France >The library grape was legendary for its skill in penetrating the subterfuges of winemakers who were so arrogant as… - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, France >No nuance of sun, soil, weather was too subtle for the library grape to take into account. Nothing a cultivator di… - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, France >The grapes chose to grow up small, pale, and bitter. The resulting wine was an acquired taste, and we didn’t even… - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, France >Of course, library grapes hated the conditions at Saunt Edhar & were still reacting to an incident 50 years ago wh… - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, France >The only people who had ever really understood it had been lined up against a wall & shot during the Second Sack.… - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, France I betcha Terry Gilliam wanted to insert this fucking angel with a flaming sword into Every scene of Fear and Loathi… - Beverly Hills, CA @dane_hedquist Make me an angel that flies from Montgomery - Montgomery, AL @ncmreynolds Do we need to send a Faraday Dirigible round to fetch that stray onion? If so, please move it to your… - Truth or Consequences, NM @davidcrawshaw Do not drop anything into it. - Truth or Consequences, NM @sovietvisuals ხორუმი - Truth or Consequences, NM #PeacefulMosques @whoismrrobot - Truth or Consequences, NM People who were wired into a church were like UNIX system administrators who, while they might not understand every… - Palo Alto, CA @Popehat @donlbund Nevertheless, to borrow from ZZ Top (Fandango), @popehat is badder than: § Shaft § Superfly § Ja… - Truth or Consequences, NM Gosh, was I ever curious! Subject provided these numbers as part of a conversational gambit/thought experiment conc… - Boston, MA Relayed said data to one Douglas MacArthur Shaftoe (refer to my exceptionally colorful status reports on cable surv… - Boston, MA A JEEPNEY was retained: minibus, usually named after a pop star, Biblical figure, or abstract theological concept,… - Boston, MA Our jeepney was (anomalously) monochromatic… all stainless steel & named THE GRACE OF GOD. Readers of this memo wil… - Boston, MA @tattoosandbones @DragonCon Let me make a few calls. Is that the one that's chaired by the Duke of Edinburgh? - Boston, MA Hanover 21 Jan 1714 Dr Waterhouse, … I beg leave to inform you that I have taken possession of Leicester House, onc… - City of London, London @alexzfinley satrapy - City of London, London …And he was too far away to resolve the faces of those servants. But something in their posture & in the way they t… - City of London, London It was like having 7 superegos arranged in a firing squad before 1 beleaguered id, making sure he didn’t enjoy that… - Iowa, USA Richard [Dodge] heard the voice of a certain ex-girlfriend telling him he was too young to begin acting like such a… - Iowa, USA The young funsters had much to say about the Grand Marquis; they had got the joke of it, decided that Richard was h… - Iowa, USA @ThatWerewolfTho - Iowa, USA And to the extent that Bob was now a declared enemy of the family, Richard was becoming Bob’s worst nightmare made… - Los Angeles, CA Richard’s future ex-girlfriend of the moment [1995] had spent several years with her nose pressed up against the gl… - Los Angeles, CA @sabbatical If it weren't for the collective amnesia that blots this memory out, the whole fucking world would tear itself apart. - Los Angeles, CA @jamesrchisholm @PoseySessions One for each ham patty - Los Angeles, CA @kevinpurcell Why would one need to set the auxiliary brake when the automatic transmission is in Park? (Unless par… - Memphis, TN @justicedawning @KevinMKruse I'm relieved that Marine Todd (ref from Kevin's post) didn't randomly try to punch you… - Memphis, TN @daltonator @Jon_LewisPhD I bet Neal thought about writing an in-game (T'Rain) action that would resolve a plot-lin… - Memphis, TN @KevinMKruse I found the story-boards they made to help the president to get through his "free speech" talk: - Truth or Consequences, NM @kevinpurcell All of this makes me glad that all of my primary vehicles (i.e. not counting Mrs Root2702's cars) ha… - Truth or Consequences, NM “This is Zula,” Peter announced, in a tone of voice suggesting that Csongor really ought to drop dead. Zula extende… - SeaTac, WA Csongor considered…not just the technical problem of finding the Troll, but what he could say out loud. As Csongor… - SeaTac, WA Zula saw the same quality in Forthrast men, most notably Uncle Richard: -Basically good man -Did some crazy shit -H… - SeaTac, WA But perhaps w/her background in refugee camps & premature death of her adoptive mother, Zula couldnt bring herself… - SeaTac, WA CW: He was persuaded to use his submarine to evacuate some Refus to TROKK, who all had to pass through metal detect… - The Dalles, OR ―Hiro feels a light tap on his shoulder. "Excuse me, sir?" a man is saying. Hiro turns around. It's a big porky whi… - The Dalles, OR HIRO: Well, you learn something new every day. That kind of a knife would be sharp enough to go through bulletproof… - The Dalles, OR HIRO: But you said there was a metal detector. CW: Raven uses glass knives. Chips them out of plate glass, sharpest… - The Dalles, OR CW: Raven got over to the Siberian coast somehow―probably surfed across in his fucking kayak. HIRO: Surfed? CW: Tha… - The Dalles, OR ... After that―after Hiro gets onto his motorcycle, and the New South Africans get into their all-terrain pickups,… - The Dalles, OR I've used this gif for Hiro Protagonist #SnowCrash tweets before, but didn't know the source. By using Googledotcom… - Budapest, Magyarország @nerdsofpreycast I knew your post is a conversation starter. But there is ~no~ sequel shortage, and most of them ar… - Truth or Consequences, NM 1964: He returned from MACV & things started to slip. The report to JCS & POTUS36 was restricted. Seems they didn'… - Cambodia At first, I thought they handed me the wrong dossier: ✔ 3rd-gen West Point ✔Korea ✔Airborne ✔≈1K - Cambodia Late summer 1683: Finding the Munich road, Jack Shaftoe struck out for the East. Great big dark mounds were visible… - Bregenz, Österreich Jack understood that no force of cavalry as - Wien, Österreich September 1683 Vienna: From the woods emerged the mightiest cavalry that Jack had ever seen. At its head rode a man… - Wien, Österreich Indeed, after - Wien, Österreich @fuller_rath Ah! It's been a spell since I read that. I was trying to place it in the Wm Gibson canon, perhaps Dixie Flatline. - 千葉 千葉市 中央区 He could see the foaming stain of the city spreading across the adjacent canal and, farther downstream, into the Da… - Wien, Österreich Even from miles off Jack could see Vienna was a miserable place—red tile roofs of long skinny buildings heaped up 6… - Wien, Österreich Some of Jack's brothers-in-arms were impatient to get on with it, but he appreciated that the Army of Christendom h… - Wien, Österreich Jack ran into a tent & found thick carpet under his feet & then discovered a cat the size of a wolf, with spotted g… - Wien, Österreich In the Poles' wake, an empty corridor was left across the battlefield, and suddenly there was no man in front of Ja… - Wien, Österreich Later in the morning, a ration of brandy was issued to each man—it being a military axiom that a drunk soldier was… - Wien, Österreich @portentint Please repost tomorrow so that I'll know this is true. - Wien, Österreich @frmiousb The actress needs to be in her early 30s to pull off the age span of 31 years (1683-1714, starting in her… - Wien, Österreich JOHANN: I thought you didn’t believe in...Well, you have got all the magic gold…if you want to cure that gout or― L… - Region Hannover, Niedersachsen 1714, Hanover Most men, standing knee-deep in gold, would talk about that. But not these two eccentric Barons: JOHA… - Region Hannover, Niedersachsen LEIBNIZ: We must do all in our power to see that the Logic Mill is built. JOHANN: In St. Petersburg? L: Or wherever… - Region Hannover, Niedersachsen LEIBNIZ: But obviously this isn't the goal toward which I have been directed by Enoch, or by Solomon Kohan. On the… - Region Hannover, Niedersachsen LEIBNIZ: It is obvious that he took a lively interest in Natural Philosophy, and did what he could to foster it. Wh… - Region Hannover, Niedersachsen LEIBNIZ: Or "Enoch Root," as others know him. Let us suppose that Enoch knows how to manipulate the Subtile Spirit… - Region Hannover, Niedersachsen @frmiousb Alas, much of that gold vanished in a burning cargo ship in San Pedro Bay (Port of Los Angeles) in 1995. - Long Beach, CA In the super .gif subgenre of capturing every scene in a movie in one .gif, the creator of this My Dinner with Andr… - Long Beach, CA @TheRickWilson ME (on high horse): C'mon Rick, why don't you turn it down a notc― - Truth or Consequences, NM @ChateauErin "The Sea! Alas! ... But deep in the hearts of all my kindred lies the sea-longing, which it is perilou… - Truth or Consequences, NM I run Amazon product pgs through @fakespottweets to see if the ★★★★s are real. Today, I left a review headlined "Mo… - Truth or Consequences, NM Judge Fang had recently been plagued with doubts as to whether his life made any sense at all in the context of…a n… - Truth or Consequences, NM She'd been engaged in public-display-of-affection w/Einstein, but w/drew slightly to listen. Ty had said “spars.” T… - Nome, AK Einstein said something funny. The 'Cyc' [Sonar Taxlaw] laughed & leaned into him affectionately. His arm found its… - Nome, AK @sevensixfive Given Weyland-Yutani Corporation's criminal lack of corporate ethics, its employees and indentured ag… - Nome, AK @sevensixfive - Nome, AK @sylamore1 Whatever happened to just keeping a bottle of Usher's Green Stripe in one's office? - Nome, AK @tinyredbook @GoingMedieval I always suspected there was something diabolical about Fozzie. - Truth or Consequences, NM @t3dy Necroarchy - St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 - Truth or Consequences, NM Ng Security Industries Semi-Autonomous Guard Unit B-782 [Fido] jumps over the fence before he has remembered that h… - Fido How many people had I already killed? There was those 6 that I know about for sure. But this time it was an America… - Việt Nam There were ghosts in the Civil War trees, past Philadelphia. Earlier, the track had passed near streets of tiny row… - Delaware, USA But after another tablet, Milgrim began to catch glimpses of spectral others, angels perhaps. The late-afternoon su… - Delaware, USA Milgrim recognized Georgetown…narrow façades of mellow brick, black-painted wooden shutters, the sense that Martha… - Delaware, USA @AngryNerdWIRED authenticating... - Truth or Consequences, NM @liddlelamzydive This one aged OK ⬇️ - Truth or Consequences, NM @arrayofemotions I accompanied Mrs Root2702 to a Weezer concert last month. (Audience age was all over the place.)… - Truth or Consequences, NM @arrayofemotions And by "nobody," I mean "scattered few within my earshot at a giant arena concert" - Truth or Consequences, NM "Like hitting yourself w/a hammer—it feels so good when you stop." This was the oldest joke in the world, but Barb… - Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, France @starfishncoffee Silence of the Lambs - Memphis, TN @starfishncoffee Which includes their blood! - Memphis, TN @starfishncoffee It's also a werewolf movie - Memphis, TN REBECCA (reporter): Pleshy's running. SANGAMON TAYLOR: Which Fleshy? Running from what? R: Big Fleshy. He's running… - Boston, MA FISHEYE: This is my decision. CAPT ELIOT: Who the fuck are you? F: #President of the fucking boat. I hereby nominat… - Oregon, USA @4zr4e1 Me, pretending to be on the phone: Hey, instead of dwelling on us Scorpios' cryptic, passive-aggressive man… - Truth or Consequences, NM @MorlockP @jkrwld They used to be soft. I lived in Smyrna [iSmirna>Ismir>İzmir] until I was 3. I was a fucking terr… - İzmir, Türkiye @eightlives All credit to @ReasJack and Mrs Swanson (who is probably tired of, or bewildered by, all the @'s). - İzmir, Türkiye @morydd @DennisGonthier @rainerickson @lizzz_818 @ReasJack @DixieSwanson1 @nealstephenson We have reviewed and acce… - Truth or Consequences, NM GOTO Furudenendu ("Ferdinand Goto") VP Special Projects Goto Engineering Randy knows - Negara Brunei Darussalam Randy's card says that he is Randall L. WATERHOUSE ("Randy") Vice President - Network Technology Development Epiphy… - Negara Brunei Darussalam I'm sorry. I've scrolled past that crazy gif of the lady drinking tea a thousand times looking for MANY DIFFERENT K… - 千葉 千葉市 中央区 Wait, it's not even a teacup. so many questions - 千葉 千葉市 中央区 @djmcguire i googled that and it looks like The Willows was by Algernon Blackwood, unknown to me, but with a name l… - 千葉 千葉市 中央区 @octoberesque I've got it up on Browser Tab 78 for viewing later. Thanks! - 千葉 千葉市 中央区 TOM HOWARD: We discovered something down there you'd find interesting. These caves were used as an air raid shelter… - Negara Brunei Darussalam There is a metal footlocker, painted olive drab, stenciled with Nipponese characters. Tom flips the lid open. It is… - Negara Brunei Darussalam Unlike most GIs in the Philippines on VJ day, McGee didn't go straight home. He detoured to Sultanate of Kinakuta,… - Negara Brunei Darussalam But VJ Day happens about ⅔ thru Sean Daniel McGee's book. When Randy sets aside the pre-August 1945 material, an om… - Negara Brunei Darussalam @gleeok A bird needs 2 wings to fly, after all. - Negara Brunei Darussalam Oh for fuck's sake. The Secret Admirer code for Yamamoto is 56. - Nebraska, USA And the admiral's Wikipedia article explains "56" in broad daylight: "Isoroku" is an old Japanese term meaning "56"… - Nebraska, USA Some things about Pontifex are slightly peculiar. He talks about generating "characters" in the key stream & then a… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas #CuriosityIsFeigned #LyingIsPerformative #StupidityIsPower - Iowa, USA @fuller_rath - Iowa, USA @PickyVeg All 3 of those are great! 3 years later, my covers/originals obsession began when a DJ at indy radio stat… - Memphis, TN @PickyVeg @WEVL 1981 was 11th/12th grade for me (pseudo adulthood!). I would have also listed "Rapture" and "Whip I… - Memphis, TN @amidgley You have plenty, but they are not 90% Tory, they don't think the end of the world is nigh (despite Good_O… - Truth or Consequences, NM @moridinamael - Truth or Consequences, NM Randy Waterhouse sees people holding up banners with his name on them & tries not to think about what this implies.… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas They know all hell is breaking loose in the outside world…the road [to Golgotha] is jammed w/media, gold seekers &… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas Randy crawls down under the cover of that steam cloud, sensing it's the last privacy he'll ever have, and sits down… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas @GoVols247 @bmarcello Alcohol has been allowed up in the 1%'s skyboxes for years - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas My Italian is heavily informed by the #Latin that my father insisted that I learn. So I would probably sound rather… - Italia @stuckwithafork @TheRickWilson That is a long haiku, Chris. - Italia @hoedeehoe By being born...unto(?) her? - Truth or Consequences, NM I've sat across from many rulers of Great Houses, but never seen a more gross and dangerous pig than this one, Thuf… - District of Columbia, USA When religion & politics travel in the same cart, the riders believe nothing can stand in their way. Their movement… - Dallas, TX @sevensixfive LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH - Truth or Consequences, NM @nourishedcloud How does that make you feel? - Truth or Consequences, NM @gfish for inappropriate content? - Truth or Consequences, NM HIRO: Why is Marduk handing Hammurabi a 1 & 0 in this picture? [staff & ring] LIBRARIAN: Emblems of power…origin is… - Truth or Consequences, NM LIBRARIAN: In many #Creation myths, to name a thing is to create it. He is referred to as "Enki, master of all the… - Truth or Consequences, NM LIBRARIAN: Computers rely on 1 & 0 to represent all things. This distinction between something & nothing―this pivot… - Truth or Consequences, NM @GuidoFawkes - Truth or Consequences, NM UNCLE RED: The question reduces to a mathematical one: how do you divide an inhomogeneous set of n objects among m… - Cheney, WA In the parking: about 24 items of antique furniture, silver tea service & a dark, time-wracked trunk. As Randy pull… - Cheney, WA UNCLE RED: This is why I ended up agreeing w/your brother Tom [Waterhouse], though I didn't at first, that we shoul… - Cheney, WA AUNT NINA: But we might all have different opinions as to what the total value is, as well! RANDY *whispers*: That… - Cheney, WA UNCLE RED: Now, we can impose the condition that each vector must total up to the same amount; i.e., we can just ar… - Cheney, WA UNCLE RED *drawing figures on windshield*: For each of the m people there exists an n element value vector, V, wher… - Cheney, WA RANDY: It is actually shockingly difficult…akin to the Knapsack Problem, which has been the basis for cryptographic… - Cheney, WA *NOTE: U-Stor-It is the same self-storage chain in which Hiro Protagonist lives. SNOW CRASH EXCERPT: LAX goes by on… - Cheney, WA AUNT NINA: There's the Gomer Bolstrood console, just sitting out in the snow! UNCLE RED: It is absolutely bone dry… - Cheney, WA DEL GUE: Damn! Hatchet Jack was a wild one. He was livin' 2 years up in a cave on the Musselshell with a female pan… - Cheney, WA Gloria H₂O - Seattle, WA @keanuwtm "Tainted Love" Gloria Jones (1965 version) - Seattle, WA @ChateauErin No. ⬇️ - Seattle, WA @alexrblackwell @wjmcgurn Carter Page would have shanked the cue ball, knowing he had that many eyes on him. - Seattle, WA @moridinamael @doofmedia @nealstephenson I've got to up my reading game. Still only half through. - Cheney, WA @dangentry That's great. But is that your overturned truck outside? - Cheney, WA @ChateauErin See. What's really weird is that this wasn't a commercial video shoot. He just has billionaire cameras… - Iowa, USA @dangentry You displayed adaptability. - Iowa, USA I'll describe the first chapter of #FoDiH using only text from the Wikipedia article for Symphony #9 (Beethoven): T… - Iowa, USA @nealstephenson @THSEA - Iowa, USA I am often tempted to tweet out the entire "Origin" chapter in #Cryptonomicon, just for Aunt Nina's [Waterhouse] li… - Waterhouse @daltonator @nealstephenson @Jon_LewisPhD "Bomblight" again? That title is the Kobayoshi Maru-meets-El Dorado of Stephenson fandom - Seattle, WA @daltonator @nealstephenson @Jon_LewisPhD This was spotted by @UgaritNoosphere 3 weeks ago. He gets to name this asteroid. - Seattle, WA - Seattle, WA @BronxZoo Keep your "dinosaurs" but release your 15-years-solitary-confinement elephant "Happy" to a sanctuary. Th… - Bronx, NY @TheRickWilson - Truth or Consequences, NM @sevensixfive "Real Estate Investor" - Truth or Consequences, NM @chaffeteaux When Tuco asks "what's your name" Walter seems to be winging it with "Heisenberg." V Gilligan had tim… - Truth or Consequences, NM @erikvonsmykal I don't get that reference! If it's from Memento, I watched it while doing 2 other things. If it's… - Truth or Consequences, NM @chaffeteaux Lavosier would be a good gangster's coming-of-age name for a guy who was born with a name like Shark Divebomber - Truth or Consequences, NM ♍️ #FoDiH - Moab, UT @erikvonsmykal I'm a chapter or two away from Book 2 - Moab, UT @PaulMcGhee8 - Moab, UT @erikvonsmykal The imagery made me think of Heretics of or Chapterhouse Dune... like the actions of a doomed Bene G… - Moab, UT Szófia #FoDiH - Moab, UT @drsingleton @Dodge Mine is a pb advance copy. Will be replacing it with a hardback soon - Moab, UT Long pipes made low notes, short high. The tops of the pipes defined an upward tending curve. The organist/math tea… - Moab, UT The final steps of the organist's explanation were like a falcon's dive thru layer/layer of pretense & illusion. Th… - Moab, UT When Lawrence understood, it was as if the teacher had played the good part of Bach's Fantasia & Fugue in G Minor o… - Moab, UT @starfishncoffee FRED GARVIN, MALE PROSTITUTE: Oh, let me reassure you, ma’am. I can assure you professional hygien… - Manhattan, NY Hollis Henry knew the hotel…carpeted in blue Astroturf. Whenever she went…felt like oldest living thing in the buil… - West Hollywood, CA Don’t think, she advised herself. Get up/go into the bathroom. 00:15:00 later, having done the best she could w/all… - West Hollywood, CA Odile was the least chic - West Hollywood, CA Alberto’s car―classic Beetle gleaming under multiple coats of low-rider lacquer: Volcano w/incandescent lava, big-b… - West Hollywood, CA @TheSpoonyOne I throw huge parties to win Goldberry back - West Hollywood, CA Once upon a time there was a little Princess named Nell…imprisoned in a tall dark castle on an island in the middle… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 I am parked at a similar cusp, reading another novel. (Chapter 43) Some NS fans loved 7eves until "5,000 years late… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 Milgrim had been sent to Hackney, to a tailor, to spend an afternoon learning how to do it properly, & it pleased h… - Myrtle Beach, SC Milgrim took 1 photo each of the 4 cargo pockets, turned the - Myrtle Beach, SC @ChateauErin @mattbooshell Try not to be killed in bed plz - Myrtle Beach, SC @AliceAvizandum give *ME* the fucking keys you fucking cocksucker - Myrtle Beach, SC @TheRickWilson - Myrtle Beach, SC @saucissonsec See also: Putting a red hot iron into the wolf that is trying to eat you. Solved. - Bronx, NY @tripst3r @starfishncoffee Black eyed peas taste like they know how much I dislike them so they make themselves nas… - Memphis, TN @ian_ruotsala @bittersweetdb You stopped right before an incredible story. He went back to his roots. No hotels. Campers, tho. - Memphis, TN @tripst3r @starfishncoffee Yes, I think I do. - Memphis, TN @tripst3r @starfishncoffee Tonight's menu: Black-eyed pea ice cream Black-eyed pea spaghetti Black-eyed pea waffles… - Memphis, TN @chaffeteaux On a Saturday Night Live Weekend Update, maybe during the first Gulf War, the anchor reported that… - Memphis, TN @ian_ruotsala @bittersweetdb Understood. - Memphis, TN All the vampires, walking thru the valley, move west down Ventura Blvd. Bad boys are standing in the shadows & good… - Memphis, TN @Popehat Install a wide-enough mail slot in your door, you won't even have to put on pants to take delivery of a pizza. - Memphis, TN @mitchellvii DOUGLAS MACARTHUR SHAFTOE USN (RET): Jesus! Can't you recognize bullshit? Don't you think it's a usefu… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas Mora knife review: "Some people cry about 'finish sub-par/able to see polish marks.' Oh come on, grow a pair of nad… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas @dangerdaveball @mitchellvii 2/3 through - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas @Dylan_McDanniel This is a strange and wonderful store - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas @tripst3r @starfishncoffee #blancmange - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas @dangerdaveball I hurt myself laughing at the Amazon reviews for the basic Morakniv 511. I don't know why I haven't… - Rehiyon ng Gitnang Luzon, Republika ng Pilipinas @AliceAvizandum mechanical Agent Orange, that. - Arkansas, USA @AliceAvizandum The honey badger of landscaping gear. Once a year, you have to take it apart to extract barbed wir… - Arkansas, USA @blue_traveler Amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics. - Arkansas, USA @chas_lovett - Myrtle Beach, SC @blue_traveler The dragee resembles and "inerts" like a dog we fostered for a month. I finally got her to move by s… - Truth or Consequences, NM Outside stuff. Could be an old badge. A hex sign to keep people from fucking w/you back when a name meant something… - Los Angeles, CA @Dylan_McDanniel Seems peaceful enough on Google Maps - Los Angeles, CA @ankitkr0 Call us next time. - Truth or Consequences, NM @KevinMKruse He can also remember everyone's name after being introduced only once. - Truth or Consequences, NM @ckrewson I'm at the start of Book 2. I used to be the editor of a trucking magazine. The last cat I owned looke… - Truth or Consequences, NM @lucyfishwife Is that the Star Wars opening crawl on that canoe paddle? - Truth or Consequences, NM @MeFromBefore I just turn up the AC super high to keep the food fresh and then wear a coat to bed. - Truth or Consequences, NM @CaseyExplosion Everything was being "computerized" then. Non-coders (like William Gibson) assumed - 千葉 千葉市 中央区 @saucissonsec A friend has patiently scaled the ranks of a local college's IT organization, and he has embraced "no… - 千葉 千葉市 中央区 @MeFromBefore "super high" - 千葉 千葉市 中央区 @flenflyys Everything set in the real world is great, exciting even. The "bitworld" parts midway required acclimati… - 千葉 千葉市 中央区 @Dylan_McDanniel use for what? - 千葉 千葉市 中央区 @TheRickWilson @reddit He used to live in this house, but the city is not marked. Maybe it doesn't look Johnny Cash… - Memphis, TN @Dylan_McDanniel Oh! (didn't snow my work, huh?) I found a discussion about it on Reddit. There were Persons of Det… - Memphis, TN 3x daily, they had a chance to eat & eliminate always in suburban houses, stripped of furniture, but not decor: fl… - San Fernando, CA …YT studied old furniture scrapes, dents in sheetrock & mused over them like an archaeologist. In the van, she hear… - San Fernando, CA @rbstansfield @iwashyna Second Age Bitworld-drag in #FoDiH negates the Cryptonomicon fan-service elements in the IR… - Seattle, WA @kevinpurcell "Fuck you money" from Cryptonomicon. Not that I ever made that kind of money. - Seattle, WA @AliceAvizandum 1970: Badass Hippie Motherfucker politely returns property belonging to the City of Berkeley, Calif… - Berkeley, CA The @LuckyDragonCS Nanofax has a hatch on the front Boomzilla could fit through, he wanted to, and he wonders would… - San Francisco, CA @TheRickWilson BRING ANOTHER BABY HOME AND THIS LAUNDRY BASKET WILL BE MY LITTER BOX! - San Francisco, CA This boy was brought up in a time of blood and dying and never questioned a bit of it. He never turned his back on… - Midland, TX @TheRickWilson Steady* Leadership* in Troubling Times® - Truth or Consequences, NM @realDonaldTrump The Republican incumbent appears to be sending a message to himself. Perhaps we could look this up… - Truth or Consequences, NM @PeskyFly - Truth or Consequences, NM The day begins w/the sound of a ship's horn in Norrsbruck. Shaftoe looks for Enoch Root, but his bed & lamp are co… - Umeå, Sverige The Swedes stand w/arms folded, regarding this apparition. They turn their backs, pad grumpily into their houses, b… - Umeå, Sverige Unlike most of - Umeå, Sverige Shaftoe heaves Bischoff's footlocker onto his shoulder & trudges down the stairs. Reminds him of shipping out, whic… - Umeå, Sverige You can play this game, too. - Umeå, Sverige @FoxFriendsFirst Because you sit on that tacky sofa and mutter poison into the ear of your king. - Truth or Consequences, NM Tom Howard puts his beefy arm on the back of Cantrell's chair to shout in his ear. Their matched Eutropian bracelet… - Negara Brunei Darussalam TOM: The first people to talk that way were libertarians, but the idea has attracted all kinds of people including… - Negara Brunei Darussalam @daltonator Right? - Negara Brunei Darussalam TOM: But Loeb kept at it & after a while, some people started agreeing w/him. Turned out there was a substantial fa… - Negara Brunei Darussalam As John & Tom reach for their NDAs, the silver bracelets intercept stray beams of light sneaking through the blinds… - Negara Brunei Darussalam Anywhere else, the bracelets would mean John & Tom were suffering from a life threatening condition (e.g. allergy t… - Negara Brunei Darussalam IN CASE OF DEATH SEE REVERSE FOR BIOSTASIS PROTOCOL FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS COLLECT REWARD $100,000 [flip side] CALL NO… - Negara Brunei Darussalam The giant heaping bowl of sodden cereal, awash in milk, is the mark of the novice. Ideally one wants the bone dry c… - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon @daltonator This thread is all Cryptonomicon. I'm not posting actual Fall: Or Dodge in Hell #FoDiH quotes until August. - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon "I, Robert Shaftoe, being of sound mind/body, leave all of my worldly goods, incl my military death benefits, to my… - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon Randy glances up just in time to see the guy who invented the term "virtual reality" walking across the lot,… - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon @Jon_LewisPhD @PhilCatelinet @Farthammer1 @griersonleitch Nobody ever quotes him mansplaining about turbulence - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon @daltonator @Popehat - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon @imwren @HumanityFirstX @willsommer It's complicated, and I know "complicated' is a trigger word for the right, but… - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon @imwren @HumanityFirstX @willsommer We can still be friends. - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon @EarthboundFilms I'm only quoting previous novels that hint at #FoDiH, but a couple of comments to others resembled… - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon @imwren @HumanityFirstX @willsommer - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon @aurabeth @TactiFail @adri_frick "…receiving a msg from someone w/acct name "root" is like getting a letter from so… - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon @anne_theriault “Apparently I am what is known as an Unreliable Narrator, though of course if you believe everythin… - Scotland, United Kingdom Dave Letterman explained the swollen Democratic candidate field in 1990: Top 10 Complaints of Sports Illustrated Sw… - United States 1987: Don King's Top 10* Titles for the Pope JP2/Kurt Waldheim Meeting 10 The Meet at St. Pete 9 The Grapple Near t… - Città del Vaticano February 28, 1991 Top 10 Things We Will Miss About Saddam Hussein ... 5. The way he made Donald Trump seem not so bad really. - Iraq September 24, 1991 Top 10 Reasons for the Trump-Maples Break Up 8 Shy, reclusive Trump feared marrying an ex-model… - Manhattan, NY December 15, 1993 Top Ten Reasons Donald Trump Will Make A Good Husband 7 Refined gentleman who keeps his personal… - Manhattan, NY I am here to provide answers. - Truth or Consequences, NM @saucissonsec Vietnam daily casualty counts on NBC. I think I started noticing those before Apollo 11. Each memory… - Truth or Consequences, NM MRS ROOT2702: Were you surprised that I know about #birdsarentreal? ROOTLET: I knew about it, like a year ago? - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon @Ada_Palmer Is "chief censor" a Romanova or Masonicum office? - Lungsod ng Maynila, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon @Popehat "HVAC depreciation and maintenance audits 2002-05.xls" - Truth or Consequences, NM @sevensixfive Good, because we're developing it into Antarctica's first Wigs 'n' Cheap Cigs strip center. - Tierra del Fuego Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur, Argentina @LuxiesATwit @Popehat Not with HVAC!!! - Tierra del Fuego Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur, Argentina @Jon_LewisPhD homeopathic dosage coffee (1/100¹⁰) FTW! - Tierra del Fuego Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur, Argentina @aanderson867530 @Popehat That is so HOT!!! OMG - Tierra del Fuego Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur, Argentina They are associates of the Rooster, jr. denizens of Walled City…present here as a sphere of mercury in zero-g & bla… - 東京 新宿区 Laney is suddenly and terribly aware of his physical being, the condition of his body. His lungs failing in a cardb… - 東京 新宿区 LIBIA: The Rooster tells us you feel someone is watching you watch Cody Harwood. LANEY: It might be an artifact. S… - 東京 新宿区 Harwood who sees, Laney now sees, the #nodal points…the shapes from which history emerges. Harwood is at the heart… - 東京 新宿区 @captainmidnig17 @timrvmi @SpeakerPelosi @marcorubio @Johnny_Joey Sir, this is a boxing/papal/wehrmacht-related Top Ten list from the 1980s? - Manhattan, NY @aanderson867530 @Popehat "conflicting file extension reports" is going to be the "nasty step-mom" of 2020. - Manhattan, NY I ghost-wrote this article and video script for a 17th generation #samurai who's been curing leukemia in Shaftoe co… - 日本 @starfishncoffee ...bless you and keep you. - Memphis, TN @cryptoishard Send a picture of yourself holding a fish, where both you and the fish are glassy eyed. So far, that… - Memphis, TN @gregvaneekhout @StarKistCharlie Store brand tuna has good taste AND it tastes good. - Memphis, TN @bobreturns When does the market get its first chance to shit its bed? Monday 08:00 Tokyo time? - 日本 東京 @RJShelling NSFW - Memphis, TN @gfish A vision of #Ameristan. #FoDiH - Nebraska, USA NELL: Why do the Vickys have such a big clave? RITA: Don't ever call them Vickys. N: Why? R: It's a word people who… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 NELL: Why aren't you an Atlantan? RITA: Because I don't want to live that way. N: But you make money from your pape… - 上海, 中华人民共和国 ASH: If our visitors were to buy a politician or the head of an????????federal agency, we’d find ourselves… LEV: I’m not… - Wytheville, VA NETHERTON: Can’t you just jump forward and see what happens? Look in on them a year later, then correct for that? A… - Wytheville, VA LEV: That’s what happens, with too much interference. As it is, I’ve let Wilf [Netherton] talk me into letting some… - Wytheville, VA "Extremely kind of you to see me on such short notice, Mr. Zubov,” Lowbeer said, from her armchair. “And most parti… - Wytheville, VA LOWBEER [to Ossian]: Forgive me. We haven’t been introduced. Someone my age is all feeds, Mr Murphy. For my sins, I… - Wytheville, VA @velcra820 @RepAdamSchiff @JoeConchaTV - Truth or Consequences, NM @the24fan @StevenTDennis Мы будем унижать Америку активными мерами. Спасибо за помощь. - Truth or Consequences, NM @LordScavamungus Beware the FHM Gun. - Truth or Consequences, NM @starfishncoffee @mySA Good coverage of his on yesterday's @washingtonpost Post Reports podcast. Two HBCU segments… - Truth or Consequences, NM @Popehat @jbarro @kcrw Rebrand as "Murphy's Law Podcast", because the news cycle will always catch you in the studio. Just stream live. - Truth or Consequences, NM @starfishncoffee @mySA @washingtonpost Local governments have long attempted (often successfully) to encumber *all*… - Truth or Consequences, NM @DougMichelComix If you struck a deer that's already dead, I would view it as the same thing as striking a plant or… - Truth or Consequences, NM @RottenInDenmark What if I told you, with zero experience and just a few hundred dollars down, this Tweet could cha… - Truth or Consequences, NM @mordantkitten I thought you were writing about a litter of kittens. MONSTER!! - Truth or Consequences, NM @AlexJayBrady Looks like Shai Hulud needs a really large stick of extra-dry deodorant - Truth or Consequences, NM @RJShelling I'm better now. - Truth or Consequences, NM @AGoldmund Do you need my social security number and my mom's maiden name? - Truth or Consequences, NM "Cow?” Flynne asked, surprised, around a mouthful of banana. A perfect day, to look at. Sunny, 11:30, headed into t… - Wytheville, VA Flynne squinted back at it, in what had been a hay lot, before developers bought it & didn’t build anything. She th… - Wytheville, VA FLYNNE: What’s the theory? JANICE: Pickett was on Homes’ [@DHSgov] payroll all along. F: They think Homes was build… - Wytheville, VA JANICE: Conspiracy theory = Leon won a lot more in that lottery than the state let on. FLYNNE: No sense in that. J:… - Wytheville, VA @Snozz_Wanger What if a cow had been the sight that captivated _Michael_Clayton? - Wytheville, VA Lev had registered Milagros Coldiron in both the Colombia and Panama of his stub; shell corporations, consisting of… - City of London, London Actually seeing the polt had been surprising. He was driving, eyes on the motorway, 70+ years earlier, on the far s… - Wytheville, VA He admitted to having hired his sister to substitute for him, his "cousin" "Luke" having been critically injured in… - Wytheville, VA @Popehat @NRA @realDonaldTrump - Wytheville, VA Some blow their whistles FOR the Republican administration. #Rolf - Österreich Enoch hadn't really known what to expect of America. But people here seem to do things—hangings included—with a blu… - Boston, MA Enoch's not come to watch witch-hangings, but now that he's blundered into one it would be bad form to leave. There… - Boston, MA The crowd scratches & shuffles…none of the diversions of a London hanging: no catcalls, jugglers or pickpockets. Do… - Boston, MA Enoch feels the heightened, chafing self-consciousness that is the precursor to fear. What's to prevent them from t… - Boston, MA He does not meet any man's eye but scans their faces sidelong, surprised by a lack of self-righteousness. COLONIST:… - Boston, MA Enoch dismounts into the midst of the colonists. He sweeps the robe round him, concealing the pistols, pulls the ho… - Boston, MA The houses are mostly of wood. So are the churches. ????????s would've built a single great cathedral here, of stone, w/g… - Boston, MA The "witch" is borne off into a new burying ground, which they have situated hard by the granary. Enoch is at a los… - Boston, MA Enoch finds himself in a good tavern. Men w/swords & expensive clothes turn to look at him. Slavers; merchants of r… - Boston, MA Enoch knows where to find the Origin of this coordinate system. He goes down to where the long wharf grips the shor… - Boston, MA Enoch, who has seen more than one city burn, recognizes the scars of a great fire along this main street. Rebuildin… - Boston, MA None of them cares, supposing they even know, that witches are being hanged 5 minutes away. He's more comfortable i… - Boston, MA Back in America and among Puritans, Enoch enters into narrower streets. No denying there is a tallow-chandlery not… - Boston, MA He had sensed someone was following him, but seen nothing whenever he looked back. Now he knows why: his doppelgang… - Boston, MA ENOCH: Yet here it is the middle of [checks????] Monday— BOY: Empty. Cause of the Hanging. I didn't want to stay— E: A… - Boston, MA BOY: What do other people call it? ENOCH: Do I look like a schoolmaster to you? B: You talk like one. E: You know s… - Boston, MA ENOCH: "Europe. Is that what you name it here? Most people there say Christendom. BOY: But we have Christians here.… - Boston, MA @LordScavamungus Teach me to read Gravity's Rainbow and we'll work something out. - Boston, MA @CadaverFormosus Your mom sounds like what my Ozark-raised mom might have called "an outfit." - Truth or Consequences, NM BOY: If you'd answer my question, sir, then I'd be learning, which would mean I were in school. [The boy is obvious… - Truth or Consequences, NM BEN: Why do you laugh, Mr. Root? ENOCH: Because in most parts of Christendom—or Europe—tallow-chandlers' sons do no… - Truth or Consequences, NM [LATER] ENOCH: Godfrey is likely named after Gottfried Leibniz. BEN: A friend of yours & Sir Isaac's? E: Of mine, y… - Truth or Consequences, NM @LordScavamungus It's like Captain Beefheart. Because of my musical taste in HS, I definitely should have owned 2 o… - Truth or Consequences, NM @LordScavamungus But I was in a dark place when I attempted to read it. There is more light where I am now, so I mi… - Truth or Consequences, NM @simeonberry Well, as long as I'm not expected to remember anyone's name, it's not technically Hell. - Truth or Consequences, NM @Susan_Hennessey @Popehat It's a Great Pumpkin miracle! The NSC .ru director will be simultaneously imminent, emin… - Truth or Consequences, NM @chaffeteaux I cannot blame you for the #wtfneal, but I think he was speaking to the fact that Paris was attempting… - Truth or Consequences, NM Resolved, Nemine contradicente, that a Reward be settled by Parliament upon such Person/Persons as shall discover a… - City of London, London iNEWTON: I have been made aware of 4 diverse Projects for discovering the Longitude. COMSTOCK: Is that of Messrs Di… - City of London, London Sir Isaac Newton’s lunar theory was coming out in a book. In the timeless manner of authors conversing in public pl… - City of London, London It was unkind for Roger 2 dub some1 “The Eel.” Yet a stranger wouldve been able to pick out @foreignoffice Bolingbr… - City of London, London @AP_Oddities What dealer sold him the 1000-sheet roll? - Truth or Consequences, NM @KristerR I would either be Pope Hurricane or Pope Jesus. - Truth or Consequences, NM @TheRickWilson Yeah, no. The doberman at my apt building expects @NYRangers tickets and expensive scotch at Christm… - Truth or Consequences, NM @KristerR Falconer is a name yuppies gave to their sons and daughters in the 90s. Are these Falconers wearing any @SharperImage flair? - Truth or Consequences, NM Go home, Sharper Image, you're drunk. - Truth or Consequences, NM {{{{You've}}}} {{{{felt}}}} {{{{it}}}} {{{{your}}}}} {{{{whole}}}} {{{{{life}}}}}, {{{{felt}}}} {{{{that}}}} {{{{so… - Truth or Consequences, NM Let me tell you why you are {here}. {{You}} {{have}} {{come}} {{because}} {{you}} {{know}} {{something}}. {{{What}… - Truth or Consequences, NM {{{{{{It}}}}}} {{{{{{is}}}}}} {{{{{{this}}}}}} {{{{{{feeling}}}}}} {{{{{{that}}}}}}} {{{{{{{brought}}}}}} {{{{{{you… - Truth or Consequences, NM {{{{{You}}}}} {{{{{don't}}}}} {{{{{know}}}}} {{{{{what}}}}}, {{{{{but}}}}} {{{{{it's}}}}} {{{{{there}}}}} {{{{{lik… - Truth or Consequences, NM {{{{{{{Do}}}}}}} {{{{{{{you}}}}}}} {{{{{{{know}}}}}}} {{{{{{{what}}}}}}}} {{{{{{{I'm}}}}}}} {{{{{{{talking}}}}}}} {… - Truth or Consequences, NM @RJShelling - Truth or Consequences, NM The Matrix is everywhere, it's all around us, here even in this room. You can see it out your window or on your tel… - Truth or Consequences, NM @gleeok Ever listen to the yes-yes-no episodes of the Reply All podcast? The hosts' boss brings in a complicated me… - Truth or Consequences, NM @KristerR Can't believe only one commenter made the same call as you. Who are all these yahoos that haven't heard o… - Truth or Consequences, NM @astronautgo Welcome home from your "deployment" (what. ever.) ... You may pet me now. ???????? - Memphis, TN @liz_mcfie - Memphis, TN @starfishncoffee When are they going to make The Midichlorian? - Memphis, TN @mileticr @TheRickWilson @PhilipWegmann TIGER! - Memphis, TN @astronautgo I like cats. Because some of them are like this. - Memphis, TN @blurboy I'm holding out for an ice machine. - Memphis, TN It is the voice of an old man. Not a voice cracking w/age, but a voice that's been slowly worn smooth, like the ste… - Seattle, WA Slice of life from the end of a brief world. - Memphis, TN @PhilipWegmann - Cambodia @PhilipWegmann - Cambodia @PhilipWegmann - Cambodia @PhilipWegmann - Cambodia @Popehat @TheRickWilson - Memphis, TN @johnrobertsFox @FoxNews @realDonaldTrump @DISupdates Сделаем Америку снова великой - Province of Moscow, Russia [LATER] ARSIBALT: Fraa Jad said ‘cloaked ones,’ rather than ‘Matarrhites’? RAZ: Yes. ARSIBALT [whispering]: They’re… - LATER

@johnrobertsFox @FoxNews @realDonaldTrump @DISupdates Сделаем Америку снова великой @Popehat @TheRickWilson @PhilipWegmann @PhilipWegmann @PhilipWegmann @PhilipWegmann @starfishncoffee When are they going to make The Midichlorian? @astronautgo Welcome home from your @RJShelling Go home, Sharper Image, you're drunk. Some blow their whistles FOR the Republican administration.
#Rolf @Popehat @NRA @realDonaldTrump @Snozz_Wanger What if a cow had been the sight that captivated _Michael_Clayton? @LordScavamungus Beware the FHM Gun. @the24fan @StevenTDennis Мы будем унижать Америку активными мерами. Спасибо за помощь.